Game of Love Tuesday 16th June 2020 Written Update

Game of Love 16th June 2020: On Game of Love Tuesday 16 June 2020 Written Update, shivay and anika holding each other and shivay saying her thanks to her. Also then it is seen shivay and anika dancing on the song paan banara wala

Game of Love Monday 15th June 2020 Written Update

Now some time before, everyone is enjoying then rudra says lets play something anika suggest to play antakshri but mallika object then rudra say lets play truth and beer soumya corrects him as truth and dare, he asks priyanka to bring bottle. All gather in a circle around the table rudra says they have 2 choices either truth or dare anf he will take pics he flips the bottle and it stops on omkara. shivay says what will omkara say he is already a idol of truth rudra flips it again it stops somewhere between soumya and tia. tia tells soumya to tell but she says it stopped on tia they argue rudra says if she(soumya) is saying then let it be. om and shivay stare him. He again flips it it stops on priyanka she dances then on mallika she also dances then on sounya she says the truth she is gonna say rudra would not be ablr to take it it about romi. She says romi is not what he thinks of her rudra say she is cute this is like her home only and is she feels scared she can come to sleep with him all stare him. He corrects that she can go to anyone all are family. he again flips the bottle it stops on tia she dances shivay gives annoyed look. the they all go to dance. in between there is some conversation between roop and gayatri. roop couldnt get the locker pin and they talk about the same. Then all are seen dancing on chull, shivay is standing alone mallika rolls and he stills her she asks truth or dare he says truth she asks when you dont love tia why you marring her hechanges the topic she goes back and dances on chull with anika. Now anika rolls and shivay stops her they stare mallika asks tia when did she and shivay met for first she say about of universe. rudra say i am tried of taking pics why should i alone take them the puts the camera on video . it captures shivay and anika he says i will tell you truth then you tell me truth he first says thanks for patch up thing and then he say she is weird but cute and also the words she use she say u called me cute? he say now you tell she say your kanji eyes he says not to start again she says are very beautiful and somtimes she wonder which color is that he say he also wonder from where she get thode words from. He says he will make a dictionary words by anika. they talk the camera records all this. Shivay asks her why there is so silence they see all are sleep. Then music plays and they dance it is also captured. in the morning janvi and pinky wonder why there is soo silence janvi says they must have slept early a bottle of wine comes in their way pinky asks her she also went to the party janvi stares, they come to the pool place and see everyone asleep pinky says let me bring water they will wake that way only. janvi stops her.

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Mallika asks Anika to have some juice. Anika does not like taste and dips her face in water. Shivaye laughs. Some time before, Jhanvi and Pinky see Rudra, Omkara, Soumya and Priyanka sleeping on the ground. Pinky says they all got drunk. Jhanvi asks how, what happened. Shivaye and Anika are sleeping. Anika is in his arms. Shivaye wakes up and gets shocked seeing her in his arms. Pinky says I will get bucket of water and put on them.

Jhanvi says this is not good. Pinky says I would have slapped them and woke them up. Pinky wakes up Rudra and asks shall I slap you. She asks Priyanka are you also with them. Priyanka says punch….. Shivaye gets up. Pinky wakes up Omkara…. I wish to cut your hair. Om says please talk in low tone. Pinky asks what about all this. Jhanvi says everyone go to your rooms before Dadi comes. Pinky asks where is Shivaye. Shivaye falls over Anika. Their heads strike. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing him. He shuts her mouth to stop her scream and signs her to see. Pinky and Jhanvi see Shivaye. Pinky asks him to come out, what is he doing behind pools. She says look at your state, you look 6 year old Shivaye. Shivaye says mom…. Anika gets up… Pinky, Jhanvi, Om, Rudra, Soumya and Priyanka get shocked.

Pinky asks what were you doing together, why are you both behind there. Jhanvi asks what happened yesterday night. Om says Rudra make us drink fruit punch. Jhanvi says Rudra we need to talk, did you add alcohol in punch. Rudra says no, maybe Chubby ahead, I m your Raja Beta. Pinky says I will make you band baja beta, tell me what happened. Soumya says we were just talking. Om says we played some game, then its all blank. Priyanka says I don’t remember anything. Pinky asks Shivaye to recall what happened, I made you eat 21 badams since childhood. Shivaye recalls his moment with Anika at the party, and gets stuck at their moment…. Anika too recalls the same moment. They see each other. Pinky says I can see your face and can know yesterday’s video is going on in your mind. Shivaye and Anika say nothing. Anika says even I don’t remember anything.

Shivaye says I have headache. Pinky asks where is Tia. Jhanvi asks for Mallika. Tia and Mallika come. Tia rests her head on Shivaye’s shoulder. Pinky pities her. Rudra laughs. Om asks whats so funny. Rudra taunts on Shivaye’s character and Rasleela, see his past, present and future is with him. Om says yes, ex, current Gf and.,.., Rudra says and the one which we want for him. They laugh. Shivaye asks why are you laughing. Rudra says on you, I can’t manage one and you are managing three. Shivaye asks Rudra to shut up and asks Om to teach Rudra. Om says you are teaching him. They joke.

Dadi comes and says where are children, Shivaye is not making breakfast today. Pinky and Jhanvi hear Dadi’s call and rush to stop Dadi. They lie to Dadi that children had a get together and slept after having milk. Pinky says come with me, we will discuss about gifting Khannas. She signs Jhanvi.

Priyanka and Soumya try to recall. Anika says leave it, it will be headache. Soumya says we played a game. Tia says we danced. Shivaye says no, there was no dancing. Mallika says come on, which is such party where there is no dance. Anika says its not compulsory. Shivaye says we are Punjabis, but there is no baraat, no dance. Anika says we spoke a lot, right Billu ji. Shivaye says yes, we just spoke, nothing else. Mallika says I m sure something big happened. Soumya says yes, we played truth and dare, such big things happen in that game. Shivaye recalls telling Anika that she is irritating, but cute. Anika recalls complimenting Shivaye that his blue eyes are very beautiful. Jhanvi asks them to go to rooms, she will get place cleaned. They all go.

Anika goes to kitchen and has headache. Shivaye holds his head and comes there. They both see each other and recall their lovey moment. Anika thinks its good Billu ji does not remember anything, else I would have got shy to stand infront of him. Shivaye recalls complimenting her and thinks its good Anika does not remember anything, else it would be so awkward. Anika says I came in your kitchen, don’t scold me, I have headache so I came to make something. He says even I had ache, I will make something. They both get colliding and stop. Jhanvi asks Tia to have lemon water, all the hangover will go. Rudra drinks and asks for more. Tia says why does universe not wishing to end my headache. Rudra says I can do that by a punch. Tia says no need, thanks, send me party pics so that I can share. Rudra recalls keeping phone on for video, and says I have something which she does not, I have party video, yes…..

Rudra says where is my mobile, maybe it fell in party area, I will get it. Shivaye and Anika’s heads strike. She collides again saying heads should strike twice, else horns grow. She tells what pandit says about horn story of cat and cow. He asks what about cat. She says Bhagad Billa. Mallika comes and asks what are you both doing here, what secret talk is going on, whats happening. Shivaye says lemon fell, so… Anika says yes, 4 rupee note fell. Shivaye asks what, 4 rupee note, did you ever see. She says I did not see America, but its there. Mallika says did I not say your talk never ends. Shivaye and Anika say its not like that. Mallika says I will make special drink, everyone will get normal by having it. Shivaye says give anything to her, she won’t get normal. Mallika beats eggs and makes some drink. Anika makes face. Rudra looks for his phone and says I got tired and lied down here, where did phone go. He thinks.

Mallika says its strange, everything got blank. Anika and Shivaye agree and say its total blank. Mallika says fine, its blank, why do you both behave strange. Shivaye says no, and signs Anika. They both start fake arguing to show Mallika. Shivaye says see we are fighting like every day. Mallika says nice try both of you, I m not a kid, there is something strange. Shivaye says no, this is made good. Mallika says you have to drink this without tasting in one go. Mallika and Shivaye drink it. Anika says no, it has raw egg. Mallika says really, I know, I added it. Anika says no, I fel michmichi. Anika says I can’t, yuck, it goes by mouth, so it will taste. Mallika makes her drink. Anika dips her face in water mouth and gargles. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika sees him laughing. He stops laughing. Mallika smiles….

Shivaye and Anika see the vide. Anika calls him Chant…. He asks her to watch out her language, do you think just you know such wriggling ways. He smiles. They do high five and see each other. Some time before, Anika dips her face in the water bowl. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika smiles and looks at him. He stops laughing. She says its okay Shivaye, you can laugh, its not a smile. Anika gets up. Shivaye sees her and gives her a towel to clean her face. She says you are witness, if Rudra gives me water, I will not drink. Rudra comes and says you all will praise me now, I got my phone in which there is video recording, we will know what all we missed. Shivaye recalls the moment and asks whats in that video. Rudra says everything. Anika asks everything… Shivaye says I don’t remember. Mallika says that’s great, Rudra is rockstar. Shivaye and Anika recall the dance.

Rudra asks everyone to have patience. He tries to play video. Pinky asks which video. Rudra says party video. Soumya asks him not to say. Pinky says we want to see what all you did in party. Rudra says sit, I will play it. Soumya and Priyanka ask him not to play video, there can be anything. Shivaye and Anika say nothing happened. Mallika says you guys are behaving strange, as if something happened. Shivaye and Anika boast of their sharp memories. Mallika asks Shivaye where did we go on first date. He says dinner. She says we did not go. Shivaye says yes, I remember. Mallika asks them to stop overacting, come and see video. Mallika gets Siddharth’s call.

Anika says I don’t know whats need to see video. Shivaye says yes, why are people taking cameras in mobile phone. She says I use just old phones, which are used to talk and break. He says why are we worried, there is nothing in video. She says yes, and recalls complimenting his eyes. He recalls dancing with her. He says even then I think no one should see that video. She says yes, we should see it. He asks do you remember. She asks do you remember. He says no. She says then I also don’t know. He recalls and says okay I remember. She says even I remember. They say we have to stop and run.

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Rudra says this video is not for small children, I request all of the parents to take children’s permission before watching the video. Shivaye and Anika come. Shivaye asks did video start. Pinky says Shivaye is excited to see video. They all ask what happened. Shivaye says its not cool to see old party videos. Om asks why are you touchy about this video. Shivaye says there is nothing, why to waste time seeing it. Anika says no no….. Soumya asks what happened. Anika says eyes will get weak seeing video in phone. Rudra says I bought big tv. She says that aches head, seeing happiness video catches bad sight. Rudra says I have to see it.

Roop tells Gayatri that I got locker code, we will open locker and ruin Oberoi family. Pinky asks Rudra to show video and they will see what happened in party. Rudra plays the video. They see everyone dancing on Ladki beautiful…… song. Anika starts acting that she is feeling dizzy and falls over the phone. The video stops. Jhanvi asks are you fine. Mallika holds Anika. Anika says I had headache. She signs Shivaye she is acting. Rudra sees video in phone and says whats this….. Shivaye and Anika worry. Rudra says my phone hanged again….. Anika gets relieved and then gets acting again. Shivaye says what is the need to see video and takes phone. Mallika observes Anika and Shivaye. Shivaye says damn video, I will delete it.

Anika comes and stops him. He says you showed presence of mind in hall. She says I look so so but I m sharp. He says I m deleting video. She nods and says delete it, there should be no memory of yesterday night, it had no meaning. He says yes, I m deleting it. She says yes and goes. Shivaye sees video. He sees that moment, wherein he tells Anika that Rudra added something in punch, we both are drunk. He sees Anika beside him, watching video. She says you were deleting it. He says yes, I was checking. She asks what. He says which portion to delete. She asks did you check it. He says yes, I will delete now. She says wait, I also have to check. He says oh yes, and plays video. They see the moment.

Shivaye calls her cute and she compliments his eyes. Shivaye smiles seeing video, and then controls smile seeing her beside. They see their dance. He says its over, it has no meaning. She says yes, it has no meaning? He says Rudra made us drink punch. She says yes, else this would have not happened. He says never, so shall I delete it, I mean I m deleting it. Mallika comes. Shivaye hears her and says I will delete it soon. Shivaye and Anika delete video.

Anika says we deleted it, what will we say if anyone asks about video. He says I have an idea. He puts some other video. She says great, you are really Chant, I mean Chantomind. He says watch that language, you think just you know wrong twisty ways. They do a high five and look at each idea. He says Mallika…… and hands over phone to Anika. Rudra says I got phone from room, see the video. They see the video of Rudra doing pushups and staring at girls. Soumya laughs. Rudra switches off the video and says what to see video, we will go out, its good weather. Soumya asks do you make such videos. He says no, I did not make this, we will see news.

They see reporter saying people maybe thinking Mallika has run away from marriage and would be crying, but no she is partying, we have exclusive party pics, have a look. They see Mallika and Shivaye’s pics. Om asks how did they get pics. Rudra says just Lady baba and I had pics, jaybe she has put on social networking account and media got pics from there. Reporter says Mallika is with her ex, who happens to be Siddharth’s rival. Mallika cries and goes. Shivaye calls out Mallika and goes after her.

Shivaye gets Tej’s call. Tej asks where are you, come and talk to me, its urgent. Shivaye says I have some work. Tej says I said just come, its urgent, hurry up. Anika asks Shivaye to go. He says I have to talk to Mallika. She says I will talk to her, you go. Shivaye goes to meet Tej. Anika goes to Mallika and sees her packing her bag. Mallika says good you came, give this bridal dress to someone. Anika says its your bridal dress. Mallika says yes, give it to anyone. Anika asks how. Mallika says throw it in garden, burn it or sell it on internet, I don’t want this, I need a favor, I want some money, I will return it soon, tell Priyanka that I borrowed some of her clothes, I will return that too. Anika asks where will you go. Mallika says don’t know and cries.

Rudra runs with Mallika’s bag. She asks him to stop. Siddharth Rana walks in. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Mallika and everyone see Siddharth. Shivaye says Siddharth Vikram Rana……. Some time before, Tej asks Shivaye to manage this. Shivaye says I did not think Ranas can fall so low. Tej says they have seen your pic with Mallika and send this legal notice for keeping their Mallika here, they have put many charges, their reputation spoiled and they want to drag us in dirt, there is a solution, let Mallika go, it won’t be good if that girl stays here, Oberoi family respect can’t be put at stake for one girl, did you get it Shivaye… He goes.

Mallika says you know Anika, when Shivaye and I were dating, whenever I had a problem, I used to come to Shivaye, as he had solutions always and no problems came to him, but Siddharth Vikram Rana is such problem which can come to Shivaye, I don’t want Shivaye to face problems, and I don’t want to face Siddharth. Anika says but you have to face him. Mallika says yes, but not now. Shivaye comes and says Mallika. She says I know I should not run and confront Siddharth, but I don’t want to. He wipes her tears and says when you came here, I told you I m with you in every decision, you are imp for me. She asks will you manage, shall I run away. He says do what you find right, I will handle everything. She thanks and hugs him. Anika smiles.

Shivaye recalls Mallika and Tej’s words. Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks what happened Billu, why are you so worried. Shivaye says Dadi……. She asks are you worried for Mallika. He says ya, Dadi you know Ranas are our family’s enemies since 30 years, they are not decent, this time they are involving our family in this scandal. Dadi says you are thinking what to do, support family or Mallika, keeping enmity with Rana or friendship with Mallika. He says I don’t know what to do. She says I know whatever you will do will be right. He says I did not understand. She says ask yourself what should Shivaye Singh Oberoi do in such situation, you will get answer.

Rudra comes to Mallika. She says Shivaye, you got late, is taxi arranged, I have to leave. Rudra comes infront and asks are you running again. She says yes, I don’t want to hear your lecture. He says I won’t let you run again, and runs with her shoes. She asks him to stop and runs after her. Shivaye looks on.

Anika comes to Shivaye. He does not see her and ask what happened Anika. She asks how do I know its me. He says I could feel you. She signs what. He asks what work do you have. She says I don’t know to tell this to you or not, its about Mallika’s life, I have to say, I have a plan, don’t refuse, hear it out once, for Mallika’s sake. She tells her plan. He says this plan won’t work, no. she says maybe, but it can work too, if there is 1% chance for plan to work, I think we should try, you are a good businessman, I mean big businessman, you can take a chance, it won’t spoil things. He agrees. She asks can you do this. He says of course, I was going to do this even if you did not come here. She says you do as I said. He says I know how to talk to my business rival. She says don’t call him rival Billu ji.

He says don’t call me that, and don’t teach me. He calls Siddharth and says you would know why I called. Siddharth says so, I was waiting for your explanation. Shivaye says I don’t give explanation to anyone. Anika says we decided something else. Siddharth says you don’t have any explanation, there is something decency in enmity. Shivaye says I m glad to learnt this word decency. They argye. Siddharth says we have sent legal notice to you. Shivaye says its about Mallika. Siddharth says don’t dare to take her name. Shivaye says you are not worth her. Siddharth says Shivaye Singh Oberoi……. Shivaye says don’t raise your voice, I need to talk about Mallika.

Siddharth asks him to say. Shivaye pauses…… Anika takes the phone and talks. Siddharth asks who’s that. Anika says SSOO, Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s organizer, whatever I will say now will be my voice, but Shivaye’s emotions, did you think of Mallika, she spoiled things, but she is managing it alone, think of all the moments spent with Mallika, come and take your bride, she needs you a lot. Siddharth says thanks SSOO. Anika smiles. Shivaye says don’t do this alone, don’t snatch my phone and don’t call yourself SSOO, you are not my organizer.

Om talks to Mallika. She asks him to say anything else than his difficult shayari. He says I did not like your running away from marriage, but I liked your coming to our home, I hope you won’t go away from our lives. Rudra says where is Shivaye. She says he was arranging taxi for me. Shivaye comes. Mallika says I need to go. Rudra says no one will stop her, and runs with her bag. She asks are you mad, get my bag back, first you have run away with my shoes, some back. Rudra stops and takes a breath. Siddharth walks in. Mallika and everyone see Siddharth.

They all look at Siddharth. Siddharth walks to Mallika, and Shivaye gets in between to secure her. Siddharth and Shivaye give rival look to each other. Tej asks what, is he here in Oberoi mansion. He rushes to see. Pinky tells Dadi that Siddharth Vikram Rana has come. Siddharth says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says Rana…. Siddharth says I m impressed by your progress, won’t you thank me, your resoluteness to go ahead of me got you here. Shivaye says no, resoluteness to leave you behind. Siddharth says fine, my enmity is useful for people. Shivaye says there is not much difference between your friendship and enmity, your enemies run away from you and even your friends.

Soumya and Priyanka come and see Siddharth. Mallika gets angry on Shivaye and says even there is less difference between your friendship and enmity, you called Siddharth here. Shivaye says I called him here, as I m your friend, you should talk to him, come on. He gets her infront and says you can’t run more, come on say it. Siddharth looks at everyone. He says personal talk infront of so many people, fine, if that’s the only option. Siddharth asks Mallika why did you run away from marriage. Rudra and Anika ask Mallika to say. Shivaye holds her and asks her to say it. Siddharth looks at Shivaye. Mallika says don’t you know.

Siddharth asks how will I know, you did not tell me, no call or message, you just run away from marriage. She says problem does not come in relationship overnight, we had issues since many days. He asks what problem. She cries and says when a girl marries and goes to her husband’s house, by leaving her family, it’s a big thing, after marriage, inlaws become her priority, I know we hear Sasural and Maayka in daily soaps, but trust me, it matters to a Indian girl, we girls are told always that Sasural is her home, you, your family and work were my priority, I expected you all to give importance to my work, which you did not. Shivaye looks on.

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