Deception Update Friday 15 May 2020

Deception update Friday 15 May 2020: Harish asking what nonsense? Shivani says she can’t see, but smell. Naren says Meghna can’t tell this.

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He tells that Shivani is trying out to take out enmity on him and tells that she must have threatened Meghna. Pooja says Meghna told infront of me. A fb is shown, Meghna tells Pooja that the rapist threw things on her and then. Shivani asks if she remember something. Meghna says he had applied citrus fragrance. Shivani asks who uses it in your house. Pooha says Naren. Fb ends. Rahul says what nonsense? He makes Naren get up. Dada ji says a bad accusation on Naren. Neelima says I won’t be surprised if Naren is the real criminal. She says blood and family effect. Harish asks her not to tell this again. Rahul tells that Naren can’t do this. Surbhi tells Pooja that Naren can’t do this. Anuj says nobody trusts Shivani’s investigation. Naren says I trust on Pooja’s statement and asks if one statement breaks her trust on him. Shivani says it was victim’s statement.

Naren asks Pooja to answer. Pooja asks can this one statement break my trust? Shivani says law needs proofs. Naren says everyone knows that what Meghna means to me. Shivani says I came here to get the criminal and you are on top of my list. She says she will change her doubt into reality, and says lets go to Police station, as your family can’t see you beaten here. Harish says you can’t arrest him. Shivani says she will take him. Pooja says that anybody can use citrus fragrance. Shivani says she came with homework. She asks Hardik, Danish and Anuj, if Naren was with them. Hardik says yes. Naren says yes, I was with them. Shivani says all CCTV cameras were closed from 2-6 pm. Pooja tells Shivani that Naren has many enemies and it can be opposition trick. Shivani says so much trust and says says what else he has hidden from you. She asks Naren if he was with them or if there was other meeting in resort’s other wing. Hardik, Danish and Anuj are shocked. Shivani asks Hardik to go and bring the phone. Hardik goes. Naren gets tensed.

Shivani tells Pooja that her husband backward countdown begins. Media comes to Meghna and asks if Naren Vyas raped her. Mr. Goenka gives money to reporters to question her. Shivani talks to the client. Client tells that Naren left from the meeting at 4 pm. Naren gets angry looking at Shivani, when she asks him if he came at that time and raped Meghna. Pooja asks Naren to tell where was he? She asks Supriya to ask him. Harish tells Naren that they know that he is innocent and asks him to tell where he was in that hour. Suddenly Surbhi feels labour pain. Shivani asks Neelima to take her inside and asks Hardik to stay back. Neelima takes her inside and says I will become Aaya. Surbhi sees citrus fragrance perfume and thinks Rahul is the rapist. Neelima pushes her on bed to stop her. Surbhi falls down on bed and gets unconscious.

Shivani asks Naren to be loud and clear. Naren says he was in other wing of resort. Shivani says it was sealed and asks how did you do the meeting. Kunal says he has spoiled Meghna’s life and is about to beat him. Pooja stops him and says Naren shall be given chance to clarify. Shivani says his silence is acceptance of crime. Pooja gives him promise and asks him to tell. Naren pushes her and tells that he didn’t do anything with Meghna, but can’t tell her where he went for an hour. Pooja says I don’t need your clarification, but Police wants. Harish asks Naren to tell. Shivani takes Naren to room and says we will get the proofs from there. She tells that she needs perfume bottle. Shivani takes him out and pushes him on floor. She asks where is the bottle? Surbhi comes there holding glass pieces.

Kusum asks how is she? Neelima says she will take her inside. Shivani says she must want to tell something important. Surbhi asks Rahul if he wants to hide his sin by hiding perfume bottle in their room. She tells Dada ji that Rahul is guilty. Pooja is shocked and clueless.

Hardik asking Neelima if she knew about Rahul’s crime. Neelima says crime is not proved if perfume bottle is found. Rahul says why I will hide perfume bottle in my room if had committed crime. He calls mad woman to Surbhi and tells that he was with Pooja bhabhi. He says someone is trying to trap him. Shivani says all relatives are trying to fool police, says Pooja tried to save Rahul and now Surbhi tried to save Naren. She says it is both brother’s doings and asks constable to arrest both of them. She asks lady constable to call media and asks them to click pic, as two sons of Vyas family are arrested. She is about to take them, when Pooja realizes something and stops Shivani. She tells you have arrested Naren and Rahul on the basis of proofs and says you can’t ignore one proof.

Shivani says I can arrest you for interfering in my work. Pooja asks her to see the proof first. She signs her towards the mat. Shivani picks meghna’s anklet from the mat. Kunal is shocked. Shivani says it is victim’s anklet and says it has nothing to do with the case. Pooja says Naren and I had returned this anklet then how did it come here? Supriya says may be it came with clothes, and says she made Meghna wear it. Pooja says I checked it, anklet was not in it. Shivani says if you both trying to save them then you will be jailed too. Naren asks her to keep his mother away from the case. Pooja asks her to question Kunal’s mother on phone. Surbhi says may be the person bringing this payal must have done this. Kunal gets tensed. Mr. Goenka tells Mrs. Goenka and tells that it is last day for Meghna in hospital. Shivani calls Mrs. Goenka and asks her to come to Vyas Mansion. Mr. Goenka asks her to go and handle there, and says he will go to hospital and send Meghna.

Harish tells Satish that Shivani is ruining their reputation. Satish says why don’t she understand that Meghna is our ladli. Harish says nobody from my family can do this. Satish says Media has hyped the case. Harish says I told kids not to interfere in the case. He says Sarita is coming here, don’t know what she will do. Supriya prays to God and asks what is Meghna’s mistake in this. Dada ji comes and says where is a trouble, there is a life. He says it will be cleared when all family fight together. He asks whom you will support? Pooja asks Shivani to open Naren and Rahul’s handcuff. Shivani asks if she is trying to hide her family’s crime. Pooja says I will protect Naren from you because of your past enmity with him. Mrs. Goenka comes there. Shivani asks her about anklet. Sarita tells that it is her ancestral anklet which Pooja returned to her. She asks if Vyas family had stolen it. Harish gets angry on her. Sarita asks Shivani to arrest them. Kunal gets tensed and asks his mum to let Shivani do her work.

Shivani says someone brought this anklet back, and says Rahul was with Pooja, so Naren is the one who must have stolen anklet and raped Meghna in one hour. Naren gets angry. She opens handcuff and asks Police to throw all family members out. They throw everyone out. Shivani asks Constables to tie him on to the chair and asks Naren to tell clearly. She says she will not tell his wife. Naren refuses to tell. Harish scolds Pooja asking her to make Naren say where was he? Pooja says she will find the proofs. Neelima asks Rahul to sidelined and to think about himself. Rahul tells that she has to think about family as they all are together now. Shivani throws water on Naren. Naren says you can’t do this with a suspect. Sarita asks Kunal if he is the criminal? Kunal is hesitant to say. Sarita sees lady constable and feigns to faint. She says she wants to go home and asks Kunal to drop her. Pooja asks Constable to let them go.

Mr. Goenka signs Meghna’s discharge papers and tells that he will make Meghna as his bahu. Nurse tells that he will set an example and think him great. Pooja and Supriya pray in the inhouse temple. Pooja thinks she will get clues in Naren’s room. Mr. Goenka meets Meghna and gives her tickets to America. He asks her to leave her son and says first you were blind and now a rape victim. Meghna cries. Anuj and Rahul come to Pooja. Pooja says I heard that boys will always be boys. They look on surprised. Rahul and Anuj begin fighting. Rahul asks Anuj how did he not know about Naren. Pooja asks constables to stop them and manages to go to Naren’s room. Shivani beats and tortures Naren. Naren laughs and says who is more egoistic. Pooja manages to go to room. She thinks someone must have brought anklet to room and sees stairs. He thinks this stairs will make her reach the culprit.

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