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Deception 30 May Saturday 2020 update: Pooja coming to room from bath and thinks how does the make up removed, and applies fake marks on her face. She thinks she will take advantage of Angraj’s drowsiness.

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Angraj pretends to fall down from the bed and thinks she is taking advantage of his drugs habit. He recalls Pooja and Dr. Kiran’s conversation. He blames himself infront of Pooja for her wounds and asks her to hide it somehow. Pooja says she will conceal it with make up. Angraj calls Rahul and asks him to kidnap Mahek and bring her to Tribe. He thinks Pooja will get Mahek ready to marry Naren and laughs. He tells that he will come there with his bride. Rahul kidnaps Mahek. Mahek shouts for help. Svetlana shakes hand with Rahul. Shaurya asks someone about Mahek. Satish asks Kusum to get ready for the marriage. Kusum refuses to go. Rachel tells that they shall go and attend Pooja’s wedding. Dr. Kiran gives proofs to Naren and says we shall go from here. Rahul comes there and asks him not to act smart. Naren asks if he is not ashamed to do this with his brother. Rahul accuses him for giving supari to get them killed as they are rapist family. Naren is shocked and is about to tell him truth, but Rahul asks his men to tie them. He calls Surbhi and asks her to bring sweets and says today is Naren’s marriage. Naren is shocked.

Everyone in the Vyas Mansion wonder why Naren called them and for whose marriage? Satish and his family come there. Angraj tells Dadaji that Pooja and I are going to marry tomorrow. Dadaji gets happy. Harish says how can you remarry without talking to us. Dada ji says it is good and asks Supriya to take shagun from Pooja’s mayka. Angraj asks Pooja with whose hands she wants haldi to be applied. Pooja says Maa has the first right. Supriya applies haldi to her. Dada ji asks Neelima to apply haldi to her. Neelima applies haldi roughly on Pooja’s face. Pooja feels pain. Angraj threatens Neelima to take off her eyes and says only I can misbehave with her. Surbhi asks shall I take sweets, as Rahul called me. Angraj asks her to distribute to right people. He asks Neelima to handle everyone here and says he will go and meet Naren. Naren and Mahek are tied. Svetlana sees Mahek and Naren from outside the window. Angraj calls her and asks her to get Mahek’s wedding dress ready. Rahul tells Dr. kiran that his wife brought sweets and opens the box and shows injections. He asks her to inject Naren and Mahek else.

Dr. Kiran gives injection to Naren. Naren faints. She then gives injection to Mahek and she also faints. Surbhi asks Rahul to call and inform Angraj that bride and groom are ready. A lady asks her daughter to select her engagement ring and says your brother brought it. Daughter says he wants me to go as soon as possible. Pooja thinks Naren might be bringing proofs and thinks she will take rounds with Naren only. Suddenly floor decorations spoils due to air, Pooja gets worried and thinks to call Dr. Kiran. Rahul tells Surbhi that Naren will become Ghajini for 24 hours. Surbhi says will do as you say. Angraj comes and plays music. He tells that they will marry first and then will be killed.

Angraj tells Pooja that Naren has become Ghajini and doesn’t remember anything now. He asks ask her to congratulate Naren for his marriage with Mahek. He says I know you want to stop the marriage and says he will give her a chance. He asks her to make Naren believe their love until the crackers reach the last point, else get ready to marry him. Pooja tries to make Naren remember that she is his wife. Naren asks herto move back and says he is getting married to Mahek. Pooja asks him to remember. Naren couldn’t remember. Pooja says Angraj is better than you, atleast he will not forget me. She puts water in the fire. Crackers burst. Pooja agrees to marry Angraj. Angraj gets happy. He asks Surbhi to make Mahek stand with Naren.

Angraj asks her to get dressed nicely. Svetlana looks at Mahek and thinks she will be wiped out from her kundali in sometime. Pooja gets ready for marriage. Angraj sees Mahek in the mandap and asks where is Pooja. Mahek says she is Pooja and asks did you take drugs. She reminds him of his doings. Angraj says he will check Naren’s bride and if she is Pooja then. Naren says nobody can see my would be wife’s face. Mahek acts as Pooja and says your one step will be my insult. Angraj comes to his mandap. Surbhi comes to Rahul and asks him to drive the car fast.

Shaurya asks Rahul where is Mahek and beats him. Rahul faints. Shaurya takes Surbhi with him. Svetlana tries to make Rahul gains consciousness. Pandit ji asks the couple to take rounds. Angraj stops the rituals and asks Kiran to give him injection to come out of drowsiness. Kiran says she has injection. She is about to give him injection when Angraj holds her hand. He tells that he knows their plan and asks when did they change the injection.

Pooja tells that she has changed it when the box was in her room. Mahek holds angraj and asks Naren and Pooja to go. Dr. Kiran gives him injection. She says injection affect will be for 6-7 mins. Angraj faints. Mahek faints. Shaurya comes there and beats Naren thinking him to be Angraj. Naren says he is Naren. Mahek says he is Naren. Angraj gets up and aims gun at naren and pooja.

Angraj asking Pooja to shoot Naren. Pooja cries and asks Angraj to leave Naren, and says I am ready to do anything. Naren asks her to let him shoot him and says no Angraj can separate us. Angraj shoots at Naren’s chest and he fall down. Pooja shouts Naren. Dr. Kiran is shocked as well. Angraj smiles. Naren looks at Pooja and gives his hand. Angraj holds Pooja while she tries to run to Naren. Naren recalls their moments and closes his eyes. Pooja is shocked. Angraj asks Rahul to take Pooja home and says he will do Naren’s last rites and come. Pooja is in shock. Surbhi and Rahul take her from there.

Dada ji does Ramayan Paath and says shri Ram ji Jai. Supriya holds the lamp and asks God to protect her son from all troubles. Surbhi offers water to Pooja. Pooja refuses and gets down from the car. She walks in trance. Rahul saves her from getting hit by the car. Pooja asks why did he leave her when he has enmity with Naren. She says if legitimate relations are like this, then thankfully Naren like you people. She says you didn’t give last rites to Naren, with whom you have spent your childhood. She asks them to remember that Angraj will betray them and then they will miss Naren. Harish gets restless and thinks what is happening to me. He talks to Naren’s childhood pic and says I loved you equal to your mum’s love. Pooja is walking on the road in shock. Sad song plays….Bhaye More Naina…..She throws away her necklace and bangles etc on the road. She recalls Angraj shooting Naren and shouts Naren, and cries.

Satish tells Rachel that they have to give gift to Pooja’s inlaws. Kusum asks them to give everything. Kusum says I have a condition if you want me to come. Angraj puts Naren in the coffin and asks Dr. Kiran to take Naren’s finger prints. Dr. Kiran takes his finger prints and says it will be ready in 48 hours. Angraj says then you will be buried too and asks her to shed the tears. Dr. kiran is shocked. Rahul tells Neelima that Angraj has killed Naren and must have buried him by now. Neelima says it seems bad for us. Surbhi says we have to be careful and says if we upset him then he will….Rahul says if he is a tiger then I am less than a Cheetah and shows the file in which they have proofs to prove that Angraj got plastic surgery done. Pooja thinks of Naren and thinks who will hold me up now. Angraj opens the coffin and says I will miss you so much, but Pooja will miss you so so much. He puts sand on the coffin. Pooja takes Naren’s shirt and says I couldn’t save you Naren, and lost from Angraj. I couldn’t say bye to you and has become lonely. She thinks Angraj is Naren for everyone now and thinks I have no proofs now. Angraj buries Naren completely and says lets celebrate. Pooja cries.

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