Kulfi the singing star Update Thursday 11th June 2020

Kulfi the singing star 11th June 2020: Sikander with Kulfi, Sikander says I’m sorry Kulfi I don’t know what to say, Kulfi says trust god and we will find hope and faith and narrates Sikander hukumnama.

Kulfi the singing star Update Wednesday 10th June 2020

Sikander says it’s blood cloth kulfi no chances, Kulfi says we met the biggest miracle, everyone knows I’m your daughter and Pakistan uncle taught me to drink away all fears, both start laughing.

Sikander tells Kulfi that we won’t tell Lovely and Amyra, Kulfi agrees, Kulfi says but we will meet your doctor first, Sikander agrees.

Lovely in her room, thinks when Jimmy has returned everything why isn’t he not returned it to us, Lovely sees Amyra with reports and scolds her, Amyra leaves, Lovely reads the reports and in shock, Lovely says this can’t happen.

Sikander goes under tests, doctor tells Kulfi about sikanders emergency’s pills and asks kulfi to give him on equal intervals, Kulfi says here’s Prasad and I trust god that my baba will be fine, doctor tells Kulfi about Dr, David.

Kulfi and Sikander arrive in chawl. Lovely thinks how will I deal, what will I ask him, Himmat walks to kulfi and Sikander and hug them, and starts crying. Amyra hugs Kulfi and says I missed you, Lovely thinks why is he so happy when he is dying, then jimmy and now Kartarpur why did he go there.

Kulfi sees Lovely and rushes to her and says baba told me about you, and hugs her, lovely tear eyes looks at Sikander and hugs him and starts crying. Sikander tells Raju that kulfi found the truth and her take behind it. Sandy says cmon let’s take a group picture.

Amyra says one family picture me dada kulfi and mom.
Lovely says Sikander why are you lying, I found truth, how could you hide such big truth, what will we do without you, sikander starts laughing and says this report is a lie, my report had been exchanged during a regular check up. Lovely says thank god and hugs Sikander.

Lovely has food with Kulfi Amyra. Sikander happy to see them bond.

Kulfi and Amyra Bonding with lovely. Sikander plays his guitar. Kulfi asks Sikander why are you sitting alone and smiling, Sikander says I had a picture of all of us together and I see it only missing Paji Bhabhi and Bebe. Kulfi says we soon will be together and you stop thinking about your illness and trust god.sikander says I’m missing my mouth organ a lot today, Paji had gifted me and I use to play it for all, Kulfi says keep faith and look you will find your mouth organ. Sikander says okay let’s see.

Sikander feeling uneasy making his medicine, Lovely wakes up and asks what medicine are you having, Sikander throws it and says acidity medicine but it’s not working you go to sleep. Lovely falls asleep, sikander crawls inside and takes his medicine, adds in his water and leaves.
Lovely wakes up and picks the bottle and says this tablet will tell me why is sikander lying.


Sikander makes video for Kulfi and Amyra. Kulfi walks to Sikander, sikander says get amyra I have something important, Kulfi says later first see what I have, and shows his childhood pic and with mouth organ, says will find it, Kulfi says I have faith and will find it, sikander says I had lost it in Punjab, it was snatched by someone so leave this topic.

Lovely’s friend Rahul tells her about Sikanders situation, Lovely in shock. Lovely calls on a number she found in picture, and finds the person has shifted to Mumbai and reaches the address as told.

Grandpa there very cranky yells at Kulfi. Kulfi keeps trying, Kulfi shows him picture and says when you were staying in Punjab you had bought house that belonged to my father and then you had taken mouth organ from my father do you still have it, grandpa yells at Kulfi and shh her away, Kulfi prays to god.

Kulfi hears mouth organ and peeps from window and finds someone playing mouth organ that belongs to sikander, Kulfi with anger bangs the door, grandpa yells at her and she faints.

Sikander walks in and sees lovely disturbed, lovely hugs him and starts crying. Kulfi acts as if she has fainted, she wakes up in grandpas house and starts acting, says some water please, Kulfi asks who am I, where am I, he scares kulfi. Kulfi tells him whole story and requests for mouth organ.grandpa denies, Kulfi with difficulty snatches it then sees a kid crying for it.

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