Twist Of Fate Update Friday 22 May 2020

Twist of Fate 22 May 2020: On Twist of Fate Friday 22 May 2020 update, Tanu telling Aliya not to feel low. She says, whatever happened is good as loveless marriage makes situation worse.

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She says, look what happened to you. Aliya says, she won’t let Abhi’s life ruined. She says, she will get Pragya out of Abhi’s life. Abhi won’t bring her home. I will get you married to Abhi and rectify my mistake. Tanu says, she did a mistake by letting Abhi married to Pragya. She says,she will break all her contracts and will marry Abhi so that no one comes in between them.

Sarla talks to Beeji about Aliya. She says, don’t know how she is coping up with the situation without a mother. Sarla tells her that she took care of Pragya when her alliance broke up. Beeji says, Pragya used to take care of you. Sarla wonders why Purab ran away from his marriage. Beeji reads the newspapers and tells her about petrol and diesel increased rate. Sarla asks her to call Bulbul. Beeji calls her but her call is not getting. Sarla calls Purvi and asks her about Bulbul. Purvi says, she hasn’t talk to her. Sarla gets worried and says she will not allow her to step out of house.

Purab is waiting for Bulbul. Ishq Kare Ko…………………..plays……..He sees Bulbil coming towards him. He gets emotional and is about to hug her. Bulbul stops him and says you don’t have any right on me. Why did you come here. Why you took this step? She says, if anyone wrong happens with my Di then you will be responsible for it. You said that you loves me and can do anything for me. Purab says, yes I do love you but my sacrifice is not worthy. I heard Aliya talking to Tanu. She said she will throw Pragya out after my marriage with Aliya. He says, why I shall marry her when they are sure to take revenge. He hugs her and says he didn’t take wrong decision. He tells her that their life will be saved now.

Bulbul says, she don’t need happiness as her happiness lies in her family betterment. She gets scared thinking what will happen to Pragya and cries. She says I hate you…….Purab says, if she throws Pragya out of house after my marriage then you will repent for your decision. My decision is selfish but we don’t have any other option. We can help Pragya if we gets together. We shall get marry. Bulbul says, are you mad. Purab asks her to try to understand.

Raj is searching for paper. Mitali says she is watching a movie. Raj says, he did a mistake. He sees paper in her daughter’s hand who is eating popcorn. He tells that it is his clients tender papers. Mitali says, she doesn’t know. She argues with him and gives the paper back to him.

Pragya reaches the lover’s pack and doesn’t find him. Purab takes Bulbul to the temple. Bulbul says, she doesn’t want this. She tells him that she came here on Pragya’s insistence and she will also come here. Purab gets tensed. He gets Abhi’s call. Abhi tells him that he won’t leave him and the girl for whom he left his sister. He says, you are finished. Purab says, Abhi is very angry now and asks her to come Bulbul says, she won’t go anywhere until Pragya comes here. Purab takes her inside the temple. Pragya waits for Bulbul and hears temple bell ring. She sees them from far. She runs from there.

Abhi’s aunty tells Dadi not to worry. She says, Pragya knows Abhi well and knows how to handle her husband. I am worried about our Aliya. Dadi wonders why did Purab break the marriage. Dadi says she won’t forgive him. She says, think about Aliya. Dadi goes to Aliya and says she can understand her pain. She says, Purab don’t deserve you. Aliya says, she will be at peace when Pragya will be out of the house and blames Pragya. Dadi says, you are still thinking the same. Aliya says, you can’t see the truth and is blinded by Pragya. Tanu signs her not to say anything. Dadi says, I won’t let Abhi and Pragya separate. She asks her to take care and leaves.

Purab tells Bulbul that everything will be fine after their marriage. Bulbul says, she don’t want to marry him. Purab asks, if you loves me then why can’t you marry me. He asks her to come. Pragya comes and asks him to stop. Pragya asks, are you mad? You left the marriage altar and came here. Purab says, he was getting married to Aliya because of her happiness, but when her happiness is at risked. Pragya is shocked. He asks, why I shall do the sacrifice. Bulbul asks her not to take his words on hearts. Pragya says, she is worried about her maa. What will happen to her if she comes to know about her relation with Abhi. She says, I am living in the fear to lose my maa. I can understand Aliya’s pain well.

Abhi comes to the temple and thinks I am going to the place where I don’t go because of you. Purab says, I don’t care about Aliya. I loves Bulbul and will marry her. Pragya says, I told you that you can’t back off. Why you didn’t think before. Why you didn’t think about Abhi, Dadi. Why did you left Aliya in the marriage altar. You did all the decorations for the marriage, right? Abhi comes and says wow. They get shocked. Pragya turns to see him.

Abhi coming there and says what a scene. At one side is my friend and at the other is my wife. They have broken relations with me and are beginning a new relation with each other and didn’t invite me, but I came here. What you have thought that I can’t search you……..Purab interferes. Abhi says, I am talking to her. Keep quiet. He asks Pragya, how did you come here. Pragya says you are thinking wrong. Abhi says, I am not blind nor stupid, but you are. You should know that you can’t marry as you are already married. He says, I won’t stop you. He asks her to remove her mangalsutra. He tries to snatch the mangalsutra from her neck.

Bulbul stops him and says Pragya is not the one whom Purab loves. She says, I am the one. Abhi is shocked and couldn’t believe his ears. Bulbul tells him that Purab wants to marry her. Abhi is still in shock. He recalls Pragya saying she don’t love Purab.

Tanu asks Aaliya, where is my strong Aaliya and asks her not to fall weak. She asks, don’t you have faith on your brother. Aaliya says, she has faith on him. Tanu says, why you are making your bro against you. Aaliya says, she wants to kill Pragya and she also cares for Dadi. She says I love her. She says, Abhi might be punishing him and wishes to see them dying.

Abhi asks Bulbul, are you lying to save Pragya. Bulbul says, she is saying the truth. Purab says, she is telling right. I loves bulbul and left Aaliya for her. Abhi gets angry and says he forgave him but he attacked at his heart again. He says, you have broken my trust, hope, love etc…..Purab says, I did for everyone’s betterment. Abhi slaps him and asks why did you do this. Did I do any mistake? Why you didn’t think about me, Aaliya etc. He slaps him and starts beating him. Abhi says, why you punished me. This time you won’t get forgiveness. Purab wants to speak up but Abhi beats him. Purab falls from the stairs. Bulbul rushes to him. Purab tells her that he said that they have to leave. He forcibly takes Bulbul from there.

Pragya asks Abhi to listen to her. Abhi asks her to leave his hand and goes. Purab and Bulbul leave in his car. Abhi comes back to Pragya and says you did all the planning. You helped them to elope and encouraged Purab to elope with Bulbul. He says, I will see them later but will end your chapter first. I will throw you out of house first. Pragya tries to speak. Abhi says, he will push her from there and make this place as suicide place. He takes her in his car.

Bulbul asks Purab to stop the car else she will jump. Purab says, this is not the solution. Bulbul worries for Pragya. Purab asks her not to take tension and says Abhi won’t vent out his anger on Pragya as she is innocent.

Abhi brings Pragya home and push her on the ground. Mitali tells Raj that she saw Abhi going to his room angrily. Raj says, he is busy. Mitali says, it is very important thing and talks nonsense. Taiji comes and listens to her. Mitali says, Dadi thinks you are useless. Taiji scolds Raj. Raj tells them to fight outside. Mitali leaves.

Aaliya tells Abhi that she told him not to bring her home. She calls her shameless. Abhi tries to stop her. Aaliya says, my Purab left me because of her. I wants to kill her. Abhi tells her that Pragya is not the one whom Purab loves. Dadi thinks about Pragya and thinks to see her. Aaliya says, what do you mean? You married her to take revenge. Abhi says, she is not that girl. Aaliya is shocked. Dadi’s sister follow her and stop her just in time. She tells her about Didi who is not taking any medicines. Dadi goes to give her medicines.

Abhi says, we thought her wrong. She is not the one Purab loves. Tanu wonders who informed him. Aaliya asks, about the girl whom Purab loves. Abhi says she is Pragya’s sister Bulbul. Aaliya recalls her meetings with Bulbul. She gets shocked. Abhi tells her that Bulbul and Purab confessed infront of him. Pragya says, she didn’t support them and went there to stop him. Abhi says, you stopped me and helped them to leave. Pragya asks him to ask Tanu. She asks her to say. Abhi tells her that he read that letter. Your truth is out infront of us. Tanu gets scared. Abhi says, you betrayed us. you and your sister are betrayers.

Pragya says, you started it. You brought a punching bag instead of a wife. Don’t I get pained? She asks, don’t you think that you are doing wrong. Abhi asks her not to lecture him. He says, I did a mistake to marry you instead of your sister. What did you and your family did? Your sister loved a man who was already engaged. Pragya looks on with teary eyes. Tanu smiles.

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