Game of Love Monday 1st June 2020 Written Update

Game of Love Monday 1 June 2020 Update: The Episode starts with Rudra sitting sad. Om says Shivaye refused you for car and you got sad.

Rudra says no, Shivaye said I can’t stand on my feet. He stands and says is this not my legs, I will do something, I did not think but I will buy car. Om asks waiter to get bill. Rudra pays the bill. Waiter says amount is more than bill. Rudra asks him to keep it. Waiter thanks him and goes. Rudra and Om see a girl selling her car to get money for her dad’s treatment. The man offers 25 lakhs. She asks him to pay more and asks him to see the car once, its Ford vintage car. Rudra likes the car and tells Om that its two in one car, sports and vintage, wait I will do car deal and come. Om asks him to stop.

Rudra goes to the girl and says sorry, I heard you, I m ready to pay 40 lakhs for your car. She asks are you sure. He says yes. Om calls Rudra and says she is selling one crore car in 40 lakhs, there is something fishy. Rudra says no, she is innocent face. Om says she is in burqa, how can you see her face, if she has one crore’s car, won’t she have 40 lakhs. Rudra says everyone’s bad time comes, look at her eyes. Om sees that girl and her tearful eyes. Music plays…………. She wipes her tears. Om says Rudra, please don’t hurry. Rudra says look at the car, even Shivaye would have do such deal till now. He calls Mahesh in account departments.

He pays 50 lakhs to the girl. She says I just need 40 lakhs. He says keep it, your dad is in hospital, you will need it. She says thanks, if everyone is like you in the world, it will be easy to live life, here are the car keys. Om asks what about car papers. She says its in car. Rudra sits in the car and says its first deal of my life. Om says car is not bad. Rudra says even car is not bad, Shivaye will know me now, are you coming or shall I go on drive alone. Om says you won’t change. They leave in the car. The girl removes her veil and smiles. Nachun mai aaj Chann chann……plays……….

Anika takes a stone and says I will throw it forcefully as I have thrown that chip, then it will also go there and fall at same place. She throws stone and sees the stone. She says it fell here, I will rewind mind. She recalls where she has thrown chip, and says no, my mood was very bad that day. She tries and throws stone again. She says whats happening, I have to manage, last try. She throws stone that hits inspector. She gets the chip and smiles. Inspector holds his head and stops him, while showing the stone. She gets tensed.

The man asks did the deal happen. She says yes, 50 lakhs, Papa you know I did not see such big idiots. She removes her lens and says they were cute, that long haired guy was smart, don’t know what did he think of himself, but we have fooled them. They laugh that they fool the smarter people.

Rudra says we get police protection with costly car. Om says something is wrong. The girl says I will get 1.5 crores from them, I will start research on them and laughs. Shivaye gets some call and says what, I m coming.

Shivaye goes to police station. Om and Rudra are in lockup. Inspector says sorry, we had to arrest them on theft blame, we did not file FIR. Shivaye says thanks. Om says Rudra, see how Shivaye is looking at you with love. Rudra says Om has done this deal, he liked that girl and blames Om. Shivaye says shut up, we will talk later. He asks inspector to release them. Another inspector calls Shivaye and asks can you come to police station.

Shivaye says I m in other police station. Inspector says that girl has come here and said you has sent her here, she is in lockup. Shivaye goes and meets inspector. Inspector says she has hit me, it could be big case on her. Shivaye gets her released. Inspector says go, Sir did your bail. Anika apologizes saying sorry. Shivaye says finally and turns to her. Anika says sorry inspector Sir, I did not wish to hit you, I was throwing stone and checking how far it goes, when I get angry, I feel like breaking some glass, or drive my Champa on someone.

Shivaye recalls the car glass breaking and cow dung incident. Inspector asks Champa. She says its my scooty’s name. He asks does scooty has name. She says my everything has name. Shivaye asks is she done. Anika goes with him and blames him for going to lockup twice, Sahil’s kidnapping and slipper breaking too. He asks where is the chip. She gives the chip and says now I don’t need to see your face. He says we both agree for same thing for the first time. He leaves. She gets a call and says I m coming, I will reach soon, I arranged money, I will do formalities. Shivaye hears her conversation.

Shivaye sits in his car and checks the chip. He deletes the video and thinks of his words to Om, asking him to win and not run from the reality. Anika is on the way and asks lawyer to fix her meeting with that big lawyer. Om and Rudra come home. Om says we had to go jail because of you. Rudra says its cool. Om says you say this to Shivaye. Rudra asks is Shivaye at home and walks removing his shoes. Dadi asks Rudra why is he holding shoes in hand. Rudra says this house is temple and I don’t wear shoes here.

Dadi says you party, drink and dance on music, then you know this house is temple. Shivaye comes and asks Rudra to say. He says Dadi, Rudra is shy to say, Rudra has made our name shine. Dadi asks what. Rudra asks Shivaye not to say. Shivaye says Om and Rudra did one crore’s car deal in 50 lakhs. Dadi gets glad. Shivaye says I will take them to room. Rudra says no, we will go to kitchen, your mood is better there. Shivaye pulls his ear and takes him. Anika talks to canteen authority man about tender. He says tenders will open in a week. She thanks him.

Shivaye, Rudra and Om go to kitchen. Rudra asks whats this dish. Shivaye says don’t touch this, I did marination in morning, as you guys did not let me work. Om says don’t touch it Rudra, Shivaye is touchy for himself, hair and his dish, whats this Taj mahal today. Shivaye says I tried a new dish today. He jokes and they all laugh. Tej comes there and looks on. Rudra says I m very hungry. Tej says yes, you won’t get good food in jail.

Jhanvi gets shocked seeing Tej and Shwetlana’s video in breaking news, where Tej says I will give divorce to Jhanvi, so that we can get legally together.

Tej saying you would be hungry Rudra, you won’t get good food in jail. Pinky goes to Jhanvi and gets shocked seeing her unconscious. Tej says good news travel fast and bad news travels faster, I know Shivaye has got Om and Rudra out of jail, did you guys think I won’t get this news. Shivaye says it was a small thing, come join us for lunch. Tej says no, anyone would say Tej Oberoi is dining with two thieves. Rudra signs to Om. Om argues with Tej. Shivaye says food will be made soon. Rudra cracks joke and laughs. Tej asks whats the joke. Shivaye says food will be ready in 2mins, don’t be angry, have food.

Dadi, Pinky, Priyanka cry and try to wake up Jhanvi. They see the breaking news. Tej talks to Shivaye about business. Om asks them can’t we stop taking interest in business for some time. Shivaye nods. Tej asks Om can he take interest in business for some time. Shivaye serves food to Tej. Tej likes it. they get surprised. Rudra asks Shivaye to pinch him. Shivaye pinches him. Rudra says its not a dream, dad really complimented you. Tej says you all feel I can’t compliment anyone, I m some monster, maybe you all said no, I did not hear. Rudra says we did not say anything. Om says but our silence gave answer. Shivaye coughs. Tej starts laughing. Rudra says Papa and hugs him.

Dadi rubs Jhanvi’s hands and shouts Shivaye. They all hear Dadi and rush. Jhanvi gets conscious. They all see the breaking news and are shocked. Tej says this video is fake, its morphed, its enemy’s plan. Roop says how did this video come, now Jhanvi will finish many bottles.

Shakti asks Tej do you know how we will get defamed by this video, we will have to bear this punishment for your mistake. Pinky asks what about my son’s marriage, if Tia’s mum sees this news, she will doubt you will sit instead Shivaye in mandap. Tej says shut up, this is not true, do you all think I m such fallen man. Jhanvi says we don’t think, we know it, you are such a creep. Tej asks are you mad. She holds his collar and says what can we expect from you. He raises hand on her and stops. They all cry. Shivaye says enough, what are you all doing. Tej says don’t ask me, ask Jhanvi, control her, not me. Shivaye says okay, stop it, all of you.

Canteen lady’s son asks her how long will Anika stay here. Lady says don’t know, till she finds a place. Anika and Sahil hear them. The boy says my exams are close and this house is small for us. Sahil asks Anika what will they do now, Bua made us leave and we are homeless.

Shivaye asks did you all think of Om, he was shattered, I made him well, if this happens again, I can’t help him. He asks where is Om and rushes. Roop smiles. Shivaye and Rudra try to find Om. Shivaye says I will check if Om has pills, he would be disturbed. Rudra goes and shouts Bhaiya. Shivaye rushes and they see Om lying in the pool. They get shocked. Shivaye shouts Om and goes to him. Rudra stands in shock.

Anika and Sahil come back to Bua’s house. Bua asks her did she enjoy with Shivaye, why did she come back, you said big things, what happened now. Anika says I understood lately, that this house is legally Sahil’s. Sahil says we are owners of this house. Anika asks Bua not to say anything to Sahil, else I will call police. She takes Sahil to room.

Shivaye hits the reporter and asks how dare you air this news on your channel, who gave you this news. The man says a girl came and gave that chip, she asked for big amount for this news. Shivaye recalls Anika’s conversation. He goes to Anika’s house and she gets shocked seeing him.

He angrily holds her against the wall and asks what’s your price. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, things to be sold has a price, I m not on sale. He argues. She I had doubt before and now I m sure you are mad. He asks for how much did you sell that chip. She says I sell puri chole, not potato chips. He says last chance, answer me. She says I did not sell, I gave you that chip.

He asks do you realize what happened with me because of you. She says I just know nothing happened because of me, are you leaving or shall I remove my slipper. She pushes him. He stops her and walks to her. He holds her hand and twists. She gets hurt and looks at him. She bites his hand. She says I think you did not fly kites in childhood, else you would know hand gets hurt when you touch sharp thread. He says I know, but its necessary to touch thread to break it. She says its not easy to break me. He says I don’t like things done easier, its fun to break tough things.

Everyone sit around Om and cry. Jhanvi says if anything happened to you Omkara, I would have shattered. Roop says I have died if anything happened to Om. Pinky asks are you mad. Dadi stops them. Shakti asks doctor do we need to take Om to hospital. Doctor says no, you all are lucky as things did not get worse, it was a close fall. Tej looks at Om. Om sees Tej and closes his eyes. Tej leaves. Pinky says Tej did not say anything today, what a reaction, strange. Dadi stares at Pinky. Om asks Dadi where is Shivaye. He signs Rudra and asks. Rudra signs don’t know. Om thinks to find Shivaye.

Anika asks Shivaye could he not keep chip fine, you dropped it in police station, inspector gave me and I had thrown it, you were dying for it, so I went to station. He says its all your plan. She asks why will I do this. He says why you all do this, you are a gold digger. She asks jeweler? He says gold digger means one who can fall to any extent for money. She asks him to get out. He walks to her. She asks him not to get close and gets a glass. He takes the glass from her hand and throws it. He crushes the glass and says just glass broke today, your breaking and shattering is still to happen.

Shivaye introducing himself. Bua says Anika, he is a very big man. Anika asks why, does he wear 11 number shoe, this is my brother’s house and I won’t allow anyone here. Neighbors say this is good people’s locality, he can’t come here like this. Anika asks will you go now, think again before putting on sale tag on any middle class girl, not everyone rich is ill mannered like you, and not all poor people are on sale, my hardwork, self esteem, honesty and I m not on sale. Shivaye says all these are on sale in the world, your hardwork, honest and self esteem, and you, I will buy all this in such a low rate, you will know your price, first I will buy you and then I will throw you. He leaves.

Tej asks how dare you …. Shwetlana asks what do you mean. He says don’t act innocent, did you not give that tape to media. She asks do you think I will backstab you. He says the one who is close does the cheat. She says world is making joke on me, we both are victim, someone is trying to defame us. She cries and says I know it happened wrong, but the matter is true, you were going to give divorce to Jhanvi, now world knows this, whats the big deal. He says big deal is my son was going to give his life, for me my son is very imp, I know I could not become good father and good son, but I love him. She says even I love Omkara, I will die before cheating you. He says I will find out who did this, if you have anything to do with this, you will watch it. He leaves. She says I gave this chip to Meera, and she is out of Indian, who gave this to media then. Someone comes to meet her. She asks you…..

Anika picks the glass pieces and recalls Shivaye’s words. She gets hurt and cries. Shivaye is at his home. Dadi asks where were you. He asks is Om fine. She says yes, he is resting in his room. He says Om will get fine, I m here. She says I know, everything will get fine as you are here. He hugs Dadi.

Shwetlana asks what are you doing here. Roop smiles and says you are my would be Parjai, our trick worked, we should have sweets. Shwetlana says Tej is angry today. Roop says you know what to do. Shwetlana asks will I do everything. Roop says I did a lot till now, I provoked Ashok’s wife to attack on Shivaye, I saved Shivaye to show family, I leaked video in media and then there was a blast in that family. Shwetlana says your entry happened because of me, I broke the security so that you can reach anywhere, I made you reach Oberoi family, now you have to make sure I take Jhanvi’s place. Roop promises and they smile.

Shivaye goes to see Om and cries. He covers him and gets leaving. Om wakes up and asks are you so annoyed that you won’t see me. Shivaye says you would have not done this if you thought about us. Omkara says listen to me brother. Shivaye asks him not to call him brother, else he would have thought once, do anything Om, I don’t care. He leaves. Rudra looks on.

Shivaye goes to cook, and Om helps him. Shivaye does not take his help, and Om keeps on trying by passing tea ingredients. Shivaye turns. Om hugs him and cries. He apologizes. Shivaye says just leave and makes him away. He says I will just slap you, how dare you, did I stop you for anything, everything is allowed to you, except one thing, leaving me is not allowed. He cries and pats/slaps Om, then caresses him saying sorry. Om says sorry, I can’t leave you, else I would have died before, I can’t go away from my brothers. They hug and cry.

Bua asks Anika what affair does she has with Shivaye, I m losing name in locality. She scolds Sahil and cleans face with towel given by Sahil. Her face turns face and Sahil laughs. Bua sees her face and gets angry. She tells Anika that this black color will go, but black color on your character will not get off, i can’t bear you here, leave from here. Anika says I should tell you, I m getting college canteen contract, I just have to sign, if your drama does not end, I won’t give you anything, remember whose house is this. Sahil says we are house owners. Anika says you don’t pay rent, if you have to stay here, keep your manners. Bua goes. Anika tells Sahil that everything will get fine after she gets canteen contract. She promises and hugs him.

Om says I broke down seeing my mum in that state, I was much scared and wanted to run, that’s why I took pills to sleep, I did not wish to die, I took wrong pills by mistake. He cries. Shivaye says you can’t do this, I know life is not easy, there are challenges, we can fall weak, its allowed, but we can’t fall lonely, that’s not allowed.

Shivaye says call me, talk to me when there is any problem, I will be there. Rudra says Shivaye breaks phones mostly, don’t take tension, talk to me. Shivaye says we are stories of same story, our names are also linked as us, Omkara, Rudra and Shivaye are Lord Shankar’s ansh, if anything happens to you, I can’t live, I know if anything happens to me, you both can’t live, we are one for all, all for one, I love you guys. They hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nai…..…plays………….

Om and Shivaye joke on Rudra. Rudra asks Shivaye are our names as Lord Shankar. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says I thought its Ajay Devgan’s movies names. Shivaye pats on his face.

Anika opening the door. Shivaye throws water on her face. Some time before, Shivaye talks to his brothers about relations. Rudra jokes to say his logic. Shivaye asks Om did you say this to Riddhima. Om signs no. Rudra asks who is Riddhima, oh, that one, she roams a lot, I forget her, her name is funny. He jokes. Shivaye says you have problem with Tia, not Riddhima. Rudra says I have problem when girls become something more than girlfriends. Shivaye asks whats the problem. They have a light talk. Rudra says till we are together, we don’t need anyone, I mean we can need anyone biologically. Shivaye and Om pat on his face, and they laugh.

Anika asks the man how did she not get the contract. The man says you got it, but it got rejected by college’s new trustee, you may meet him, he just left. She runs to stop the trustee. The guy/Shivaye leaves in his car. Anika worries and tells the man that she did not meet trustee. He says fine, I will give his office address, go there and talk to him. She thanks him.

Jhanvi sees Om sleeping and smiles. She covers him with blanket and Tej stops her, saying Om does not like to sleep with face covered. They talk about Om’s childhood. She says our fight has affected Om, we wanted to save him from everything, we wanted to make him sleep early. Tej says he used to stay awake and become part of our conversations. She says when our fights increased, Om went to temple with Dadi, he used to pray that he fails, because if he passes in exams, he has to marry soon, and he did not like to fight after marriage. She cries and says we did a mistake Tej, we both changed. Tej says there is no use to discuss this, I live in present, lets deal with what we have today. He leaves.

Shivaye and Tia talk on phone. She tells about her many followers, they are giving us best wishes, their Karma is linked with ours. He says don’t know about others, but she got linked. She asks what. He says nothing, and asks for three days time. She asks him to take time, but whats your problem. He thinks of Anika and Om’s state. He says I just need three days. She says fine.

Anika goes to meet Mr. Mukherjee. The lady asks her to wait. Anika says I will wait, I have much time. Rudra sees Om sleeping and takes selfie with him. Om asks what are you doing. Rudra says I m taking selfie, pout. They take selfies. Rudra hugs him. Shivaye comes and says this proximity is not good in brothers. Rudra pulls him and asks him to pose for selfie. Shivaye asks Om to explain Rudra not to joke about Tia. Om says I had a dream today, mom and dad were talking normally. Rudra says this can happen just in dream. Shivaye says you promised me, you won’t think about this again. Om says I m trying, what to do, I can’t fight with my thoughts, like you, even you can’t stop thinking about that girl. Shivaye asks who, Anika. Om and Rudra smile. Shivaye says I don’t think about her. Rudra says lie. Shivaye says she does not matter to me, I forgot everything, temple incident, landslide….. He recalls and says when I have thrown her in pool, when I went to her home… I have forgotten. Om says exactly, you don’t remember anything. Rudra jokes on Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Om when is Riddhima coming. Om says she is coming next week, she is shooting documentary in Jharkhand. Rudra says interesting. Shivaye asks don’t you have any jokes on Riddhima. Rudra says no, that’s just for Tia. Shivaye jumps to beat him. They laugh. Anika says I m waiting since three hours. The lady says he would be just coming.

Pinky sends her maid out. Roop comes to Pinky and says its fake right. Pinky says strange, the earrings are worth 12 lakhs. Roop says I m saying aboutTej and Jhanvi’s relation, I can’t see Om’s tears, this time it’s the end. Pinky says it already ended. Roop says there is nothing in joint family, its all joint, this divorce will affect you too. Pinky says it won’t matter to me, don’t say nonsense. Roop says Oberoi heir’s decision will be made after divorce. Pinky asks how. Roop says think if Tej and Jhanvi get divorced, Om will be shattered, he won’t be able to do business, Shivaye’s way will get clear. Pinky says you have far sight, but its not sure about their divorce. Roop says but we can break their relation, its your profit. Pinky asks why are you saying this to me. Roop says because of Shakti, Tej has done injustice with him, I won’t let him do injustice with Shivaye.

The lady tells Anika that Sir has come, and asks her to meet. Anika thanks her. She goes and opens the door. Shivaye throws water on her face and she gets shocked seeing him there. He says this was the principal….. and walks to her. She looks at him. He throws remaining water on her and drops the glass. He says this was the interest.


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