Friday Update on Lies of the heart 12th June 2020

Lies of the heart 12 June 2020: On Lies of the heart friday 12 June 2020 update, Shaurya and his classmates are given a drawing assignment and they get to making paintings.

<<<<Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 11th June 2020

Shaurya has a problem with one crayon, and tries to talk to a girl, when his friend tells that she is aleinated as her parents dont stay together. shaurya is tensed at his own situation. samrat enters the classroom, and shaurya is very happy to see him. He identifies himself as shaurya’s father, and asks to take him. He then gives a fake excuse that shaurya’s granny is sick, and hence he needs to be taken.
The teacher tries to tell that shaurya has missed many periods. He arrogantly snubs it off, and asks her to relieve shaurya. Shaurya is allowed by the teacher. He leaves with samrat.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road and Samrat’s office
Meanwhile, urmi is still dazed at her pregnancy news, wondering whether she should be happy or sad, as she remembers having a romantic conversation with samrat and shaurya about the same. She reaches samrat’s office, and is about to tell the good news, when she remembers samrat’s torture, and barbarous insults and stops herself, as she remembers his infidelity and him accusing her of infidelity with samrat. She wonders what she was about to do, and that she cant forget the reality the samrat, and that her realtion is over and he doesnt deserve to be a part of either her happiness or sadness.
Meanwhile, inside shaurya is playing with samrat is his office, while samrat continues to instigate him against urmi, and he too starts complaining about her. they start playing games together. Samrat tries to get him to come to his house to live, but he says that he would stay with his mother only, and he starts getting frustrated but barely controls his temper.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband hear loud music, and come to yash’s room, to find out that he has changed the entire room. Yash says that he cant live without these things, and since they arent signing the papers, he would have to stay here for long, and hence made some adjustments. he says that he would change the entire house, and tells them that he wont leave till his work is done. Sushma is angry that he is threatening them in their own house. They leave in a huff. As they come out, urmi comes back tensedly, and they ask about shaurya. urmi is shocked that she didnt go to get her son. She rushes out, while sushma wonders how could she forget. he husband reminds her that she too had forgotten to pick ravi once,
Later, that night, as shaurya is asleep, urmi is boggled at her situation, when the birht of this child is becoming a big question mark, and wonders what to do. she then gets Samrat’s call and is tensed. She received the call, and samrat asks how is she, as she doesnt care to remember him. He talks inebriated and she asks what did he call for. He asks about her son, and says that he wants to talk to him, and that he too deserves a right to see and be with her son, and that he misses him terribly, and asks if she is instigating her son against his father. she says that she hasnt done anything like that. He says that he wont let it happen also, and that she cant save herself and him too from his reach, reminding her that she is his servant, and when a servant gets free, he is brought back to bondage again, and that her final destination is Rathore Bhawan, where she would be adorned with jewellery, so as they remain servants forever, and that men cant do that, as they arent meant to be servants. She is enraged, as he cancels the call. She wonders what was she thinking when she thought of telling samrat this good news, and that she is again brought back to dark reality, and that the injustice that shaurya is going through she wont let that happent o this child, and apologises to the lord for not being ablt to accept this blessing, as she doesnt want it to be respected. She is in tears.

Yash tries to convince sushma’s husband that this is the right thing to do, and that ravi is extremely apologetic about his behaviour and that they should sign the paper, to let their son help him and take care of them. but her husband tells that sushma doesnt even want to hear Ravi’s name. Yash emotionally blakmails him, that ravi has changed since he had a son, he has gone more emotional and wants them to meet rehaan too. Sushma’s husband agrees to talk to sushma once. He leaves, while yash smiles evilly, thinking that he would have to tell this to ravi.
As she passes by Yash’s room, getting herself water, Urmi overhears ravi talking to yash, through video chat, that he is only after the house, which they would donate to some trust, and he cant let that happen, and doesnt care for the couple, as they dont consider him their son anymore, as it is. Yash asks Ravi to not let himself interfere, as he would only worsen things, and that they are nearing the level, that in the name of the FD papers, they would get the couple’s signatures on the will paper. she is shocked to know this. The screen freezes on her face.

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