Monday Update on Lies of the heart 22nd June 2020

Lies of the heart 22nd June 2020: On Monday Update on Lies of the heart 22 June 2020, Samrat is shocked to receive a divorce notice from urmi.

Shashi starts reprimanding urmi as usual. Rudra too asks what does she want. samrat asks whats all this. urmi tells him that this is for his good only, as he wont be able to marry again, till he divorces her officially first. shashi is left speechless at that. Samrat asks her not to be oversmart. she asks him to stop being smart, and that she isnt in the same league that he is, and that she is not like him, and doesnt play with their own people. she says that their marriage is broken, and if by calling it a name, things can get better, then why not so. shashi starts lamenting. samrat asks her to stay in her limits, and not cross her limits. She asks him not to scream, stoically, and that she doesnt have anything to do with him, if shaurya wasnt in the frame. samrat asks if she would be able to get shaurya. Just then, shaurya rushes down, and hugs urmi, and she too hugs him back. She too is happy and hugs him tight. Shaurya screams that he shall go with urmi. urmi tells him that he has got the notice, and now noone can stop her from taking shaurya. Urmi says that she had told him that she would get shaurya to her forever. Samrat is about to take her hand off from shaurya, when the lawyer instructs samrat that he cant do this, by law. Samrat waives it off too, while the lawyer says that the notice has been given that shaurya shall stay with her. samrat is still egoist, and rudra asks him to let go now. the lawyer says that he has no other option. rudra tells her that this is a big step, and she should think again. urmi says that this is after much deliberation, and that samrat has forced her to take this step. She takes shaurya and then eyeing samrat stoically, she turns around and leaves. All are tensed. samrat shouts at her that there’s noone in the world, who can get samrat to divorce her, and she shall see who can divorce him from urmi. samrat is enraged while urmi leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Sushma’s residence
all are super happy with shaurya’s arrival, and ensure shaurya that they wont let him be bored. shaureya asks urmi to pack, and go far away. urmi asks why. He expresses his scare that samrat shall take him forcibly and shall beat him profusely. Urmi is shocked. She asks him if samrat did so. when shaurya complies, she is stunned, and loves and hugs him, apologising and that she wont let it happen to him again. She hugs him, saying that she wont ever let him go back to samrat again. sushma and her husband are tensed, but they too assure shaurya and then continue to distract him. urmi and sushma are left, both tensed. Sushma says that shaurya isnt wrong in being scared, as after the divorce notice, samrat would be ain a fury, and shall bother them more, and now she has an added responsibility in the womb. Urmi says that she knows that she has a long way ahead. She says that samrat has told he would ensure that she doesnt win. She says that for shaurya and the unborn’s happy future, she would give it all to fight and wont accept defeat at any cost.

Scene 3:
Location: Lawyer Mr. Niranjan Khanna’s office
As samrat tells the lawyer, that he isnt more concerned for his win, but is more adamant on urmi’s pathetic loss, that shocks her to the core. the lawyer compliments him on his focus, and that he should also know what they cant let the enemy have, and that a person should know what he doesnt have or want, along with what he has and have. samrat starts venting out his frustration at his wife, while the lawyer assures him, that he has never once lost a case, and thats his passion. samrat says thats why he came here and he cant even take one percent chance, and that he cant divorce his wife. The lawyer is confused and asks if he still loves his wife. samrat mocks the question and says that he just loves himself, and that urmi wants a divorce so that she is rid of him and gets shaurya, and he doesnt want her to have both the luxuries. The lawyer asks if they stay separate. Samrat complies. the lawyer says that there wont be a case, when both the parties dont mutually agree and after some years by default, it would be passed, and till the time the divorce doesnt happen, the child shall be with the mother. samrat is frustrated. the lawyer says that its the law, and by default, till the divorce doesnt happen, he cant fight the custody of the child. Samrat refuses to budge. The lawyer says that then he would have to agree to the divorce, and that means both the parties mutually agree, then he would fight his divorce case and the custody case together, and as he has a winning streak, he wont let the costidfy of the child slip away. Samrat is left to think what to do. he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Urmi talks to the grocer for his cake ingredients, and then comes out, and is surprised to find samrat’s car slamming open in front of her. he gets a paper out, and after having mocked her, he hands her some papers just as she is about to leave, saying that he did sign her divorce papers. she is stunned as to how it could be so easy, and knows that there’s definitely some angle for him, to do it. He asks her why is she so surprised, amd if she thought that he was dying to be with her, and that he wont sign off the divorce papers. He mocks her for misunderstanding his revenge for his want for her. Samrat says that he everyday purchases women like her, at a very cheap rate, from the market. She is insulted and utterly shocked at his callous statements. She says that the girls he buys arent the women that she is, but women like her face him. samrat asks her to be in her limits, as he wasnt pining for her, but wanted to make her life hell, and even if she closed that door, she opened another one, and that her world shall be ruined and torn apart, and that when he fights the case, he shall see that she would be a beggar, and her son would go with samrat, and never with her, and that no lawyer shall be able to get her to win over the custody of shaurya and officially states the war is actually beginning now, and that he would end the war, and with it, he would end her, or else he wont be his father’s son. He would see to it, that she turns a beggar, and set a role model for women empowerment females like her, so that no woman again tries to raise voice against her husband. He gets in the car and drives off. She is left stunned and distraught.

As the evening sets in, she starts walking in a daze, unaffected and oblivious of the traffic, as samrat’s voice rings in her head, threatening her, and shaurya’s scare bothering her. She is about to get hit by a car, when a person jerks her towards him, to save her from an oncoming speedy car. she is shocked, as she is thrown in that person’s arms, rendered unconscious. Ishaan is shocked as he is unable to get urmi out of consciousness. he carries her in his arms. The screen freezes on Ishaan’s face as he looks at urmi, who is unconscious in his arms.



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