Love will never lie Tuesday 2nd june 2020 Joyprime

Love will never lie Tuesday 2 june 2020 Joyprime

EPISODE 145-146

Pari was asleep. Kunal comes to her and was sorry that he can’t explain all this to Pari. Mahek place a hand over his shoulder and says she is asleep. Kunal walks out of the room while Mahek prepares coffee. She asks if it was his worst birthday, but sometimes this happens. She inquires Kunal why Pari always take Mishti’s name. Kunal says Mishti is his daughter. Kunal says she is his and Mauli’s daughter. Mahek complements his life is really dramatic. Kunal says Nandini thought only Mauli can take care of Pari, she left a CD for Mauli which Pari unluckily found. But its impossible. Mahek asks why, Pari and Mauli like each other and Mauli still likes him. He also still feels for Mauli; then why they can’t join all the dots to create a happy family. Kunal says Mishti hates him. Mahek asks Kunal if he knew Mauli was pregnant, if he found out just now that Mishti is his daughter. She wonders how Mahek can hide the matter with him. Kunal accepts that it was his mistake as well. Mauli shared with him about being pregnant, but he was dubious and then she decided she had to lie to him. But he can’t explain a lot of this to Pari. He has hurt Mauli a lot already, he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. Ishaan can really keep her happy. Mahek asks if Mauli will be happier with Ishaan or with Kunal. Kunal was speechless.
Mauli opens the door to Ishaan. He was tensed and asks what conversation she had with his mother? Mauli says there is nothing wrong. Ishaan follows Mauli inside and forbids her to lie to him, he can even speak to his mother about it. Mauli clarifies to Ishaan they can’t get married. Ishaan was hurt and asks who decided this? Mauli replies she did. Ishaan questions how she can decide alone, where he stands in this relationship then. Consent of two people is important for any decision, be it marriage or breakup. He wants to know the reason. Mauli pulls off the engagement ring and forwards it to Ishaan, she apologizes Ishaan and says this wedding is over. She requests him to take it back. Ishaan inquires if she is crazy. He forces the ring back into her hand and push Mauli back towards the wall. His trembled painfully, tears tripping down his face. Mauli insists that his mother is right, and Ishaan must understand and accept this decision. Ishaan complains that the decision must be approved by him and Mishti as well. Mauli places a hand over Ishaan’s shoulder. She says she doesn’t want to break his ties with his family. She now decisively asserts that he will have to accept her decision. She leaves the ring on the table and goes to her room. Ishaan calls from behind that he doesn’t accept this, and their relation can’t end so easily. He won’t accept Mauli’s engagement ring, and won’t ever take his ring; for him the marriage is still on. Mauli cries in the room apologetic that neither she wants to cut from her family, nor she wants to cut him from his. She wanted to connect the two families not break them.
The next morning, Mauli and Mishti were ready to leave for picnic. A courier man leaves a bouquet of flowers. Mamma was happy to see the beautiful flowers but Maui wasn’t.
Mahek and Pari worked out together at home. A doorbell rings. Mahek asks Pari to continue with her workout while she goes out to check. Mamma introduces herself to Mahek. Pari greets Dadi. Mahek explains they were doing morning workout. Kunal was happy to see Mamma, she brought a gift for Kunal. Kunal shows the gift to Pari but Pari was annoyed. Pari goes to prepare breakfast with Mahek. Mamma tells Kunal that they scolded Mishti for what she did. Kunal understands that Mishti is a child. Mamma says she is happy that Kunal has moved on in life, but for Mauli even seven years are less. Kunal recalls Mauli’s condition while drunk. Mamma requests Kunal not to come over, it hurts Mauli and Mishti. Mauli will have to cut herself from Kunal to move on. She promises to come and meet Kunal. Kunal says Mahek will take care of Pari for as long as she is here. He understands Mauli suffered a lot because of him, he can do this much.
Near the swimming pool, Pari was afraid as she couldn’t swim. Mahek hugs Pari assuring she can’t let her fall. Mauli and Mishti arrive near the same pool. Mishti was excited for swimming and goes to change. Mahek tells Pari to go cautiously and take a shower, they will learn to swim. Mishti and Pari come across each other and have a fight with each other. Pari asks Mishti why she behaves so rudely to her. Later, Pari runs to Mauli while Mauli was busy with a call. Pari comes behind Mishti and asks why she is angry with her for so long, she didn’t play with her. Mishti wasn’t interested to play or swim with Pari. She pushes Pari into the swimming pool.

At pool side, Pari asks Mishti why she is annoyed with her. Mishti push Pari down into the pool. A man nearby jumps into the pool to save Pari. Mishti stood on a corner, afraid while Mahek comes to Pari worried. Pari spits the water and opens her eyes. Mahek stops Mishti and questions whose child is this, if her parents taught her such ill behavior. Mauli who was busy on phone call comes there and asks Mahek why she is scolding her daughter? Mahek complains to Mauli that Pari slipped into the pool because of Mishti. Mauli was sure Mishti couldn’t do any such thing. Mahek argues that Mishti even locked Pari in bathroom as well, she is the one who pushed her into the pool. Kunal comes there, he stops Mahek then comes to Pari concerned at once. Pari says she fell into the pool. Mahek says yesterday Mishti locked Pari into the bathroom, and who could have taken responsibility of her falling in the pool. Mahek claims that Pari is her best friend’s daughter and she loves her dearly. Kunal convince Mahek to let go of the matter. Mauli instead questions Mishti if she pushed Pari down in the pool? Mishti replies she wanted her to get away from her way; who told Pari to come here? She then questions if Mishti locked Pari in the bathroom as well? Mishti nods weakly. Mauli fumes and says she never thought Mishti could behave so odd. She apologizes Kunal on Mishti’s behalf and Pari as well. Pari replies it’s alright. Mauli kiss Pari’s forehead, then tells Mishti to say sorry to Pari. Kunal requests Mauli not to force Mishti. Mauli says Mishti will have to say sorry. She says Mishti won’t leave until she says sorry. Mishti says sorry and runs away. Kunal requests Mauli not to scold her anymore. Mauli says it’s really important to teach her manners at the right time. She apologizes Kunal again and leave.
Ishaan asks the courier person on phone if he handed the bouquet in Mauli’s hand? Sandhya comes there and asks why Ishaan doesn’t understand Mauli has broken her relationship with Ishaan. She shows him the ring she found in his shirt. Ishaan tells Sandhya that Mauli couldn’t move forward, because she couldn’t leave her past relations. He values her value of being connected to her relations. He will wait for the day when Mauli forgets her past and accepts him. He won’t go anywhere.
In the car, Kunal thanks Mahek for being with Pari. Mahek says she won’t leave Pari alone for a single minute now. Kunal was upset about Mishti’s behavior. Mahek apologizes Kunal for speaking a lot to Mauli. She forgot for a while that Mishti was also his daughter. Kunal says it worries him that Mishti is his daughter and she is filled with much hatred and aggression for him. Kunal says at times he feels guilty, Mishti must have felt the absence of a father and she also knows that he is her father and even left her.
At home, Mauli asks Mamma and Dida why they didn’t tell her that Mishti locked Pari in the bathroom. And today Mishti pushed her into the pool. Mishti counters that she only removed Pari off her way. But Mauli is not concerned for her daughter, she only thinks for Pari. She means nothing to her mummy, and she even scolded her in front of Pari. Mamma also forced her to say sorry to Pari in front of everyone. Mauli says Mishti will have to apologize if she is mistaken. Mishti fumes over everyone for siding Pari. She says only her Popsy loves her and no one else. She tells Mauli that I hate you. She goes to call Ishaan. Mauli snatches the phone and scolds Mishti forbidding her to call Ishaan. Mauli decides that Ishaan won’t come into the house and Mishti must forget him. Mishti insists no one can stop her from talking to her Popsy. Mauli clarifies that Ishaan isn’t her father. Mishti resists and Mauli was about to slap her. Mamma and Dida stops Mauli. Mishti complains Mauli doesn’t care for her, and even denied marrying her Popsy. She runs inside. Mamma goes behind Mishti while Mauli cries in the hall. Soon, she gets a call from Ishaan but doesn’t take it. Mauli wonders what to do, she is losing everything.

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