Love will never lie Wednesday 3rd june 2020 Joyprime

Love will never lie Wednesday 3 june 2020 Joyprime

EPISODE 147-148

It was morning. Kunal sat with Pari wondering what if she had been really hurt. Pari wakes up and apologizes for being annoyed with Kunal and not speaking to him.
The school bus drops children outside the school. Mishti was upset about yesterday’s happenings. She finds the school guard inattentive while being busy on cell phone, she decides to try and meet her Popsy out of school. Kunal passes by and spots Mishti walking alone on street. He parks his car and wonders what she is doing here in school uniform. He comes out of his car and cross the road but meanwhile Mishti had gone out of sight. He looks around for Mishti.
Ishaan takes Mishti’s bag and says she must have been in school. Mishti says she missed him a lot. Ishaan says Mishti must not have come alone, he needs to call her mama. Mishti forbids Ishaan as Mama always scolds and continue to shout at her. She explains that she didn’t want to push Pari into the pool, she only wanted her to get away from her side. She asks Ishaan why he doesn’t even visit them. Ishaan says her Mama is a little angry but he will make her up in a while. He asks Mishti to go home now, and promises Mauli won’t be angry with her.
Mauli was irritated by continuous calls of Kunal. Mamma asks her to take the car. Kunal was worried and tells Mauli he spot Mishti walking the road in school uniform. Mauli panics as Kunal says she is nowhere to be seen anymore. Mauli asks him to share his location while she can look in her school as well. Kunal asks the people around if they spot Mishti or not.
Pari and Mahek enjoy muffins together. Pari decides to call Buddy and tell him how much she miss him. Mahek says Kunal must be busy right now with patients but Pari insists upon calling. Kunal was running across the street when he takes the call, he sounded worried and tells Mahek that Mishti has lost. He saw her walking across the street in uniform but is nowhere to be seen. Mahek suggests him to call his Mummy, maybe she had reached home.
Ishaan comes home with Mishti. Mauli quietly asks where Mishti was found. Ishaan says she came over to restaurant. Mamma gets a call from Kunal, she tells Kunal that Mishti came with Ishaan. Mauli was angry over Mishti’s behavior and tells Ishaan to leave her while she can handle her onwards. Ishaan promises Mishti that he will return to meet her. Mauli stood there angrily while Ishaan leaves. Mauli questions Mishti what this is, why she bunked school and walked alone on streets to meet Ishaan. Mishti was stubborn and replies she will do what she will wish for. Mauli complains to Mamma and Dida about Mishti’s behavior. Mishti argues she will go to meet Ishaan and she will continue to meet him. Mauli claims to be her mother and father. Mishti says she wants Popsy, she already kept her away from her real father and now she wants her to distance from Popsy as well. She is a bad woman and do what she wish for. She doesn’t want a mother like her at all and runs into the room.
At home, Kunal was irked that he was tensed for Mishti and Mauli didn’t care inform him that Mishti had returned. Mahek defends Mauli that she must have been tensed because of his call. Kunal says he is extremely concerned for Mishti, there is something going on that Mishti is behaving so strangely. He decides to call Mamma. Mamma goes to take the call but Mauli fells on the floor at once, crying. Mauli cries that Mishti is right, she is a bad mother. She lost her husband first, now her daughter as well; she must be wrong somewhere. Kunal was hurt listening to everything on phone. Mamma assures Mauli that she was a good person, a good mother and was a good wife as well. It was only a test of fate. Dida seconds Mamma and says Mishti is a minor and may not understand a few aspects of real life, but at least Mauli is sensible enough to understand. The cell phone drops off Kunal’s hands.

Kunal was distressed that why he even returned to Mauli and Mishti’s life, he has ruined their life all over again. Mahek convince him to calm down, he has to control himself. It’s not his mistake. Kunal asks if it’s Mauli’s mistake. She was a very good wife, and he betrayed her falling in love with Nandini. He can’t let Mishti and Mauli suffer now and must do something. Mahek hugs Kunal and assures everything will be fine. Pari comes with Aasha back from shopping. She says they will now party hard, she was excited for decorating the Christmas tree. He wish he could see Mishti and Mauli as happy and excited as Pari is. He hugs Pari out of emotion, and prays he wish for happiness and needs nothing else from Santa. Pari goes inside with her bags to get ready fast. Mahek tells Kunal she has an idea and can fulfil his wish. Kunal was hopeful of the idea.
Mishti was filling her drawing with colors. Mauli comes to her with her favorite dish and says she cooked it exactly the way Mishti likes it. She understands Mishti is angry, Mishti was wrong but Mama also scolded her bad. It’s alright, mama is wrong but Mishti can eat a little. Mishti was angry and says she will only eat from her Popsy, she won’t eat otherwise. The doorbell rings. Some kids run in to invite them for Christmas party. Mishti was excited and thinks Santa fulfils everyone’s wish, she will wish for her Mama and Popsy’s wedding. The next morning, Mishti was excited and selects her dresses. She chooses the one Mauli had selected for her. Mamma says she will drop Mishti, Mauli can pick her up while returning from clinic. Mauli says she will handle everything as far as Mishti remains happy.
In the party, Mahek comes to Kunal. He was worried what if Mauli doesn’t allow Mishti to come to the party. Mahek assures no mother will stop her child from coming over to Christmas party. She tells Kunal to go and change into Santa Clause’s attire. Kunal requests Mahek to keep an eye over Pari as Mishti can’t stand her, he wish his daughters celebrate Christmas well.
Mishti was excited to see the pile of gifts. Kunal stood in a corner with his Santa Clause attire. Mishti watches the bunch of kids playing around. Mahek drags Kunal to a corner and hurries him to get ready, what if Mishti comes here.
Mishti comes into the hall where kids were playing some games. She wanted a ball and asks some fellow children. Soon, Pari stood in front of her with a ball held towards Mishti. Mishti stood upset. Mahek comes to announce Santa is coming over from some distance, meanwhile they can play some game. The kids run behind Mahek in excitement, including Mishti and Pari. Afterwards, Mahek gathers some chocolates and offers them to the kids. Mahek comes to Mishti and apologizes for scolding her on the pool side yesterday, even her mother scolded her later on. She offers some chocolates to Mishti and requests to be friends with her. Mishti doesn’t respond and instead runs away.
A Santa Clause comes to the party ringing the Christmas Bell. The kids were excited and runs towards him clapping. Both Pari and Mishti hold their arms out to Santa. Kunal was left in a confusion.
Ishaan was waiting outside Mauli’s clinic with a bouquet of flowers. Mauli watch him then hurries to find her car’s keys. A young boy comes to Mauli with a board with the message, ‘I love you, Please Marry Me’. Mauli place her hand over her head and requests her to go. She gets into her car. Ishaan runs towards Mauli. Mauli watch a jeep racing into the building. She warns him to be careful but the jeep hits Ishaan. The bouquet fly in the air while Ishaan fells on the floor.

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