Twist Of Fate Update Sunday 31st May 2020 Zee World

Twist of Fate Sunday 31 May 2020 Zee world: ON Twist Fate update Sunday 31 May 2020 Zee world, Abhi trying to kiss Prayga in dark thinking her as Tanu. Pragya reminisces Sarla’s words about husband and wife and their love and gets emotional feeling Abhi’s touch.

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Abhi praises her hair and tries to kiss her. Tanu comes there, lights candle and is shocked to see Abhi trying to kiss Pragya. She burns his finger with candle paraffin. Abhi realizes his mistake and tries to console Tanu, but he walks out angrily from there.
Daadi and her cousins sadly talk about missing Abhi and Pragya. Daadi says she checked their twice thinking they are there. Cousin daadi thinks of playing prank.
Abhi tries to console Tanu saying if he would have known it was Pragya, he would have strangulated her, says she spoilt her mood. Tanu says he has to convince her. He asks her to kiss him. She angrily says she is going to her room and walks away. Abhi’s fan forcefully takes selfie with him.
Abhi sits with Pragya for candle light dinner and angrily throws spoon. He takes Pragya to a corner and says she must have purposefully allowed him to kiss and asks what if someone else would have been there and then thinks what is he talking. He asks if she would have allowed him to kiss if Tanu would not have come. She says she would not have allowed. He says because of her his mood is spoilt. He sees Villain movie on TV villain kills heroine with screw driver, takes apple and knife and cuts it saying he would have enjoyed killing her like this. He asks her to not come in front of her as a punishment, else he will cut her into pieces. He then goes to console Tanu. Pragya thinks why did not she stop Abhi from coming near her. She then reminisces Daadi’s words that she needs a greatgrand kid soon.

Tanu calls Aaliya and says she has handled everything and tells her that Abhi is staying with her today and she will make him crazy. Abhi knocks door. She starts acting again as angry and opens door. Abhi tries to lure Tanu with Vodka, tea, etc., and then says he cannot do this and asks her to come near him. He takes ice and tries to rib it on shoulder. She throws it away. He says we get very little time to enjoy and they are wasting it. She gets convinced and says she knows he does not know to convince her, so she was just acting. She asks him to stay with her tonight. He says he will stay with her anyways. She says she will act as walking on a ramp and try to fall down, he should hold her. He says he will hold her and give her french kiss. She says it sounds good.
Pragya calls Sarla. Sarla who is tensed about her marriage hall eviction notice and crying picks call and asks if she she is fine and how is Abhi. She says Abhi is very nice and he even took her for a candle light dinner and this is the happiest day of her life. Sarla says even she is happy hearing this and asks why her voice has changed. Pragya says she ate icecream. Sarla asks her not to worry and says she will take care of hall. Pragya what happened to hall. She says nothing, just door broke off and she will trying to replace it, says she will handle everything alone. She asks why will she handle alone and asks if she is still angry on Bulbul, asks her to let her speak to her. Sarla says she has gone out and asks her to let her speak to Abhi. Pragya says he has gone out to attend producer’s meeting and says she will talk to her later. Sarla asks her to be happy and cuts call. She then starts crying vigorously and thinks she cannot tell her problems to her and make her sad.

Bulbul says Purvi that she tried her best to convince Sarla, but she is not yet convinced and does not know what to do now. She says when she was traveling with Sarla from corporator’s house, she did not even once look at her, she is eager to hear her voice. Sarla calls her just then. She asks Purvi to go out as she wants to talk to Bulbul. She informs bulbul about Pragya’s phone coming in range again and asks her not to inform her about hall. Bulbul asks if she forgive her. Sarla says she is trying and getting forgiven is in her hands.
Pragya looks at Abhi’s jacket and reminisces him calling her junior Abhi. She thinks she is getting attracted to him and should control.

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