Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 1st December 2020

Jodha Akbar Tuesday 1 December 2020 update: laboni asks dammo why are you staring at the sun. She says this is poonam night. The mood will blossom and all your wishes will come true.

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jalal has become horse for the young girl. She rides on his back and jodha smiles. Jalal says princess horse is tired. Jodha says hey horse our princess wants to ride more. She says ammi jan come as well. jalal says no horse can’t handle so much weight.
The magician says keep in mind laboni the you have to say the mantra in jalal’s ears. magician pulls the hair of the doll. jalal says princess don’t pluck my hair. she says i didn’t. The magician reads the manrta, jalal stands up and arham falls down. Jodha say arham are you okay? She picks her up. Jalal starts walking. Magician says he is coming you have to read the mantra in his ear laboni.

Laboni gets ready and wears her anklets. jalal is walking, she comes in and sits on the floor. jalal comes and sees her in shock. she says come in. She locks the door and comes close to him. She says lets have a game shahenshah. She says in heart maa asked me to read the mantra. She comes close to his hear, he says what are you doing? She says there was dust on your ear so i was blowing it away. jalal stands up.
Jalal comes back, Jodha says where were you? i found you everywhere. jalal says i will go wherever i want. This is what laboni is saying. Jalal is repeating whata she is saying to the doll. Jalal says i am the kind i will do whatever i want step away from my way. He leaves. Jodha is shocked.

Scene 2
Next morning, jodha does pooja and recalls jalal’s behavior. she says what happened to jalal last night? Please protect us. I should give him arti. Jodha sees maan and rahim pratising sword fight. They say hello to him. Jodha says where is jalal? Rahim says he didn’t come for practice. He is asleep. jodha says what? Maan says maybe he is tried.

jodha goes to jalal’s room and sits with him. She sits with arti. Dammo says how did the doll turn down? something is cutting my magic. Jodha touches jalal and says shahenshah. He wakes up in shock. He says thank God its you. the day will be good i saw your face. my head hurts. Jodha says you were talking weird last night? jalal says what i said? Jodha says you said stupid things and you made arham fall as well? where did you go? jalal says i dont remember where i went? i was playing with arham. maybe i went to dewan e khas. he says i think i should go to practice. jodha says the time is over. You have waken up lat. He says i think i should take a bath. jodha says maybe you drank something wrong.

Modi asks jodha to taste the prickle, jodha says i am not in mood to, i will taste it later. Laboni walks in. She comes to jodha. jodha says sit here leela. she says i like the prickle can i taste it? Jodha says yes. She says its really tasty.

jalal is taking the bath. dammo is doing her magic. jalal’s head hurts again. he stands up.

Scene 1
Jodha is tensed, Laboni ask what happened, tell me i am your sister, Jodha says Jalal was behaving weirdly yesterday, he pushed Aram away too, i think he was drunk, Laboni says you love him alot so cant listen his anger, dont worry, she ask Jodha to eat prickle, Jodha tastes it and says its sour, Laboni says husband wife relation should be like this only, it should not be sweet only only but sweet sour, Jodha says you have grown up, she hugs Laboni, Laboni thinks you cant even imagine what i can do.
Pratap says to his soldiers that i am staying to misguide Jalal, he will think i am here and will attack but we will win this time, soldier informs him that Salim will be handling war with you this time, Pratap says this time i will arrest Salim so Jalal will lose too.
Salim says to Rahim that what Jalal couldnt do, if i done then i will be caled great, i have to win over Pratap, Rahim says its not so easy, he doesnt fight for land or wealth, he once got our ladies of Harem but he returned them without any harm, its impossible to catch him alive, Salim says i will make it possible.
Jalal is discussing politics with Jalal, Jalal is not able to listen and imagines Birbal saying some black magic lines, Jalal shouts what are you doing, why are you reciting mantras, all are stunned, Birbal says i was discussing about politics only, Jalal leaves, Todar ask what happened to Jalal? Birbal says maybe he is tired.

Scene 2
Dammo says to Laboni that i saw statue’s direction changed today this means black magic is not working on him, once his relation with Jodha breaks only then he will be yours, you have to make Jalal’s body yours tonight only, dasi comes and says Ruks have called Dammo, Damoo does magic on statue of Jalal and leaves.
Dammo comes to Ruks, Hoshiyar says i was talking about this dasi only, Ruks ask Dammo you know who i am, Dammo says yes you are special royal wife, Ruks says even then you misbehaved with my servant, you cant think what i can do with you, Dammo says this will not happen again, Hoshiyar says dont do this again else Ruks will not leave you, even Jalal cant speak infront of Ruks, Dammo does black magic on Hoshiyar, Hohiyar starts speaking Ruks, he says you are witch ruks, you always come inbetween Jalal and Jodha, Jalal cant even make you his sister, leave aside his wife, you are not near Jdha’s slipper, Ruks ask how dare you, Hoshiyar says you can show orders on us only but have no value, Ruks beats him, she ask Dammo to leave, Dammo smirks and leaves, Ruks says are you in senses Hoshiyar.
Aram comes to Jodha and says i wanna play with you, Jodha says i have some work, Jalal comes there and says play with her if she is insisting, he says to Aram i will play with you, Aramm doesnt talk to him, Jodha says you pushed her away last night while playing, Jalal says i dont even remember that, he says sorry to Aram, Aram says i accept your sorry, she says i will play hide and seek with Jodha, Jalal closes Jodha’s eyes and ask Aram to hide, Aram leaves from there, Jodha ask Jalal where is Aram, Jalal says i cant cheat, she says ok i will find her, Jalal says if i tell you then what reward i will get? Jodha says nothing, i will find Aram myself, she is searching for Aram, Aram comes in Dammo’s room and hides in secret room, she finds Jalal’s statue there and says its nice, i will take it with me, she takes statue in her hands, Jodha says Aram you can hide anywhere but i will find you, Dammo is shocked to see Jodha in her room, she is tensed and greets Jodha, she ask Jodha you here? Jodha says i am finding my daughter, she is playing hide and seek, Aram runs from there, Jodha goes behind her, Dammo comes in secret room and finds statue gone, Laboni comes there and ask what Jodha was doing here? Dammo says its not important, important is that my black magic staute is gone, Dammo says to Laboni i think Jalal’s daughter Aram took statue from here, Laboni says what will we do now? she says how many statues we have?
Jodha finally catches Aram in Hamida’s room, Ruks is there too, Ruks sees statue in her hands and ask from where did you find it? Aram says i found it in Dammos’ room, Jodha ask did you took her permission before taking it? Aram says no, Jodha says bad manners, Laboni comes there with Dammo and says i have brought more statues for Aram, she shows her statues, Aram throws Jalal’s statue and ask can i take these other statues? Laboni says why not, she takes Jalal’s statue, gives it Dammo and gives other statues in return to Aram.

Scene 1
Laboni comes in kitchen and ask Jodha for whom you are cooking, Jodha says for the oone who changed my life, its is said that man;s heart way is from belly, she says to Laboni i will come, you be here, she leaves, Laboni mixes whole chilly powder in Jodha’s food.
Salima slaps Murad and says you are too much drunk, Jalal is not only king but your father, if you stoop in his eyes then you will never rise, see Rahim, he is favorite of Jalal, Murad says Rahim is his servant thats why he is favorite of Jalal, for Jalal only those people are important who keep running behind him, Salima says why so much anger? Murad sys 1st he gaveme title then took it back, i didnt ask for that title but was given it and then they didnt let me prove that i am capable of it and took it back, Salima says Salim deservs that title as he is elder son, dress yourself nicely before anyone sees you, she leaves, Murad says its anger in heart, you cant understand.
Dammo comes to Laboni and says you seem happy? Laboni says i got statue back, Jalal will be mine soon, i am happy because i played game today in which Jodha will lose, i increased her problems, she tells her about chilly powder, Dammo says this small tricks will not work to break their relation, you have to get Jalal’s body, she does black magic on Laboni’s hand, Laboni ask what are you doing, Dammo gives her beads and says put it in Jalal’s room before tonight, it will intensify our black magic, Laboni smirks and says i will do it.

Scene 2
Jodha comes to Jalal’s room with food, Jalal ask what is this? Jodha says i have prepared food for you, Jalal says but there are many dasies to do this, Jodha says because you like to have food prepared by me, dont ask questions, just eat, Jalal sit to eat and says why you did all this, Jodha says it gives me peace to work for my own people, Jalal eats food and his eyes are opened fully by it, Jodha ask how is it? Jalal says you have prepared it so its very nice, Jodha says then take more, Jalal gets tensed, he ask for water, Jodha says no dont drink water while eating, she ask Jalal why are you sweating? Jalal says its hot here, he eats food silently, Jodha takes plate and taste the food and drinks water because of spice, Jalal drinks water too, she ask Jalal why you didnt tell me? Jalal says you prepared by heart so i ate it, Jodha says your face is red but you didnt tell me, Jalal says i told you there are dasies to do it, Jodha says what are you saying that i am not good cook? i did mistake once and you said that i cant cook? who orders dasies to prepare food? in common houses husband eat what is prepared by wife silently, Jalal says i ate silently too, Jodha says but you didnt like it, Jalal says nothing like that, he says lets talk about something.
Dammo is doing black magic on statue and says when this statue starts moving then understand that black magic have started its work and Jalal has left to come to you.
Jalal is getting under effect of magic, he murmurs that first you prepare bad food then you force me to eat it, Jodha ask what are you saying? Jalal says i didnt say anything, i am sorry if i said anything to your food, dasi comes and says Aram is calling Jodha, Jodha says i will put her off to sleep then i will comeback, jalal sasy comeback soon, she leaves.
Laboni stealthily puts beads in Jalal’s room, Jalal gets under effect of magic, he leaves his room and is going somewhere. otherside statue rotates, Dammo laughs understanding that Jalal is coming, Laboni goes to check him. Jodha makes Aram sleep.

Scene 3
Laboni is litting diyas, she says today Maa’s black magic should succeed, she sprays room freshener in room, Jalal comes there, Laboni gets happy seeing him, she comes to Jalal, Jalal looks in her eyes, she makes him smell room freshener, she ask Jalal you here? jodha must be waiting for you? Jalal says let her wait, i will spend night with you, Laboni says then why this wait? she hugs Jalal from back, she holds his hand and puts it on her back, she makes him sit on bed, she caresses his face, she gets closer to him, Jalal is mesmerized with her, she makes Jalal lie on bed, she lies beside him, he caresses his face.

Laboni makes Jalal lie on bed, he caresses her face, Jalal listens Jodha voice, she is singing Bhajan in her room, he looks at Laboni and gets up. Dammo says how my magic in not succeeding? Jalal ask Laboni what i am doing here? he leaves from there, Laboni gets angry, she listens Jodha’s bhajan and is not able to listen it, she comes to Jodha’s room and sees her doing Aarti of Kahna, Jodha says to Kahna ji that keep protecting my family, she says to Moti that i am going to Jalal’s room.
Hoshiyar thinks what has happened to him, how can he say things to Ruks, he comes to doctor and ask her to give him medicines, she ask what happened to you, Hoshiyar gets under effect of magic again and insults doctor, he says to her that you look like witch, who made you doctor, doctor says i will complain to Ruks about insulting a royal doctor, she leaves.
Jodha comes to Jalal, she ask him to get up, Jalal is not totally in senses, he says i am sorry Leela, i should have not come in your room, Jodha ask what? Leela comes and says yes he was in my room, didnt he tell you why he came to my room, Jalal says why did i come to your home? Leela says you came to play chess game with me, he was losing so he left the room, Jodha says he likes th game, she ask Leela to go, Leela says good night and leaves, Jodha says to Jalal that if you want then you can play game withe me, but dont disturb others, Jalal comes closer to Jodha and hugs her, Leela sees this hiding behind door and fumes in anger.

Scene 2
Moti comes to Jodha and says Kahna’s murti is not at its position, Jodha ask who did it? Moti says Leela did this, Jodha says why would she do such a thing? Moti says i dont know but she have doen this, Aram have seen her. Jodha comes to Aram and ask her about idol? Aram says i was sleeping when Leela came in your room, she asked dasies to take away Kahna’s idol, Moti says something is wrong, Jodha ask Moti to cal Leela here, i wanna talk to her.
Dammo says to Laboni that you removed idol? Laboni says i cant do what i want because of that idol, that idol was stopping our magic so i had to remove it, now nobody can stop me to do magic on Jalal, DAmmo says but we have to wait for full moon night again, what will you answer to people if they ask about idol? anyone cane doubt you, Moti comes and says Jodha is calling you, she leaves, Dammo says see doubt started, how will you save your skin now? Laboni says just wait and watch.
All are waiting fro Leela in Jodha’s room, Laboni comes there, Jodha ask did you go in my room at night? Laboni says yes, Jodha says i got to know that you removed Kahna’ idol? Laboni says yes i did, Jodha says dont yo know how important that idol is for me, Laboni says i saw Idol had dent and its not allowed to do pooja of defected idol, Jodha says i did pooja in night only and there was defect on it, Laboni is stunned, she says why would i lie to you? why would i remove idol? you dont trust me? come with me, i will show you.
All comes in Laboni’s room, she shows them idol and ask her to see idol’s hand, there is defect, tell me what was my mistake? i should have told you but if you do pooja of defected idol then you will be in problem, did i do anything wrong? Jalal ask what she is sayiin? Jdha says she is right, i cant do pooja of defected idol, she says sorry i didnt know truth Leela, you dont know how important this idol is for me, Laboni says i should have informed you, Jalal ask Moti to send this idol to seller, he will make same like this one, Laboni says i know you are sad Jodha, Jodha says idol can get defect but my love for Kahna will ot change, Laboni thinks that now till when you return, everything will be changed here, i would get Jalal by then.

Jodha comes in Jalal;s room and ask dasies to take wine from here, she asys to Jalal that you have started drinking wine alot, dasi comes and says english ambassadors have come to meet you, Jalal and Jodha goes to meet them, ambassador says to Jalal that england’s queen have sent gift for Jodha, Jalal thanks him, Jodha accepts the gift, its ball gown, Jodha says to Jalal that we should gift back, Jalal says yes but i wanna know about this dress which they gifted to you, ambassador says this dress is worn when king and queen go for ball dance, Jalal ask about ball dance? he says this dance is for couples, Jalal ask can i learn this dance? ambassador says yes, he makes Jalal learn couple dance, Jalal thanks him, ambassador leaves, Jalal says to Jodha that i found dance interesting, he says to Jodha that i like this dress, can you wear it, Jodha sys how can i, Jalal says wear it once, Johda goes and comesback wearing ball gown, Jalal looks at her, he is mesmerized.

Scene 1
Jalal is mesmerized with Jodha, Jodha shyly smiles, Jalal sees her from top to toe, she says now you saw me, i am changing clothes, Jalal says complete the reason for what you have worn this, lets have dance which eglish man was talking about, Jodha says i cant do all this, she is about to leave, Jalal pulls her closer, he puts her hand in his hand, puts her other on his shoulder and have couple dance with her, Jalal step over her dress, she laughs, they dance, Meri dhadkan tum ho.. tum hi do jahan ho.. plays, Jalal and Jodha share eyeloc. otherside Laboni does magic on beads. Jalal feels jittery, he looks at Jodha and says you disrespecting lady, arent you ashamed of wearing dress like this? he throws her away, Jodha falls on ground, Jodha ask what happened to you? Jalal lies on bed and says i dont know, i just wannt take rest, Jodha finds beads in his room, she says these are weird beads. because of Jodha touching beads, Laboni’s magic breaks, she ask Dammo what happened? Dammo says seems like someone have taken beads, if we dont take beads back then our magic will fall us only, Laboni runs to take beads.
Ruks calls Hoshiyar, he is afraid, Dammo sees him hiding, Ruks says to Hoshiyar that select a dress for me, she ask which will suite me, Hoshiyar says white will be like your white hairs and if you wear yellow, it will darken, whatever you will wear will not look good on you, you are crow and will remain black, Ruks beats him.

Scene 2
Jodha shows beads to Moti and says dont know how they came here, these are weird beads, Laboni comes there and thinks that this Jodha always come in my way, she ask Jodha whats in your hand? Jodha says i got it from Jalal’s room, Laboni says these beads were attached to statue with which Aram was playing, Jodha says oh i see, Laboni says i will stitch it back to statue, give it to me, Jodha gives her, Laboni leaves.
Jodha comes to Jalal and ask him to take rest, he is not fine, she ask him to drink syrup, he says i cant drink it, Jalal says whatever you wear, you look beautiful in it, Jodha says your tricks will not work, you have gulp this down and take rest, Jodha closes his nose and makes him drink it, Jalal says this is very bitter, Jodha says i thought you like everything from my hand, Jalal says i like you, he says you were looking very pretty in english dress, i just want you to wear it in some function, Jodha says you started naughtiness again, Dasi cmes and informs Jalal that some secret agent of Mewar has been arrested.

Scene 3
agent tej is presented in court, Salim says he is agent of Maharana Pratap, he came to palace, Jalal says you are our enemy and we dont leave but if you do our work then i can leave you, tej says you wanna find Pratap but you will never find him, Jalal says i will give you place in palace, tej tej says i am not disloyal, Birbal says if you want to be alive then tell about Pratap,tej says i am common Rajvanshi who loves his land, i can never betray my land, Jalal killed women and kids when he attacked Mewar earlier, now its time to take revenge.
Pratap gets to know about his agent’s arrest. Jalal says to tej that you have 2 option, either tell about Pratap and get place in palace or get beheaded right now.
Pratap’s minister ask him to leave the place as Tej can tell about him to Jalal.
Jalal says to Tej that great, i loved your spirit, he ask soldier to release him, Tej says you wanna release me so that i can go to Pratap and you will follow me, i am going to kill myself, he eats poison and is dead, Jalal is shocked. Jalal ask Birbal that he maybe my enemy but was loyal to his master, do his last ceremonies with respect, deadbody is taken from there, Jalal ask Salim about war? Salim says we are ready, Jalal says then go on war from tomorrow, he says Pratap should not run away, Jalal coughs, Salim gets worried and gives water to Jalal, he ask Jalal what happened? you dont seem fine, Jalal says i am not tired, nothing else, Salim says you seem weak, Jalal says i have strong son like you, i am sure you will bring Pratap alive or dead infront of me.

Laboni is worried all their efforts are wasted and Dammo says someone is coming in between and Laboni says its Jodha who is making all her efforts nullified and they plan to separate JAJO and plan to take SH out of the palace.
Jajo are together and she says Salim said you were ill in the DEK and SH so what now you are with me we are together and she says we are always together and she asks him to stop talking and take rest and he starts gesturing and he romances with gestures she can’t understand and then asks him to talk and they have a small romantic tiff then she asks him to sleep and she stays with him their song in the BG as she softly keeps patting his head and SH is then sleep after he sleeps she leaves him and keeps looking at him goes and goes .
JB and MB are together and she is worried about SH as he is behaving strangely with her MB says he is busy worried about the war and also drinking a lot so behaving strangely . Just then one old women comes and begs the guards ask her to go but then JB calls her in and puts her shawl on her and she asks MB to get her food. The woman says TC of yourself as who is good should have to beware of bad and evilwhich she feels in the palace she says I get a bad vibes about this place and someone has come here to steal something very close and dear of yours. She says there are bad witches who have put an evil and bad spell /power over this place and asks her to keep your family and house safe and protect it from them. She blesses her and again warns she feels the bad power and to protect yourself from it.
SH gets up and looks at his crown and picks it up and wears it he feels strange takes his sword and goes after getting ready like a man possessed.. He looks down and finds JB there.He goes down and asks her why she is there at night and she says she is stifled in the palace and wants to go out of the palace without guards and both go he asks why she has brought her here to this lonely place and she says she wants to be with him always and not be far from him and he says she is in his heart She says and in the palace all disturb them and SH agrees . Just then there is howl of dogs and she acts afraid and SH hugs her and precap scene and she turns Laboni.
Dammo has made the gem magical and has power on SH and Laboni’s face will appear like JB’s face and then shows how she looks like JB once the gem is placed near her picture. And this will have effect for very less time and she should come back before the gem loses its effect and all this is shown in FB how she changes the gem in SH’s crown. SH sees JB instead of Laboni.
Meanwhile in the palace JB goes to SH room and JB is searching for SH she goes and thinks where can SH be at this time and at the lonely place Laboni says in palace all disturb and so I want to be alone with her.JB goes to Leela but she is not there and Dammo says she is bathing and hides the doll .JB says if she has seen SH then tell her to come and immediately meet me and she goes. But as Dammo turns the doll falls down and all beads break and there the crown/pagdi of SH falls and the gems breaks the magic spell breaks and Laboni remembers her mother saying that she should be careful that the pagdi is not removed. SH wears it and looks at Laboni in a odd manner.

Laboni talks in Jodha’s accent, she hides her face with veil and says to Jalal that we should leave now, they leave.
A parrot comes in Bengali baba’s house, baba gets up, he laughs and says to parrot that i know what you wanna say, dont worry, i will come with you, he makes parrot eat.
Jodha is searching for Jalal in Haveli, she ask Hamida about to Jalal, Hamida says he is in his room, Jodha says no i went there but he was not there, Hamida says i saw him right now, they come to Jalal’s room and finds him sleeping, Jodha is stunned, Hamida ask her to go and take rest, she leaves, Jodha smiles and leaves.
Laboni says to Dammo that because of Jodha my plans fail, Dammo says we passed 1st stage, you were able to take to Jalal out of palace, you handled everything well, you brought him back and made him sleep too, now only two steps are remaining then you will have to get Jalal’s body, you have to get Jalal on Poonami night then he will yours, Laboni says i am waiting for that night only.
In morning, Jodha comes to Jalal and says you didnt wake up to offer namaz, Jalal says i forgot, i am not feeling well, Jodha ask where did you last night? Jalal says i was with you, you were worried, wanted to talk so you took me to some isolated place, Jodha says i didnt go anywhere with you, Jalal says then it might my dream, Jalal says see you are in my dreams too, Jodha says weird thing happened with me too last night, i found old lady last night, she warned me that someone wants to snatch most precious thing from me and you are most precious, Jalal says till you are with me, nobody can touch me, dont think about it, Dasi comes and says Salim is waiting for you, Jalal says to Jodha that we should see him off as he is going on war.

Scene 2
Jodha does Salim’s aarti, she says comeback after winning, then Hamida comes and prays for him, she says i will wait for him, Salim says i promise i will comeback soon, Daniyal ask to win for Mughals, Salim ask them to take care, he hugs Jalal, Jalal says i want you to make me and mughals proud but dont underestimate Pratap, he can attack you anywhere, Salim says i have knowledge about it, i will be alert, Jalal says this will be difficult war and will give you alot of learning, my prayers are with you, Salim says i will not disapoint you, i promise i will bring his head or will make him bow to you, Salim is about to leave, he turns and sees Anar standing in balcony, he nods to her and leaves, she says dont know when we will meet again, my prayers are with him.
Pratap says to ministers that Jalal is not coming, Salim is coming, dont underestimate him, i wanted Maan to come in war too but he is not coming, i wanted to teach him lesson as he is our betrayers, we will win this war, this land is of Rajvanshies and we will take it.

Scene 3
Jalal is with Jodha, Jalal ask her to not worry, i am fine, she caresses his head, Jalal says if anything happens to me then i will become ghost and will roam around you, Jodha says dont talk like this, Jalal says i am lucky to have you, you are in my dreams too, she smiles, In Ankhon mein tum plays, they both caress each other’s face, Ishq hai woh ehsas plays.. Dasi comes and gives Jalal letter from mangalgarh, Jodha takes it, Jalal says it maybe important, read it, jodha says but promise me you will keep resting, he nods.
Dammo tells Laboni that i made chain from Jalal’s hair but it broke, i tried to make it again but its not happening and my strength is decreasing too, we have to wait now, if i try black magic now then my powers will become weak, Laboni says it will take time, Dammo says yes but dont make any mistake, be silent for one two days, Laboni says ok, Dasi comes and says Jalal and Jodha are calling you, Laboni says what now? she leaves.
Laboni comes to Jalal’s room and finds jodha sitting beside him on bed, they sees her, she greets them, Jodha says Leela, i am your elder sister so should i tease you? Leela ask what? Jodha hugs her and says you didnt tell me about Sangram Singh, Laboni is stunned, Jodha says Sangram is coming soon, Jalal says arent you happy that your fiance is coming? Laboni thinks if he comes here then all will know that i am not Leela, Jodha says he is lucky to have you, Laboni thinks how to handle this now.

Jodha says Leela must be shy taking her fiance’s name, Jalal says but you used to not be shy and used to make me afraid by her eyes, Jodha eyes him and says Jalal you.. she laughs, Jalal says to Laboni, i know Sangram, he is very nice guy, Laboni says this is my fate, Jodha says to Laboni that i have called tailor to order your dresses, i want your fiance to keep looking at you.
Hoshiyar is working like dasi as Ruks have given it, Dammo comes to him and tease him that you seem worried, she says i have one question, i have listened that you are not special of Ruks anymore? Hoshiyar says nothing like, Ruks cant move without me, she is dependent on me, Ruks listens all this, Hoshiyar sys she is handicapped without me, he turns to see Ruks there, Ruks says what did you say? that i am handicapped without you? how dare you, she slaps him and ask him to not open your mouth, she leaves, Dammo smirks.
Bengali baba is going from jungle, parrot is showing him way, he says there is weird pooja going on in this area, it seems like some black magic is going on, he finds beads which Laboni had thrown, he says soon i will meet her.

Scene 2
Jodha is selecting dresses, Jalal is passing by from there, he finds Jodha checking dresses, he is lost looking at her, Birbal and Fazal who are talking to him about politics notices this too, Jodha likes one dress, she sees Jalal looking at her, Jalal points that dress is not good, she rejects it, she checks other dress, Moti likes it but Jalal finds it average, Jodha tries one more dress, Jalal likes it, Jodha says to Moti that buy this one, dupatta falls from Jodha’s hands and falls on Jalal’s face, he brings it, ask all to leave, he makes Jodha wear it, Jalal says you are so beautiful that colors become more colorful when you wear them, Jodha says i dont have time for this naughtiness, i have some work, Jalal says you didnt do so much work in our marriage, Jodha says things were different then, we used to not love each other, Jalal says what about now? Jodha says now my answer is that i love you so much, Jalal says then hug me so tight that nobody can come inbetween us, she blushes and hugs him, she says your love will be tested tomorrow, you remember how all wives wear veil and husbands have to recognize them, Jalal says i have given this test many a times and won too, Jodha says then do it, lets see if you can recognize me this time or not, she is about to leave but he holds her dupatta, Laboni sees this and fumes un anger, Jalal pulls Jodha closer, Jodha distracts him and runs from there, Jalal smiles.

Scene 3
Laboni says to Dammo didnt you see how Jodha is with Jalal, Dammo says Leela’s fiance is coming, what will we do now, Laboni says i tried to find about Leela but didnt know she was engaged, Dammo says our game can be finished, you will not get Jalal, Laboni says i want Jalal only and will get him at any cost, Dammo says i have one way, dont come infront of Sangram till tomorrow night, Laboni says how wil i do that, Dammo says you have to do it, i will gather power till tomorrow to handle things, dont show your face to him till tomorrow night.
Its morning, Laboni comes to Jodha, Jodha says to her that what jewelry you like can take it, these are my jewelry, Laboni says you are doing so much for me, Jodha sys you can take anything, Laboni thinks i want your most precious thing from me that is your husband, Jodha gives her one necklace and goes to bring dupatta, Laboni sees ball gown there and ask about it,Jodha says Jalal gifted to me, Jodha blushes, Laboni fumes, dasi comes and says Aram is calling you, Jodha leaves, Laboni sees Dupatta which Jalal selected for Jodha, she wears it and says soon i will be close to Jalal, Jalal comes from behind and thinks that Jodha is wearing that dupatta, he back hugs Laboni, Laboni is beyond happy, Jodha comes there and sees them hugging, she is stunned, she says Shehenshah, Jalal is shocked to find Jodha standing behind, Laboni turns, Jalal is shocked to see that he was hugging Laboni.

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