Game of Love wednesday 17 June 2020 Written Update

Game of Love 17th June 2020: On Game of Love wednesday 17 June 2020 Written Update, Siddharth’s mum Ketki says always women had to sacrifice, our dreams, career, we had to leave everything.

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Priyanka stammers and says every girl wants to become something, it should he her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile. Some time before, Mallika cries and says Siddharth, I was never imp for you and your family, our relation was always about you and your work, the bad thing is if girl shows disagreement with inlaws before marriage, she is called family breaker, I wanted to make relations stronger, my whole world was revolving around you, but unfortunately I was not part of that world, everything happened according to your mum, not me, don’t say you did not notice this. Tej and Jhanvi come and look on.

Siddharth says you should have told me once. She says I knew you understood this and did not take a stand for me, you did not support me, you know you are imp for me and even my work, even then you did not support me, you made me realize I have to face this alone, I have to walk in this journey alone. He says I respect whatever you have earned in life, I m really proud of you, I did not express this, I believe this. She says you told me, if you told this to your mum, she would have understood me, my and my work had no value, sorry but I had no other choice.

Ketki walks in and says life always has a choice. Everyone look at her. She walks to Mallika and says life always has two choices, we can choose anything between responsibility and freedom, it’s a bahu’s responsibility to keep family over herself, if you wanted, you could have chosen it, but you chose your freedom, Mallika Kabir Chaudhary, you did not do mistake in choosing, we did mistake and chose a wrong bahu for us. Jhanvi says I think you need personal space to talk, come I will take you to study room. Ketki says there is nothing to discuss is room, it was issue when Mallika has run away and insulted me by her decision. Shivaye asks her to listen to Mallika once, she has a reason.

Ketki says I understand it, I know her reasons. Siddharth says you are not understanding mom. She says I do, I did MBA from London and I had a career, no one asked me what will I do, I also had dreams, Vikram’s dreams, I fulfilled his dreams, I felt bad when I had to leave my career, but I did not run away like you, I understood running home is not less than any career, living as housewife is not a small thing, and then Sid has come in my life and became my world, Vikram used to be busy in his life, then Sid has grown up, studied and assisted Vikram in business, what did I get by managing Vikram and Sid, Mallika has come in your life, shall I sacrifice my son’s dreams and life for my bahu, I want to make a relation with my bahu, but on my terms.

Dadi says Ketki….. you think what you did is right. Ketki says maybe not, but this is happening since ages, always women have to sacrifice, everyone knows its wrong, but this happens, we have to leave our dreams, career, everything… Pinky says I think Mrs. Rana is saying right, everyone get roles like in pictures, if Hema says I will play Dharmendra’s role, film will flop, if woman says she will do husband’s role, life will be not balanced.

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Jhanvi says who are we to decide, person should decide. Tej says family is imp, if both husband and wife work, how will they manage, one has to sacrifice. Jhanvi asks why don’t they both sacrifice, why should women sacrifice. Shakti says because women manage home well, I know mum has managed us. Dadi says this was not my wish, your dad was not there and I had to manage house duties alone, what about women’s dreams. Tej says woman has dreams of a good husband and good family, if she manages home, she will be happy. Priyanka says no Papa, every girl wants to become something today, even if she becomes housewife, its not bad, but it should be her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile.

Anika says forgive me to talk in between, but true thing is girls run home and work on their own, even then people say they can stay at home. Ketki says its all big things to say, but women has to make sacrifice, and men does not. Shivaye says its because society makes them so and women allow them to be like that. Dadi and everyone surprisingly look on. Ketki asks can men sacrifice. Om asks why not, marriage is equal responsibility for both partners. Dadi says marriage is a relation of partnership, it should be of equality.

Mallika says I want this, equality with Siddharth and his family. Siddharth says Mallika, whenever I said I m proud of you, I always meant, I started respecting you, you have made me realized this imp thing, you said right, we are equal and then our rights and responsibilities should be equal too, I was so lost and did not realize this, I promise this won’t happen again, I m sorry for whatever happened, if this time you run away from marriage, I will run away with you. Everyone smile.

Dadi asks Ketki to see, times are changing, relation’s meanings are changing, we have to change, old is not one who is born in old times, but one who is stuck in old times, you are educated, who will understand this if you do not. Ketki agrees to Dadi and says I understood, I was hoping that Mallika spends life like I have spent, but I was wrong, if I understood Mallika and explained her, she would have not taken this big step. She apologizes to Mallika and says I m a mum and had my son as just mine, I could not share him, there will be problems and fights when I have to share him, but I promise I will try my best to respect and love you and your dreams. Everyone smile. Mallika cries and says I will try, I know there will be arguments and fights, but we have to keep this relation, I will try my level best that I never run away. Ketki asks her to call her mom, not aunty. She blesses Mallika.

Siddharth’s dad Vikram Rana walks in and asks so shall we leave for home….. Everyone see Vikram. Tej looks at Jhanvi. Jhanvi feels uncomfortable. Tej walks to Vikram. Jhanvi worries. Tej says so great Pradeep Rana’s son Vikram has to come to my door. Vikram says Pradeep Rana’s son did not come, Siddharth’s dad Vikram has come, if person worries for someone, he has to go there. Vikram looks at Jhanvi and walks to her.

Mallika tells Shivaye that someone equal to you has come in your life, that’s Anika. He says she is not equal to me. She says I have seen that girl touching your heart, I have seen you both have…. He says love. Some time before, Vikram says person has to go to one for whom he worries. He looks at Jhanvi and walks away to Dadi. He greets Dadi by touching her feet and asks how are you Maa. Everyone get shocked. Dadi asks did you think of me after 28 years. Vikram says sorry Maa, you know what happened. She says it was between you and Tej, and punished Maa, you both had great friendship, love more than real brothers, one crack made friendship turn into enmity. Vikram says you know what happened, it was big thing for me, past is past.

Tej taunts who wants to remember failure. Vikram says its 28 years, so much changed, but you did not change, same attitude and pride. Tej says time changes, not Tej Singh Oberoi, I m same and will always be same. Shivaye asks what are you all talking about, what fight and crack. Om and Rudra ask Dadi to say. Dadi says Vikram and Jhanvi were going to get married, Jhanvi has run away on marriage day. They all get shocked. Dadi says Jhanvi loved Tej. Tej smiles.

Pinky says great, Jhanvi has blossomed good flowers in young age, I mean even Mr. Rana’s ex GF is here, along with Shivaye’s ex GF. Ketki says yes, when Jhanvi chose Tej, I did not meet Vikram, then he told me everything. Rudra says this family had Ishqbaaz always. Dadi asks why are you shocked, if Shivaye’s ex GF can stay here, why can’t Jhanvi’s ex BF come here, its 28 years old thing, forget it.

Siddharth asks Mallika to come. She says one min… Vikram says Maa, thanks for taking care of Mallika. Dadi says I will slap you, son does not grow up so much that he can thank Maa, Mallika is like our daughter. Siddharth greets Anika and says SSO. She says yes, I will call him. He says no, SSOO. She smiles. He says you explained well. She says I explain well, many say I did Phd in explaining. He says oh, did you try to explain SSO, I m sure he needs to understand. She says I tried, but its impossible to explain him. He smiles.

Shivaye goes to Mallika. He jokes on bridal dress, if this is so heavy, then think of the heaviness of marriage relation. She says I asked Anika to throw this, I m glad she did not. He says typical Anika, she won’t listen to anyone, I m proud of you, you are brave. She says I have run away from marriage and was avoiding Siddharth, I was running away again. He says facing fear is not easy. She says fine, if we are taking imp things, I need to say, avoid this frown look, if you smile, earthquake won’t come. He says I m such. She says you are egoistic, rude and arrogant, do you think I know you well. He says kind of.

She asks will you agree if I suggest something. He says yes maybe. She says there are two Shivaye I have seen, one rude, ill mannered, annoying and egoistic, and other SSO which is good, when you are with Anika, you are someone else, whom no one has seen, innocent and almost cute. He says listen, I m cute. She says when you are with Anika, you laugh Shivaye. He recalls the moment.

She says Anika teases, taunts and irritates you, you let her do that, as she touches your heart like none can do, you are your best version when you are with you, you forget business issues and even your ego, listen, you know why is this happening, you got away from everyone in journey to become Shivaye Singh Oberoi from Shivaye, you got distanced, someone equal to you has come in your life, that’s Anika. He says Om and Rudra are enough to say this, Anika is not my friend, she is not equal to me, I have no idea of her family lineage. She says I don’t believe this, you are talking like 80s movies, who tells this in today’s times…

He says even if no one says, but everyone believes so. She says trust me, I have seen there is something between you, there is chemistry and… He says love, you would say this. She says I was going to say understanding, I did not know love will fit in this or not, why do you need to give label to any relation, most imp thing is she gets your childishness out. He asks her to finish this and leave. She says I m glad I had broke up with you. He says me too. She says you are ill mannered and egoistic person. He says I m such, family and blood line matter to me, so I m marrying a good family girl like Tia.

She says trust me, you were idiot yesterday and you are still an idiot, I hope you understand what I m trying to explain, what is this family and blood line, if anyone comes in your life and teaches you to smile, sing and enjoy rain, if you check such person’s family, then trust me, there is no bigger donkey than you in this whole world. He says go and marry. She kisses him on his cheek and says you are very ill mannered, thanks for doing so much for me, do something for yourself, I want to see you happy, think what I said, Kanji eyes Bagad Bille. She laughs. He smiles and asks her to go out. She leaves.

Shivaye holds Mallika’s hand and gets her to Siddharth. He gives her hand in Siddharth’s hand. Siddharth and Mallika smile. Vikram, Ketki, Siddharth and Mallika leave. Pinky gets relieved. Shivaye and Anika see each other.

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Anika thanks Priyanka for her clothes and says I have got this pressed. Priyanka asks her to stay for one more day. Anika says Sahil has come back from school trip. I will meet you later. She sees bangles and says I think its of Mallika and she forgot. She reads the letter and smiles. Shivaye is on call and collides with Anika. He asks can’t you see and walk, I know you would say your focus was somewhere else, I know you and your focus can’t be at one place, everything went on smooth. Anika is smiling…… He looks at her.

He says Anika one min, I m talking to you. She asks why. He says idea to call Siddharth was good, it was my idea, but I paused on the call, you handled it well. She asks why do you try when you can’t. He asks what. She says I know you are trying to say thanks to me, but you are not able to. She says Mallika should thank you. She says she thanked me. He asks oh really. She gives the letter.

He reads…… Dear Anika, these bangles are for you, don’t wear these now, wear these on the day when someone madly loves you, the day you become number one in someone’s life, whose world revolves around you, thinking of whom you smile all day, stay happy and sing, whose life is incomplete without you, I m sure you will fall in love, there will be Ishqbaazi of Takkar, the day this Ishqbaazi starts, wear these bangles that day…. With love… Mallika. Anka and Shivaye see each other. He says Mallika said thanks to you, good girls. She forwards hand for letter. He asks what, oh letter, Mallika’s thanks. She smiles and leaves.

Rudra asks if sons are VIPS for their moms, why not bahus, if moms treat their sons like first class citizens, why don’t they treat bahus like this. Shivaye says everyone has different point of view, whats there to worry. Om says if girl has to go out and work, it should be her choice, she does not need permission. Shivaye says the truth is mostly girls want to marry rich girl and settle, ask any girl about the qualities she is finding in her would be husband, she would say well settled. Om asks how can you think so low. Shivaye says its not just my thinking, everyone has same thinking. Rudra says we should ask someone’s advice who is more intelligent. Dadi says we all did crime to break Jhanvi’s dreams, not just Tej. Rudra asks Tej why did he not let Jhanvi become CEO. Pinky says bahu’s dreams always broke in this house. Shivaye says mom….

Some time before, Om goes to Rudra and asks why did you not go to workout. Rudra says I don’t want to go, I m thinking about girls, I don’t mean that way I think daily, I m thinking of the discussion happened yesterday, there are many issues. Shivaye comes and asks what issues are there in your life now. Rudra says I m thinking of girls’ issues, Mallika said right, I m much affected by what she said, why don’t we give equal rights to girls, if sons are VIPS for their moms, why not bahus, if moms treat their sons like first class citizens, why don’t they treat bahus like this, all girls got touchy during discussion yesterday, even Priyanka spoke up. Shivaye says everyone has different point of view, whats there to worry.

Om says of course, this is matter to worry, sons and bahus are equally imp in a family, why are bahus taken for granted. Shivaye says you both are getting emotional, its not a big issue. Om says its big issue, if my mum thinks her career is compromised after marriage, if Mallika feels her inlaws think her career is a joke, then its big thing for me. Shivaye argues with Om and says it happens as people take huge expectations in a relation, the ground rule is every marriage is a deal, and both are equal partners, one has to go out and earn money, other has to manage home, if both do their work, no one will have problem.

Om asks who pre-decides this responsibilities, why can’t girls go out and earn. Shivaye says they can work, if bahu wants to pursue career, her inlaws should allow. Om asks why should inlaws allow her, that is the problem that inlaws and husband should allow, do sons require permission to go out and work, if bahus want to work, it should be her choice, you mean to say, will Tia need your permission if she wants to work. Shivaye says Tia and I have spoken already, she does not want to work, I will manage business, she will manage house and then children.

Om asks why don’t you manage kids, let her manage business, whats the problem. Shivaye says we already spoke and it’s a deal, it can’t change now. Om says every relation is a deal for you. Shivaye argues and says I m talking practical and honest, everyone do not say this, but everyone believes this in society, feminism, equality, rights, keep these big words aside and come to reality. He says truth is mostly girls want to marry rich guys and settle, they want their husbands to earn and manage their expenses, ask any girl, what qualities she looks for in her husband, first thing will be well settled, did you see any upper middle class girl marrying a poor guy by falling in love with him, leave girls, their parents find well settled guys in matrimonial ads and sites, bank balance is the top priority.

Om asks him to understand, there are every type of people in the world, yes there are some girls who find easy route, but there are some girls who do not need anything and want to do something on her own. Shivaye says I agree, but whats the percentage, that’s just 5%. Om asks how is your thinking so small. Shivaye says everything thinks so, your idea of an ideal relationship does not exist in this world, I know everyone want comfortable life. Om says I don’t want that, I want such life and relation which is on honesty and equality. Shivaye say then sit on pink cushion wearing that red jacket. Om says I have confusion about space in a relation, not equality.

Shivaye says men and woman were not equal, and they can never be equal, women think they are weak as it suits them, all responsibility is of men, after marriage….there is arrangement of convenience between man and woman, I m just sharing the facts, if anyone feels bad, its none of my concern. Om says when sons are like you, bahus feel like being second class at home. Shivaye says I m saying the truth. Om says this is not true, you mean, women should just make roti and manage children. Shivaye asks if women like to struggle, why do they find rich husbands, they can give ad that they want poor struggling guy. Rudra says Shivkara, stop arguing. Om and Shivaye ask him to shut up. Om says its imp discussion. Rudra says exactly, we should take advice of someone intelligent, I m not saying about me, but Dadi. Om and Shivaye agree to ask Dadi, and other women. Shivaye says I don’t think any injustice happened in our house with any woman. Om says we will find out, come.

They go to Jhanvi’s room. Shivaye knocks door and calls her out. Pinky asks what are they doing here. Om says we want to have a family discussion. Pinky thinks about food issues. Om says its imp, we want to know do women in this house get respect or not. Pinky asks him to touch his feet. Rudra touches her feet. Pinky says see, I get much respect. Shivaye says Om feels you and Jhanvi get treated like second class citizens, I want to prove Om wrong, that’s why we are here. Tej asks why are you making such a noise outside my room. Shivaye says sorry, I want to talk to Jhanvi. Tej says she has gone out. Rudra asks where. Tej says she went to your Nani’s house. Dadi says she did not ask me. Tej says she said she will come after 2-3 days. Dadi says what happened to Jhanvi.

Sahil tells Anika that he is angry on teacher. Anika asks why. He tells about his wish of becoming Ganesh ji, but she said he can just become Ganesh ji’s rat, as I m very thin. Anika laughs and asks him to think how will he look as a rat. He shouts. She says sorry. He asks how to get fat, I wish I was bit fat, I need to ask some expert. Soumya comes and meets Anika. She says I was going to submit college project and wanted to meet you, so I came here. Anika introduces Sahil. Sahil greets Soumya and smiles. Soumya says so cute…..

Sahil says Soumya. Anika asks him to call Soumya as Didi. Sahil says I know you are Didi, and asks Soumya…… Anika thinks if he asks Soumya how to get fat, she will feel bad. She says he does not have to ask anything. Soumya says let him ask. Sahil asks how are you so cute. Soumya says I m sitting with you and your cuteness is reflecting. Sahil asks really. Soumya says yes. Anika asks him to go and study. Sahil praises Soumya. Anika asks what happened to you. He signs and thinks love…. Anika says we will go to room and talk, come. Soumya says bye Sahil and goes.

Om says I spoke to mom, she missed her home and went. Pinky says then its all well. Om says no, there is something. He asks Tej what did she do that mom went. Tej says you feel she went because of me. Om says you never gave her reason to come close, you always gave reasons for her to go away. Dadi asks Tej what happened. Tej says since Mallika’s incident, Jhanvi feels I don’t give her equal status, she got angry and does not want to see my face, she packed her stuff and left, since Mallika came here, don’t know what happened to Oberoi ladies, Jhanvi is behaving as if I have put her in chains, I told her that man is responsible to manage work outside and woman is responsible to manage house.

Shivaye says I agree, whats wrong. Tej says exactly, Jhanvi argues with me for old things, she said I snatched her career and confidence, this is not true. Om asks why did she say this. Tej says after having children, I asked her to be at home to manage children, not leave career. Om says why did just mom give sacrifice, not you. Tej says I did not see my children growing, as I worked day and night, I have also done sacrifice, I have seen you all growing in sheets, is this not sacrifice.

Om says I have all answers, but I want mom to answer this, its better we discuss this when mom comes back. Tej says you mean a father working day and night for children is wrong. Om says no, husband deciding for wife and neglecting her dreams is wrong. Shivaye says Om this happened with Mallika, but I m sure this did not happen with Jhanvi. Dadi says no Billu, this happened with Jhanvi. They get shocked. Om looks at Tej.

Dadi says Tej and Jhanvi started our airlines work, Jhanvi could go ahead, maybe ahead of Tej, but when Om was born, Tej asked her to stay at home, she happily agreed thinking she will join her work after some years, but this did not happen, she asked Tej and he refused to her by some excuse and then Jhanvi stopped asking and managed home, Tej got lost in outside world and forgot that a woman is behind his success, who got behind so that Tej can go ahead. Dadi says not just Tej, we all did crime to break her dreams. Tej says Maa… Dadi stops him and says Tej, Mallika’s matter made me realized our big mistake, I should have supported Jhanvi, I valued sons’ dreams, and forgot to fulfill bahu’s dreams, maybe I also believed that bahu’s work is to manage home, we repeat this mistake always, we made son’s palace over bahu’s dreams.

Shivaye asks if Jhanvi was so passionate about her dreams, why did she not object. Rudra says she would have said, but no one would have heard her. He asks Tej why did he not let mom become CEO, it does not matter to me that mom is CEO or not, I love her, why did you not give her a chance, when I used to tell her in childhood that I will grow up and become batman, she did not laugh and used to make mask for me, as she valued my dreams, why did we all not value her dreams. Dadi says mistake happened Rudra, when she comes back, I will apologize to her, afterall her dreams broke. Pinky says bahus’ dreams always broke in this house. Shivaye says mom….. They all get surprised and look at Pinky.

Dadi asks where are those three. Shivaye says not three, four. Dadi sees Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Priyanka getting Ganpati and smiles. Priyanka says not four, five …… Some time before, Pinky says bahu’s dreams always broke in this house mummy ji….. Shivaye says mom…. Dadi says Pinky…. Pinky says sorry mummy ji, my tongue slips always, I did mistake. Om says no, just tell anything you have in your heart. Pinky says I don’t keep anything in heart, I want to tell one thing, I m not educated like Jhanvi, my mum used to say if girl is educated more, she gets on head and then she does not get proposal, I was in BA second year when Shakti came to see me, the dreams which I have seen, I left it, I had small dream to win everyone’s heart in Sasural, I accepted this Sasural, but this Sasural could not accept me.

Dadi asks what are you saying…. Pinky says speaking my heart, no one tells anything on my face, just I misbehave with others. She cries and says but no one gave respect to me in this house, like everyone gave respect to Jhanvi, when there is any ceremony, you give responsibility to Jhanvi. Dadi says she is my elder bahu. Pinky says maybe, and also because she is educated and from good family, she talks well in English.

Dadi says my Lord knows I did not differentiate between you two. Pinky says maybe not intentionally, but unknowingly, Shakti differentiated, he does not take me to parties, being afraid that I talk and he can get insulted, he asks me to shut up always, even at home, my Shivaye…. he has never let our distance end, he says English so well, even I try to talk in english to match to his English, he never said I m talking well, he did not correct my mistake, he did not think I m trying, I was always comedian for everyone, my own son is ashamed of me, as his mom is not hi fi and does not have class, my Papa ji had a scooter, it had a stepney, sometimes I feel I m that stepney in this house. She cries and says I m with everyone, but I could not become part of this family. Dadi says you did not tell me anything till now.

Pinky says I m stupid, I did not know what to say, I fought with everyone to get attention. Dadi says if you felt I love Jhanvi more, I m sorry, you both bahus are my eyes, from today you both bahus are not equal to just each other, but equal to my sons, no woman is second class in this house. They all get emotional. Shivaye wipes his tear. Pinky hugs Dadi.

Dadi says Shivaye, Rudra and Omkara, when your wives come, you will give them equal rights, else I will beat you all. Om promises that he will make relation of equality. Rudra says I think my wife will treat me like second class, I get hurt when everyone calls me dumb. Shivaye says your elder brother is with you, none can hurt you. Dadi asks Shivaye to promise. He says I can’t promise, I can say I can think, my perception is different. Om asks him to think once. Dadi asks Tej to go and convince Jhanvi. Rudra says Mallika went and shaken our house while leaving, she taught Priyanka to speak up.

Tej asks Priyanka did I make you realize you are lesser than your brothers, if you feel so, I give you right to pull my ears. She smiles and hugs him. Rudra asks dad, shall I also hold your ear if I wish. Tej looks at him and laughs. Shivaye goes to Pinky and hugs her. They cry. Lafzon ka yeh rishta nai………..plays………….. Everyone smile. Shivaye says mom, you are world’s best the way you are. Pinky cries and says you made me emotional, will you make my mascara get off. He asks her to clean it. Dadi says Mallika got everyone close, its auspicious time, its Ganpati day tomorrow, he ended all problems. Rudra says Dadi, Dil bole Oberoi.

Its morning, Pinky greets Tej. He asks is all arrangements done. She says yes. Dadi asks where are those three. Shivaye says not three, four. Dadi sees Shivaye, Om, Rudra and Priyanka getting Ganpati and smiles. Priyanka says not four, five, fifth is eco friendly Ganpati. Dadi asks them to come. Pinky, Dadi and Tej smile. Shivaye, Om, Rudra take the idol and place it. They all greet Ganpati. Pinky asks Tej will he stand in puja single, or will he get Jhanvi, will he go and bring her. Tej says I m thinking, she will come. Dadi asks why did she not come till now. He asys she will come and goes to change clothes.

Pandit ji comes and asks them to come to prepare for Ganpati Isthapana. Anika calls Sahil and says sorry, Dadi asked me to stay back for Ganpati arrangements, I will come and take you to all pandals. Shivaye hears her. She goes to Dadi. She greets Ganpati and says its beautiful idol, did Omkara make this. Dadi says yes. Anika says he has great talent, tell me what work to do. Dadi asks her to go with Priyanka to kitchen and see work there, puja mahurat is passing. Anika goes with Priyanka.

Tej says Jhanvi does everything so soon, even fights, she could have atleast kept my clothes ready, its my fault, its because she takes care of me so much, else I would have not depend on her so much. Rudra, Shivaye and Om talk about eco friendly Ganpati, that it could not hurt nature. Om says who says devotion and common sense can go together. Rudra says if everything gets moden, what about tradition. Dadi says tradition also has to walk along, new times and tradition can go together. Anika agrees and gives examples of food, new pizza with left over toppings. She says Soumya said some word in English. Shivaye says fusion. Om and Rudra say fusion and tease Shivaye. Anika says Soumya and I made some Dhinchak item in old style.

Shivaye says you made something, that’s scary. Rudra asks did Soumya make it with you. Anika says yes. Rudra says then it would be good. Om asks are you not angry hearing her name, are you okay. Rudra says I get anger seeing her or hearing Sumo’s name. Soumya comes and argues with Rudra saying its nothing new that you are saying bad about me. Rudra says you also say good about me. Shivaye says he was praising her and now arguing with her. He asks them to calm down. Soumya says Rudra will say anything, Anika we will prepare surprise. Dadi asks what surprise.

Anika says Dadi just wait. Dadi says its 15mins for puja, I want everyone here. Anika says 15mins are enough and goes. Shivaye says why is she so excited. Om says its normal to be excited when someone gives surprise. Shivaye says she is not normal. Om smiles. Om gets some call. Tej says her phone is busy, she can talk to everyone, not me, fine, don’t talk, I will wear whatever I like. Om comes to his room while talking to Jhanvi. Tej says this is my room. Om says I got it, love you too, see you soon mom, take care. He gives clothes to Tej and says wear this, and shoes are in third drawer.

Tej says you were talking to Jhanvi, when will she come back. Om says Nani is unwell, she will come later, she had to stay there. Tej says now I have to take my wife’s updates from my son, what shall I do, she is not answering my calls. Om says you noticed you both still have a relation after all that you did, Nani is unwell and even then mom called me so that you don’t struggle for your clothes, you both stayed together for many years, mom does so much for you, I m sure you will find some way to convince her, make an effort. He leaves.

Anika asks Soumya did you give them right time, they did not come. Soumya says chill, they will come. The men get the dhol. Anika says let them come, we called the dhol men. Security officer asks the men to keep dhol there and check the men. Anika calls caterers. A dhol slides. Anika and Soumya stand away.


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