Age Is Just a Number Update Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Age Is Just a Number 2 June 2020: On Age Is Just a Number Update Tuesday 2 June 2020, Sahil doesn’t swear Bari Amma’s life and complains she doesn’t value his promise. Bari Amma says he must also value her promise.

Age Is Just a Number 2 June 2020: On Age Is Just a Number Update Tuesday 2 June 2020, They smile at each other and hug one another. Sahil thinks he will break Bari Amma’s promise and she might be angrier with him this time but he is helpless as he dearly loves Vaidika.
Downstairs, Bari Amma blesses Sahil saying anyone who would hurt him would suffer. Nani taunts her. Vaidika gets a call from Sunil and asks what did Nishi’s in laws, Raya Shankar Sharma said? Bari Amma hears this and leaves.
Sahil was relieved that Bari Amma has left. Aarya was impressed but Sahil says sometimes one only has two choices, either to get killed or drowned.
Sunil discusses with Vaidika about the tension for Nishi’s in law’s stay. Nani had an objection, but Vaidika welcomes them. Sunil asks if they must arrange tillak her as well? Vaidika assures she will do whatever is possible. Sahil hears the conversation and wonders how one can be so selfless. He wonders what problem Bari Amma has with Vaidika, he loves her.
Bari Amma tells the family that Sahil has agreed to her, he will sit on the shop from tomorrow and return home soon. Anjana was tensed about Shruti, Bari Amma was happy and tells Anjana to go and prepare for celebrations. She stops everyone and asks about Shruti, everyone was speechless but their elder son in law (Prachi’s husband) comes from Allahabad. He had brought Shruti along and tells the family he came on official tour else must have brought Prachi along. He asks Deepak for some good news but Deepak taunts that it’s not a matter of single person. Anjana thanks Puneet for bringing Shruti back home. Puneet says he turned her phone off, Shruti was trying hard to get a rickshaw when he spot her. Gauri asks if Prachi is in Allahabad. Puneet assures she is. Bari Amma taunts Gauri that marriages fixed by elders are always happy and contended.
Aarya greets Sunil’s daughter (Nishi) in her tillak. Sahil greets Nishi and comes in to find Sunil and wife insulting Vaidika for not making the right arrangements. They question her about the photographer when Sahil boasts about being a good photographer and takes responsibility. Sunil’s wife tells her to wear something nice. Sahil selects a saree for the confused Vaidika complementing that her eyes spark when she wears green. Vaidika sends him at the door for photography of arrival.
Sahil takes photographs at the event. He was awestruck watching Vaidika as she comes out draped in a blue and purple saree. Vaidika caught him capture her inside the kitchen. He asks why she didn’t wear the other saree. Sahil thinks no one can stop his feelings, and will prove Bari Amma’s consent about him as wrong.
Deepak comes to get a file signed from Bari Amma. She was curt that Sahil didn’t arrive in time according to his promise. He assures Bari Amma to take care of the shop in Sahil’s absence. Bari Amma was hurt that Sahil repeatedly breaks his promises, she will counter this time.
Riya Shankar Sharma (Nishi’s parents in law) gets a call from Bari Amma. She greets him as her husband’s friend. Mr. Sharma invites Bari Amma to the wedding and she promises to come. After the call, Bari Amma recalls hearing Vaidika speak about Raya Shankar Sharma as Nishi’s in laws on a call. She thinks she will now play her side of the game, Vaidika will be homeless and Sahil must return home.

Vaidika was preparing for pooja. Mrs. Sharma asks Sunil’s wife if she has lost her mind that this widow is preparing the pooja thaal. Vaidika hears them and calls her to prepare the Roka thaal, she doesn’t remember what’s kept in it. Raya Sharma asks Sunil to wait for a while, they are waiting for special guest.
Sahil was taking photos. Vaidika brings basket of rose petals and hits Sahil, the petals fell over her. Mrs. Sharma insults Vaidika for ruining their function, she is a bad omen for this function and instructs to get the new flowers for pooja. Aarya comes to defend but Vaidika turns to drag her inside. Sahil stops everyone and says this lady Vaidika Mathur is the ill-fated widow aunt of the bride; and if she is ill fated he is sorry to announce this function is being held at the same house. She has prepared all the food and made all the arrangements, isn’t it ill-fated to get all the work done by her? He hasn’t seen anyone as selfless and giving lady than she is. She doesn’t even realize what she likes to eat, she only enjoys what others love. Vaidika warns that he is speaking to the elders of family. Sahil comes to speak to Sunil that Vaidika has worked really hard to make this marriage successful and arrange all the money for it. He says Vaidika Mathur is a precious woman whom… whom he respects a lot. Sahil thinks about something and rushes out of the house. Sunil attends to the guests again.
Sahil comes to Karan and hugs him as he is sure he is in love with Vaidika. Karan says she is double his age. If he intends to marry that woman? Sahil must think about what people would think about him. Sahil asks why are there double standards, if a man marries a younger girl he is a hero. He kiss Karan’s cheek and leaves. Karan thinks the marriage of a 24 year old man and 42 year old lady is impossible.
Vaidika apologizes the guests and asks to begin the Roka. Bari Amma reach the function. Raya Sharma and wife welcomes her. Sunil sends Vaidika to serve something for Bari Amma. After Bari Amma has blessed his children she nods at Raya Sharma, then asks what Sunil has gifted to Mohan. Mrs. Sharma says it’s only a weak chain. Mr. Sharma says they promised to gift him a car as dowry. Sunil joins his hands as he has bought a small car. Bari Amma says now Mr. Sharma will be insulted in the whole family. Bari Amma says she doesn’t want to interfere, but Sunil must have something else to write for Nishi like jewelry or house? Sunil says this house belongs to him, and looks towards Vaidika for approval. Nani wasn’t ready for it. Vaidika thinks how happy Nishi is for her marriage and tells Sunil she is ready to give the house for Nishi.
Inside, Nani and Aarya were both angry at Vaidika. Vaidika says she couldn’t have let Nishi’s marriage break only because of the house. Nani and Aarya leaves the room angry as Vaidika has made them homeless.
The Roka celebrations continue. Bari Amma watches Sahil enter with a huge drum in his neck. He sings ‘Mohabbatein’, and was shocked to see Bari Amma sit on a side. He walks towards Bari Amma, she asks if he won’t ask why she came here. Sahil says she must have come to take him but he won’t go home. Bari Amma agrees only on a promise that he will attend the shop at 9 in morning each day.
At night, Sahil comes to Nani who sat outside in the yard. She tells Sahil that Vaidika has given Nishi this house as dowry.

Nani tells Sahil that Vaidika is given this house as dowry to Nishi only because of Bari Amma. She goes inside cursing Bari Amma. Sahil was furious and thinks this is why she came here, she played a false game and snatched Vaidika’s home; but she will now have to confront him first.
At home, Bari Amma thinks Sahil is her son. He thinks he would win each time but this time he won’t. Vaidika Mathur would be left with no place to live and Sahil must return home.
Karan didn’t understand how Sahil will be able to handle Vaidika’s problems, she has a mother and a daughter. Sahil insists that Vaidika needs his help, she is homeless and has no money to buy a new as well. And even he is living below poverty line. He asks who would solve her problems if it’s not him. A man passes by Sahil holding bags of gifts. He enters Vaidika’s home thinking her college friend is here to solve all her problems.
Inside, Sunil told Vaidika they can still stay in the house for three more minutes. Gautam comes in. Everyone was happy to see Gautam. Aarya asks Gautam when he returned from America. He replies just yesterday. Gautam asks Sunil about Nishi’s wedding and wish him luck; he remembers Anurag loved Nishi dearly and must have been very happy. When Sunil leaves Nani complains to Gautam that Vaidika has forgotten her own self. Gautam promises to help Vaidika in every task. Sahil came at the door and was shocked to see Gautam. Aarya calls him inside and introduces Sahil as their tenant. Sahil says he didn’t recognize her as well. Vaidika says Gautam and her husband were best friends, he has shifted to America. Aarya takes Gautam to the room, Vaidika goes to prepare cabbage paratha for him as he likes them. Sahil stops Vaidika in the corridor and apologizes as his Bari Amma turns to be a negative character sometime. Vaidika didn’t hold Bari Amma responsible. Sahil decides to find out why Bari Amma did this.
At home, Sahil asks Bari Amma why she did this. She asked Vaidika to give her house as dowry. Bari Amma says she didn’t ask Vaidika, Sharma family holds her in great prestige and she had to guide them well. Bari Amma denies any intentions to ruin anyone’s life. Anjana comes with food for Sahil and requests him to come home now. Bari Amma says they must go outside, this is a work place. Sahil replies he is irritated by her rules in this house. Bari Amma taunts why he isn’t irritated by the rules of his land lady.
Gautam complains to Vaidika why she didn’t share all the troubles with him. Nani complains that Vaidika doesn’t think about herself. Vaidika says she loves her family and doesn’t hold anything important for them. Gautam says he has read the property papers and wants to meet a lawyer. He will solve the matter surely. Nani was happy and serves Gautam with food. Gautam assures that her son is here now. Sahil had entered home and watches Gautam place his hand over Vaidika. Gautam watches Sahil there and wonders why this tenant is so involved in their internal matters.
Sahil sat on the balcony wall and speaks to herself that he can’t bear their old friend close to Vaidika. He loves her dearly and can’t control himself. He watches Vaidika in the kitchen and decides to say I love you to her right now. He watches Gautam and Aarya leaving for a walk and planning to have ice cream. Aarya calls Vaidika and Nani out as well. Gautam says why not go to Golu’s shop, he loved the ice cream there. Vaidika offers Sahil to join them but he wasn’t ready to come. Sahil thinks he dislikes this all, maybe it’s the jealousy in love.
The next morning, Aarya comes to inform Vaidika that Sahil is not in his room. Vaidika tries his number but it was switched off. Vaidika was worried and thinks Sahil doesn’t wake up so early in the morning. She was afraid what if Sahil has left home. She comes at the door and was relieved to see Sahil return from jogging. Sahil thinks he doesn’t care about anything, neither Gautam, society nor their age gap. He thinks he will tell her how much he loves her. Sahil asks Vaidika if she woke up early. Vaidika taunts that it must be his first early morning and complains that he didn’t tell anyone about it and his phone is also switched off. Sahil explains it’s on airplane mode. Maya heard the conversation. Sahil thinks he must tell Vaidika what’s in his heart.

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