Age is Just a Number Update Tuesday 16th June 2020

Age is Just a Number Update 16th June 2020: On Age is Just a Number Tuesday 16 June 2020, Gautham comes to the godown where Sahil was tied with a wall. He says Vaidika might also die behind Sahil with him.

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He mocks how Sahil calls Vaidika as Vaidika ji.
There at home Vaidika prays for Sahil. His calls echo in her mind. She goes looking for him outside the gate, then comes in worried that he might be in trouble.
At Agarwal house, Gauri was tensed for Sahil as he didn’t return since yesterday. Prachi comes there saying Sahil never cares about anyone. She boasts about Puneet who gifted her with a bangle. Puneet comes asking how much she will complement her and takes her inside. Shruti dislikes it.
Vaidika was worried that no one knows about Sahil after much time.
Bari Amma walks around restlessly and thinks about Sahil’s love for Vaidika. Anjana comes out crying that Sahil’s call isn’t connected. Prachi says he must be fine and at Vaidika’s place. Bari Amma says she can expect anything from Sahil after what he did at radio station. Anjana fears what if Vaidika takes Sahil away from the city. Deepak was appreciative of Sahil’s stubbornness and await their marriage. Puneet assures Anjana to fix this tension named Vaidika. Deepak offers his help before the case is ruined. Bari Amma scolds him as she trusts Puneet. He must look after the shop only. Puneet makes a call to someone.

Vaidika was tensed in her home, thinking about Sahil’s support for her. She feels helpless today when Sahil may be in trouble. Some goons enters the house looking for Sahil and throws the furniture away. Vaidika calls for help but the men ruin everything around. Aarya and Nani come out resisting. The goons’ covers Vaidika’s face with a black cover, locks Aarya and Nani inside and leave.
In the godown, Gautham assault Sahil and says he will place his demand to Vaidika against his life.
Vaidika was brought to Agarwal house. Bari Amma inquires about Sahil and grabs her neck. Vaidika chokes. Everyone asks her to tell where Sahil is. Vaidika says she thought he was home, she called him to meet her but he didn’t show up. Karan and his friends also don’t know about him. A goon brings Vaidika’s phone with a new message. It was Sahil’s image tied to a wall. Everyone in the family was shocked to see Sahil. They were all tensed. Vaidika suggests about calling police.

Bari Amma questions Vaidika about Sahil? Vaidika says she didn’t do anything to him, she is aware of her image in their eyes. Bari Amma accuses that he is in trouble because of her, else why she got the image of Sahil on her phone? Vaidika was now speechless. Puneet agrees to Bari Amma and asks why Vaidika is getting the message of Sahil’s kidnap on her mobile. Anjana joins her hands to Vaidika and offers all her jewelry and money. Vaidika says this is a waste of time, they must find Sahil. Bari Amma considers it a deterrence and says she can pay anything for Sahil. Vaidika says she doesn’t want anything. Bari Amma tells them to call police and send Vaidika with police, only then she will spit the truth. Puneet orders to lock her in the room until police reaches.
Vaidika was tied with a rope in the room. She cries for Sahil as no one believes her here. Soon her phone bell rings. She crawls to get it and was shocked to see Gautham on the video call.
Gautham touches the screen to see Vaidika and gets emotional about wanting to get her. He cries if she had valued her, this would have happened. He turns the camera saying she is responsible for all this. Vaidika could see blood pouring from Sahil’s mouth. Vaidika requests him to leave Sahil. Gautham says Sahil snatched his love and sent him to jail. He says he doesn’t hold an enmity with Vaiidka, he loves her. If she holds his life as important she must meet him in next 30 minutes.

Gautham tells her to make no excuse, it’s been 24 hours already since Sahil is hanging. Vaidika tells him not to touch Sahil and promises to be there. Gautham beats Sahil again with a rod warning her to inform the police. Vaidika cries and requests him not to hit Sahil. Gautham cuts the call.
Vaidika struggles to free herself from the grip of ropes. Downstairs the police arrive to ask Bari Amma about Vaidika Mathur. As they reach the room, Vaidika wasn’t anywhere around. Puneet slaps his servant shouting over him. Bari Amma holds Vaidika responsible for Sahil’s kidnap.
Vaidika comes to the place Gautham had messaged her. Gautham comes climbing the wall. He tells Vaidika that Sahil has not been able to each anything. Vaidika requests him to leave Sahil, he must ask anything from her. Gautham thinks about the insult he bear while marrying Vaidika. He jerks Vaidika away saying he never wants to marry Vaidika now. He now wants to give her a disgraceful life, and snatch her pride, ego and self-esteem. He clutches her through her waist and asks her to be his mistress. Vaidika slaps hard on his face, questioning how dare he said this. Gautham twists her arm and deters to kill Sahil. He might forget her slap, else Sahil will have to die for her. He gives her time for one hour to take the decision and reach hotel else Sahil’s dead body will reach his home. He then laughs hysterically and tells Vaidika nothing is in her hands now. Sahil has done a lot for her, she is a teenage and must not be shy. He gives her an ultimatum of one hour and leaves.

Vaidika was shattered and returns towards home. She finds Puneet instructing the police to arrest Vaidika as soon as she reaches here. He instructs them to keep her phone taped.
At Agarwal house, Anjana prays for Sahil’s safety. Bari Amma gets a call from received, she was angry at Nidhi for not being able to stop Sahil in Allahabad. She sends Anjana to inquire Puneet about Sahil. Deepak brings a glass of water for her to calm her anger down.
Vaidika walks towards the hotel as only fifteen minutes were left. She was tensed and thinks about Sahil. She gains courage to fight the world with Sahil and comes to the given address. It appeared to be an old factory. She comes inside watching Sahil into the godown. Gautham was there inside and asks if she found the address watching the logo behind, but this is the old one. She is smart but he is smarter. He always wanted to get Vaidika. Vaidika requests Gautham to leave Sahil. Gautham holds her closer and says Vaidika came into the wrong place, she came into the hotel. Now she will do all what he wants from her.

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