Game of Love Tuesday 2nd June 2020 Written Update

Game of Love 2 June 2020: Shivaye throwing water on Anika’s face. Anika gets shocked seeing him there. He says this was the principal….. and walks to her.

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She looks at him. He throws remaining water on her and drops the glass. He says this was the interest. Shivaye says I m businessman and always settle scores, what happened, won’t you say anything. She says I have to meet Mr. Mukherjee. He says this is your problem, you want to meet small people, when Mukherjee’s boss is here, what’s the use to meet Mukherjee. She looks at him.

Ishana, the girl who fooled Rudra and did car deal, plays song and dances on Baby ko bass pasand hai…… She does research on Om, Rudra and Shivaye. Her dad asks why is she happy. Ishana says I did all research on Oberoi family. He asks her to start the show. She tells about the eldest son Shivaye. Another girl says he will be right, he is eldest. Ishana says no, he is getting engaged and is very rude, its complicated, and this is youngest one, Rudra. Other girl says he is easy. Ishana says no, he changes four girls a day, this is my target, Omkara, he is an artist and selfmade crorepati, its tough to trap him but its not impossible, once he is trapped, he will be totally trapped, so he is final, be ready Omkara.

Anika asks is this your office, are you trustee of this office. Shivaye says yes, this is my office, I have bought this office and college. She says it means you got my contract rejected. Shivaye says you are much foolish than you look. She turns and thinks of her promise to Sahil. She says I deserve that tender. He says I will decide that.

Om travels in train, and that girl reaches him. She says there are many cars and he is travelling in train. She follows Om.

Anika says I quoted best price in my tender. Shivaye walks to her and says I will decide whats the price of everything, won’t you give speech on your self esteem, honesty and hardwork. She recalls his words. He asks what happened to your self respect today. She returns his money and says that day you have thrown money, Bua picked some of it, I was having this to return to you. He says and the award for best actor in Khuddaar role goes to Anika… what’s surname. She looks at him.

Ishana follows Om. Om looks at the sea and she records him. Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi…. I m helpless, that’s why I m silent, else you know I have a tongue too. He says attitude, what did you say in first meet, I told you I will break this attitude in three days, you said you are not one to be sold out, you will come to me and beg me for money, then I will tell you your price, get out. She cries seeing him and leaves.

Om sits somewhere and makes some drawing. Ishana hides her face and gives him tea. He pays some money. Ishana gets some call and says Om is very strange, but its fun. She gets glad and goes.

Its night, Shakti tells Pinky that they should not interfere in Tej and Jhanvi’s divorce. She says its about Shivaye’s future. He says don’t worry, he can make his future on his own. She asks why, if he can get readymade future, Shivaye follows all this, the other two guys are useless, but Tej is elder to you and will make Om the heir, if Roop wants to help me, what’s the harm. He says you don’t know Roop, she is my sister, I know her, Roop can’t be anyone’s friend, its better if you stay away from her. She says you have put me in big confusion, what shall I do now.

Sahil troubles Bua and ties her with rope. She asks him to leave her. Anika comes home. Bua asks her to see what Sahil did. Anika frees Bua. Bua says he is my real brother’s son, he gives me sorrow, he agrees to you, its enough. Anika says you won’t touch him, and asks Sahil not to treat Bua badly. She asks Bua to go to room. Sahil says my exams are coming, Bua is not letting me do homework. She sends him. She says how long will this go on, I want Sahil’s custody. She gets lawyer’s call. He says your petition is ready, meet me tomorrow and get 50000rs now, you just need to sign.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra take care of Jhanvi. Om serves her food. Jhanvi says I m glad, my three brothers take care of me so much. Shivaye asks three? Rudra asks why, am I not responsible. Shivaye adds chocolate syrup and asks her to go ahead. Jhanvi calls Shivaye a food artist. Rudra jokes. Tej comes asking where are servants, I have to rush for office. Jhanvi offers him her food plate. He says I will have food in office. She says you are getting late. Tej sits and eats. All of the three get shocked and puzzled seeing things fine between Jhanvi and Tej. Tej looks at them and asks what. They nod nothing and leave.

Rudra asks whats happening. Shivaye says relationships are complicated. Rudra says they look strange when they are not fighting. Om says I dreamt there. Shivaye says strange that we dream for small happiness. Tej likes food and says I want one more. Shivaye says sure.

Anika says I saved this money, will I surely get Sahil’s custody. Lawyer says don’t worry, come office and take papers in evening. She asks today evening. He says yes. She thanks him. The lawyer calls Shivaye and says I did as you said, I took money from her, now her case… Shivaye says I m not interested in knowing details, take money and leave. Om says what’s happening, you do your signature step when you have something in mind or you show style, you won’t show off style to anyone here, so… Shivaye says your IQ is getting less, as you are being with Rudra.

Anika going to lawyer’s office. A man says lawyer has gone out of city for few days. She asks what, he has my money and papers. He says I don’t know. She worries and calls that lawyer. His number is unreachable. She sees Shivaye there. He smiles and signs two. He says its just two days left for your destruction, enjoy. He drives off. Anika cries and says you did not snatch my hard earned money, but the chance to stay with my brother.

Dadi tells Jhanvi that jeweler came and asks her to get diamonds from the safe. Roop and Pinky planned something and laugh. Om comes to some place and recalls Shivaye’s words about the art gallery. Ishana walks in and runs to Om. She intentionally collides with him and comes infront of him. She says I m sorry. He says its alright and goes. She drops her bangle. He turns by sound. She smiles and runs. He calls her out and picks the bangle. He goes to give her bangle. Ishana plays music and dances with some group on Nachun mai aaj chamm chamm….. Om smiles seeing her.

Dadi asks whats this joke, this is our ancestral family diamonds. Jeweler says I m not joking, these diamonds are really fake. Dadi says fine, you go, I will call you later. Roop says these were ancestral diamonds which you gave to your elder bahu to keep in safe. Jhanvi says I did not even touch them, I kept it as mummy ji said. Roop says but someone would have touched it. Pinky asks the worth. Dadi says 20 crores. They get shocked. Pinky says its not an ordinary thing, think well, did you drink much. Jhanvi says I really don’t know.

Shakti says its big amount, you should have been careful, where did diamonds go. Jhanvi asks why are you asking me, I don’t know. Pinky says you kept it, someone has stolen diamonds. Roop asks who will steal in this rich family. Pinky’s maid says Tej stopped giving money to Jhanvi, did she…. Pinky says shut up, I will fix your teeth by fevicol if you say anything. Jhanvi asks why are you all looking at me, I m innocent. Roop says yes, Jhanvi can die but not do this cheap work. Pinky asks how will we get diamonds. Roop says we will check, if fake diamonds are here, real diamonds will be here too. Roop and Pinky smile.

Shivaye calls his friend and talks well. His friend says its my wedding anniversary tomorrow. Shivaye says congrats. His friend says my wife asked for 5 crores painting, you have to come on dinner. Shivaye says I will come to see your 5 crores painting, and dinner catering from my side.

Ishana says Om was seeing me during entire performance, he has come. Om says excuse me. She starts acting. He gives her bangle and leaves. Ishana talks to her friend on phone and stops Om to thank him. She says he is still going, what to do. The girl asks her to talk to Om. Ishana stops Om and asks his name. He says Omkara and gets leaving. She says my name….. look at his attitude, my magic did not work, SRK’s magic will work, I will say turn thrice and he will turn, lets try. She counts and waits for him to turn. Om stops and she gets glad. Om sits to proper his clothes and leaves. Ishana says I did so much, I got ready and danced, he did not stop, I m ruined, he did not even ask my name, I will break this bangle, Om has to fall in love with me.

Pinky says Roop is saying right, we should search. Jhanvi says you all doubt on me, if my family thinks I m thief, its better that I leave from this house. Roop says no, we just want to find diamonds. Dadi says we will not search, as that will break trust, which is more than 20 crores. Roop says you have big heart to save the thief. Dadi asks Roop to shut up. Jhanvi says trust broke, I m sorry, I can’t stay here. Pinky stops her and says no need to leave this house, as you did not do the theft, someone else did that. Roop gets tensed.

Pinky removes the hair pin to open Roop’s hair and all the diamonds fall down on the floor. They all get shocked. Pinky says Roop did all this and smiles. She tells Jhanvi that I fight with you and sharp tongued, but I m your Devrani, I will never leave supporting you. Tej says its not your mistake Roop, its our mistake that we thought you changed, you showed your colors after coming here, you know the exit way, get out of my house. Roop cries. Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and cries.

The Episode starts with Sahil saying Anika that everything will be fine. She asks him to tell Lord, I lost canteen contract, your custody, its much bad luck. She cries. He tells about Piku’s nani, whose hearing ability got less. She says its as per her age. He says even Lord will hear your prayers soon, you just keep praying. She gets call from Shivaye’s manager, who asks her is she available for catering service. She says yes, where to come, and menu. He says I will send you message, and menu what you make the best. She says I make chole puri best, but how do you know. The man ends call. Shivaye tells him to say about college canteen. The man calls her again and says sorry, call got disconnected, I got to know from college canteen. She asks who told you.

Shivaye slowly says tender form. The man tells same to her. She says oh, I lost that tender because of some mad blue eyed male cat, I was just getting the milky layer and the cat ruined it jumped over. The man says you should have kicked that cat. Shivaye hears the conversation and looks at him. The man understands and tells Anika to greet the cat from his side. She asks what. He asks her to reach at address and ends call. He says sorry Sir, I did not know she was saying about you. Shivaye says all doors will be closed for you from today. Anika tells Sahil that he was right about praying to Lord, and Lord answering their prayers. Shivaye hears Pinky and Shakti talking about Roop. Shakti says you dealt well with Roop, I told you about her. Pinky says I m Pinky, Roop can’t fool me, I have got her kicked out. Shivaye gets puzzled seeing them talking well and leaves.

Tej goes to Jhanvi and talks well to her. He says I m proud of you, Pinky won, and you are no less, I felt you will leave today. She says yes, but this house did not let me go. Rudra and Om look on and get surprised. Shivaye comes to them, and they say their parents are talking well today. Shivaye says marriage…. Om says complicated…. Rudra says very complicated, I don’t understand why people marry. Om says why not, if two people love each other, why can’t they stay all life together. Rudra says one can’t hear same song always, marriage is same, logic. Shivaye asks how are you expert in relationships. Om says you don’t know real relationship. Rudra says you know a lot right. They argue. Shivaye says wait a min.

Dadi cries and asks Roop why did she steal in her own house, you can’t stay here now, you are my blood, I will send you money for your expenses, diamonds can shine, but they are stones, happiness is by family, not stones. Roop apologizes. Dadi goes. Roop stares at Jhanvi and Pinky.

Shivaye asks Om did you see art galleries. Om says yes, I chose one. Shivaye asks him about his paintings. Om says I m preparing, one left, will be completed tomorrow, it was great day. Rudra asks them to ask him too and tells about his GF. Om asks Shivaye about his day. Shivaye says great. Rudra asks how, when you did not meet Tia. Shivaye says I mean work wise, I m showing someone their place. Om says you are doing something wrong, what is it. Shivaye says nothing. Om says you gave that wicked grin again, Rudra did you see. Rudra asks Shivaye what is he upto. Shivaye says you guys will know it soon.

Its morning, Anika comes to Khanna’s place. She gets glad seeing the kitchen. She likes the clean kitchen and says its like Katrina Kaif, so white and fair. Shivaye’s manager Khanna meets her and asks how did she like kitchen. Anika says its really nice, I wish to stay here and keep my stalls here, I wish to settle here, this kitchen is bigger than my house. Khanna informs the same to Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t want this irritating details, know something imp. Shivaye ends call and says this day will be costly for Anika. Anika tells Khanna that she knows just aloo puri and chane, she got other items, I will make aloo puri, you just eat that and then say. Khanna says fine, and informs this to Shivaye. Shivaye asks have you lost it. Khanna asks is this not imp. Shivaye waits for some useful info.

Ishana gets ready and acts. Her friend compliments her. Ishana gets glad and says I hope this typical look works. Her friend calls Om as Jiju. Ishana says just Varun Dhawan is your Jiju, that Omkara is just a target, once my work is done, I won’t see his face, once I stick to someone, I make person mad, and this Omkara is going to become mad now. She smiles.

Anika cooks aloo puri and asks Khanna to taste the dish. He likes it and says its very tasty. She says even my slap has taste, this is aloo puri, just see, I will ignite fire on dinner tonight.

Om tells the man that he likes the gallery and asks him to solve some problem. Ishana comes there and waves to him. He turns. Ishana’s friend says he did not notice you. Ishana says he did not see my typical look till now. She asks Om about his next exhibition and smiles. She says you, and passes by her. Om hugs Riddhima. Ishana gets shocked.

Om asks what are you doing here. Riddhima says I wanted to surprise you. He says I m so happy to see you. She says I m not, you did not tell me anything. He says sorry, I did not wish to disturb you, now everything will get fine, as you have come. She says we will be together. Ishana’s friend tells Ishana that your love story ended, how did you miss this in your research, Om already has his GF, what will you do now. Ishana gets worried.

Shivaye reaches his friend’s anniversary party. He hugs his friend. His friend also speaks like Anika. Shivaye asks what kind of language is this. His friend says sorry, why did you get angry. Shivaye recalls Anika and says nothing, I recalled someone. His friend asks anyone special. Shivaye says no, where is that painting. His friend asks him to wait. Anika collides with Shivaye and looks at him.

Khanna asking Anika to use the snow spray for happy moment. She nods and sprays, while Khanna pushes him. The spray ignites huge fire which burns the painting. The lady screams. Shivaye smiles, while Anika gets shocked. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says you burnt painting worth 5 crores, how will you pay its price. Some time before, Anika apologizes to Shivaye. He asks her to get habitual. Sartaj asks him did he take anything.

Shivaye says no one served me. Sartaj asks Anika to serve Shivaye. Anika asks Shivaye what will he have. He says I would like to have red wine. She says just drink blood. He asks what did you say. She jokes and asks him to take it himself. He insists. She says fine, I will give, you are not asking for my kidney. He asks for a glass of champagne too. She says you deal with shame and pain, have this. He asks for a glass of tomato juice with black pepper, no actually… She says you should just leave it if you don’t understand. She gives him a glass of water. He looks at the glass and recalls how she threw water on his face. She asks him to have it. He leaves. She says mad wild cat.

Om and Rudra go to Shivaye’s room and do not see him. Rudra says Shivaye did not come from office, and his phone is not reachable. Om says he maybe in office. Rudra calls Shivaye’s office and talks to Sarah. He flirts and asks do you still snore like this. Om says atleast spare Shivaye’s secretary. Rudra asks Sarah whats her plan. Om takes phone and asks Sarah about Shivaye. He ends call and tells Rudra that Shivaye left two hours before, call him. Rudra calls again and could not connect.

Anika says pasta got burnt and worries. Khanna asks her to serve dinner. She says everything is set. Khanna calls Shivaye and says Anika is heating food, she is making her broken slipper right, but she is good at heart. Shivaye asks what shall I do, just do your work. Anika wishes no one eats this pasta. Om and Rudra make videocall to Shivaye. Shivaye says I will talk later. Rudra says you are in party, with Tia. Shivaye says shut up, I m with no one. They see Anika behind Shivaye. Rudra says you are with Anika. Shivaye denies and ends call. Om and Rudra think whats happening.

The guests like the food. She says when I serve water, people find it tasty too. Shivaye asks for pasta. She murmurs pasta burnt. Khanna gets some box. Anika asks Shivaye to have aloo puri, then he will learn to smile. He says give me the damn pasta. She says have it then, and serves him. She says if you are true Oberoi, you won’t leave a single pasta in plate. He eats the burnt pasta and looks at her. She says actually, pasta came from foreign and does not know your greatness, so it burnt, if it knew its going in your stomach, it would have not dared to burn. Sartaj asks how is pasta. Shivaye says fantastic and eats. Anika smiles.

Roop is leaving. Pinky asks Roop to check if she left any of her belonging, I think you kept extra things, we have one thing, your respect. She laughs. Roop smiles and says like you helped me, I will also help you with interest. She leaves.

Anika makes the cake ready. She goes to get sparkling candles. Khanna gets a candle and keeps there. Shivaye’s friend Sartaj says I will gift my beautiful wife a painting worth 5 crores. Anika says 5 crores painters can come in 5 crores. Shivaye says some people don’t know how many zeroes are there in 5 crores. Sartaj asks shall we cut the cake. She says I will get the cake. She gets the cake and lights the candle. Shivaye looks at her. Music plays……….

Shivaye smiles seeing the candles near the painting. The curtain is raised, and painting is revealed. Everyone clap. Shivaye signs Khanna. Khanna asks Anika to use the snow spray for happy moment. She nods and sprays, while Khanna pushes him. The spray ignites huge fire which burns the painting. The lady screams. Shivaye smiles, while Anika gets shocked. Khanna says sorry. Shivaye says you burnt painting worth 5 crores, how will you pay its price. The lady cries and says my painting burnt. Anika says sorry, I was just spraying snow and I burnt the painting, I will make this painting fine by calling a painter who works in my lane. Shivaye asks what. Anika asks him to be quiet. She tells Sartaj that the painter will make two paintings for him, my younger brother got grade A when that painter made drawings for him.

The lady asks what, I will die of shock by hearing this. Shivaye says I will explain her, let me handle this. He holds Anika’s hand and takes her. Ishana tells her friend that Omkara is her mission. She talks to her. They hear some sound and go out.

Shivaye asks Anika does she know how many zeroes are there in 5 crores. She says yes, why won’t I know, am I donkey, five zeroes. He says seven zeroes, Sartaj did not do anything because of me, you can go to jail. She asks do you get commissioner from jail. He says you belong there, accept your defeat, if you are ready to get sold, I m ready to buy you. She reminds him that there is no price tag on her. Ishana sees some goons troubling her dad to recover money and sends her friend inside the room. She tells goons that they gave 50 lakhs and will give 1.5 crores too. The goon says 3 crores, 2 crores principal and 1 crore interest, ask your dad. She looks at her dad and cries. She asks them to leave. The goon says if you don’t return soon, I will take you and your sister.

Her dad breaks bottle on goon’s head and scolds him for threatening him in his house. Ishana tries to stop her dad. Goon beats Ishana and her dad, and threatens them to pay money, else he will sell this house and them too. Ishana holds her wound and cries.

Sartaj tells Anika that he will cut money from her payment. Anika asks how, painting is worth 5 crores and payment is 5000rs. Shivaye says this girl is not helpless. Sartaj says that painting is not real, its duplicate, the painting was worth 50000rs, one more zero to your payment, but you made good aloo puri, so you got forgiven. He asks Shivaye to calm down and goes. Anika teases Shivaye and acts to call fire engine to blow off the fire, as Shivaye’s ego is burning. He looks at her.

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