Jiji Maa on adom tv update Tuesday 16th June 2020

Jiji Maa on adom tv update Tuesday 16th June 2020: Jiji Maa 16 June 2020 update on adom tv, Balwant asking Uttara why doesn’t she want to kill Gayatri. She says I want her to know how I treat my enemies, let her suffer, the spies shouldn’t reach Ambua.

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He asks her not to worry. Suman tells Teja about Lazer, who taught them to face problems. She tells everything what happened in his absence. She says you should have not sent Lazer. He says Lazer’s intentions are good, but way was bad, everything can be sorted by peace. Falguni talks to someone and asks about Shambu. The man says Teja asked me to help you, I will inform you when I get any news.

Teja meets Uttara at office. He asks her for an increment. She says it can’t happen, company will be at loss, I was thinking to fix machines in factory, everyone knows I have a big heart, I think you can do any small work. She says I got a painting for one lakh yesterday. Teja requests her to give them an increment. She starts insulting him and his arts. He leaves.
Teja comes to meet Falguni. She asks him to sit. She gets water for him. He apologizes. She says its big thing you have come to meet me. He says I came to meet Uttara, you were right, Uttara can’t give us an increment. She asks why do you have hopes from her, you are an artist and can show your work to the world without having an agent. He says I don’t know all this. She says I know who can help, Jayant will understand, I will talk to him as a poor worker’s daughter Chanda. She calls Jayant. Suyash answers. She hears his voice and asks for Jayant. He gives the phone. She tells Jayant that she wants to start her own work, she wants her advice. He gives her advice. She asks if he can help. He says don’t worry, I will help you. She says thanks Papa. He asks what did you say. She says my Papa is thanking you. He says welcome, all the best.

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Teja says I will leave now. She says I will get ready and come. He asks will you come village with me. She says not me, Lazer. He nods. Niyati says everyone liked my work. Vidhaan says its about me, they are complimenting me. She checks the commenters and says you made your friends praise you. They cutely argue. They miss their baby. He says we will have world’s best baby soon. Falguni tells villagers about their new work. She says there is no guarantee for anything, we have seen your talent, you will sell sarees on own, customers will get sarees on low rates, it will be good for both parties, govt. can give you loan for starting the new work. Naren says I feel scared. She asks why, don’t you see tv, don’t be scared, do something different. Teja asks Falguni to name the business. She names the business company Asha. They all clap.

Shom comes to Uttara. She says I made you secretary as you give me news soon, you didn’t tell me about Lazer and Teja’s union. She says I told everything to Teja to threaten him, Teja and his artists are imp for our company, they shouldn’t make any company on their own. She calls Balwant. She asks Balwant to stop Lazer and Teja from reaching registrar office. He says think your work is done.
Shom asking Uttara why is she worrying for a small problem. She burns his hand and explains that fire should be controlled in time. Teja and Falguni get wishes from everyone. They leave in auto. Balwant follows them and hits the auto. Falguni and Teja meet with accident. Suyash is on the way and talks to Jayant. He sees the fallen auto and rushes to check. He sees Teja and Lazer inside. He pulls the auto back. He sprinkles water on them. He asks Lazer is she fine, how did the accident happen. Lazer says someone has hit the auto. He asks driver to get up. He says we have to take Teja and driver to hospital.

She says no, we have to go to registrar office. He asks is anything imp than life. He takes them to hospital. She gets scared of injection and lies to Suyash. She holds his hand and takes the injection. He recalls Falguni. He says you said you aren’t scared. She says I was crushing an ant on your hand. He says you are very brave. She says you don’t need to pay me money now, your favor is settled now. She gets a call. Niyati asks what happened, you have to go to registrar office, its officer’s last day, Uttara’s man will be joining from tomorrow, you need to go to that registrar. Falguni rushes to Teja and says we have to rush. Suyash asks why today, you can go tomorrow.

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Uttara says my men are in every office. Balwant jokes and says sorry. Uttara asks Shom to pay money to Balwant. Falguni and Suyash argue. He asks her to shut up. She asks did you say shut up to your wife like this. He says don’t take her name. She says sorry, we villagers say heart out. He says why will I feel bad, I have nothing in heart for her. She says your eyes are saying something else. Uttara says its 5 now and registrar has gone home, Lazer and Teja didn’t reach there. She says I know it, I have sent bouquets and money to old and new officers. Shom praises her.

Suyash tells Lazer that none can stop them from registering. Teja thanks him for help. Suyash says its a good thing to start own work, don’t leave Rawat textiles, I will talk to mom. She says no need, we will see it. He says I will drop you to village. Teja says thanks, we will go. Suyash says I will go, I have some work. He goes. Falguni asks why did you say this to Suyash, just Uttara is the villain. Teja asks why did you ask Suyash about his wife. She says I wanted to see if he still loves Falguni, Suyash is breaking down, he needs a friend, I can be with him as Lazer. He says I m sure, you will do good. She says we will go to registrar office tomorrow. Its morning, Falguni and Teja meet the new officer and give the documents. Officer says all documents aren’t ready, I m a senior officer. She says but the papers are complete. He warns them and asks them to leave, they can never make a cooperative.

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