Lies Of The Heart Update Friday 8 May 2020

Lies of the heart 8 May 2020: One of the employees call up samrat while he is getting ready in his hotel room, to remind him about an important meeting today. samrat hollers at him instead and taunts him.

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A girl comes in, trying to be physically intimate with him, while he keeps getting tensed. he asks the receptionist to be prepared for the meeting. As she continues to hang around him, he gets irritated. Finally, he shoves her away, while she asks how rude is that. Samrat asks her to get lost, now that the work has been done. she leaves in a huff, while samrat continues to mumble in frustration.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi’s residence
urmi comes to the Temple, and remembering tauji’s advise, she sits in front of the deity, dazed, dishevelled and distraught. She is determined.

In the drawing room, all are tensed. Finally, the phone rings and shashi hurriedly picks it up, and is tensed to find thsat its saroj. all are tensed. She tries to talk normally, as saroj asks about everyone there, and says that she is trying urmi’s number, and isnt able to talk to her, and that she is feeling a little uneasy. shashi lies to her that urmi is completely okay. Saroj insists on talking to her, but shashi makes up an excuse and says ythat she would get urmi to talk to her, once she is free, and asks her not to bother at all, as they are all here to take care of urmi. she cancels the call. she turns around and is tensed to find everyone angry with her and watching her sternly.

As saroj cancels the call, devi and granny ask her to be calm and composed, and not overthink and bother herself while she is highly tensed not being able to talk to urmi. granny says that urmi would call herself if there’s anything wrong. devi says that she has gotten into a habit of doubting everything and that urmi must be perfectly fine as usual. saroj says that he is always indifferent to urmi’s interests as if she has become a stranger after getting married to samrat. she stroms inside. Devi gets furious, while granny asks him not to prolong this any further and calm down.

Shashi tells kanchan to get urmi down from the temple, as she has made panjiri for her, so that she gets her strength back. kanchan complies and leaves. shashi hesitatingly approaches rudra saying that urmi shouldnt tell what happened to her family, even though its wrong, as its between a couple and there’s no point in trelling this to everyone, as it would lead to insulting them only. she asks rudra to manage to convince urmi to keep this a secret. Rudra asks that this is the reason she made panjiri so lovingly for urmi, so that she manages to lull urmi into silence. tauji thinks that shashi can never change. kanchan comes and tells that urmi isnt inside.

Shashi gets tensed and asks aditi to look where’s urmi. rudra reminds shashi not to talk to urmi or force her into hiding this from her family. Aditi is tensed and rushes down to tell shashi and others that urmi is nowhere to be seen. shashi laments as to where could urmi be, if she isnt in the house. Rudra asks shashi to go and find urmi. they all begin searching. rudra calls the servants and ask about urmi. they say that they dont know and begint o search for her. all come and say thsat urmi is nowhere. shashi gets tensed that she may have gone to her famiuly and that would lead to a lot of trouble. kanchan is tensed, that urmi might take a wrong step in her disturbed state. All are shocked to hear this.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s office and residence
samrat comes tired, and finds that everything is set for the meeting, and gives instructions to his employees. One of them asks if he would give the presentation, while samrat snubs him off, by insulting him in front of everyone. meanwhile, Shashi hurriedly calls up samrat, that she has been trying hard for his number. she tells him that there’s a huge problem and that urmi isnt at home. He gets tensed, and she says that she doesnt know where she went, as she looked very tensed. But samrat wards her off saying that she must have gone to her family.

shashi tries to tell him that urmi might do something drastic in her state. But he discards off the idea. He shuts the phone. Rudra asks what did he say. She says that samrat is in a meeting. shaurya comes asking for urmi insistently. aditi tries to distract him by talking about video games, but he continues to rant about his mother. shashi reprimands him asking him to shut up, saying that its due to his mother that they are all so worried. rudra asks why is she shouting at the child, and says that they arent tensed for urmi, but due to her animalistic son, samrat. shashi is silenced.

Samrat begins with the presentation, and tries to convince the clients at his peak of conviction. The clients are impressed and decide to sign the deal straightaway. All congratulate each other. Meanwhile the police arrives. The police goes to samrat’s office and while he is busy in a meeting, they storm inside, and demand to know who samrat is. samrat is shocked, while all others are baffled. when he identifies hismelf, the police comments that he is very aggressive and that soon he shall be cooled down. he tells him that he is under arrest. samrat is shocked and embarassed. he fumblingly asks whats the matter and why is he under arrest.

the police places him under charge for domestic violence, against his own wife, recounting what he did with his own wife. the clients are shocked. the police asks the hawaldars to handcuff him. samrat says that he cant arrest him just like that. the police says that he came with full prerparation and shows him the arrest warrant that has been issued against him. But samrat still denies to comply and tries to call someone, but the inspector snatches the phone from him, referring to him as an educated illiterate.

The police says that he shouldnt botyher about wasting his time. the inspector grabs him by the neck, while samrat is shocked, and stands helpless, as they handcuff him. He tries to get the inspector to talk with him, but he drags him out in front of all of his employees, who are shocked. samrat is utterly frustrated at this insult.

Scene 4:
Location: Police station
The hawaldar drag samrat by the collar and get him down the jeep. as he is taken to the entrance of the police station, the people identify him and start commenting as to what he must have committed that he has been brought here. As samrat is dragged in the police station, he is shocked and bewildered to find urmi, in her wounded and bruised state, sitting there, confronting him with determination in her eyes.

Samrat’s mum tells his dad to do something and bring Samrat out of the jail, but he says he won’t do. Urmi did the right thing. That rascal deserves this. It would be better if they were childless than having a son like Samrat. No one else wants to help Samrat either in the family. Samrat’s mum then asks Tauji to do something. He nods ok and says he will go. He gets up and then pretends to be having pain in chest and says he needs to rest. Samrat’s mum is cursing at Urmi.

Samrat threatens Urmi even in the police station that whatever she did wasn’t good and she will have to pay for it big time. The inspector gets up and asks him to behave. He beats a woman and calls himself a lion. He asks constables to put him in lock up. Samrat tells Urmi he will see for how long the inspector supports her. The inspector tells Urmi this is good, Samrat himself is confessing his crime. He asks her to sign the papers and she does it by staring at Samrat.

The inspector tells her she can go home now. Samrat again threatens her that he will do that bad with her that she won’t be able to walk or use her brain. She’s a stain on wife’s name. Urmi walks towards him and doesn’t say anything. He asks her if she became deaf now. She stops and tells him it’s him who destroyed their relationship, made her cross the limits. He hurt her soul, not body. He has given such a wound that won’t go away for her life.

She suffered so much for him, thinking he will understand her one day. But he always thought her as his leg’s shoe. She tells him women are not someone’s leg’s shoe. One shouldn’t make mistake of taking women’s love, tolerance as their weakness because that is what is their biggest strength. If they decide to take an action, then they can give hard time even to God. She’s now leaving. Samrat’s mum comes there with Amrit and asks Urmi how she dare to come here. Amrit is happy to see Samrat in jail, but tells Urmi she crossed all limits this time. Urmi just ignores them and leaves.

Samrat’s mum asks him how he’s. He gets mad and asks how one can be in jail? He asks about Tauji and his dad. His mum tells him that his dad refused to come and Tauji got pain in chest so he couldn’t come. Amrit came on time, so she came with him to release him. Samrat gets shocked and angry knowing his dad refused. Amrit tells him to calm down. Samrat’s mum says they won’t spare Urmi. He says leave Urmi, first get him out of this place. His mum and Amrit go to talk to the inspector.

She asks the inspector to let Samrat go, it’s their house matter, they will solve. The inspector says, it’s not house matter anymore. It’s the case of abusing woman. Had she taught him manners in his childhood, then she wouldn’t need to come here today. Samrat yells at the inspector and tells him to do whatever he wants with him, not to say anything to his mum. The inspector tells him he shouldn’t make lion angry when he’s in jungle.

Amrit interrupts and tells the inspector to release Samrat. The inspector says nothing can be done now, even bail time has passed. And person like Samrat should be in jail only. Amrit tries to offer money, but the inspector says seems like he also wants to go in jail. Samrat’s mum asks him to find a way. He says there is only one way, Urmi taking her complaint back. Samrat asks his mum to go behind Urmi then.

Urmi’s dad tells her it’s their house matter, why drag this matter. But Samrat’s dad supports Urmi. Urmi’s dadi also says Urmi did wrong and Urmi’s dad supports her. Samrat’s mum and Amrit return home. Samrat’s sis asks about Samrat. Samrat’s mum says they didn’t let him go, don’t know what Urmi wrote in complaint. Tauji asks what happened. Amrit says they said clearly, they won’t release Samrat unless Urmi takes her complaint back. Urmi’s dad says she will take her complaint back. Dadi says she got angry, but she won’t let her husband stay there. She tells Urmi to take her complaint back.

Amrit interrupts and says nothing can be done today now. Samrat’s mum again says ill about Urmi, but Samrat’s dad asks her to stop. It’s their son’s mistake. Dadi asks Urmi to go in morning and take complaint back, but Urmi refuses to do that. Tauji becomes happy. Urmi’s dad and Dadi try to convince her, but in vain. Samrat’s mum says she’s so shameless. Urmi’s dad asks her to calm down. She says how she can be calm when her son is in jail. Urmi’s mum speaks and asks her what about what Samrat did to her. Urmi’s dad interrupts and asks her to be quiet. He then tells Samrat’s mum that they will talk to Urmi again tomorrow and she will listen. Urmi’s mum is helpless.

Samrat doesn’t like tea and asks if he can’t get a proper tea. The inspector says, wah, he wants a five star hotel treatment in police station. Other inspector picks up his stick and says he can give him their five star treatment. He will get shut in minutes. They laugh. Samrat gets quiet and starts drinking the tea.

Urmi’s family discusses the matter. Urmi’s siblings and mother are in support of Urmi. Urmi’s brother says Samrat is an animal, what’s the need to get him out of jail. His sis supports him. Dadi asks them be quiet. It’s their house matter and they should solve it inside the house. Urmi’s mum says, Urmi tolerated it for so long, but now he crossed all the limits. Urmi’s dad asks her what she thinks if they don’t release Samrat, then his family will let Urmi be happy there? Urmi’s bhabhi says Urmi did wrong. She could have taken advice from her. If it was her, then she would lock her husband inside a room and beat him up. Urmi’s sis tells Dadi even bhabhi can’t tolerate such abuse, then why is she expecting it from Urmi? Dadi stays quiet.

Urmi is in her room, looking at her marriage photos. She recalls her and Samrat exchanging garlands and smiles. She touches his photo and cries. She asks what did you do Samratji? On which mode our relationship came to? I had seen so many dreams with you. But where you brought me. Her tears fall on the photo. Other hand, Samrat is sitting the jail, holding his head.

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