Age is Just a Number Update Saturday 20th June 2020

Age is Just a Number 20th June 2020: on Age is Just a Number Saturday 20th June 2020 Update, Bari Amma and Anjana take Nidhi home with a promise to her parents that Sahil will accept her.

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Vaidika return home where Nani, Aarya and Maya were waiting. She interrupts Nani saying she took the decision thoughtfully and doesn’t want any further discussion on the topic. Nani leaves inside, annoyed. Maya only stared at Vaidika. Vaidika was happy she won’t have to hear any argument. Maya says Vaidika didn’t leave her worth saying anything. Vaidika says Maya knows her for a long time, whatever happened in the right thing for Sahil. She saved Sahil because he has always stood by her. Maya prays Vaidika holds the courage the face the consequences of her decision the day she realizes her mistake. Vaidika insists they have to be normal and explain the matters to younger, she is fine.

Nidhi was waiting outside the house for Ghar Pravesh. Sahil passes by her inside. Bari Amma and Anjana tells him to go and stay by Nidhi, she is his wife. Sahil considers it a betrayal, he denies accepting this marriage. He tells Bari Amma to set another example in the society today, her daughter in law will complete all wedding rituals along today. He walks inside, wishing All the Best to Nidhi. The family was upset. Nidhi says she can enter the house under their blessings. She and Sahil are childhood friends, he will one day accept her as his wife. She will win Sahil’s heart like many arrange marriage cases in the country. Anjana does her Aarti. Nidhi walks into the house and thinks she doesn’t care he accepts her as a wife or not. He has insulted her but she is the daughter in law of this house now, and no one can make her leave the house or family until Bari Amma is on her side.
Sahil was haunted by Vaidika’s thoughts and betrayal. He throws everything around the room away furiously.

Nidhi was in Bari Amma’s room. Bari Amma says only Sahil can give her the place of a wife. She must win her place in Sahil’s bed and give an heir to the family; else Sahil may go to the other woman and she would no more remain in her position. Nidhi asks for Bari Amma’s blessings, she will try her best to save this marriage. After Bari Amma has left, Nidhi thinks she will become a wife and a daughter in law who won’t leave Sahil worth anything.
In the room, Sahil complained Nidhi for betraying him. Nidhi says Sahil could go to any extent to get his love, she did the same. Sahil said Vaidika loved him too but he doesn’t love Nidhi. After today, he hates Nidhi. Nidhi tells Sahil it was Vaidika’s plan to switch the bride in Mandap, she had called him to the temple and sent her for marriage. Sahil jerks her hand off his arm and considers her friendship as fake. She didn’t help him get Vaidika as a friend. There is one thing that will remain unchanged, it’s his love for Vaidika. He promise Nidhi will witness the consequences of what she has done. Nidhi says no one can change they are spouses. She tries to hug him but Sahil warns her to keep safe distance. He will never accept this marriage, he married Vaidika in his heart and mind. This is a huge house, she may live here; but only Vaidika would be here in his heart.
Sahil burnt Vaidika’s photo in his room.

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Vaidika shuts the window panes because of a windy storm. She comes towards the temple and wonders why she is so restless. She did everything for Sahil. Sahil sat in front of dust bin with burning papers. He convinces himself not to cry, they are a symbol of weakness. He hasn’t left Vaidika’s life, it’s the new chapter of their love story. She prays for courage for herself and for Sahil to move on in his life.
Sahil was drunk at Karan’s place. He tries to snatch the bottle from Sahil. Sahil says firstly Bari Amma, then his family and later Vaidika; everyone will now realize doing bad with Sahil. They will realize Sahil is the best when at his good but worst when at his bad. Karan tries to calm Sahil but Sahil says he will be sleepless for life now. He signals to place his heart on the table which has broken. He fell unconsciously on the floor. Karan was saddened by Sahil’s condition. Sahil says this isn’t the end of his love story, he isn’t a loser. Karan must wait and watch what he does now.
Vaidika asks Nani to take some embroidery or stitching work for her assistance. Nani was annoyed at her. Vaidika tells her that Sahil’s chapter is closed forever. Sahil comes into the house then, drunken badly. Vaidika tries to help him while he rejects taking any. He tells Vaidika she is his oxygen, he might die if he doesn’t get it. He holds her hand saying he loves her dearly, then why she did this to him. He dances around holding her hand and sings and calls him his wife. He says he is her husband and will always live with her in this house now. There will soon be a tsunami of love, she will float in the storm of his love soon. He now holds her hand onto his chest and says she was, and will always be his. He will never let her leave and fell on the couch unconscious. Vaidika withdraws her hand and says he will realize with time that her decision was for his best. Sahil makes himself comfortable. Vaidika makes a call.

Bari Amma scolds Gauri and Deepak to help Vaidika and Sahil marry. She says it’s time to show Deepak his worth, if he wanted to create a misunderstanding between mother and son. Deepak swears he can’t go against her at any cost, he wanted to tell her the truth but Gauri stopped him. She cried for her brother and he couldn’t deny helping her. He had promised Bari Amma to keep her daughter happy, it was her request to help her marry her brother. He wants to be Bari Amma’s beloved, but not at the cost of her relation with Sahil. Bari Amma sends them away, and warns Gauri not to show herself up again. Gauri leaves the room crying.

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Nidhi speaks to her mother that something worst happened here last night. She was afraid of Sahil’s love for Vaidika and says she must think some way to keep him away from Vaidika Mathur. She cuts the call as she needs to go for Munh Dikhai. She enters Sahil’s room thinking she brought him back from Vaidika’s house but he won’t stay for long. Prachi watches her there and comes to send Nidhi get ready for Munh Dikhai. Sahil smiles in his sleep asking his Biwi jee for tea with a sweet smile. Prachi spills a glass of water over his face. Sahil looks around. Prachi says he is at his own house, not where he lay drunken last night. She tries to convince Sahil he will always be rejected at Vaidika’s place. She asks him to get ready for Nidhi’s Munh Dikhai. Sahil says the ritual was already completed last night, he saw Vaidika. Prachi leaves. Sahil says he loves Vaidika a lot and will always do.

In the Munh Dikhai, Prachi assures Bari Amma she will handle Sahil. Bari Amma hear ladies gossip about Sahil and Vaidika’s affair and scolds them. Sahil arrives for the function, he thanks everyone for being a part of his sister’s Munh Dikhai. Nidhi walks downstairs with Anjana. Nidhi was greedy of all the jewelry set in front of her. Before everyone could begin the ritual, Sahil stands up taking everyone’s attention. He announces that Nidhi isn’t his wife and brings a dummy draped in bridal attire as his wife. Everyone was shocked.

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