Family Affairs May Teasers 2020 Starlife

Family Affairs May Teasers 2020 Starlife: Family Affairs returned to Star Life on Sunday evening (24 May) at 18h00 after its break because of the COVID-19 Lockdown. It starts with a rebroadcast of the Episodes that aired just before the break and NEW EEpisodes air from Monday, 8 June.

Family Affairs Sunday 24 May 2020
(Episode 359)

Chanda records her conversation with Riya and gives it to Shanti. Meanwhile, Pari steals Sharmili’s jewellery box from Nimmi. What makes Shivam fume in anger on hearing the recorded conversation?

(Episode 360)
The Shivam-Riya-Chanda love triangle takes a dramatic turn with Shivam threatening to commit suicide of Riya creates a scene at his wedding. What will Riya do?

Family Affairs Monday 25 May 2020
(Episode 361)
Sujeev slaps Pari for stealing Sharmili’s jewellery. Meanwhile, an auspicious date is fixed for Shivam and Chanda’s marriage.

(Episode 362)
Riya requests Shivam to not marry Chanda. Meanwhile, Chanda manipulates Shanti into thinking that Riya is using black magic on them. Will this make Shanti more bitter towards Riya?

Family Affairs Tuesday 26 May 2020
(Episode 363)
Shanti performs rituals to ward off the evil spirits. Ashok learns about Shivam and Chanda’s marriage. Meanwhile, Nandu has a surprise for Preeti. Will Riya join the Shrivastavs for the celebrations?

(Episode 364)
Riya tries to stop Shivam and Chanda’s wedding. Meanwhile, Kaushalya feels the presence of a spirit in Shanti Sadan!

Family Affairs Wednesday 27 May 2020
(Episode 365)
The blame game continues, with Riya at the receiving end of Shivam and Shanti’s anger. After all the humiliation that she faces because of Chanda’s evil ploy, will Riya leave Shanti Sadan?

(Episode 366)
Riya returns to her father and tells him about her plan to expose Chanda. Nandu tries to impress Preeti as ‘Lucky’. Later, Riya finds Chanda with Mohit!

Family Affairs Thursday 28 May 2020
(Episode 367)
After Chanda breaks Riya’s phone, thus destroying the evidence against her, Riya tries to recover the video. Will she succeed in exposing Chanda?

(Episode 368)
Will Riya be able to retrieve the video evidence against Chanda? Meanwhile, Ashok pretends to have a heart attack to delay Shivam and Chanda’s marriage.

Family Affairs FRiday 29 May 2020
(Episode 369)
Riya exposes Chanda and Mohit’s conspiracy, leaving everyone horrified! Shanti and Kaushalya apologise to Riya. Meanwhile, Chanda sneaks away with Sarla’s necklace.

(Episode 370)
Happy days are back as Riya and Shivam reconcile. Meanwhile, what game is Vyom playing with Nimmi as he romances her, but refuses to accept her as his wife?

Family Affairs Saturday 30 May 2020
(Episode 371)
Although Riya apologises to Shanti, the latter is determined to keep Riya away from Shivam. Preeti holds Riya responsible for her condition and decides to ruin the Shrivastavs.

(Episode 372)
Vyom accuses Pari of marrying Sujeev for money. Sarla has second thoughts about getting Ashok married to Nirmala. Makdi plans to steal Sharmili’s jewellery.

Family Affairs Sunday 31 May 2020
(Episode 373)
Shanti is worried about Nirmala’s unclear intentions towards Ashok. She visits Nirmala and questions her about her overwhelming concern for him. Nimmi slaps Preeti on finding her hugging Vyom.

(Episode 374)
Preeti hides Shanti’s copper glass gifted by her late husband. Sharmili learns about Pari’s affair! Later, Kaushalya slaps Preeti.

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