Our Perfect Place Update Friday 15 May 2020

Our perfect place 15 May 2020: Sam does not get sleep because he is thinking of how to patch up between Hetal and Shree. He does exercise rigorously in the garden. Ila sees from balcony and walks down. She asks him what is bothering him.

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He tells his friend hates her sister with a misunderstanding and he wants to clear their misunderstanding. He is confused whether to go ahead or not as his friend may stop talking to her all together. Ila says she is proud of his thinking an he should do what he feels best. He says he is worried his friend may stop talking to him. She says not to worry about consequences, if his intention is right, only right will happen.

Hetal gets ready for college and dances with Prachi on a song…Prachi say she has changed after her kuchiku/affair with Sam, else she used to scold her hearing music, she should continue like this and not fight with Sam. Sam calls her and says he wants to meet her out. She says she has to go to college. He says to cancel her class today. She says she is going for 1 hour and they can meet at cafeteria. He says he does not want to come to cafeteria today and wants to spend time with her today.

Sam messages Shree next that he is going to tell Hetal about her truth. She messages back not to do that, else he will lose Hetal. He replies he will not listen to her this time. She continues calling and messaging. He does not pick call.

Rahul wakes up in the morning and sees blood on his pillow. He reminisces coughing up blood last night. His friend calls him and asks where is he, client is reaching for a meeting soon, they have to rush. Rahul asks to message client’s number. Friend says he does not have time and to come over directly soon. Rahul cleans pillow blood and wipes blood from his lips. He gets ready and goes out. Ila asks him to have breakfast and go. He says he is not hungry.

She force feeds him. He says why she takes care of him so well. She says it is her selfishness, when she will get old, he will take care of her. He says he does not want to see her old. She says she wants him to carry her to her permanent place on his shoulders. He says she will not get old in front of him. She says to do some magic then.

Shree comes outside Sam’s house and messages Sam that she is outside his home and to come and meet her. She does not reply and walks in. Rahul also comes towards her, but they both are busy on their phones and don’t notice each other.

Tanu and Rahul walk in opposite direction and are busy in their mobiles, so they don’t notice each other and walk away. Tanu goes in and meets Ila. Ila greets her in. Tanu says she came to meet Sam. Ila says he must be outside. Tanu walks out and sees him talking to someone/Rahul. Rahul’s face is turned and she does not notice him.

Rahul leaves on his jeep after chatting with Sam. Tanu goes down and asks who was the man he was talking to. Sam says his elder brother. She asks him not to show her report to Hetal, else he will lose Hetal’s trust forever. He says he has made up his mind and nobody can change it, he will clear her and Hetal’s misunderstanding today. He leaves on his bike.

Ila goes to Parimal’s room with tiffin box for Niranjan and asks him to tell Niranjan to take care of himself. Parimal says Niranjan is fine now. Ila says she is worried that he himself is responsible for his condition today. Parimal asks not to worry. She talks about Rahul and says he looks tired now a days. Parimal says it is good Rahul is working hard and getting tired, not like before where he used to sleep whole day. He leaves with tiffin box.

Tanu walks towards main gate when she see a modern looking woman walking in. Woman greets her and says she is Rita. Tanu says she did not identify her at all, she has become too modern and pretty. Rita says she got her first ad. Tanu congratulates her and leaves.

Ila serves theplas to Uday and he watching TV says he is full. She asks him to move now as her serial will come. He says he wants to watch rock concert. She asks him to go and study. He says she wants to frighten him with Parimal’s name. She says yes and he moves. She starts watching TV. He says he does not know how can they watch such serials. Rita enters and informs she got an ad. Uday dances and expresses his excitement. Rita shows skimpy transparent nightie and says she is doing its add. Ila’s eyes open widely in a shock.

At cafeteria, Prachi calls Hetal and asks to come soon with pastries as customer has ordered and pastries are over. Hetal says she is on the way and to manage with complementary cookies till then. Tanu comes and Prarchi gets nervous. Tanu asks her not to call Hetal as she will not come, she came here for her goodness and knows Prachi is Hetal’s best friend. Prachi stands nervously.

Uday congratulates Rita for her ad offer. Rita boasts that once she gets this ad, she may get film offers and continues boasting in front of Ila. Uday leaves to his room to study. Ila asks Rita to show what she will wear in ad. Rita shows a skimpy transparent nightie. Ila is shocked.

Tanu waits for Hetal in cafeteria. Hetal returns and tells her friends that she is very happy today and learnt new way of cooking pastries. Prachi gets tensed thinking how will Hetal react seeing Tanu. Hetal sees Tanu and shouts why did she come back after warning. Tanu says she wants to talk to her and if she does want to argue, she should come out of cafeteria.

Hetal accompanies her and shouts she told her many times not to come in front of her. Tanu says she needs to talk. Hetal gets adamant that she does want to listen anything. Tanu insists. Hetal tries to leave. Tanu hold her hand and warns that she has to listen to her at any cost today either here or at her cafeteria.

Ila asks Rita if she can ask ad maker to change nightie, this one is so transparent and skimpy. Rita says it is designed by famous designer and cannot be changed. Ila says she will get her new costly nightie. Rita says any ad campaigner will not change dress and says if she get this offer, she may get other offers, else she may not. She tells Ila that she will leave the decision to her, only if she says yes, she will do the ad, else no. Her future is in her hands now. Parimal enters and fumes seeing skimpy nightie. Rita leaves. Parimal asks Ila what happened to her, when Rita gave decision to her, then why did not she reject it. Ila shouts she wants Rita’s better future. Argument ensues and Ila gets adamant. Parimal warns if she lets Rita do transparent night ad, he will leave this house.

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