Twist Of Fate Update Wednesday 20 May 2020

Twist of Fate 20 May 2020: On Twist of Fate Wednesday update 20 May 2020, Panditji asking Daadi to call bride and groom. Daadi asks Abhi to bring Purab and asks him to tell Pragya to bring Aaliya.

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He asks Tanu to bring Aaliya and goes in to bring Purab. Daadi sees Pragya and asks where is Abhi. She says she does not know where he is. She says she saw him going with her. Daadi says she in search of mango leaves. She says she will bring mango leaves from the backyard. Daadi jokes to take Abhi as he can pick her up while plucking leaves.

Daadi says Sarla that Bulbul missed the marriage function for her friend’s birthday party. Sarla thinks she cannot understand which friend’s house she went. Tanu comes to take Aaliya to the mantap and says Purab will be mesmerized with her beauty. Abhi goes to Purab’s room and does not find him.

Aaliya says she would have married in court. Tanu says if she had married in court, nobody would have seen it. She takes her to the mantap. Abhi gets irked that Purab is missing and not even picking his call.

Daadi sees Aaliya and says her daughter is looking beautiful. She takes her to the mantap. Panditji says first groom should sit in front of havan. Daadi asks Abhi about Purab. He says he is not in his room. She asks him to find him soon. Panditji asks him to call groom soon as muhurat is passing on. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi about Purab. He says he does not know and asks why did she come out from mantap. She asks about Pragya. He says she must be in changing room and does not find her in washroom. Aaliya says Pragya took her revenge and flew away with Purab, she knew after my marriage, she will be kicked out, so before my pheras, she flew away. She says it is her mistake to let her free and says she took Purab with her.

Purab is driving his car. He reminisces his happier times with Bulbul and he taking her to hospital, etc., Bulbul requesting him to marry Aaliya and then Aaliya telling Tanu that after her marriage, Pragya will be kicked out of the house and thinks after knowing all this, he cannot ruin Bulbul’s life. He calls Bulbul, but she does not pick his call.

Aaliya says Abhi that Pragya took away her Purab once and once again she took him, alleges him for all this and asks why did he let her free and started loving him, says we brought her to torture her. She says he would have also made love him as she would have left Purab for him. Tanu asks what rubbish she is talking. Aaliya asks her to not interfere and says she will take revenge from Pragya’s family and send them to jail. She walks out from there while Tanu tries to stop her.

Everyone waits for Purab and Aaliya. Taiji says when will they come down. Mitali says her makeup is getting dry and then says she is getting thristy. Daadi says Pragya’s daadi after Aaliya’s marriage, she will go to religious tour and leave all the responsibility to Pragya. Panditji asks her to call bride and groom soon. Mitali thinks she should find out what is happening and goes to check. Aaliya angrily runs towards Daadi and says she wants to talk to her and is about to speak out when Abhi stops her and takes her to the room. Aaliya says Pragya snatched her happiness, now she will torture her family. Abhi says she will not do anything. Aaliya says what happened to you, you used to fight against the world for me and now your are against me. Abhi asks her to shut up and says he is worried about Daadi and cannot see her in pain, says she cannot digest that her bahu flew away with her damad. Aaliya asks if he wants her to see the drama. Abhi says he will think what to do now and asks her to relax. He thinks Pragya is finished now and will do what she coul not have tought, she cannot escape from him now.

Tanu thinks with Pragya’s truth coming out, she will be beneffited and can get into Abhi’s house and thinks she should attend Aaliya before as she must be tensed. She sees a letter there and is surprised to see it is Purab’s letter. Purab writes to Abhi that he cannot marry Aaliya as he does not love her and now he is going to a lady whom he loves and the lady is Bulbul, not Pragya, he knows Aaliya forced him to marry Pragya with a confusion and he knows after my marriage with Aaliya, you will kick Pragya out, so his sacrifice would go in vain, so it is best to not marry Aaliya and asks Abhi to accept Pragya by heart.

Tanu saying a big secret/ big mistake is done by Aliya. She thought Purab loves Pragya. She thinks to inform them but then thinks she should not let Abhi know the truth. She thinks Abhi will develop a soft corner for Pragya and may accept her as his wife. She thinks not to inform him else he will go far away from her. She says, if Pragya is not with Purab then it means she is here only. She doesn’t know anything. She says I won’t show this letter to Abhi and thinks something.

Everyone wait for Purab and Aliya and says is there any problem. Dadi says no problem. She enquires with Purab’s uncle and aunty. Taiji thinks where is Pragya. Aliya tells Abhi that they have to tell the family members else they will get worried. Abhi calls Purab’s friend. He says he didn’t meet him. Aliya asks Abhi to get Purab and Pragya back and she will kill him. Pragya comes back. Everyone look at her with surprised. Pragya is surprised too. Taiji asks, where were you? Pragya says, she went to garden to get the leaves as Panditji asked her to get it.

Dadi informs her that Purab didn’t come till now and mahurat is nearing ending. Pragya asks her not to worry and goes to see. She wonders why Purab didn’t come till now.

Purab is in the car and thinks Abhi might have read the letter by now. He thinks he didn’t inform his chacha and chachi and calls chachi. Chachi picks the call. He asks, is everything fine there? Chachi says, what do you mean? Where are you? Come here soon. Everyone is waiting for you here. Purab tells her that he is not going to come there. He says, you are right. I can’t marry Aliya and doesn’t love her. I have decided to return to Bulbul. Chachi is shocked. Purab says, till now Abhi and Aliya don’t know about it and asks her to go back home. Chachi says, you have taken a right decision but at the wrong moment. She says, we will leave from here. Chachaji comes and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She gets shocked.

Purab thinks Abhi won’t say anything to Pragya after reading the letter and says sorry. Aliya asks Abhi to inform the police. Abhi says, it is not a crime. Tanu comes and says she met Purab’s driver. He saw Purab eloping from the back gate. Abhi asks, where is he? I wants to meet him. Just then Pragya comes shocking Abhi. He asks where is Purab? Even Aliya is shocked. Abhi asks, what do you want? Pragya says, she came to call them as Dadi is worried. Aliya says, you helped Purab to eloped. Pragya says, she didn’t do anything like that. Abhi says, you must have forced Purab not to marry my sister. I won’t allow this to happen. I am giving you last chance. Tell me where is he else???Pragya says, she didn’t know where is he?

Abhi holds her and accuses her for trapping Purab and him. He says, Dadi means a lot to him. You just did a drama and saved me from Police. I didn’t see a clever woman in my life other than you. He raises his hand on her, but then stops himself. Aliya asks her to ask Purab to return to her. She asks her to call Purab. She promises to forgive Pragya if Purab returns back. She threatens to ruin her family if Purab doesn’t come back to her. Taiji comes and hears their talks. Pragya says, she doesn’t know where is Purab. Aliya says, you knows well. You are not telling me. You have snatched him with me before and now also you are doing the same thing. Tanu asks her to relax and says everything will be fine.

Pragya looks sadly at Abhi. Taiji listening to them smirks and gets happy thinking Purab refused Aliya again. She thinks to give this news to everyone. Sarla tells Beeji that she don’t understand why they are taking so much time. Taiji comes and says you all are wasting your time. Dadi asks, what do you mean? The Taiji says, this marriage can’t happen. Everyone is shocked. She says, Purab eloped leaving Aliya. She thinks Dadi is not dying even after a shock. Abhi’s chachi thinks if Pragya is here then Purab is with whom? Purab is driving the car and meets with an accident. Bulbul wakes up as she sees a dream about him. Her friends ask her to sleep and forget the bad dream. She recalls Purab and Aliya engagement and thinks Purab might have married Aliya by now.

Abhi tells Pragya that he knows that she is taking revenge from him. He says, you didn’t think about my Dadi even once and asks her to tell where is Purab. Pragya says, why she will tell Purab to leave when she made him to understand to agree. He says, I am sure that I did a mistake. I thought you are weak and asks her where is Purab for the last time. Pragya says, she don’t know. They see Dadi, Sarla and Beeji standing at the door. Dadi asks why did Purab go? Pragya goes to stand with Sarla. Dadi hugs Aliya. Aliya cries. Dadi says, Purab didn’t think of Aliya and Abhi.

Aliya blames Pragya for Purab’s doings. Abhi asks her to hold herself. Beeji asks, why Aliya is blaming Pragya? Abhi says, Aliya saw Purab talking to Pragya before leaving. One thing is sure I won’t leave the person who is behind Purab’s eloping. Dadi says, we have to think what to answer to the guests. Dadi says, I will tell the truth to everyone but my family should be with me. Everyone go to inform the guests. Tanu thinks Pragya is saved but till when?

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