Jodha Akbar Update Friday 20th November 2020 Zee World

Jodha Akbar Friday 20 November 2020 Zee world: Jodha is dressed as Muslim girl, she looks at jalal talking with Murad, she recalls how Hamida pleaded her to accept Islam.

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Jodha comes to Hamida, Hamida says to her that what you are going to do, everyone’s happiness lies in there, Jodha leaves with her in palanquin.
Jodha and Hamida come to priest of Islam, priest ask Jodha are you here with your consent? Jodha says yes, he ask were you forced to be here? Hamida says i have brought her with her consent, Priest says but i have to know from her, he ask jodha were you forced? Jodha says no, he says now we will make you accept Islam, he recite some holy verses (kalma), he again ask Jodha will you accept Allah as your God with your consent? will you accept Allah and his Prophet? you can not lie here? he ask Jodha to answer, do you accept to be Muslim? he ask her to recite Kalma, Jodha recalls how Jalal said to her that dont accept Islam ever in pressure, it will be disrespect to Islam, me and my nation, Jodha thinks i have understood Jalal, i will not get forced and will not change my religion, Priest ask her to recite Kalma (holy lines of Islam) if she accept Islam without force, Jodha thinks and gets up, Hamida ask her to recite, Jodha says i will not recite Kalma as it will be disgrace to Islam, my Kahna may forgive me but i wont be able to forgive myself, she says to priest that i am in pressure of Iran, Hamida says thinks about Salim and Jalal, Jodha says i accept i have responsibility as mother but i am a wife too, i cant deceive Jalal by doing this, i have got family because of Jalal then how can i go against him and accept Islam, Khanum should not marry in family where they force people to change religion, by changing my religion, will their thinking change, no? for you, me and Jalal, praying to any God is same but then why should i change religion for king of Iran, i respect Islam as much as i respect being Hindu but i will not change religion, i will be standing beside Jalal in thick and thin but will not change religion, Hamida says i have rights on you, i am Mariuim Makani and i order you to accept Islam, priest says to Hamida that you are forcing her and this is a great sin, i wont tolerate this, Jodha says forgive me Ammi, Hamida says i asked you for a thing for first time and you disappointed me, she leaves, Jodha is tensed.

Scene 2
Jodha comes to her room, she looks at herself in mirror, she cries. Moti comes there and says i told you it will be difficult to change religion, you have prayed to one God for years so how can you change it, Jodha says i didnt change religion, Jalal is fighting for me and for rule of Islam so my acceptance of Islam would have hurt Jalal, it would be deceiving Jalal and Islam just to accept it for Salim and Hamida, Moti says you did right, Jodha says but Hamida, for first time i didnt listen to her, i have hurt her, she not only called me daughter but has treated me like her daughter, she is miffed with me, Moti says you relation with her is strong, dont worry, everything will be fine.
In morning, Jodha is doing Tulsi puja, she says Tulsi mata first time i have not listened to my mother Hamida, i have disappointed her, forgive me. Jalal is passing by there and finds Jodha praying, he smiles looking at her, Jodha starts leaving, Hamida comes there, Jodha greets her and ask her to take Aarti, Hamida takes aarti and leaves from there angrily, Jalal notices the tension, Moti says to Jodha that she will take time to understand, Jodha says i dont know how to make her understand, Jalal says why Hamida didnt talk to Jodha, this never happened that Jodha greeted Hamida and she didnt answer it back, something is wrong.
Jodha is sitting in her roomm Jalal comes there and says i am angry with you, you disappointed Hamida, Jodha is stunned and says i am sorry, i didnt want to hurt her, Jalal smiles and says you are afraid, i am saying you greeted her and she didnt answer you back, Jodha thinks he doesnt know anything, she says it is matter fo daughter and mother, we will solve it, you dont worry, Jalal says ok, if she doesnt understand your thinking then tell me, i will explain her, Jodha says it will not be needed, Jalal says i know as she loves you alot, he leaves, Jodha says i have to talk to her before Jalal gets to know anything.

Scene 3
one soldier comes and one jewelry was found in palanquin. Jalal comes there and says it is of Jodha begum, he ask where did she go? he says she went to Mosque with Hamida, he takes jewelry and thinks why did Jodha go to mosque with Hamida and today Hamida was not talking to her, whats the thing?

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