Twist Of Fate Update Thursday 21 May 2020

Twist of Fate Thursday 21 May 2020: Twist of Fate update Thursday 21 May 2020, Dadi informing the guests that this marriage is not happening as Purab left. Everyone are shocked.

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Pragya looks at Abhi. She goes to Sarla. Dadi continues that whatever happens is for best. Aliya hugs Abhi and cries. Dadi says, Purab left my grand daughter for the second time. He not only break the relations but also my trust. I won’t forgive him and also that person who helped him to elope. She folds her hands and apologizes to the guest requesting them to be at their happy events. Everyone leave the venue. Tanu thinks Thank God, I didn’t give the letter to Abhi else he would have been with Pragya and Purab would have been with Bulbul.

Sarla asks Pragya, why Aliya blamed her. Pragya asks her to understand her state of mind. Sarla says she doesn’t like if anyone shouts at her daughter. Sarla tells Beeji that Abhi was angry at Pragya and scolded her. Beeji says, he is not only your son in law but also Aliya’s brother. Sarla tells Pargya to take care of herself and leaves with Beeji. Pragya thinks why Purab did this and doesn’t think about anyone. What she will do now. Tanu fills Abhi’s ears against Pragya and says Pragya is responsible for this. She provokes Abhi and asks him to kick Pragya out of the house. Abhi says, he is thinking. He can kick her out of the house but wants to bring out her truth infront of Dadi. He says, he will wait till morning and then decide what to do. Pragya comes and goes inside.

Dadi says she is sad as Aliya is holding Pragya responsible for her condition. She says she won’t allow this misunderstanding to go further. She says she don’t want Abhi and Pragya to have any argument. Abhi goes to his room and feels helpless. He thinks Pragya is controlling his life and taking advantage of his situation. He recalls his wedding with Pragya and gets angry. He recalls protecting Pragya’s respect. He recalls Tanu and Dadi’s words and gets restless.

Pragya is sitting in the inhouse temple and thinks of Aliya and Abhi’s words. She cries thinking Abhi’s wrath and Sarla questioning her. She calls Bulbul and asks where are you? Bulbul says she came to her friend’s place in Pune. Pragya asks, did you talk to Purab? Bulbul asks what happened. Pragya tells her that Purab didn’t come to the wedding venue. Bulbul asks, did Jiju and Aliya blamed you? She says, I am getting tensed. Pragya asks her to call Purab as he is not picking anyone else call. She asks her to save the situation.

Bulbul promises to support her and asks her not to worry. Pragya thinks Bulbul doesn’t know anything. Where did he go then. Bulbul says, you didn’t do the right thing Purab. I won’t allow anything wrong happen to my Pragya di.

Sarla is tensed. Beeji tries to cheer her and tells about the tenant getting thin because of tension. Sarla says she is worried about Pragya as Aliya is blaming her. Beeji asks her to call Pragya. Sarla says, she will talk to Abhi’s Dadi. Dadi picks the call. Sarla apologizes to her and asks her about Abhi and Pragya. Dadi assures her that she won’t allow anything wrong happen to Pragya. She assures everything is fine. Tanu hears her and thinks Pragya is blessed. I shall beat her with her goodness.

Bulbul calls Purab. Purab picks her call immediately and says he wants to meet her. He says he is in pain. Bulbul says, she is in Pune and can’t meet him now. Purab says he will meet her at lover’s point and wants to tell her the reason behind his move.

Pragya waits for Bulbul’s call. Bulbul calls her and tells her that he is coming to meet her in Pune after 4 hours. Pragya says she will come there. Pragya is leaving in a hurry. Tanu stops her and apologizes to her. She says, we thought you wrongly. I came to know about your truth. Pragya is shocked. Tanu says, you are not the one whom Purab loves. Pragya asks, what are you saying. Tanu says, I read in this letter written by Purab. We tortured you all the while. It is all Aliya’s fault. I can’t tell them until Purab comes back. I really wants to put an end to all this.

Pragya says I am happy that you have chosen the right path. We have to deal with this situation very carefully. Tanu says, where is Purab. Pragya says, she knows about his whereabouts and will bring Purab back. Tanu asks, where is he? Pragya says, she is going to meet him in lover’s park. Tanu thanks her. Pragya leaves. Tanu thinks she is an emotional fool. What will Abhi and Aliya do when they catch her with Purab. She says, this letter shall be read by Abhi.

Purab driving the car and thinks of Bulbul. He thinks finally he will meet Bulbul and will marry her at the temple. He thinks to confess his love and thinks everything will be fine. Bulbul thinks everything will be fine once she meets Bulbul. She recalls their happy moments and Sarla’s requesting Abhi to take care of Pragya. Bulbul says she can’t see Pragya’s relation break and she can’t see Sarla in pain. She takes a taxi and leaves.

Pragya is in the car and thinks of Aliya and Abhi’s insulting words. She recalls Sarla’s words and thinks she have to bring Purab back at home to make everything fine. Mitali wakes up and calls Robin. Raj come and asks what happened. She asks about Purab. Raj says, he didn’t know anything. Aliya was blaming Pragya. Mitali says, she thinks the same and tells Pragya is having an affair with Purab. Raj says, I know you will say this. Mitali says, she is really impressed with Pragya. She is handling so many men at same time and says I shall get this quality. Raj is surprised and shocked.

Tanu tries to wake up Abhi. Abhi thinks it is Pragya and calls her chasmish. Tanu gets irked. Abhi says, she irritates me so much. Tanu informs him that Pragya eloped from here. She asks him to read this letter written by Purab and asks him to come along with her. She comes to Aliya and shows her the letter written by Purab for Pragya. Abhi asks, what is written. Tanu tells him that it was Pragya’s plan to make Purab elope from here. Abhi reads the letter. Tanu thinks what will happen if Abhi knows Purab’s handwriting. She lies to him saying she tried to stop Pragya but she said she is going to Purab. Aliya asks Abhi to search and bring them here then they will take drastic step. Tanu informs Abhi that she heard Pragya talking to Purab about meeting at lover’s point. Abhi thanks Tanu and thinks he will catch Pragya.

Pragys is in the car. Driver says, they will reach in 2 hours. Pragya gets Sarla’s call. Pragya picks the call. Sarla asks is everything fine at home. Pragya says yes and asks her not to worry. Sarla asks her about Purab. She hears the car noise and asks are you outside. Pragya tells her that they are going to temple. Sarla asks her to give the call to Abhi. Pragya tells her that Abhi is driving and says she will talk to her after reaching home. Sarla prays for her daughter’s happiness. Pragya thinks how will Sarla react if she comes to know the truth. She thinks to bring Purab back.

Aliya tells Abhi to break relation with Pragya and promises Abhi that she will kill Pragya. Abhi assures her that he will handle everything. Aliya insists to come with him and says she will bring his gun. She says, she will shoot at her heart. She says I will kill her. Abhi tries to calm her down and slaps her. Aliya says, you did wrong. Abhi says, you are upset. I don’t want you to do anything wrong. Aliya promises to be in control but Abhi refuses. He asks her to stay at home and tells Tanu to take care of her until he comes back. Aliya tells him to give her message to Purab that he will see her hatred now and she won’t forgive him. She says, Aliya hates Purab and don’t want to see his face. She cries. Tanu smirks. Abhi is leaving. Dadi calls him and asks where are you going? You should not have talked to Pragya like that, even Aliya was blaming her. You should support Pragya else she will be alone.

Dadi asks him to clear the misunderstanding with Pragya. Abhi says he will talk to her. He is going to meet her. Dadi asks him to go. Abhi thinks may be I tell the truth to Dadi. Pragya thinks Abhi respects my mom and won’t do anything. Abhi is in the car and thinks he won’t spare her. Pragya recalls their past moments. He thinks about Pragya and says she is not the same. She don’t care about anyone’s feelings. Pragya thinks Abhi gets worried about his Dadi. Abhi thinks she is too smart and have been fooling him. Abhi and Pragya think about each other Music plays……….

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