Game of Love Friday 19th June 2020 Written Update

Game of Love 19th June 2020: On Game of Love Friday 19 June 2020 Written Update, Tia says whatever I m saying now is my voice, but its mom’s words.

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She says we know you want to take over Saraswati steels, but you are short of two votes in board of directors, we can help you. Shivaye asks how. She says you can takeover Saraswati steels if mom and dad give you their votes, this voting has a condition, mom wants marriage to happen tomorrow.

Some time before, Shivaye recalls Gayatri’s words, Tej and Shakti’s words and Ashok’s death. Om and Rudra come to him. Rudra asks him to have Prasad, mom and Choti Maa got this from Siddivinayak temple. Shivaye eats it and thanks him. Rudra asks why are you worried. Om says you stay with us in this house right. Rudra says yes. Om says don’t you know whats happening in house and why is Shivaye worried. Rudra says I know the crisis, we know Tej and Shakti are innocent, and now case was progress, Gayatri was keeping CD, not taking it. Om says it does not prove the footage in CD is fake. Rudra asks do you remember coconut laddoo which Dadi makes. Om says yes. Rudra says its tempting and we feel like eating more, even lie is tempting, Gayatri lied about CD, the video will be fake too. Shivaye says we can’t give coconut theory to police, they want proof. Om says exactly. Rudra says I think I have to eat Prasad and eats.

Pinky recalls the video. Shakti comes and asks her did she see the imp file he was working last night. She says we saw that girl’s video, her face is coming infront of our eyes, I m getting bad thoughts, I feel I have seen her somewhere. He asks what do you mean, that girl is connected to us and we are responsible for her death. She says Shakti ji, why will I say this, I just said I have seen her face somewhere. He says enough, many servants work in this house, recall one servant’s face and tell me. He gets annoyed and goes.

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Rudra says I got solution. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says I knew I will understand after eating Prasad. Om asks what. Rudra says if there is no solution, close eyes and leave everything to him/her. Om asks Lord. Rudra says no, Anika. Shivaye asks how did she come in between. Rudra says I m telling you, when problem comes on this house, just two people save everyone, one is the great wall of Shivaye Singh Oberoi and other the supergirl Anika, like people’s motto is to save water, tax, trees, but her life’s motto is to save Oberois, I m telling you she will make some super plan.

Anika is resting and recalls Shivaye, that Cd matter and Gayatri’s incident. She could not sleep and turns to Sahil. He gets hurt. She says sorry and turns to other side. She thinks of Shivaye and hits Sahil again. She says sorry Sahil, sleep. He asks are you missing your scooty Champa. She says no. He asks why are you kicking then, are you not getting sleep. She says Billu ji is worried for Tej and Shakti, I m trying to sleep and I m seeing his worried Kanji eyes, I don’t feel good when he is worried. He asks do you start caring for Billu ji. She says no, I m worried for Dadi and her family. He says but you are talking about SSO. She says yes, so its his family, I m feeling bad of that bad blame, its suspense case and I m not getting sleep. He asks her to sleep and not worry for Billu ji, he will do anything, he has much mind, whatever you want to think, think without kicking, I will sleep. She says fine, good night. She says there is something about CD that is troubling me, but what.

Tia talks to her mom and says what, I can’t do this, you know what doctor told you, just don’t take stress, you rest now, don’t emotionally blackmail me, I will meet you in hospital tomorrow, hello mom? The call ends. Robin asks her what happened. She says you won’t believe what mom told me to do.

Its morning, Tej asks what, Vaishno Devi, you want me to leave everything and go on tirat yatra with you. Shakti says please, its necessary to go to Mata’s Darbar to get heart peace. Tej says I don’t want peace, I want to come out of this crisis and blames. Shakti says that’s why I m requesting you, person comes out of all problems when person goes to Mata Darbar, and this crisis is by our deeds. Tej says why are you scared, we are not related to that girl’s suicide. Shakti says yes, but its not like we did not do wrong work in our life. Tej says we are businessmen and did what was necessary in business.

Shakti says yes, we both brothers together did it, so I request, we both should go and apologize. Tej asks him to shut up, this tirat yatra and darshan is for weak people like you, not for Tej Singh Oberoi. Dadi comes with Jhanvi and Pinky, and says yes, you are right Tej, you are so tall and how can problems reach you, but remember many times a small ant makes elephant helpless to fall, Shakti is right, go to Mata Darbar, the head which bends infront of Mata need not bend infront of anyone, go. Jhanvi and Pinky agree with Dadi and ask Tej to go. Shakti holds Tej. Tej says fine, if everyone wants this, fine. He goes.

Its morning, Anika keeps books in Sahil’s bag. Sahil asks her to keep art books instead science. She says sorry, and puts bottle in bag. He says bottle won’t go in bag, tiffin will be inside bag. She says come, I will drop you and then go for work. He reminds her that she has worn slipper wrong. She says sorry, I don’t know where is my mind. He says SSO. She says no, I m thinking of everyone. He says yes, Dadi, Omru and others. She says and Billu ji, you understood what I mean to say. He says I understood, when will you understand. She asks what. He asks shall I explain everything. She says come you are getting late for school, but what shall I say Billu ji, you struggle, I m with you, or that I m with your family, or I m sorry I can’t help you, what shall I say, don’t know. He looks at her. She says leave it, I will think what to say. He says what will happen of you. She says even I don’t know, come, we have to leave for school.

Om sits cleaning the brush. Riddhima comes to meet him and hugs him. He asks how are you. She says good, I went to art hub and got to know you left soon, why are you worried, did anyone say anything. He says no, but I have seen that question in their eyes, that blames on Oberoi family is true, if they taunted me, I would have not been hurt, but their silence has hurt me a lot. She says what people think and say does not matter. He says I don’t care of that, but what my family thinks and does, I care of that, I have same question in my heart too, if that blames are true then… I have spoken big about truth, but if that CD is not fake, then I have to choose between truth and family, I will support truth. She asks him not to think negative, its all lie. He asks di you think Tej and Shakti are innocent. She says yes, I gave statement in their favour, I trust you and your family, even you should trust your family.

Shivaye talks on phone and says what do you mean we don’t have votes, this takeover is imp for me, Mittals and Parekhs have backed off by our small crisis, do anything, sort this out. Pinky comes and asks him to come out, its imp.

Om holds Riddhima’s hand and says I m sorry Riddhima, I was unfair to you since few days, I overreacted on small things. She says Om its okay, I understand, we were in long distance relationship, and now I have come back, if you have space issues, its natural. He says exactly, think if two people are staying in same room, is that necessary to keep talking, sometimes heart likes to spend time alone and look outside window, you know our relation is like that room. She asks that window. He says even I m finding that window, its imp to maintain personal space in a relation, I m trying to find that balance. She says take your time, I m with you, don’t worry, I m sure your family problem will sort out. He smiles and thanks her. They hug.

Shivaye goes out and asks everyone what happened. He hugs Tia. Tia says don’t worry, I m chanting for you and your family every day, universe and I will make everything fine. He says thanks, don’t worry, I will manage. She says I m sure, mom told about Mittals and Parekhs not supporting you in the takeover. Shivaye says business has problems, its kind of normal, Tia why don’t you sit, sit Robin. Rudra asks Shivaye whats all this. Shivaye asks how is aunty. Tia says mom is in tension, she had nervous breakdown and she is in hospital. Pinky asks when.

Dadi says you did not tell us. Tia says grandma it happened so soon, doctors want to keep her under observation, Shivaye mom wants to help you in this deal. Dadi asks Tia to say clearly. Tia says what I m going to say now is my voice, but words are of mom. She tells Shivaye that we know you want to takeover Saraswati steels, but two votes are less in board of directors, we can help. Shivaye asks how. Tia says actually, my dad did major investment in that company, he is sleeping partner, mom and dad have right to vote, if they give you their votes, you can takeover Saraswati steels, and this will be big news, media focus will get off CD scandal. Shivaye says but why will they vote for us. Pinky smiles and says as you are their would be son in law. Shivaye says that would mean a lot Tia. Tia says Shivaye baby, there is a condition for this voting. They all look on.

Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen tomorrow. Shivaye says there is something you can do. Anika says tell me, I m dying to do anything. He asks her to start his wedding preparations. Anika looks at her tear on her finger. Oh jaana….plays……

Some time before, Tia says actually, there is a condition for this voting. Shivaye says can you say that again. Tia says mom wants our marriage to happen right away, when our marriage happens, mom and dad will give you their vote. Dadi asks is this marriage happening or any deal. Tia says I m just saying what my mom wants, our companies will have merger after our marriage, its 36000 crore deal, mom is saying if marriage has to happen, why later, why not now. Rudra says I want to say, why now, why not later.

Pinky says why to hurry Tia, there is no preparations. Tia says Shivaye has pushed marriage date so many times, now mom wants marriage to happen immediately, board meeting is day after tomorrow. Rudra says so? Tia says mom wants marriage to happen tomorrow. They all get shocked. Dadi asks Tia what are you saying. Tia says we will keep marriage tomorrow and will do grand reception later on. Jhanvi says relations are not joined by twisting wrists, sorry to say, I feel its blackmailing, not marriage. Tia says not really, don’t take mom wrong, if marriage was not happening, it would be blackmailing, but marriage has to happen, we are just preponing it, I hope Shivaye agrees, right Shivaye baby. Dadi says Billu’s marriage in one day.

Pinky says yes, arrangements can’t happen in one day. Tia asks Pinky to agree with her, you want this marriage to happen soon, your pandit said marriage will happen in one month, I m saying whats in your heart. Pinky says yes, you are saying right, marriage has to happen, we will keep marriage tomorrow and big functions later, Shivaye are you ready. Shivaye thinks. Anika walks in. He looks at her. Music plays…..Anika sees him.

Tia says Shivaye baby, I know you need some time, but board meeting is day after tomorrow, so you have time till today, I will wait for your call, take care. She leaves with Robin. Anika smiles seeing Tia. Anika comes to everyone. Pinky says Shivaye….. Shivaye leaves. Jhanvi asks Pinky to come with her. Om signs Rudra to come with him. Anika asks Dadi what happened. Dadi says nothing, we will talk later. They all disperse.

Anika says why does everyone look so worried today. She sees newspaper and read Oberoi family framed in death scandal. She says everyone will be worried for this. Jhanvi tells Pinky that this is blackmailing, Kapoors are not asking for relation, they are snatching. Rudra says they are keeping gun at Shivaye’s head and making him marry, Tia will come in this house permanently, my bad dream will come true, this is wrong.

Pinky says whats wrong in this, they are just hurrying, I will say a story, my dad had red old car and it needed push, even Shivaye is same, he thinks his marriage is red old car and always pushes it. Om says if Shivaye is pushing date, it does not mean Kapoors do this, relations are decided by heart, not by helpless, Kapoors are pressuring him, Shivaye should refuse. Jhanvi says definitely, Shivaye should refuse to this, Mrs. Kapoor has indirectly threatened that if marriage does not happen now, she will not help in Shivaye’s deal.

Rudra says deal, deal, Shivaye will not ruin his life for this deal, he will refuse to Tia, he knows I have problem with her. Om says its about Shivaye’s life, not yours, its serious. He says I know, I will leave house and live in outhouse, but it won’t be needed, he will not say yes. Pinky says Shivaye will not say no, he can’t miss this great deal, and about preparations, we are Oberois and can do anything on one thing, I have to hear Shivaye’s yes. Om says I just hope Shivaye says no to this deal. Shivaye talks on call and asks can we complete this deal without external help, fine…. He turns and sees Anika.

She says door was open so I came. He asks what do you want. She says you….. He looks at her. Music plays….. She says you….. you look worried, everyone look worried, I wish I could help you. He asks but why do you want to help me. She asks what. He says its okay, its my family’s problem. She says I can’t see bad happening with your family. He asks why is that, oh because you work here. She says yes, I work here, but I have relation with this house, its my best friend’s house, its that Dadi’s house who did not let me feel like a stranger, and its yours…… He looks at her and asks what….

She says no, I was just saying your Papa and Bade Papa are blamed wrong, I know this, if injustice happens with anyone, I feel Michmichi, I was thinking if I could help you, but I don’t think I can. He says its not like that, there is something you can do. She asks what, I m dying to do anything. He says start preparing for my wedding, Tia and I are marrying tomorrow. She gets shocked. O jaana…..plays…. His reflection is seen in her eye. He goes.

Jhanvi says Shivaye is saying yes for this business deal, he is in pressure, this is just not right. Dadi says getting love and snatching love has big difference, it looks like Tia is scaring Shivaye to join relation. Rudra tells Soumya that Lady baba will come in our house and breathe in same air, I have to see her every day, its better I get blindfold and become Madhari. Soumya says Madhari? Its Gandhari. He says same, she will make this house a big Reiki centre, check if I have fever. She says shut up, you don’t have fever, stop being a cry baba, I think we should support Shivaye. Pinky tells servants about Shivaye’s marriage, everything should be best, then I will give you all gold chain.

Om talks to Riddhima and says Shivaye is not handling situation right. Riddhima says that’s Shivaye, once he has taken decision, its taken. He says no, I have to talk to him, such big decisions are not taken in hurry. Sahil asks Anika is Bagad Billa marrying tomorrow, it means he will become groom tomorrow, are you saying true. Anika says I said its marriage tomorrow, why are you asking again, I m asked to do arrangements, does anyone take marriage decision in one day, does arrangements get done in one day, Shivaye could have thought, he just said its marriage tomorrow, its marriage, not halwa to make tomorrow.

Sahil says Billu had to marry some day, this is your work to plan his wedding, you said you will plan everything, now the date has come, why are you feeling irritated. She says its work pressure, so I m irritated, my work will end tomorrow after marriage, don’t worry, I will get some other work, its good he is marrying, its nice thing if someone settles, I will not come here after marriage, I will not meet anyone, but everyone here are so good, I will meet others if I want. He asks and Billu ji. She says you waste my time a lot, you just want to gossip, I have much work, I will talk later. She ends call and says Sahil’s talk never ends.

Shivaye asks what do you want to say Om, what shall I do, you know situation right, our company stocks crashed, media has make Oberoi family name a sensational headline, if takeover does not happen, we will be a laughing stock, I m ready to do anything for this business takeover. Om says we are talking about marriage and you are talking about business, we are saying relations are not business, what you are doing is not done, like you are taking biggest decision of life is not done, heart is taken and given, not sold.

Shivaye says I have no time for this emotional nonsense, how did this selling thing came in between, Tia and I were marrying. Om says we thought you will understand that you took wrong decision and chose wrong partner, I have no problem personally, I wish the best for her, but I know Tia is not right life partner for you, I hoped you will realize and change your decision. Shivaye says I don’t take decisions to change.

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Rudra says your tashan will ruin your love, why are you marrying her if you don’t love her. Shivaye says Rudra listen, me and Tia… Rudra says I know, you both are perfect and this marriage is a deal, you don’t love her. Mallika understood this in two days, why don’t you understand, how can you spend your life with her if you don’t love her. Om says Rudra is saying right, heart should agree to love someone and Ishqbaazi is necessary to be with someone forever. Rudra says Ishqbaazi, that’s the keyword, I know you are Shivaye and won’t change decision, will your height get less, fine, break this relation and put blame on me.

Shivaye says you both have lost it, got mad, I m marrying, not buying tie to change heart, Tia and I are perfect together, we are equal partners. Om says partners don’t do deal at gunpoint like Tia is doing. Shivaye says not Tia, her parents, maybe I would done the same being in their place. He says I have always admitted that this marriage is a deal, where two business houses are meeting before two families, if our family is in problem, and Kapoors are bailing us out, whats the problem, ist only practical. Om says person needs love along with money for living, you know this, you try to convince yourself, but you also know you are not happy with this marriage. Shivaye asks what do you both want from me, investigation is going on Papa and Bade Papa , our forty years credibility is at stake, you want me to forget all this and listen to my heart, believe me, my heart does not say anything to me. Rudra says it says and you don’t hear it. Shivaye asks really, what does my heart say. Rudra says Anika. Shivaye gets shocked. Anika gets her tear on her finger and gets surprised. O jaana…..plays………..

Shivaye says I thought my brothers will surely understand me, they will support me without any question, I was wrong. Rudra hugs him and says I will support you, even Om will support. Om says if this decision has your happiness, I m with you. Some time before, Shivaye asks what do you want from me, there is enquiry on Tej and Shakti, our forty years’ business credibility is at stake, and you want me to forget all this and listen to my heart, my heart does not say anything to me. Rudra says it says, but you don’t listen. Shivaye asks really, what does my heart say. Rudra says Anika. Anika walks downstairs. Shivaye asks how did she come between this. Rudra says she did not come, you got her in between. Anika walks thinking of Shivaye’s words.

Shivaye says you both are mad, you both are obsessed with her. Om says no, we are not obsessed, we are seeing what you don’t want to see and understand, you want to accept that Anika affects you a lot. She gets hurt thinking of his marriage. Om says notice it, her small things touch your heart. Shivaye recalls the party moment. Om says her presence affects you. Shivaye says it does not affect me, Mallika too said this ridiculous thing, you are repeating it, this is a good joke, just end this joke, once for all, there is nothing between me and her, she does not matter to me. Anika walks thinking…. Om asks really. Shivaye says really, she is ordinary employee whom Dadi had pity and gave work to do my wedding arrangements, she is not even qualified for that. Anika gets hurt thinking of him.

Shivaye asks whats her standard, whats her class, blood, family line, do you know anything, I don’t know, she is a cheap lower middle class girl, you both seriously think I will be interested in a girl wearing broken slipper, she has no class, she is roadside trash junk, such people don’t exist for me, I don’t think of them or talk about them, that girl is so lower than my level, where my sight does not reach. They all turn and see Anika at the door, she just entered. Shivaye gets shocked…… Om and Rudra see Shivaye. Om says you crossed all limits today Shivaye. Om and Rudra walk out.

Anika looks at Shivaye. She walks to him and says Pinky has sent these clothes for tomorrow, you choose one of these. She shows him the clothes one by one. He looks in her eyes and does not see the clothes. She shows the last one and says so did you decide. He says yes. She asks him to think once, don’t take wrong decision in hurry, what is your choice. He looks at her and says Yeh/this…..I like this…. Anika gets shaken and slips towards him. He holds her and music plays…… He says I like a lot, this is different too, but there is no class, I will go with that one….. He turns face away. She says fine, my work is over. He looks at her, still holding her hand. He realizes he is holding her hand and gets his hand away. O jaana…..plays…… She takes the other clothes. She starts leaving. He calls her out. She turns to see him. He says okay, I knew it. She leaves. O jaana….plays…….

Riddhima asks what will you guys tomorrow. Rudra says torn clothes and gets angry. Om signs whats it. Riddhima says look who is here. Riddhima congratulates Shivaye and asks what are you going to wear tomorrow. She calls Anika and says I m saying you, I should ask your boss. She asks Anika is this Shivaye’s clothes. Anika says yes. Riddhima asks Shivaye what is Tia wearing tomorrow. He says I don’t know. Riddhima says very good, you should not know, its unlucky to see bride in bridal dress before marriage, Anika what are you wearing tomorrow. Anika asks me. Riddhima says yes, you and Shivaye are important. Anika asks what. Riddhima says I mean you both are going to be stars, he is marrying and you are organizing, what are you wearing tomorrow. Anika says he decided so soon, I don’t know what to say, what to do and what to wear. Rudra and Soumya look on.

Soumya says I did not decide what to wear, will you help me out Riddhima. Riddhima says yes, even I did not decide, come lets go. They leave. Anika says I should also leave, there is much work. She turns and gets hurt by the table. Shivaye asks are you okay, whats your problem, can’t you take care, if you get hurt, what will happen of me. She looks at him. Om and Rudra too look at Shivaye. Shivaye says I mean, its much work, who will handle it, you should be careful. She says I don’t get afraid of little wounds. She goes. Shivaye goes to peel vegs. Om asks what are you doing. Shivaye says I have taken my decision, don’t start this again. Om says to be true, I m disappointed.

Shivaye says to be true, I m disappointed and hurt too, I felt my brothers will understand me and support me without any question, I was wrong. Rudra hugs Shivaye and says I will support you, even Om will support, right Om. Om says if this decision has your happiness, then we are with you. Shivaye thanks them and says if this marriage would create a crack between us, I would have broken. Om asks how can you think this, we can fight and argue, but there can never be any crack among us, never. Rudra cries. Shivaye asks what happened to you, why are you crying. Rudra says I m supporting you, but I m scared of Lady baba. Om laughs. They ask Rudra to shut up. Rudra says don’t worry, shock is new, I will be fine till tomorrow, I love you guys. He hugs them. Om and Shivaye say Rudra, your emotions are awkward.

Anika talks to Sahil and says I will get late, have food and do homework, don’t fight with Bua. Sahil says fine, I will fight less, take care. She ends call and goes to Dadi. She says Dadi, pandit ji made this items list, check once, are you fine Dadi. Dadi says don’t know, I was waiting for Billu’s marriage and did not know it would happen this way, Om says Billu is this house’s wall, I feel Billu has become stone while becoming the wall, he is not understanding that he should not do what he is doing.

Anika says I don’t know I have right to say or not, I feel Billu ji is doing this for this family’s happiness, I think family should do thing which has Billu ji’s happiness. Dadi says you are talking like Billu, you and Billu have one thing common, you both keep family before yourselves. Anika says no Dadi, there is nothing common between me and him. Dadi says maybe, but whatever it is, its equal, maybe you are right, we should do that which has Billu’s happiness, if marriage is happening, marriage should happen well, show me list. Anika shows list.

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