Age is Just a Number Update Monday 8th June 2020 Zee world

Age is Just a Number 8 June 2020 Zee world: On Age is Just a Number Monday 8 June 2020 Zee world, The family had kept a pooja for Sahil at home. Deepak joins in. Bari Amma was sure Sahil will get engaged to someone of her choice only.

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Deepak smirks thinking he can sense Sahil going against her very soon and create a huge drama.
Maya tries to convince Vaidika that marrying Gautham isn’t the right decision for her, that Vaidika is running away from Sahil’s love. Vaidika says she is mature and much older than Sahil and a relation with him isn’t possible. He has a spark in his eyes and craze in his love.
Sahil gets a message from Maya to meet her urgently and leaves the pooja. Everyone at home considers it a bad omen. Deepak points if he has gone to Vaidika again.
Gautham brings a ring to Vaidika for their engagement. Everyone compliments the ring to be beautiful. Soon the lights of the house go out. Everyone go to fix the fuse box. The door of the house opens and Sahil enters the house. Maya appears from behind him. He comes to congratulate Vaidika who withdraws her hand from Gautham’s hand. Sahil says he must have brought flowers had he known earlier. He asks Sahil why he is staring at him, he won’t run away with her. It’s her right to be congratulated and asks her about her wedding date. He apologizes for not being able to attend her wedding, should he remind her the reason. Gautham steps towards Sahil but he stops him and tells Vaidika he is leaving the city and her life forever. He breaks into cry while saying that he won’t return again. He turns around to give Vaidika her handkerchief from the coffee shop where they first met, movie ticket of the comedy film she cried in, token of Gol gappa vendor he has stolen. Vaidika holds all this. Sahil says he couldn’t take his memories along with him out of this house, else she must also have gone with him in his heart and mind. It must have been difficult for him to live that way. The world consider him crazy to be a one sided lover, she realizes it better this isn’t true. Today he won’t force her to accept any of is say. Tears fell off his eyes as he walks out of the house.
Vaidika thinks she has a few memories of Sahil which she won’t ever show to anyone. He and the world would always take a wrong meaning of it. She accepts he holds a special place in his life. Sahil gets on his bike, Maya insists on Vaidika to stop Sahil before he leaves. Nani was worried and questions why stop him now, he is no more their tenant. Maya convinces Vaidika to stop Sahil as its her last chance. Nani tells Sahil to leave their house. Sahil drives away. Nani comes to Gautham to perform the ring ceremony but Maya slaps Vaidika.

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