Jiji Maa update Wednesday 24th June 2020 on adom tv

Jiji Maa on adom tv update Wednesday 24th June 2020, On Jiji Maa 24 June 2020 on adom tv, The Episode starts with Lazer scaring Uttara by making her wear a rope noose in neck.

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She says this will cure your neck pain forever, Balwant will be hanged, you would be knowing the reason. Uttara asks how will I know. Lazer says once I get him, I will know why he attacked me, he will be going jail. Niyati comes and asks Lazer about the rope. Falguni/Lazer says its just a treatment method. Uttara worries and drinks water. Lazer says I will take water and drink. She goes. Uttara throws the rope. Suyash stops Lazer and pours water on her. She asks what’s this misbehavior, did you go mad. Niyati comes there and gets shocked. She switches off the tap. Suyash asks Lazer to look at him. Falguni scolds him. She realizes her makeup has got off. Suyash walks to her. She worries and falls in the dirty mud. It gets on her face and clothes. She pushes him. She starts scolding him. She goes.

Niyati asks Suyash why was he pouring water on Lazer. He shouts because I have gone mad. Uttara recalls Lazer’s words. Shom comes to her and shows Balwant’s address. He says we shall go there. She says no, I will go alone. She leaves. Niyati and Falguni come to village. They have a talk. Falguni asks Niyati not to be scared of anyone, and take care. She asks Niyati to go home. She goes to scare Balwant again. Uttara traces the location and reaches there. Niyati sees her and hides. Niyati calls Falguni and informs her that Uttara is coming. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara says the place is the same, Balwant would be there. She goes inside to check. Falguni hides Balwant and herself. Balwant kicks a carton. Uttara hears the sound and goes to check.

Niyati comes there and asks what is she doing here. Uttara asks her what is she doing here. Niyati says I came here for outdoor video shooting, I saw you and came here, is everything fine. Uttara says yes, Shom gave me this address for meeting with investor, I think I came at some wrong place, we shall leave. She doesn’t see Balwant. Lazer scares Balwant. He reveals Uttara’s crimes. She records the video. She thinks Uttara will be exposed now. Uttara stops Shom from having food. She takes his class for giving wrong address. Lazer comes and holds Uttara’s neck. Uttara gets shocked.

Falguni taunting Uttara. Vidhaan finds her advice interesting. Niyati says we should keep a party, we got many likes for our videos, invite all your friends, I will wear a designer dress, you can say you are proud of me, you have inspired me to make the videos. Uttara agrees for the party. They smile. Niyati gets a foot sprain. Falguni worries and says you will get fine with a foot massage, come with me. They go to room and talk. Niyati says I said as you told me, what will we do now. Falguni says record this video, Balwant accepted that Uttara did that murder and framed Gayatri, so Uttara made him the king of Ambua, you helped me in this task, you put this video in between your video to show in the party.

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Falguni cries and says Uttara is Suyash’s step mum, how will he feel knowing the truth. Niyati consoles her and does touchup to her makeup. She says Suyash didn’t come for breakfast today. Falguni says I know why he didn’t come out of his room till now. Suyash thinks of Falguni and cries. Uttara comes to him. Falguni looks on. Suyash says I feel Falguni will come to me if I call her. Uttara says its all my mistake, I m not able to do anything for you, why did I get you married to Falguni. He says I m fine, don’t blame yourself. Falguni cries seeing him.

Niyati checks Balwant’s video and hears Uttara’s crime. Uttara passes by and comes there. She asks are you seeing anything on laptop. Niyati pauses the video and says no, I made a video for party. Uttara says but I heard a man’s voice. Niyati says we took people’s interview. Uttara says I will see. Niyati says its a surprise, I didn’t show to Vidhaan as well. Uttara goes. Falguni cries thinking of Suyash. She hears Suyash coming and switches off the lights. He asks what are you doing in my room. She hugs him and kisses. He says leave me. She says no. He pushes her away and asks are you mad. She asks what happened, you also want this, I understand everything, you like me. He shouts shut up, get out of my room.

She thinks I kept my promise and kissed you on this date. She goes and collides with a servant. Uttara says where did lazer run away, something is wrong. She follows. Vidhaan says I have done all the work, wear this Mrs. Internet title. She says its incomplete and write Mr. on it. They wear the title. Uttara sees Falguni at the temple. She calls Falguni shameless. Falguni says you have done many crimes, you should hide at home. Uttara asks who will trust you. Falguni says truth always comes out, your truth will be out soon, I gave you chances as Suyash regards you mum, you didn’t repent for crime and played against me, I will expose you. Uttara threatens her and asks her to meet in the same temple. She eats prasad and goes.
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