Age is Just a Number Update Wednesday 10th June 2020 Zee world

Age is Just a Number 10 June 2020 Zee world: On Age is Just a Number wednesday 10 June 2020, Vaidika was insulted by neighbors upon her return.
In the room, Sahil was relieved that she saved Vaidika’s life. Anjana brings milk for him and asks when he would leave that woman.

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Age is Just a Number 10 June 2020 Zee world: On Age is Just a Number wednesday 10 June 2020, Sahil makes Anjana leave the room, and wonders why everyone is irritated by Vaidika’s name.
At home, Aarya complains to Nani for hurrying to marry Vaidika. Vaidika makes her go into the room. Nani says she will now find a better proposal for Vaidika. Vaidika clarifies to her that she can’t put her daughter’s life at stake anymore, and doesn’t care what people think of her. She can’t think of a second marriage now.
Deepak was drinking alcohol happy about what happened today. Puneet comes to him and comments that Deepak is shining and must be happy for what happened today. He understands it will be a benefit to Deepak if there are tensions between Bari Amma and Sahil. Both laugh together. Deepak asks Puneet why he is interested in the matters of in-laws. There must be some reason why he has become a special person to Bari Amma. Shruti comes to inform Puneet that his meal is ready, she can get it served in his room. Puneet says his sister in law is serving him, he can’t forbid it. When Shruti leaves, Puneet tells Deepak that one can only see what’s in his mind and heart. Its better Deepak take care of his matters and leave. Deepak thinks soon Puneet’s truth may be revealed.
The next morning, Puneet takes a leave from Bari Amma. Bari Amma sends some gifts for Prachi, and complains she miss Prachi a lot. He looks towards Shruti from corner of his eye and says he never wants to leave the house when here. Bari Amma calls Deepak to bid farewell to Puneet, and sends him to look for the gifts. Gauri also greets Puneet before leaving. He returns to look towards Shruti again.
Maya comes to meet Vaidika and says she has spoken to principal, Vaidika can join school anytime she wish. Vaidika asks what she must have done if Maya wasn’t there. Maya insists its someone else whose presence matters. She insists on Vaidika that she loves Sahil and broke her marriage with Sahil because of him. Vaidika says she sensed Gautham wasn’t the right person for her.
Bari Amma looks around the house for Sahil. Shruti complained to Puneet that he didn’t inform he had reached home. When Bari Amma asks whose call it was, she lies that it’s a friend’s. Deepak returned home then and says Bari Amma wouldn’t have let Sahil go to his landlady Vaidika so he didn’t inform anyone at home. Anjana was upset that they have lost their son. Bari Amma was determined to get their son back, she can pass every limit to bring him back to themselves.
Vaidika tells Maya that it’s not important for her to love someone in order to reject Gautham. Maya says she doesn’t Vaidika to be afraid of society to confess her love. Vaidika questions Maya that she can never be a good wife for Sahil. Maya tells Vaidika that love is about heartfelt feeling, it needs courage. She doesn’t want Vaidika to lose the most beautiful thing of her life, the best love stories exist between people who have least chances of being together. Maya leaves, Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s love expression and confessions.

Rohit and Kiran invite Vaidika for Holi celebration. Vaidika says she isn’t in a mood to celebrate the festival this time, and will surely be there next year. Nani says its because of fear of what people would say. Vaidika forbids her think negatively, it’s just that she isnt in a mood and goes to get tea for them all.
Bari Amma stops Aarya on the way.
Anjana cuts her wrist as Sahil has gone to meet Vaidika.
Bari Amma asks Aarya if she considers him as her friend. Aarya says Sahil helped her and he is her friend. Bari Amma says Sahil did everything for a reason and his personal gain. Bari Amma says she is going to tell her something important, Sahil wants to create a relation with Vaidika. Aarya blames Bari Amma for disgracing Vaidika’s character, but Bari Amma asks why he saved Vaidika’s shop from the goons then and made all these efforts to stop her marriage with Gautham. Aarya gets clues from Sahil’s talks. Bari Amma says Sahil wants to be her father. Everyone will make fun of her, as he is only nine years older than her and eighteen years younger than Vaidika. Aarya was saddened and leaves. Bari Amma feels victorious as she will get from Vaidika’s daughter, what no one can do.
Gauri asks Sahil to take some rest, Anjana would be fine. Sahil insists upon staying with her until she is awake. He places his head over her shoulder, and asks if he can’t even step out of the house. He hasn’t done anything.
Aarya returns home and questions Vaidika straight away if she knew Sahil loves her. Vaidika replies she knew. Aarya doesn’t let her explain and says Vaidika broke her wedding with Gautham only because she also loves Sahil. She had left mandap before Sahil had arrived. Vaidika calms Aarya down who was badly crying. She tells Aarya that Sahil wasn’t the reason she broke her wedding with Gautham. She doesn’t love Sahil at all. Vaidika calms her down and says they can’t control anyone else’s feelings towards ourselves, but she promises that she will never take any step that may hurt Aarya. Aarya says she thought Sahil as her best friend, but he did this out of Vaidika’s love. She hates him. Vaidika kisses her forehead, and says Sahil is a good boy. No matter what he feels for her, but he will never betray Aarya.
Sahil sat with Anjana when she wakes up. She was annoyed at Sahil. He asks Anjana how she can be such a coward after being his mother. Anjana complains to him for being with Vaidika. Sahil says he wasn’t at Vaidika’s house, they should stop blaming her for everything. Anjana was upset that Sahil doesn’t even cares for his self-respect. Sahil asks if she also thinks he is behind Vaidika. Anjana says it’s obvious, he still has time to marry Nidhi and be with them all. If he marries that 42 year old lady, she might die next time. She asks for a promise that Sahil will begin his life. Sahil holds her hand and asks her to trust him a little, whatever he is doing is right. He promises Anjana for a new beginning from tomorrow. He thinks it’s Holi tomorrow, he will remove all the misunderstandings between them tomorrow.
The next morning, Sahil mixes alcohol with the drinks. Karan asks what he up to is. Sahil says he only wants her to open up. She will speak her heart out now. He points towards Maya as their helper. Sahil says Vaidika is afraid to express her feelings, once she agrees they will fight the society together. The world would accept the relation then. Maya takes the drink inside. Sahil dances around Karan calling himself crazy.
Vaidika was irritated by the drum beating outside. Maya comes in and presents her with the glass of Thandai.
Outside, Karan and Sahil dance among the crowd as they gulp Thandai. Sahil await Vaidika to come outside, consoles his heart that all is well and steps inside. Vaidika appears from the main door. She walks outside to speak to Sahil. Sahil says he has been waiting for long to hear, she shouldn’t keep anything in her heart today. Vaidika looks into his eyes.

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