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Geet 11th June 2020: On Geet update Thursday 11 june 2020 Star life,

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Handa reclaims de lost Anda
Darwanji (Darji in blue get-up) comes to reclaim the Anda – i mean Handa he tried to have BrjiBhai scramble.  Geet hugs her former jailor and declares herself a Handa again. She says prayed for her family’s presence at the wedding and Babaji listened.  DadaHanda explains it was not Geet’s Babaji, but BabaMaan who made her dreams come true.
Maan tries to touch Dada Handa ka shoe, but is spared the due. DadaHanda instead wants a hug.  While the three hug, Maaneet behind his back eyelock and have a hand tug.
They return to the mandap.  Geet thanks her Rab – i mean MaanSaab.  He tells her to wait till they marry.  Geet tells him to hurry.  She wants to be Mrs. Rab and share his blue bathtub*
Maaneet Marry**
Daarji hands Maan his Geet ki hand.  Maan bows to it and gracefully welcomes her into his life as his wife.  He places sindor on her mang and with his eyes promises to fulfil her life every umang. Their eyes’ lock as he closes the mangalsutra’s clasp and Annie ties their vivah ki ghat.  Hands clasped around the fire for their pheres they walked while their eyes talked.  Geet cried when away from the mandap they walked.  Overwhelmed, Daarji she hugged.  But, Maan slowly tugged her away with both hands around her shoulders firmly clasped.  And into their new life they together slowly walked.
In a random hallway, Annie recalls her fun with Arjun.  We see Arjun doing up sherwani buttons that had been undone. He tells Annie to go down to the reel shaadi, so none get baat about their secret suhaag raat.
In the present, Annie calls the player and says he’s a liar.  Questions why did he disappear.  Before Arjun can color the air with lies, he gets the all clear.  The KC staff catch Annie there and ask her to help decorate MSK’s lair.
Hospital is Hell
Clad in black Arjun commiserates with the comatose evil (NT).  He promises to ruin Maan’s sister’s life.  He admits he fell for Annie’s love, but is no longer in it lost.  Yup! The Player is now the Devil’s Pawn.

Maneet arrive at the mansion n Dadi is there with arti and tilak… Geet looks happily around the mansion n MSK looks at Geet…Maneet smile!! Dadi is doing arti !! Dadi asks Maneet to enter and Maneet enter. looking at each other..!! MSK stops ..n Dadi says..why stopped Geet??MSK makes someone get the ceramic plate for putting footprint….! Dadi asks Geet to step forward.and then Geet knocks th kalash with right Foot!! .

Maneet step on the ceramic plate n their feets imprinted!! Dadi asks MSk to carry Geet in his arms for another ritual..!….Dadi asks Geet to immerse hand in sindoor filled bowl and imprint the hand on the wall…n Geet asks MSk to pu ther down n Dadi says..its to be done in hubbys arms..!! Romeo teases Dadi n Dadi hits him..!! Geet does the imprinting!..Anne imagines doing the same in Arjuns arms..!!…………

Pinky teases MSK n says…now ritual done so put her down… n Romeo n all say bride is ours we shall do wat we want! Geet prays before God that u have given me all happines more than what i wanted..but now one request…till last breath i should be wit my Maan n MSk prays that God give al that Geet wants..!! Maneet take Dadis blessing..!! Adi.. Romeo…Manisha and Pinky tease each other about stealing shoes!! Later..all discuss about asking Maan about his honeymoon plans but all scared to go to MSk..!! MSK and Geet are staring at each other…and Romeo comes n asks.. where are u celebrating ur Madhumaas (Honeymoon) Maneet are confused and ask…what is it?? If this is a ritual Dadi wuld have told us!! Dadi says…why u all confusing MSK..they are talking of honeymoon…Maneet embarassed!!

New ritual.. of ring in milk bowl and Maneet to search and Anne says not this old fashioned thing..something new… Dadi says..ok play..m tired..going!! anne ties Apple on a rope in middle. and Anne ties Maneets hand behind n ask them to jump n bite the apple n winning person will have dominant position in family!! Geet says..i know why u want me to play so not playing n MSK teases Geet that…so u dun wanna play means i win…n Geet way!! Maneet keep staring at each other n moving round n round n after several attempt fail to bite n Geet ends up on MSks shoulder n mostly her lips touch MSKs cheek.. all stare! The apple comes to a stop between Maneets lips..!! Both lost in staring and Geet takes the bite n MSk grins..!! Pinky says so Geet will rule!! MSK grins

Manisha and Anne ask Pinky about preparations for the next ritual ..i.e decorating the room…. Pinky teasing Geet and Dadi asks Pinky not to tease Geet..!! Dadi tells Geet from today ur not my daughter only ..ur the daughter in law. n hands over the keys to the house n asks her to handle it..n relive her! Geet says..what if i m not able to do it all properly will u show me the way as my Dadi n Dadi says..ofcourse..!! Dadi tells…dun say all sweet words…if u dun do things properly i will b strict Mother in law n both smile!..

Pinky Anne and Manisha decorating Maneets room and Manisha tries to lie on the bed and Pinky way..dun touch it..its Maneets bed..!! Anne is lost in thot of the promises Arjun made and how one day he wil hold her hand and take pheras wit her..n marry her before th world!! Anne lost in lighting the candles…n Pinky says…its Maneets SR ..why are u impatient n teases Anne..n Anne says..go n do ur job n lost in thots!!

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