Lies Of The Heart Update Thursday 14 May 2020

Lies of the heart Thursday 14 May 2020: On Lies of the heart 14 May 2020, Shashi is getting restless thinking if there is any effect on Urmi or no by now. Her husband comes there and asks what’s going on in her mind. She sends him away saying she wasn’t feeling good so she came out.

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Shaurya is making a drawing on Samrat’s plaster while Samrat is watching Urmi. He shows drawing to his parents and both say very good together. Samrat calls Shaurya to him and asks him to ask Urmi what she wants on her birthday. He asks and Urmi replies nothing. Samrat tells Shaurya to say that everyone takes something. He says that to Urmi and she says she has everything. Shashi comes in and asks Urmi how she’s feeling. Samrat says he’s injured on bed and she’s asking her. Shashi says Urmi does so much work so she thought to ask her. Samrat tells her to stop her drama and go to sleep, he knows very well that she’s acting. He will have to show her to doctor and get all junk out from her dirty mind. Shaurya laughs. Shashi says good night to both and leaves.

Gaurav’s mum is serving dinner to him and Asha. Gaurav seems to be frustrated. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? They didn’t eat at party or food wasn’t good. Both stay quiet. Dadi whispers to Gaurav’s mum that Asha must have done some silly thing.

Amrit is looking at some papers when a staff enters without knocking. He gets mad at him and asks him to leave. He again looks at the papers and smiles. He says soon all Samrat’s property will be his and he will be on street, begging with his entire family. He just has to sign the papers.

Doctor is doing Samrat’s checkup. He tells doctor that he wants the plaster to be removed. Doctor tells him to be patient. If everything is okay after a week, then he will remove. Samrat says only one week, after that he will remove himself. Tauji asks him to be stop being childish. Doctor tells Urmi that she’s taking good care of him, but seeing his stubbornness, she will have to take extra good care. Thursday update on Lies of the heart 14 May 2020

Later, Urmi is doing Samrat’s shave while he watches her. Then she gives him a bath and he again continuously glares at her. He makes her wet with his hair too, but there is no effect on her, she just continues doing her work. Later, she opens his head bandaid and takes care of his wound. She gives him medicine and he coughs. She takes care of him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his chain. She removes it and leaves. Samrat smiles looking at her. A week is over and his plaster is removed. Later, Amrit comes with the files. Urmi comes and dries her hair. Samrat gets distracted as he glares at her. Amrit quickly takes his signatures on the property papers. He comes out smiling. Tauji comes there and he gets scared, but Tauji leaves. Amrit smiles and says Samrat doesn’t know what papers he signed. He put full stop on his life by himself. A servant passes from there. He stops him and asks if he has any manners or no how to behave with boss. He asks him to say namaste to him if he wants to continue working. The servant does it and leaves. He gets happy and then calls to registry, but he’s told that nothing can be processed before Monday. He looks down at Samrat’s parents and says they have 2 more days to enjoy.

Samrat tells Tauji that he’s trying his best but it has no effect on Urmi. Tauji encourages him in his poetic way to keep trying. Urmi will melt down. Tauji is happy knowing Samrat is at least making efforts. He leaves.

Urmi’s parents come to Samrat’s house. Shashi tells them that Urmi is not at home. They say Samrat called him here. She asks why he would call them. From upstairs, Samrat tells his mum she doesn’t need to know that and calls Urmi’s parents to his room. All get worried wondering if anything happened or what.

Shashi brings them to Samrat’s room. He asks Shashi who called her here. She says she just came like that, to drop Urmi’s parents. He tells her to leave now then and asks her to close door. Urmi’s parents get worried. They ask him if Urmi made any mistake. He tells them that Urmi shall not find out what he’s going to say. If she does, then it won’t be good for them.

Worried parents of Urmi ask Samrat what’s the matter. He tells them tomorrow is Urmi’s birthday and no one will wish her. They get shocked and ask why. He then tells them about his surprise plan and they get surprised. They open the door to leave and Shashi is standing there. Samrat asks her what she’s doing here. She says she just came to ask if they want anything. He tells her to let them go and now call his family members. Shashi wonders what he’s thinking. He asks her what’s going on in her mind. She says nothing and leaves.

Anu and Gaurat can’t believe Samrat can plan anything like this and that too for Urmi. Dadi says if anyone wants to change, then they are won’t let him. Asha agrees with Dadi and says after Samrat had an accident, God put sense into him. Urmi’s mum says even she can’t believe it, but after she listened Samrat, if they don’t give him chance to change, then he’ll blame them and lecture Urmi. Anu is still not convinced. Her dad asks her to see it herself tomorrow then. Asha says she will dance with Gaurav like other day in party. This time she won’t make any mistake. Gaurav hides his face. Dadi tells his mum that this might be reason of him being upset other day. Asha asks Gaurvar whether he’ll dance with her. He hesitantly says yes. Asha then tells Dadi now as he said yes, she will give her a grandchild too. Gaurav’s dad asks grandchild from dance? Gaurav feels awkward again.

Amrit is looking at the house and says colors are so dull. It’s just a matter of few days, then he’ll change it. All get confused. Urmi’s bhabhi asks him why he would change it. Samrat is owner, he makes the decisions. He laughs and says he was just saying like that. Urmi prays and brings laddus for everyone. Tauji and Samrat’s dad ask her if there’s anything special today? She’s looking so happy and fresh. She says no event is required to do puja and take blessings from elder. Shashi tells her they all are going out today, so she will have to make dinner alone. Her bhabhi almost wishes her, but changes her words on the last moment. The little girl comes and calls her. Urmi gets excited, but the little girl only asks her for laddu and leaves. Urmi is hurt as no one remembers her birthday. No one called her from her home either.

Shaurya finishes making birthday card for Urmi. Samrat asks him to give it to her later, but he doesn’t listen. Urmi comes there and Samrat hides the card. Shaurya was going to say to Urmi, but Samrat covers his mouth and says he has become very naughty these days. Urmi agrees. Samrat tells Shaurya he will buy him toy car that he wanted and Shaurya finally agrees. Samrat then tells Urmi they have to go to doctor in evening. She says doctor leaves early, but he says he talked to him today.

Urmi and Samrat are in car. Samrat looks at her. She is very hurt as she still didn’t get any wish. Just then her phone rings and she picks it up excitedly. Dadi tells her to take her report and show it to doctor. She says some other time. The car stops at her house. She asks the drive why he took there. Samrat tells her to go and get the reports.

She enters the house and gets surprised. All sing birthday song for her and flowers fall on her. She looks very happy. Samrat looks at her and smiles.

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Everyone wishes Urmi a happy birthday and she’s surprised and very happy. She says so everyone didn’t wish her purposely and she thought they forgot her birthday. Samrat’s bro says they all were acting and did a good job. Shaurya and Mandira come and wish her a happy birthday. She kisses them. Urmi’s friends come and she gets even more surprised. Samrat keeps looking at her and smiles. She goes to her dad and thanks him, but he says all was planned by Samrat, they just followed his instructions. Urmi’s smile disappears in shock. Her dad turns her to Samrat and tells her to thank him. Samrat wishes her a very happy birthday. She thanks and asks what was the need for all this. He says he didn’t know any other way to bring smile back on her face and this isn’t over yet. Many surprises are still left. Urmi’s friends tell her that she’s so lucky to have such husband. He calls someone in and it’s Urmi’s dance teacher. Urmi takes blessings from her. Samrat tells her it’s her day, he called all close people to her so she can meet them and celebrate her birthday with them. Shashi can’t believe it. Samrat asks her not to ask anything more and just enjoy. Shaurya and Mandira take Urmi to cut the cake. Amrit tells Samrat what a party he has arranged. He tells everyone to enjoy and then says in his mind what happened to Samrat that he’s doing this much for Urmi. He can enjoy as much as he wants, soon he’s going to get biggest shock of his life.

Tauji comes to Samrat and tells him very good. Not only him, everyone now knows that Samrat knows how to love and how to express it. He tells him to keep it up. Shashi wonders what black magic Urmi has done on Samrat. Samrat’s dad sees her staring at Urmi and taunts her. She leaves.

Asha is talking to some guests. Dadi comes to her and warns her not to do anything silly.

Urmi blows the candle and cuts the cake. She gives first piece to Shaurya. Samrat asks him to give the card. Shaurya wishes her a happy birthday and gives the card. Urmi gets happy and emotional seeing it. She thanks and kisses him. He asks her to feed cake to Samrat too. She doesn’t have any option and gives second piece to Samrat. Before Samrat feeds her, she turns away her face, but Shaurya asks Samrat to give cake to Urmi too. Everyone says you can’t ignore kids. Samrat feeds the cake to Urmi and wishes her birthday again. Urmi then gives cake to others. Shashi doesn’t eat saying she doesn’t like sweets. Samrat calls everyone for a family photograph.

Urmi’s mum is with Shaurya. Asha comes and asks when dance will start, but Urmi’s bhabhi takes her away. Asha sees Dadi is busy and she then calls Gaurav to her. Tauji tells Samrat’s dad that Gaurav is also bothered by his wife like him. They laugh. Asha asks Gaurav when dance will start? She’s waiting. Gaurav says there is no dance and leaves. She thinks he also got irritated waiting for dance to start.

Samrat sees Anu alone in a bad mood and goes to her. He asks her she thinks all this is drama, right? He’s doing all this for some purpose. He gives her credits for showing him mirror. When all were afraid of him, she had courage to speak up. He took decisions for others and he’s paying for it today. When he’s doing something good, no one believes him. It’s his mistake and he’ll rectify it. Maybe God did all this to him, so he opens his eyes. He did very bad with her sister, gave her pain all these years and he realizes his mistake. He understands what he lost because of his ego. She might not believe him today, but one day she will. Anu gets thoughtful. He leaves.

Asha comes to Samrat and asks if there won’t be any dance in his party? Her and Gaurav dance is needed for this party. Samrat asks her, meaning? Dadi comes there and tells her that Saroj is calling her. She leaves. Samrat asks her what dance she does? Dadi says just like that.

Later, Samrat calls everyone for dance. Asha wonders all those elderly people will dance as well? Samrat says everyone will dance in pairs like Asha and Gaurav. He invites Asha. Asha pulls Gaurav. Tere Naina song plays… Urmi laughs seeing Asha dancing. Samrat smiles looking at her. She also looks at him.

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