Jiji Maa on adom tv update Thursday 18th June 2020

Jiji Maa Thursday 18th June 2020 written update: Jiji Maa on adom tv update Thursday 18 June 2020, Uttara asking Shom to call Falguni. Lazer’s phone rings. Uttara says look at her Shom, I was right.

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He says Falguni’s phone is ringing, Lazer is talking on call. Niyati answers Falguni’s phone and plays voice clips to talk to Uttara. Uttara says you will see my win on tv and ends call. Niyati and Zeenat laugh. Uttara sees a man eating. She sees the food. She imagines having food at home. She feels weak. Shom thinks to do something and tells the men. She tries to eat a banana. Officer comes. She hides the banana. Officer asks Lazer to end the strike. Falguni says my protest will go on. Officer says you are not listening to me, my job will go. Uttara says let your job go, I will give you job in my company, its just my govt here, it will happen what I want, I won’t let them form a cooperative, this strike will go on till any one of us eats something, I won’t eat anything. Shom falls by the banana peel.

Uttara says you got two bananas, where is the other one. He says second is this one, I had one. Media asks how are you now. She says I m feeling weak by hunger, but I m strong and determined, I can’t let injustice happen with honest officer, Teja and Lazer are wrong. Shom chants her name. He says Uttara needs food, she doesn’t like delay. He gets a banana for her and says I got this by snatching from monkey, eat it, don’t waste it. Uttara eats it and gives the peel. He thanks her. She burps. She gets a video. She gets shocked seeing her banana eating video.
Shom also gets shocked. She scolds Shom for not seeing around. Falguni asks Uttara about having banana. She asks Naren to put the video on news. Uttara says no. Falguni says tell the media that you are with workers, Teja is going to do something good. Uttara announces that Lazer and Teja are working for workers’ good, Lazer is saying truth and she is with truth, so she congratulates them for the new company by taking her hunger strike back.

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Shom chants her name. Falguni asks Uttara to have orange juice. Uttara drinks it and says why is this so bitter. Falguni says maybe seeds also got grind along, sorry. Uttara sees media and drinks. She leaves. Falguni says my fast will not break till the new company is registered. Officer says it will be done, come with me. He registers the company and asks them to start working. Falguni smiles. Everyone sings Jai Jai and dances. Balwant and goons have a talk. Balwant says I won’t let them have fun, they should know their king. He drinks wine and goes to them. He asks them to play the song, he will dance. He pushes Naren. He says I wish to become Shambu from Balwant today. Falguni gets shocked.

Balwant dancing with everyone. Falguni tells Teja that Balwant is Shambu, he just said so. Teja says how can he be Shambu, he isn’t handicapped. She says why did he say so. Its morning, Falguni tells Suman that she is not a guest. Naren says bank has passed the loan, we will get raw material and make sarees to sell. Falguni asks him to give a saree to Suman first. He agrees. She gets a call from Lazer. She jokes on his name. He reminds that she has to come home to take her money. She says yes, but I have no time, I m much busy. He recalls Falguni’s words. She asks what are you thinking. He jokes. She says I will come in evening. He says fine, I will be at home. She smiles. Shom comes to Uttara and gives news of Lazer and Teja’s company registration. She smiles and says its good. He reminds what Lazer has done. She says they won’t be able to do business, Lazer is showing them dreams of profits and progress, it happens late in business, its loss first.

She says they can make sarees but can’t sell it, I will rule in the market, I will see how they sell the sarees, they can’t pay the loans, their hopes will end. Teja says no one has seen Balwant with walking difficulty. Falguni says we didn’t get any news of Shambu. Someone looks on. She says someone is there. Teja says maybe some animal is there, I have to go market. He goes. Someone calls out Falguni. She turns to see. She then rushes to go. Uttara meets a reporter. She says I don’t know if you came to take my interview. He says I don’t know you, I came here to take Niyati’s interview. Niyati says sorry, you had to wait. The man says Vidhaan, I m your big fan, I got a request, they want to see Niyati’s interview.
Vidhaan praises Niyati. Uttara praises Vidhaan. Vidhaan takes her aside and asks Niyati to give interview. The man says I know you are Falguni. She says I m Lazer. He says you don’t need to do this drama, you may feel I m Uttara’s man, I m your well wisher, I know you are Uttara’s bahu Falguni, who removed her womb for sister’s happiness, there is no one here, its good if we talk, Uttara cheated me, I followed her one day and heard her talking to Dr. Sonali, I will not tell anyone that you are Falguni, I know you are finding Shambu, there are many ways to tackle Uttara, we have a common enemy, Uttara. The man says interview went well. Uttara gets angry. She says you have made me proud today. Shom gets puzzled. She offers help to Niyati. Niyati thanks her. The man tells Falguni about Suyash’s grandpa’s will, Suyash’s child will be the heir. Falguni says if Suyash doesn’t have any son then…. He says then entire property will go to Vidhaan’s children.

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Falguni says so Uttara removed my womb, I thought she hates me. He says she hates poor people as she was also poor, she was jealous of Gayatri, when Jayant chose Gayatri for marriage, Uttara got angry, after Suyash was born, Gayatri was framed for murder, Uttara has married Jayant, my dad was lawyer for Rawat family, Uttara promised to her father in law that she will raise Suyash as her son and not have children, she didn’t keep the promise. She says we can take the will to court and expose her. He says I don’t have the original will, I know its hidden in Rawat villa, just you can get the will. She says no, Falguni can’t do this, Lazer can do this work. Falguni tells Zeenat about the will. Zeenat says Uttara can deny about the will. Falguni says this is the photocopy sent by Rathi, I have to get original will and expose Uttara.

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