Age is Just a Number Update Wednesday 17th June 2020

Age is Just a Number 17 June 2020: Age is Just a Number Wednesday 17 June 2020 Update, Preeta resists but Gautham warns that Sahil might lose his life if she doesn’t accept his demand.

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He shuts the godown entrance and drags Vaidika towards the room throwing her over a bed. He harasses her and brings in dress of his choice forcing her to change. As Vaidika comes in changed clothes, Gautham dances around and demands her to prepare a drink for him. Vaidika mixes a tablet in the glass. Gautham smiles and asks her to take a sip first. Vaidika says she doesn’t drink, Gautham watches her then throws the glass away clutching her through her hair and shouts at her for attempting to stupidify him. He could smell what she had mixed in his drink. He brings his cell phone to show Vaidika how his goons were molesting Sahil. Vaidika pleads on Gautham to leave Sahil. Gautham instead orders his men to drag Sahil up towards the roof, he trembled. Vaidika requests Gautham to stop this but he doesn’t. Vaidika says she is ready. Gautham stops the men and disconnects the call.

Gautham makes Vaidika repeat that she is his mistress. He takes Vaidika towards the bed and laughs over her hysterically. She prays to God while Gautham attempts to s*xually assault her. Soon there was a knock at the door, some boys had come to ask for alms for the temple. Gautham was annoyed at them but when he returns after giving the alms to them Vaidika wasn’t around. She hits him with a vase from behind but Gautham didn’t move. He charges over her but his head hits with a wall. He faints and fell over the floor. Vaidika ties his hands, texts the goons through Karan’s mobile that they shouldn’t do anything right now and calls Karan to meet her.

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As Karan meets Vaidika she tells him about Gautham and his demands to spare Sahil. Vaidika says she is sure the room is somewhere around as she could hear similar sounds on the video call. Karan places a cloth over Gautham’s phone and calls one of his goon towards the place, then hides behind a car. He says they can follow the man to where they had kept Sahil. Vaidika recognizes the man from video call. They disconnect his call while following him towards the godown. Upstairs, they were gathered by the goons while Gautham sang around.
Gautham tells Karan to go and mind his own business. He sends Karan away while keep Vaidika. He says he was sure she will follow his men here, she was actually brought here. He clutches her face and takes her to Sahil.

Bari Amma arrives at Vaidika’s house. Nani was shocked to see her. She joins her hands to Nani and requests Vaidika to return their son here. Nani asks where her goons took Vaidika. Bari Amma accepts sending the goons as she is sure Vaidika kidnapped the Sahil. Nani wish her daughter had done so but her daughter isn’t like this. She tells Bari Amma that Sahil is paying for her sins.
Gautham throws Vaidika over a tanker filling with water, Sahil lay inside with her mouth covered with black cloth. She cried and asks Gautham to save him, else he might die. Gautham sings for Vaidika, then shows her a trailer; he dips electric wires in the water giving Sahil electric jolts. Vaidika turns the electric power off. Gautham draws lines at the level of wires where he might finish off. He tells Vaidika Sahil won’t die an easy death now, he will suffer before dying. This is the bitter fruit of love.

The dripping water might fill the tank. Vaidika was ready to do anything for Gautham, Gautham didn’t accept it as a favor. He asks Vaidika to get a ransome of 1 crore against Sahil’s kidnap.
Bari Amma wasn’t ready to meet any client no matter how much it cost her. She gets a video of Sahil in the tank and accepts that Nani was right, she crossed each limit of humanity to save Sahil from Vaidika. Puneet came in and thinks such soft corner for Vaidika isn’t right at this time. He also gets the video and the address for meeting Bari Amma alone. He suggests about involving police but Bari Amma wasn’t ready. She wanted to get Sahil alive. She leaves to meet the person on the given address, forbidding him to let anyone know about it.

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Bari Amma was brought into the room blind folded. Vaidika comes to meet her holding an egoistic attitude. Bari Amma was shocked to see her, and says she was ready to accept that Sahil was paying for his family’s sins but she was wrong. Vaidika looks towards the camera implanted on the wall. Sahil instructs him to insult Bari Amma. She sits straight and warns Bari Amma that her son Sahil might die after drowning in water if her demands aren’t fulfilled. Bari Amma asks what the demand is. Vaidika says one crore. She must get this amount before the tank is filled with water if she wants Sahil saved. Vaidika minds Bari Amma if she informs police she must remember she doesn’t know about Sahil’s whereabouts. Bari Amma tries to sip a glass but Vaidika throws the glass away. Bari Amma stands up covering the camera vision, Vaidika stuffs a note into her bag. Gautham was happy while the goons take Bari Amma blindfolded, requesting her not to hurt Sahil. Vaidika was broken and apologizes Sahil for behaving so wrong with Bari Amma.
Bari Amma returns home and informs the family that Vaidika demanded one crore for sparing Sahil’s life. She sends Deepak to bring one crore. The note fell off from her purse as she takes the keys. Anjana cries hugging Bari Amma.

Vaidika was waiting to receive the money bag. She thinks this shows no body ready the note, else police must have arrived. She brings the bag of money to Gautham and asks him to spare Sahil now. Gautham plays with the money and says its fifty lacs. He stands up announcing Sahil will now leave his life. Vaidika fell into his feet. Gautham turned the tap of tank full opened while clutching Vaidika’s neck from the other hand.

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