Exclusive -Sasural Simar Ka fame Ashiesh Roy is on dialysis, says 'need urgent kidney transplant but have no money', seeks help

Sasural Simar Ka fame Ashiesh Roy, who was recently discharged from hospital as he was unable to pay his bills, spoke exclusively to ETimes TV about his condition and why he opted to stay at home. The actor said due to the financial crunch he felt it was better to visit the hospital for dialysis. But Ashiesh further said that he needs an urgent kidney transplant but he doesn't have enough money. The actor thanked his industry and college friends who have lent a helping hand in the testing times. But the actor says he would require an urgent kidney transplant. Here's what Ashiesh had to say.
Had to take discharge from the hospital as I had no money

I had to take a discharge from the hospital because I had no money to pay for the daily expenses of the hospital. Also with Covid-19 the risk of infection is high so it's better that I visit hospital only for my dialysis, so I can either afford dialysis or the hospital expenses.

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New expenses

I am very happy today because I got the good news that excess water in my body has been almost removed. But with this I have also learnt about a new expense. To remove the excess water from my body the doctors use a tube through which the excess water comes out. The doctors have put a catheter on my neck which sucks out the excess water from my body. The catheter is a temporary one and after 10 dialysis the catheter will be shifted to another side or other side of my neck. It is causing great difficulty because it is poking like an antenna. I told the doctor to remove it but he said it can be only removed through surgery after 10 dialysis and the entire process will cost me Rs 1 lakh. My main problem this time is money. I am facing a great financial crisis. And not only me, people across all over the country are facing financial issues. Because of the lockdown there was no income but we had to meet our daily expenses. The lockdown is just going on extending and there is no source of income right now the situation is really bad.

On his health condition
I go through dialysis 4 times a week and each dialysis cost me Rs 2000. Today only I have deposited Rs 1 lakh for my dialysis. But slowly all my money is getting over and I think very soon I will have to stop my dialysis because I will be left with no money. The doctors have informed me that the excess water from my body has been removed but my kidneys have been damaged and for my body to function I need a kidney transplant. If I stop my dialysis andar hi andar kachra jama hote jayega and it will become toxic. Right now I am thinking of kidney transplant because I can't simply use all my money for dialysis. But kidney transplant is a tedious and long process till it happens I will have to survive on dialysis and also because of the growing cases of covid-19, there is a high risk of infection so I can't even opt for kidney transplant now. It is a very expensive proposition so the kidney transplant is the permanent solution. My doctors have already told me that during Covid-19 and for next 6 months I should not even think about kidney transplant because it is a highly risky process. So, I have no other option but to survive on dialysis. I have cut down on salt, I only take two to four sips of water. I am a Bengali and we eat fish a lot but I am surviving on tasteless food. Frankly speaking sometimes I feel I am eating soaked cardboard.

On the love of the people

Lots of people have come forward to help me and it feels so good to get so much love. People not only from the film industry but even from my college have come forward to help me. I graduated from my college 25 years ago and some of them don't even know me, especially the younger generation, they have also come forward to help me. They have put in their money. Everyone is facing a financial crunch but despite that people are helping me. I got tears in my eyes recently when a girl from Gujarat called me at night asking for my bank details. She wanted to deposit Rs 1000 in my account. I started crying. I told her please don't do this, use the money for yourself for your studies. I told her the love you have shown towards me is enough for me to survive. People are sending me money and I am using it for my dialysis. I have already paid one week advance for my dialysis. I want to name a few people who have helped me in this situation. BP Singh, the maker of CID he has put in money for me, Pyaar Ka Punchnama director Luv Ranjan also helped. He does not even know me.

Been in this industry for 40 years and I have always felt an outsider, but the love I've got has changed my thoughts
Every night I look at the list of people who have helped me. I look at it and cry. I have shared two videos where I have named everyone and thanked them. Even the kids from my college who have come forward to help me. Recently I called the authorities of my college and have told them that I have to perform for them when I get better. I have told them that I will perform a play free of cost for them. Through the play I want to show them my love. Been in this industry for 40 years and I have always felt that I am an outsider because I am from Delhi. I never took this thing to my heart and have always been honest to my work.

Hansal Mehta, Habib Faisal and Vijay Krishna Acharya are helping me

The famous director Hansal Mehta also helped me. I have worked with him before but in a very small role. I know him personally and he has been supportive. Ashok Pandit also came forward and helped me. Sooraj Thapar, what should I say about that man? He has taken care of me like an elder brother. He is a wonderful person. During this covid-19 no one could come and see me because of the situation but there is one person you somehow manage to come and see me and that person is Habib Faisal. He is a junior from my college. He met me at the hospital, he also spoke to the doctors and gave money. He chatted with me for half an hour and offered me a film. I need confidence now people have been giving me money but I don't want people to think that I can't work anymore. I want to stand on my feet as soon as possible and work even if it is a small job I don't mind. Vijay Krishna Acharya also helped me.

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Vijay Krishna Acharya is raising funds

Apart from personally helping me out with money he's also taking a second opinion from other doctors on my health condition. I will be meeting him to show my case. He is even planning to set up a fund with the help of other college friends which also has Habib Faisal. So they are starting a fund so that my treatment can be taken care of. They are doing it all for me.

My sister Kanika is in constant touch with me over the phone

My sister has not been able to come because the flights are not working full time but she is in touch with me for everything. Just being on the phone she is taking care of everything and reaching out to people. She is also fighting a battle because we all know what recently happened in West Bengal. She also has a family, a husband and a small kid. She has 70 dogs to take care of. Every morning at five o'clock in the morning with talk and then throughout the day whenever I need help we stick to each other. I tell her over the phone about my report and then she takes it forward on what all needs to be done. Her name is Kanika Halder.

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