Age is Just a Number Update Thursday 11th June 2020

Age is Just a Number 11th June 2020: On Age is Just a Number Thursday 11 June 2020 Update, Sahil was shocked to hear I love you from Vaidika. She calls Maya outside, and says she can never be with Sahil.

Why she doesn’t understand this matter. Did Sahil think he can make her say anything and fell into his arms after being drunk? Maya leaves the house, Karan also goes away. Sahil says he came to play Holi with her, and thought she will speak the truth to herself. He was wrong, she is so perfect and won’t do anything wrong even when drunk. Vaidika clarifies to Sahil for last time that she needs to live with respect and dignity, else she might file a stalking case against him. Sahil was hurt by being called a stalker. Vaidika complains that he never cares for all that she has to hear. If it’s a condition he wants to win, she wonders what he wants from her. She understands what Sahil wants. Sahil asks Vaidika if she considers him equivalent to Panday. He dearly loves her, from coffee shop, to his shop and then cinema. And each time this love has increased. Its not only a physical attraction, he can love her forever without touching her. She disrespected his love considering it a greed. She couldn’t understand his love. Vaidika stops him from leaving, places a tikka over his forehead and wish him Holi. Sahil walks out of the house. Nani comes from behind and questions why he is so stubborn. Vaidika shuts the door behind him. Nani says he is crazy after her, she must marry him. Vaidika complains that her mother can never think well for her ever. Nani says she accepts Sahil Agarwal’s proposal for her daughter, and doesn’t care about the society. Vaidika calls Nani as insane. Nidhi heard this and decides to tell Bari Amma about it.
Everyone at home was waiting for Sahil. Deepak awaits Sahil to join their celebrations and he will have fun discussing Vaidika with him. He hears Anjana come out drunk badly, she cried that Sahil has run away with Vaidika. Shruti drags Anjana, Bari Amma tells them to take her inside as she isn’t in her senses. Deepak thinks Sahil is after his mother. Nidhi comes home crying and tells Bari Amma that Sahil was in Vaidika’s neighborhood.
Nani convinces Vaidika that Sahil loves her dearly. His Bari Amma would also agree to their proposal or marriage one day. Vaidika wasn’t ready to hear anything else about it. Nani insists that it’s the best time to accept his proposal.
Bari Amma was frustrated that its because of Vaidika that there is no celebrations in Agarwal House. Sahil returns home drunk, and slips before putting color over Bari Amma’s face. Everyone was saddened while Sahil wishes Holi to everyone. Deepak hugs Sahil and greets him. Sahil apologizes for being drunk, he is playing Holi with a broken heart this time. He says Bari Amma must know about it, but he will tell her. Her daughter in law to be called him a stalker who is behind her. He congratulates Bari Amma as she won, and he was considered a stalker. He throws the colors devastated and loses his control. Deepak takes Sahil into the room. Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for all this.
At night, Bari Amma arrives at Vaidika’s house. Vaidika wasn’t ready to listen to Bari Amma, and tells her to go and speak to her son. Bari Amma presents Vaidika business class tickets, an apartment in Indore, a car and a reference letter for school admission. She tells Vaidika to leave this city to never return. Vaidika questions if she considers her a slave of her orders. She must stop her own son and take this with herself, she must send him to Indore and get away from them. Bari Amma questions why the heir of Agarwal’s should leave the city. And today, she even get a yes from her mother. Vaidika clarifies to Bari Amma that she and her family won’t leave the city. Vaidika tells her to leave her house before she has to push her out of the house. Bari Amma was determined not to let Vaidika live in any city of the country.

During his sleep, Sahil wonders till when Vaidika will keep him away from himself. This is neither lust nor craziness, its true love.
In her room, Vaidika was restless and thinks whatever Sahil wish is never possible between them. There is a huge age difference between them, they aren’t made for each other. She will try and pray that he loves someone of his age. Both were upset about each other.
Bari Amma was curt at Vaidika as she holds a lot of attitude. She isn’t ready to leave the city and wants her out of the town at any cost. She tells Puneet that she called him here as he is her school’s trustee. Puneet assures it’s done. Deepak comes in to inform her about the necklace, Bari Amma scolds him for disturbing her. Deepak thinks he must find out what they are cooking.
In the kitchen, Shruti asks Anjana what she is preparing. She says today Bari Amma won’t forgive her for being drunk. Anjana says it’s only Vaidika’s mistake. Sahil comes to the kitchen and says she has started to blame Vaidika for her mistake. Anjana suggests about taking the kheer to Bari Amma and apologize. Sahil wasn’t ready to go and apologize her.
In the school, Vaidika assures the principal that she will collect papers of class eight. Its her responsibility. Puneet bribes the peon who places bundles of money into the exam paper bags. Puneet calls the police station complaining about leaking of paper. Vaidika was shocked to find the money in paper bag.
Nani sat with another lady of her age. She convinces Nani that Radha was elder than Krishna. She must not worry about anyone blaming Vaidika and Sahil’s character.
Deepak was preparing orders when an idol of Radha Krishna slips. Sahil comes to save it, and likes it as gift for Vaidika. He asks Deepak if he can take it. Deepak happily allows him as everything belongs to him. Gauri tells Sahil that Radha was elder than Krishna, but their relation had no name. She promises to be with him and Vaidika no matter what. Sahil was sure he will make this love story possible, and thanks Gauri.
The police arrive at the school. Vaidika was showing the papers to Principal. The principal introduces Vaidika as Mrs. Mathur who is a senior teacher. She caught a huge cheating attempt. Vaidika tells the inspector that it may be an attempt to ruin the name and reputation of their school as well. The principal tells Vaidika to go and meet Puneet, he is in town these days. Vaidika was initially reluctant, but Principal insists about it. Puneet was informed by the peon about it, and was frustrated.
Vaidika was in the temple. She prays that Puneet has hurt her and family a lot, she must be saved from any further problems now. Sahil comes to the temple behind Vaidika and prays for the strength in this idol to protect Vaidika. Vaidika turns around to leave but her dress was tucked with the idol. Sahil at once explains he wasn’t stalking her. Vaidika tells Sahil to keep the limits between them, only then they can be in touch with each other and share their problems with one another. Sahil promises Vaidika, then presents her with the idol. She accepts the gift, and was concerned as Sahil slips at the stairs.
At home, Bari Amma says this time Puneet will trap Vaidika badly. She tells Anjana that the old woman will now be trapped and no one will be able to save her. Even Sahil won’t be here to save her. On the way, Sahil gets a call about Nidhi’s accident in Allahabad. The doctor says Nidhi’s parents have left for America in the morning, Nidhi is taking his name repeatedly. Sahil promises to leave Kanpur soon. Nidhi wakes up in the hospital bed and calls Bari Amma to inform that their job has been accomplished. Sahil is coming to Allahabad. She tells Bari Amma she wasn’t hurt much, its only minor injury. Bari Amma was restlessly waiting for Puneet’s call.
Puneet was in the hotel room when Shruti comes to meet him. He was shocked to see her and cautiously pulls her inside. Puneet says she must not have come here. Shruti says they love each other and have an affair for months, and nothing is wrong if a sister in law comes to meet him in hotel. She tries to hug him but Puneet shouts at her to leave. Vaidika watches Shruti leave the hotel and recognizes her as Sahil’s younger sister. She comes to Puneet’s room to speak about the problem in school. She shows him the bag filled with papers, and curses the one responsible for it. She says whoever it is must be a devil. Puneet asks Vaidika if she will get him punished. Vaidika was shocked to hear this. Puneet confesses he did this all. He intended to get Vaidika trapped, if she wants herself secured she must take this money and get away from this room and city both. Vaidika questions if he isn’t ashamed of bribing a teacher. Puneet says its Bari Amma’s wish that she leaves Kanpur, and she will have to leave it by hook or by crook. Vaidika wasn’t ready for this. She says she isn’t afraid of anyone like him. Puneet makes a call. The police bring young girls into the room and questions who is behind this s*x-trading. A girl blames that Vaidika gave them greed of going abroad, and does the business. Vaidika explains that she came to meet Mr. Tiwari. The police inspector says he himself informed them about her. Puneet says he was left in shock when he came to know what a teacher of their school was involved in. Vaidika slaps Puneet. The inspector moves to find the paper bag filled with bundle of money on floor.



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