Jiji Maa on adom tv update Friday 19th June 2020

Jiji Maa on adom tv update Friday 19th June 2020: Jiji Maa 19 June 2020 written update, Falguni telling Zeenat about the will which can expose Uttara. Zeenat says Niyati can find the will with ease.

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Falguni says Uttara shouldn’t doubt that Niyati is helping me. Zeenat asks her to take care. Falguni cracks joke as Lazer and hugs her. They laugh. Uttara gets a neck sprain. Jayant worries for her and calls a doctor. Doctor checks Uttara. He asks her to take one week rest, its not a small thing, it will become a big thing if you don’t take care. Uttara says I m not delicate. Niyati says you are rich and delicate, you are our queen. Uttara smiles. Doctor asks Uttara to wear a neck band. She refuses. Vidhaan says think its a crown and wear. Jayant says its like a rope noose. Vidhaan asks Suyash to explain mom. Suyash asks Uttara to wear it, its for her comfort, she will get fine soon. He makes her wear it. Shom looks on. Falguni comes home as Lazer. She cries seeing the house and recalls her marriage. She thinks of Suyash and his bitter words. She gets sad and moves back. She collides with Suyash. His papers fall down. They have a moment. She asks about his wife. He says my wife didn’t leave me.

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She asks did you make her out of the house, you don’t look stone hearted, forget it. He gives her money. She asks him won’t he invite her for lunch. He says no, I was going to say, come inside. They pick the papers together. Suyash takes her inside the house. He introduces her to the family. They all find her similar to Falguni. Falguni compliments Jayant that he looks Suyash’s elder brother. He smiles. Uttara asks who is that blind who is saying so. She gets shocked seeing Lazer. Falguni gets a call from Teja. Teja says everyone is refusing to take our sarees. Falguni says I knew this will happen, use plan B, if our work isn’t completing, we have to do something. Jayant recalls Suyash’s words about Lazer. He asks Suyash to tell more about Lazer.

Suyash says I told you she helped me that day, I called her home to return her money. She says yes, will you take my interview or feed me food. Uttara asks Suyash will she dine with them. Suyash says yes, she can have lunch with us. Falguni sits with Suyash. Niyati thinks Jiji maa got her place in the house again. Uttara gets angry seeing Lazer. Vidhaan says Lazer looks like Falguni. Maharaj also gets mistaken. She says you all are lucky to get such food to eat every day, why are you all making sad faces, shall I say a story. Uttara says no. Falguni tells the story where she has taught a lesson to Uttara by dumping the sand over her car. Everyone laughs. Jayant asks her to keep coming home. Niyati winks to her. Falguni goes to wash hands. Uttara asks Suyash to finish food. She goes to her room. She stops Lazer.

Uttara showing the door to Lazer. She asks Lazer to leave as she doesn’t deserve to be in their house. She insults Falguni. Vidhaan compliments Falguni over her amazing story. Uttara asks Suyash to let Lazer go if he has paid to her. Suyash says yes, I have given her the money. Zeenat calls Falguni. Falguni talks random things to pass time and tell about the will. Uttara gets pain in her neck. Falguni says I can cure your stiff neck. Jayant asks Uttara to try if she can help. Uttara refuses. Falguni says aunty has fear, she has to get treated for her fears first. Uttara stops her and asks her to cure her. Falguni says I need to go in kitchen first. Falguni goes to kitchen and talks to Maharaj. He praises the elder bahu Falguni. She says even I m amazing, make some bitter gourd juice. She gets the kada for Uttara.

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Uttara spits the juice. She asks what’s this, I can’t have it. Jayant says you said you are not a coward, have it. Uttara drinks the juice. Falguni says you are very strong, now just do yogasan. She asks her to take a towel and clean her slippers by bending down. Uttara tries and feels the pain. She says I can’t do this, pain is increasing. Falguni says I will cure you now, I will twist your neck and free you from the pain. She twists Uttara’s neck. Everyone gets shocked. Shom screams. Uttara gets angry and asks are you mad, did you see what she did. They all see Uttara’s neck fine. Uttara says you know how much hurt I m, why are you laughing, its enough. Suyash says this girl should get a reward. Jayant says yes, you are moving your neck and scolding, this girl did amazing work. Falguni asks Uttara is she feeling better. Uttara moves her neck and says yes.

Jayant says you did an amazing thing, she can cure you, its better you get treatment by her. Uttara and Niyati refuse. Everyone convinces Uttara. Uttara says fine, I want you to do my treatment. Falguni smiles and says I will come every day to help you get relieved from pain. Uttara says this girl is irritating me like Falguni. Falguni thinks I have treatment for your every doubt. She comes to meet Naren and Suman. They show the designer sarees. They praise Falguni for encouraging them. Falguni asks them not to thank. She says I have some work with you, you just photoshop a pic, this is my pic and this is Falguni, Uttara’s bahu. Naren says she looks like you. She says yes, so Uttara gets angry, when she knows Falguni helped me, she will be more angry. He says think your work is done. Falguni smiles.

She comes to Suyash and shows the pic in newspaper. He sees Falguni and Lazer’s pic. She reads out the news to him. She asks what are you seeing, this girl looks like me, she is like Teja’s daughter, she is a good artist, she helped workers before, her fate is bad, she was crying, I got to know she was married in a big house, someone filled her husband’s ears, I m very angry on him, I will beat him. She reminds the marriage vow. Suyash thinks and goes.

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