Lies of the heart Monday 1st June 2020 Zee world

Lies of the heart Monday 1 June 2020 update: the warden asks how could she lie about not having a house. urmi says that a house is where one is given shelter along with self respect, and that she doesnt like to stay here, if she had that.

samrat cuts her short, saying that she is trapping her again, with her words, and reminds her of the rules. The warden again reprimands urmi for doing this. urmi says that she may have lost her job but she would get it back again. samrat asks how can she land a job so easily. The warden starts reprimanding urmi on samrat’s information, for having shamelessly broken rules of this hostel deliberately. urmi stands tensed. To add fuel to the fire, Samrat then plays his final card saying that the warden still doesnt know about the greatest rule that urmi has shamelessly faunted. urmi is tensed and scared while the warden demands to know whats it. the warden insistently asks whats it. samrat smiles evilly at urmi and asks the warden that as far as he knows, children arent allowed to be in this hostel. urmi is shocked to see samrat stooping down to such a level. urmi is shocked and scared for shaurya’s secret to be out now. samrat tells her about shaurya and how urmi kept her child here. Just then, the guard comes in with their child saying that he was found with meena, who comes in after him too. Samrat identifies him as his son and tells the warden how urmi was befooling them all by openly flaunting the rules. The warden severely reprimands urmi, but she says that she agrees that she broke rules, but she was helpless. samrat starts venting the warden against urmi, and she tries to say that she was trying for arrangements. samrat doesnt let her explain and says that had he not come here, the warden never would have known this. Samrat starts doubting urmi as to how she must kept shaurya in what kind of conditions. He asks for shaurya, and he cowers behind urmi. urmi apologises. the warden says that her personal life doesnt make any difference towards this hostel’s management. meena asks what kind of a rule is this, and where would a woman go in this condition. the warden says that the lady doesnt need to go to the hostel when she already has a home. Meena says that only people who need help would be forced to do something drastic. The warden reprimands meena for being equally guilty. samrat compliments urmi for finding a friend like herself. meena asks the warden to reconsider. The warden reprimands meena saying that she too would have to go, if she doesnt quiten soon. Meena continues to argue, but urmi asks her to be quiet, as she doesnt want to endanger her stay here due to herself. meeena tries to speak, but samrat asks meena to be quiet, so that urmi can speak. urmi asks for three days, but the warden doesnt allow saying that she needs to fend out for herself. samrat asks her to be thrown out straightaway. the warden shuts him too saying that she shall decide. The warden says that she can stay here till the night and make arrangements for herself, and get back together with the husband if she wants. urmi stands tensed. the warden says that they can allow that urmi patches up with her husband and leaves, asking meena to let them talk in private. Meena places a consoling shoulder and leaves.

samrat starts by commenting that All’s well that ends well. samrat starts taunting urmi and shamelessly feeling victoriousabout having outdone urmi, and advises her sarcastically to accept the truth of the society, where the woman has to be submissive and the man always gets away with whatever he does. he asks her about her plan further, if she wants to be bold and stupid enough to face more troubles, or accept defeat and come back, saying that he has a huge heart, and he would welcome her, but on his conditions. He says that he knows that she is thinking that she cant come back after having delivered such huge speeches, and been deserted by her own family too. He says that she isnt a bad wife, and is just like he wants, but she made a mistake of crossing her limits. He tells her that samrat is finally forgiving her, as he has such a hueg heart, and asks her to accept defeat for once, keeping aise her ego. he asks her even if she agrees defeat, she would win, as she would get her namne, fame and prestige back, and its a win- win situation for her. as samrat thinks that he has urmi in his control, urmi turns and tells him that he is spending time uselessly, and asks why doesnt he do anything else, and concentrate on his business, as the dreams that he is weaving wont be fulfilled. Urmi says that she may live anywhere, but she wont come back to him. samrat eyes her with a rage. He asks where does she gets this ego and attitude from. urmi thanks him for the advise. samrat asks her not to even dare to talk to him in english. He tells her that he may do what she wants, but he wont let his son be going around with her like wanderers. Samrat tells shaurya trying to lure him, that he has got a huge video game for him, and tries to take him, saying that they shall live together and forget about urmi, while she stands tensed. shaurya jerks his hand away and clings to urmi. shaurya tells him that he wont go anywhere and would stay with his mother, as he doesnt want to come with him, and asks him to go. urmi stands tensed, while samrat is shocked. shaurya asks urmi not to send him with samrat. urmi refuses. Shaurya tells urmi that he would always be with her only. samrat accuses urmi of turning him against his own father. urmi says that she didnt do anything like that, and that he can do whatever he wants, but his every plot and copnspiracy only makes her stronger in her motive to stand against him. urmi says that he could get her out of the job and the hostel, and he maybe feeling victorious, but for her, her biggest achievement is her son, who is with him, and till that time, nothing of his ploys shall affect her. Urmi says that actually its a good saying that All’s well that ends well. She leaves, while he stands fuming in a rage.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Granny overhears gaurav and saroj plotting to leave tomorrow, to urmi and saroj happily making panjiri. Gaurav leaves asking saroj to be cautious and make some excuse tomorrow when they leave. Granny comes with devi, and confronts saroj, who is tensed. devi says that urmi likes it, and granny asks if she is making this for urmi. saroj refuses and granny and devi both confront her asking where’s urmi. saroj stands defiant saying that even if she knew, she wouldnt tell it to her enemies, who are after her life. She leaves. devi and granny are tensed. just then, Annu hollers at everyone to come along. They receive the father and daughter from the new serial BANDHAN, and give them their best wishes.

Scene 3:
Location: Jhansi women’s working hostel
In her room, urmi profusely thanks meena for what she did, saying that she wont be able to forget this. meena asks her not to forget her friend. urmi says that she cant, as when everybody turned away, she stayed with her, and reciprocates and extends her hand whenever she needs. Meena complies. She then asks urmi if she can go back to her own house. urmi explains the situation at her house, and how she isnt welcome there. meena says that she is very tensed for her, how would she manage shaurya and herself. Shaurya asks if urmi is tensed due to him, and that he is creating a problem for her. urmi tells him not to think like that, as he is her strength and power. He again reminds her that he doesnt want to be separate from her. she takes him in her arms and says that she wont, as she cant stay without him too. meena asks urmi if she has thought where would she go. urmi says that she herself doesnt know.

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