Monday Update on Lies of the heart 15th June 2020

Lies of the heart 15 June 2020: On Monday Update on Lies of the heart 15 June 2020, Samrat glaots that shaurya finally realised what he deserves and has made the right choice.

<<<<<Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 14th June 2020

Sushma says that he has trapped shaurya and doesnt know the truth about him. Samrat says that he broke the mother’s black magic by his love, and that now he shall go with his father. As samrat begins to take him out, sushma tries to advise shaurya, that his mother wont be able to stay without him. Sushma tries to get shaurya to rethink his descision, making him understand what urmi has done for him, and that he shouldnt leave his mother. urmi is stunned to silence and samrat says that shaurya shall live with them, and if his mother loves him, then she too shall come back to live with them. He storms out weith shaurya in his lap, while urmi is shocked and speechless. sushma tries to get urmi to react and get her to stop her son, but she stands dazed, tears flowing down her cheeks, as sushma tells her that shaurya went. urmi comes back to her senses, and collapses on the floor. sushma tries to compose her, but in vain, asking what happened to her. Sushma’s husband is sad too. urmi finally breaks down, saying that her last support, her only son, left her, by his free will after what she did for him, and breaks down asking how can he leave his own mother.
After Mr. Tiwary has a talk with the lawyer, he tells urmi that there’s nothing they can do, as shaurya went on his own and wasnt forced, and that samrat is his father after all. Sushma refuses to digest this, but urmi says that shaurya left by free will, and that she cant do anything, even if she wants to. Sushma asks her to compose herself, as they would get her back. He says that samrat has trapped him, and that wont sustain for long, and soon he shall come back. urmi is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
As all are busy, they are shocked to find samrat coming in happily with shaurya. samrat says that they taught urmi a lesson, due to shaurya. Rudra is shocked. All others are tensed too, when samrat says that he would stay here only. Mandira is very happy to hear this. aditi asks how did urmi allow this, while samrat proudly gloats about his win over urmi. Kanchan taunts and asks what about urmi, and why she didnt come along. samrat says that she would come, and shaurya is her son after all, and that she wont be able to live without him. Mandira gets shaurya to play with her, and then go to her room. rudra vents out his anger at samrat for acting so rash. Shashi asks who would handle him. Samrat gives her the responsibility, much to her dismay. shashi tries to give the excuse of old age, but samrat doesnt listen to anything. samrat tells them that shaurya shouldnt ever feel like going back, and warns shashi that if anything like that happens, he would get shashi out first. shashi is shocked and wonders what hes she landed herself in.
Mandira and shaurya are bantering a lot, while samrat comes in and is happy to see him smiling. Mandira asks shaurya if urmi would come too, and if he would be able to live without his mother for even a day. Samrat lashes out his anger at mandira and asks her not to talk useless, and that urmi doesnt deserve mention, and that he has stayed with urmi for long, and now father and son shall have fun. shaurya complies. Samrat warns mandira not to speak like this again.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s and sushma’s residence
Granny is shocked and frustrated as asha’s rant with her doll continues. saroj is tensed and finds granny crying, and asks what happened. granny says that she remmebered shaurya, and asks her to dial urmi. saroj agrees.
In her room, urmi relieves shaurya’s memories with his toys, hurt and disturbed. She gets saroj’s call, and is apalled when saroj asks her to call shaurya as they feel like talking to him. urmi breaks down and tells everything. saroj and granny are tensed. they are all the more shocked, when urmi tells her that shaurya went by his free will, and that saroj was right, when she expressed her doubts of samrat being in the cinema hall. She narrates everything to her, and saroj is distraught too. Saroj asks her to calm herself, and says that he would come to her very soon. urmi urgently wishes to believe too. saroj explains her that nothing supercedes motherly love. Saroj tries to compsoe herself and urmi too asking her not to break down. urmi says that she is and feels all lonely, without shaurya. saroj offers to come, while urmi asks her not to bother, as her call was enough and then cancels the call. saroj is distraught.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s and Sushma’s residence
Later, while samrat continues to tend to all of shaurya’s wishes, and asks shashi to play along, and make shaurya feel at home all the time. She is tensed but still out of samrat’s scare, she agrees to do whatever he wishes her to do, while he reminds her that shaurya shouldnt remember his mother at all, as if that happens, shasi would face severe consequences. She is tensed, while samrat continues to cater to shaurya’s wishes, getting him to laugh, while placing Urmi’s phone on dial. She picks the phone, and then overhears Shaurya’s chuckling, and is shocked when she finds that he is busy and happy, and isnt talking to her. She gets tensed. Samrat then comes outside, and taunts her how she feels hearing shaurya’s voice, and says that he is very happy here. urmi asks to talk to him, and samrat asks what good would that do. He says that he isnt like her that he wont make her talk. He pretend to talk to shaurya and then tells her that he doesnt wish to. He asks her toget in the habit of crying as thats whats left in her destiny, after having rejected her, and every moment shall make her realise that. He says that he understands her pain and hence gives a way out. Samrat tells urmi, on the phone, that he can give her a place in the house yet again, having forgotten and forgiven everything in the past, but for the sake of his son, and asks her to think over it nicely. Urmi is shocked and tensed.

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