Deception Update Saturday 9 May 2020

Deception 9 May 2020: Pooja goes to make Meghna ready. Mrs. and Mr. Goenka ask Kunal to get ready and wear turban. He asks them to go and get ready fast. He sends voice message to Meghna asking her to show her face to her. Meghna shows her hand pic and replies that it is inauspicious to see or meet before marriage.

Pooja and Surbhi tease her. Mrs. And Mr. Goenka takes Kunal’s signatures on the papers saying Naren sent it. Kunal signs on it. Meghna tells Pooja that she didn’t think that she will marry in the family. She hopes Harish accepts her. Supriya says Harish attended all of your functions.

Pooja sees all men of the house in black sherwani and asks them to go and change the clothes. Anuj says how can all sherwanis be ready in one night. Pooja asks them to change. Dada ji says only good things will happen. Pooja asks Naren to come with her and says she will buy sherwanis from shopping mall. Naren says he has to go and attend business meeting in an hour. Pooja says baraat will come in 3 hours. Naren meets Meera on the way and she tells him that Vivan’s mother is alive. She gives gift for Meghna. Rahul and Surbhi have an argument. Pooja and Supriya are shocked to see the varmala garland broken. Pooja thinks bride’s vidaai shall happen happily.

Pooja scolds Rahul for breaking varmala by mistake and asks him to come with her and buy it. Surbhi asks her to relax and says she will buy it. Pooja takes Rahul with him. Mr. Goenka gets ready in black sherwani. Mrs. Goenka asks if he is sure that he will be successful in his plan. He says they have to go there so that marriage don’t happens.

Naren is in the meeting and keeps scarf there. Pooja comes to the garland shop and asks shop keeper to make a strong garland. She thinks to go to temple and thinks to convince Rahul. She takes out cigarette from his hand. Rahul says I came as your driver, but you can’t control you. Mr. Goenka writes something on the paper. His wife asks what is his writing. He says he is making tomorrow’s headlines that something bad happened in Vyas Mansion. Pooja drives the car and tells that they are going somewhere. Naren wins the business deal.

Danish says we have to go home soon. Naren says I have to go for urgent meet and will reach there before baraat. Danish says I will come. Naren refuses to let him come and says he is going to resort’s other wing. Supriya blesses Meghna. Pooja is on the way to temple and thinks don’t know why, but I am not getting good signs. Rahul asks her to be careful with driving. Supriya sees anklet and makes her wear it. Diya in the temple sets off. Surbhi lights it again and prays that marriage happens nicely. Diya is set off again. Surbhi gets worried and thinks to call Pooja.

Mrs. Goenka tells her husband that Kunal is not in the house and asks if he got him kidnapped. Pooja comes to the shakti temple and talks to Surbhi on phone. She is stopped by the Police. She asks Pandit ji to let her do darshan, but he says that time is over. Meghna is ready as a bride, when electricity goes off in her room. Kunal comes on his friend’s scooter and tells that his shoes were not matching with his sherwani and that’s why he went to buy shoes. He panics. Mrs. Goenka asks him to freshen up and ride on horse. Kunal says ok and goes. Mrs. Goenka asks Mr. Goenka if his plan is on. He checks his mobile and says yes. Danish thinks Naren haven’t returned. Hardik says where did he go? Naren comes and says lets go. He also looks tensed. Kunal sits on horse.

Pooja and Rahul come home. Supriya asks them to bring Meghna there and says baraat can come at anytime. Pooja says ok and goes to meghna’s room. Baraat leaves from Goenka’s house. Neelima scolds Hardik and asks if he can’t handle stole. Hardik says it is of Naren. Pooja comes to Meghna’s room and calls her. It is dark all there. Just then she sees Meghna tied and unconscious after getting raped by some demon. She is shocked and drops the plate on the ground. She runs to meghna and sees her mouth and hands tied. She tries to make her conscious, and gets shocked seeing blood. She holds her and shouts Naren loudly. Everyone hears her. Naren runs first.

Pooja frees Meghna’s hands and takes cloth out of her mouth. She covers her with dupatta and cries shockingly. Naren comes there. Pooja asks Meghna to tell something. Naren asks what happened to Meghna. Pooja runs to him and says Meghna is raped by someone. Naren is in shock. Meghna gains conscious and sits shocked. Naren falls down shockingly. Pooja asks him to get up. Rahul and others come there. Rahul asks what happened to Meghna. Dada ji and Supriya asks what happened to her. Naren says someone…Rahul shouts what? They all get shocked. Dada ji sits in shock. Pooja hugs Meghna and cries.

Supriya also cries. Naren and Rahul walk towards Meghna. Meghna gets scared. Naren says nothing will happen, don’t be scared. Pooja asks Rahul and Naren to go and not to come near her. Kunal is on horse and it stops suddenly. Mrs. Goenka says it is a bad sign. Naren tries to pacify Meghna. Rahul cries seeing her condition. Naren hits on his hand and shouts. Rahul tries to stop him. Naren says who dared to do this. Pooja asks them to call Dr. Sharma. Surbhi goes to call her

Meghna is crying aloud. Pooja asks them to stand outside. Rahul tells Naren that they have to give sometime to Meghna, and let her be alone now. Surbhi comes to Harish and asks where is Dr. Sharma. Harish asks what happened? Surbhi cries. Harish takes Doctor there. Doctor says it is confirmed that Meghna is raped and says she will start treatment after Police investigation. Harish says Police will not be called and says baraat will arrive in sometime, and asks them to get Meghna ready.

Naren  says I will call Police. Harish stops him. Harsha says she is blind and orphan, and tells that who will marry her. Meghna hugs Surbhi and cries. Neelima says she will get Meghna ready for marriage. Kunal gets down from the horse and walks with baraat. Pooja asks Neelima to understand being a woman. Rahul says they will not understand, don’t know what happened to elders. He says he will call Police.

Harish says if this news goes out then Meghna have to face humiliation. Naren says I won’t let anything change in her life. Harish asks Neelima to see to it then meghna comes there ready. Naren says I had sworn that day to protect every girl of our house and says meghna will not come. Mrs. Goenka asks her husband if he will get his son marry. Mr. Goenka says come and seethe tamasha. Harish, Satish and Kusum welcome baraat. Harish tells that all family members are sitting with Meghna as she got emotional. Pooja folds her hands and asks Neelima not to force Meghna for marriage.

Neelima pushes Pooja. Rahul takes Neelima to side and asks what is her madness? Neelima says that girl shall marry and it is betterment for everyone. Meghna gets unconscious. They call the doctor. Mr. Goenka tells his wife that kand is happened. Mrs. Goenka says lets do something and asks Harish why he is looking worried. Harish says nothing. Inspector Shivani comes there. Harish asks why did she come? Inspector Shivani asks Constables to seal all house and says nobody can go and come. Mr. Goenka asks what happened?

Shivani says she got call from Vyas mansion. Harish asks who called you. Pooja says we….Pooja, Naren, Rahul and Surbhi come there. Harish is shocked. Kunal gets up from mandap and Harish, where is Meghna? If she is fine? Dada ji says I will tell you. He apologizes to Mr. Goenka and says we couldn’t keep your bahu safe, she was raped in her mayka. Kunal removes his turban and is shocked. Shivani says today I have seen both father and son are ditto copy, lie cleverly. She asks Constable to seal victim’s room. Naren tells Shivani that they will cooperate with her.

Shivani says your bad past returned after two years and says a blind girl is raped here in this big palace. Mr. Goenka is unaffected. Meghna is brought on stretcher. Kunal tries to make her conscious and cries. Shivani asks him to stay away from victim. She asks Danish to make the list of all guests and says guilty is among them. They take Meghna to hospital. Pooja says they will come with her, but Shivani asks her to relax at home.

Guest gossips that Meghna is London returned and might have compromised with someone and tagged her act as rape. Naren and Pooja take a stand for Meghna. Pooja says nobody has the right to talk ugly about the victim. Rahul asks all guests to leave. Dada ji apologizes and says your bahu….Mr. Goenka says Meghna can’t become our bahu now, it is final. Everyone is shocked.

Mr. Goenka calls off the marriage and asks his wife Sarita to come. Dada ji, Naren, Rahul and others try to stop him. Harish tells Naren that his smartness has ruined everything today and asks if he felt good seeing Dada ji begging infront of them.

Naren says when own family members don’t care then why to blame others. Harish tells Pooja that she didn’t keep his word. Pooja says Meghna is the respect of the house. Naren says Meghna is our respect and I have sworn to protect every daughter of the house. In the hospital, Kunal tries to go to meet Meghna in the ICU, but Shivani stops him and asks him to be careful.

Harish asks Naren to understand and says if this new reached everyone then his political career will end. Naren says he don’t care about his career and tells that if he can’t protect Meghna, then he can’t protect people. Harish tells that nobody shall interfere in the case, and says let police handle everything. Naren tells Supriya that he will leave the house with Pooja. He tells sorry to Pooja and says he didn’t ask her before. Pooja says if he had asked then she wouldn’t have feel proud. Dada ji says Naren is not alone in the fight and tells that they all are with him. Neelima asks Rahul what happened to him. Rahul asks her not to say anything. Harish says it is a rape case and it is not easy to answer questions. Pooja says they will answer.

Inspector Shivani comes there and says criminal is clever and used protection while doing crime, but even smartest criminal leaves proofs. Naren asks her to tell on whom she doubts? Shivani says on you? Pooja says what nonsense? You can’t blame my husband. Shivani says I just shared my doubt, and says suspect can be anybody. Harish asks what she wants to say? Shivani says every man of the house is my suspect. Naren asks why he is doubting on then. Shivani says she got sherwani button.

She shows the button and says everyone is having same buttons in their sherwanis. She asks men of the house to stand in line and asks women to side. Pooja says you can’t do this. Dada ji asks them to agree. Kunal insists to meet Meghna. Constable says even you are in our doubt. Shivani checks Naren and says if video is made then it will be viral. She checks Naren’s button. Pooja asks Shivani to tell that his shirt buttons are intact so that the video gets more viral.

Someone comes and tells that Media came here. Naren is about to go, but Shivani stops him. Pooja says I will go and answer them. Mr. Goenka tells Sarita that he has sent media to trouble them. Sarita asks if he planned Meghna’s rape. Mr. Goenka says no and tells that he had planned to kidnap Meghna, but she was raped by someone else.

Pooja meets media and tells them that injustice will not happen with daughter of the house. Shivani tells that the crime happened between 3-5 and tells that only family members can come at that time. Dada ji sees Rahul hiding his sherwani with his sleeve and asks him to show. Everyone gets shocked seeing button missing. Dada ji slaps Rahul and asks what did you do? You have raped Meghna.

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