Episode 36
Arnaldo called Emilia to ask if Jepoy had agreed to talk since he wanted to go there. Emilia asked him not to bother because Julio was there and was taking care of everything.
Some of the people there were not supporters of the Ardientes and they started to create chaos saying that the Ardientes should go. Governor Alvarez tried to calm them down but he was unable to do it. Arnaldo came back after speaking with Ivy and snatched the microphone from Alvarez. He had the protestors arrested and said that anyone who went against the Ardientes would not be tolerated. Their supporters went up in jubilation in agreement with what he said.
Julio chastised the governor for failing to control the people. He wanted to know how `the gambling den was doing since they needed money for the campaign but Alvarez said that they were yet to reach their quota. Julio called him useless and left him to take care of Madrigal.

As Alvarez watched over Madrigal, he asked what Madrigal did to the Ardientes to make them torture him. He went on about how he too hated them for belittling him. He said that he was making them pay for it because they thought he was stupid.
When Arnaldo took Ivy home that evening, Diego arrived and they both began to fight.
Diego punched Arnaldo and Ivy decided to throw Diego out for it. Arnaldo was assured of her loyalty to him and he stayed to have Ivy treat his bruise. He told her that he wanted to make things more serious with her but before he kissed her, Ivy asked him to go home.

Ivy apologized to Diego later for kicking him out and he told her that he understood why she had to do it. He also told Ivy that he had a plan to get the Ardientes out of power since they would never be able to take them down if they still held powerful positions. He said that he would run for governor and Ivy said that she would do her best to make sure that he won.
Julio continued to torture Jepoy by suffocating him and he finally said that he would talk. Jepoy told him that his boss was Alvarez and Julio went after the governor.

Ivy learnt this from Arnaldo and hatched another plan to help Madrigal because the Ardientes were sure to kill him after he had talked. Diego helped her investigate Alvarez and they found out that he owned fake charities to embezzle funds. She told Arnaldo that they could file a case against the governor and use Madrigal as a witness. Julio was about ready to kill Madrigal when Arnaldo arrived and asked them not to do it.
Diego was able to find where the governor was hiding and Ivy told Arnaldo about it.
Arnaldo caught Alvarez just as he was about to leave with a suitcase full of money. Alvarez pointed a gun at Arnaldo and said he would shoot him if his guards attacked him. Arnaldo let him go but he left the money behind so it was no loss to Arnaldo.
The money Alvarez had stolen was up to 100 million and Julio seemed grateful to Madrigal for telling them about Alvarez. He was however curious as to why Madrigal kept quiet for so long and only spoke out in the end. Madrigal said that it would have been useless to speak because all they wanted to do was kill him. He insisted that he was loyal and asked to be released but Julio said that he wouldn’t do it yet.

Natalie returned from her vacation and frequented a club that Raul used to go to. She told him that she was sure her father was murdered and seduced Raul to tell her what really happened to her father.
Diego visited the farmers and brought Camia with him so that she could meet them. Everyone applauded her for fighting the Ardientes and said that they supported her. Diego also announced that she would be running for governor and everyone was happy as they said that he was the only one who had their interests in mind.

Arnaldo took Ivy home again and felt more secure with her because she seemed to have accepted his courtship. He kissed her on the cheek and Diego was there to see it. He seemed upset and we ended as he watched Ivy enter her house with Arnaldo…

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