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Love will never lie 19 May 2020: On Love will never lie Wednesday 19 May 2020, Mauli asks Pandit ji to find some remedy, they can’t stay for a month. Pandit ji says they can get engaged after two days.

Ishaan says they even need time for preparations. Mauli says they will make the arrangements. Ishaan asks why not now? Dida says they need time for arrangements at least. Mishti comes there and was excited to hear about the engagement of her mummy and Popsy. She comes to the room and decides to tell Pari about the news.

Kunal was in the kitchen and calls Pari out of bath now. He receives Mishti’s call. Mishti had an exciting news for Pari. Kunal says Pari is having the longest bath for past one and a half hour. She may tell the news to him. Mishti was about to tell Kunal that her mama and Popsy… Mauli takes the phone from Mishti and asks why she was telling anyone else about it. It’s their personal family secret. Kunal hears this. Mauli tells Mishti that others might exploit their secrets and misuse the information. After the call, Mauli convince Mishti that she should keep some news to herself. Mishti argues that Pari is her friend and like a sister, Mauli can never realize what goes on between friends, she never had a best friend. Pari had come out of the bath. She asks Kunal why he cut the call. Kunal replies the signals were weak. Pari tells him to drop her at Mishti’s place, as it’s a holiday and Kunal has to go to clinic. Kunal says she won’t go there. There, Mishti runs away from the room. Ishaan comes to Mauli and asks what the matter is. Mauli says Kunal thinks she and Ishaan are married and Mishti is their daughter, she doesn’t want Kunal to be dubious of Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti is sensible like Mauli and will surely understand, they must only explain Mishti rightly.

Kunal comes to the room where Pari sat annoyed. He tries to convince Pari that they must not bother others by such frequent visits. Pari claims it’s her second family, everyone there loves her dearly. Radhika aunty is really sweet, Dida just like her, and Mauli must have been her mother’s best friend had they met earlier and Ishaan is the coolest Popsy. Kunal now convince Pari by punishing himself of not let her go to Mishti. He does the sit-stand, then decides to spend the whole day with Pari.
There, Ishaan uses a Rabbit puppet to convince Mishti that Mauli will cook her favorite dish tonight. Mishti says her mama is the best. She runs to Mauli saying I love you. Mauli silently thanks Ishaan. Later, Mamma and Dida sat with Mauli selecting the dress and jewelry. Mauli recalls her wedding with Kunal and drops the jewelry box. She was at once apologetic. Dida asks the vendors to give them time till tomorrow and leaves the hall with them. Mamma asks Mauli to be truthful, if she is happy with the marriage? Is she really ready and loves Ishaan? Mauli replies she is ready to marry Ishaan, she will compromise her love for Mishti. She can’t get a better father than Ishaan. She also wants to move ahead in life, maybe she comes out of Kunal and Nandini’s memories.

Kunal was making arrangements for pooja. Pari comes there asking Kunal for a lullaby. She has to wake up early tomorrow, and must sleep now. She might otherwise get dark circles. Kunal was speechless in front of her and says he was only preparing for tomorrow. He says it’s her mother’s death anniversary, they will go to Mata’s temple and pray there. Pari asks Kunal not to cry as he does each year, and even make her cry.
Dida returns to the hall and asks Mamma not to cry anymore. She tells Mauli that she vowed to take Chunri to Mata’s temple, she and Ishaan must go there tomorrow.

In the temple, Kunal and Pari sat for Nandini’s Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli reach the temple and sit for their Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli smile at each other. The pandit ji brings them aarti. Kunal thinks moving ahead without Nandini is difficult, he wish for the courage to be able to move ahead in life and be a good parent to Pari. Pari prays that she realizes her mother would never return to her, but God may send alike of her mother.

There, Pandit ji had draped a chunri over Mauli’s head that flies towards Nandini’s photo. Mauli looks behind wondering where her Chunri had gone. She goes to bring it back but was shocked to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. She walks towards them and gathering courage, removes the Chunri off the photo. Mauli was taken aback as it was Nandini’s photo covered in flowers under her Chunri. She steps back weakly and was about to slip down the stairs. Ishaan comes to support her. They turn to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. Mauli trembles, breaking into tears and hurries down the stairs. Ishaan was confused and asks what happened. He asks her to be strong, Kunal never affected her. He realizes Kunal’s wife is no longer alive and Pari seems to be a poor girl. He asks Mauli to come to pay condolences to Kunal. Mauli doesn’t move. She tells Ishaan that Kunal’s wife Nandini was her childhood’s best friend. She came over to live at their place and Kunal fall in love with Nandini. Kunal’s attitude and their divorce flash in Mauli’s mind. Ishaan says this means Kunal cheated Mauli with her best friend. Mauli was devastated and badly cries. She says she was angry at Nandini and never wanted to see her face, but she never wanted Nandini dead. She cries hard saying I am so sorry Nandini.

Pari comes to Kunal with food set in a tray. Kunal smiles and was about to speak. Pari says she isn’t hungry at all. Kunal gets the game, and says he must eat anyway. Pari gives him bites named after Pari, Nandini and Kunal. Kunal says it’s done. Pari says there is some left, one after Mishti’s name and other after Mauli’s. She afterwards claps cheerfully.

At home, Mamma and Dida were also aggrieved hearing about Nandini’s death. Mauli was still crying. Mamma recalls cursing Nandini. Mauli says she was angry with Nandini but she never wished Nandini to die, and forgives Nandini. Ishaan comes there and pays condolences to Mauli. She must be hurt that Kunal betrayed her for her best friend, he gets furious even at the thought that Kunal left Mauli for her own best friend. Ishaan comes to Dida and salutes them for leaving their own son for their daughter in law. He assures Dida that she still has a son, he promises to never leave her and serve them till his life. She will never leave Mauli as well. He also promises them that Mishti will never find out about Kunal being her biological father.

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