Reach For the Stars update Monday 8th June 2020

June 8th 2020 update on Reach For The Stars : Vitthal offered Kamla water when they returned home after grocery. Vitthal takes out the diary and checks the list. Kamla sits with him. Kamla says the cutlery should be good.

Some offices have started giving us orders so we’ve to raise our standard. Vitthal says its really good to see that kalpi’s cafe is working well. Kamla says this had to happen. Vitthal says she’s conquering the whole sky day by day. Vitthal says our cafe will be 5 star one day. We’ll give 50% discount to poor people. Vitthal says i feel good when people say its vitthal’s daughter’s cafe. Kamla says no i heard its kamla’s daughter’s cafe. They both sing the theme song.

scene 2
sammy comes to raghav’s cabin. Raghav asks have you got the file? Sammy says yeah kalpi gave it to me. Raghav asks was she angry? Sammy says no in fact she was worried about pakhi. Raghav says she’s so good. Sammy says indeed she is. He informs raghav about the meeting status.Raghav calls kalpi but her phone is out of reach. He plans on meeting kalpi.

gauri asks pakhi are you going somewhere? Pakhi says i’ve planned a surprise for raghav. We’re going for a movie. Gauri says what If it fails? Pakhi says i’ve planned everything. Just have to do something important before we go. She leaves. Gauri wonder what could that important thing be.

Pakhi comes to kalpi’s cafe. Kalpi asks how are you Pakhi? Ai was so worried for you. Pakhi says wow you’re so happy to see me here. Kalpi says yes i am. Pakhi says wow such a good actress you’re. Why don’t you work in a serial. Well i’m straight forward. I’m here to warn you. Stay away from raghav he’s my husband don’t ask him to take care of me. Don’t try to be so pious. Kalpi says i’m not pretending to be anything. Just for sake of humanity i asked raghav to take care of you. Pakhi takes our some cash and throws it on kalpi. She says this is the cost of your humanity. You’re doing this all for money. You topped the university to get a good salary job. You worked with raghav for the same reason. You made him fall for you so you can enjoy with his money. Is this money enough? You know you don’t worth any more. This is the reason why you didn’t get raghav and i did.raghav is on his way. He says i just wanna meet kalpi for once. She has suffered a lot because of me. I just want this year to pass by. kalpi says pakhi you should leave. Dont create this drama on road. Pakhi says you’ve to talk on the road to people who live there. Kalpi says your world must be dependant on money but not mine. I earn enough with my cafe. Pakhi says cafe belongs to whole chowl and you call it yours. Raghav is my husband and you call him yours. Stay away from raghav.Kalpi says i’m away and just for one year. Raghav is my husband and we can’t get out of each others heart. Pakhi says you think you can live my life. You’re and ordinary girl of this chowl. You wore my clothes but you’re never going to get raghav. Kalpi says the thing that’s not yours, how can you give it to me. He was mine and will always be. And about clothes i shared my mom and her milk and her love and time everything with you. I didn’t say a word but i’m not going to give you raghav. You might have signed the papers he filled my hairline. Pakhi slaps kalpi american shut up. Kamla comes there and says pakhi. Kamla says you slapped kalpi who considers you her sister. You slapped on me. When did you start acting like heartless rich people. You broke my heart today

you proved that I am not your mom. I gave you kalpi’s share of milk. You were both my eyes but why have you become enemies. Thank you for showing me the truth. You showed that you rich people can never respect us. Go from here. Kamla is in tears. Pakhi says you are the who differentiated. It hurts you when I slapped kalp what when she was trying to get my husband. Why didn’t you stop her when Ragahv was filling sindur in her hairline. You know what it feels when its about your husband. One more thing you can’t blackmail me on this milk and your time anymore. Kalpi says stop it pakhi. Its too much. I know fate did so bad to you. I can stop my self but I have no control over Ragahv’s love. Pakhi says I loved him too. I will create love in him for me. I challenge you that I will scratch out your name from his heart.

Ragahv comes there and says pakhi.. They are all shocked. pakhi is scared has he listened to their conversation. Raghav comes forward. he looks at pakhi and says you / Pakhi says I came to meet kamla maa. She holds Ragahv’s arm. He says you stopped by for me ? How sweet. You follow me everywhere. Ragahv says I just came to pick pakhi. kamla says kalpi wind up everything its late. Pakhi says we should go to watch movie Ragahv. We are getting late lets go. Se says bye kalpi and kamla maa. Kalpi I ma leaving my car here take care of it. She says lets go Ragahv. They leaves. Kamla says kalpi lets go home and wind up the café. she goes up. Kalpi sees a bouquet on chair.It has a card that says sorry for keeping you wait. SHe says I knew you came to meet me Ragahv. Raghav has seen the flowers in her hands.

One the way Ragahv says to pakhi you are not well. Why you went there. I don’t think we should go for movie. She says no I wanna go Ragahv. Pakhi says I felt so good by meting kalpi. Please don’t say no to movie. I have got the tickets too. Ragahv says okay. He gets a call from Sammy. He sasy yeah let me know when is the flight ? pakhi asks are you going somewhere abroad ? He says yes. Ragahv says in hert I have to meet kalpi once before I leave.

Scene 2
kalpi recalls the way pakhu threw money on her and slapped her. She recalls all the pakhi said. Kamla says I never knew pakhi will do this to you. Kamla says I am not hurt. I am happy that you took a stand for me. you fought for me. She was speechless in front of your love. Kamla says pakhi showed us our worth you have to reach those skies from where these people can’t point a finger at us. You have to be successful. Kalpi says I promise I will make you and baba proud. Vitthal comes and asks what are you talking about ? kamla says we were discussing the café. He says guess what I brought for café. he asks kamla to close her eyes. He has brought a murti. He says she will be a blessing for café and kalpi. He asks kalpi are you okay ? She nids he hugs them both.

Scene 3
Ragahv is asleep. he feels like kalpi has come to wake him. He says get up don’t you have to go to office. He holds her closer to him. He lies on her and kisses her. Kalpi gets up he holds her hand and sasy don’ go kalpi you are not going anywhere. Its pakhi’s hand. He says I really love you kalpi. She gets so angry. She says I am pakhi Ragahv. He wakes up to the shock. he says I am sorry, I thought kalpi.. Pakhi says I have to keep him busy. Pakhi says you slept for so long. I will pack your bag. he asks where is my phone ? pakhi says its on charging. She says in ehart I will not let you meet kalpi Raghav.

Scene 4
kalpi and all the people do the pooja. Some people come in and start sending people out. They say this café has to be crushed. Who is the owner / kamla kalpi and everyone is shocked. Kalpi says we all are owner. The man says we have got a complaint against you Its illegal. Kamla says I can’t let you crush this café its our dream and pride. Our self respect on based on this. this is our livelihood and I will not let you take this. THe man asks to bring the bulldozer. kamla says investigate on the complaint how can you do this ? You have not even given us the notification. we can go to court. He says oh you are warning an on duty officer. kalpi says you should give us notice what is your procedure ? He says this is our procedure. We will destroy this café.

The bulldozer is coming on their way. kalpi shouts ai take a side. kamla is standing still. The driver says leave you will be dead. the bulldozer destroys some chairs. Kalpi shouts ai please leave from there. The driver says she is not moving from there all the ladies are shocked. Kalpi comes and moves kamla aside. She says they can kill you. The man says to driver start the bulldozer. He says no I won’t until the people move. Kamla says these people are doing illegal destruction. The man comes and says this is the 15 days notice to end this café or we will. Manda says kamla tai you are brave. kamla says think what will happen after 15 days. Kalpi says we have to figure out who complained. Kamla says God is with us nothing will happen to our café.

Everyone returns to the café. Kamla says Gos thanks you saved us. there is not much loss. she says now we all have to think how will we save our café. Manda says kamla tai we saved our café somehow today but we just have 15 days what will happen after that? Kamla says 15 days are enough we will find some solution to all this. Vitthal comes there and says I heard BMC people came and did all this. He says lets go pakiya. kamla sys no they ahev given us the notice. manda says I told you not to get involved in all this. a nd kamla tai you insulted them. this won’t help us anyway. kamla says to kalpi whats written in this notice. Kalpi says ajay sent it. He works with raghav. kamla says that means ragahv did all this ? no I can’t believe. Let’s go and talk to him.

They go to the office and find out that Raghav and Sammy are out of India. Kalpi says to the receptionist I wanna meet ajey. ajey calls pakhi and tells her that kalpi has come there. he says please save me pakhu madam my job is endangered. kalpi and kamla listened to his conversation. Kalpi says do you even have clue what were doing to destroy. That café is the dream of so many people. You did so wrong. She leaves. kamla says kalpi I am going to meet pakhi, you should go home. kalpi says I will come with you, kamla says no I will go alone. You go and handle the café. Pakhi wonders why ajey disconnected the phone.
The door bell rings. She opens the door. its kamla. pakhi is shocked to see her. kamla slaps her. pakhi says how dare you to salp me. kmala says its the same hand that fed you, that made you sleep and that swept your tears. Why you tried to shatter out dreams. she says I don’t wanaa talk to you.

Pakhi is going in, Kamla shouts pakhi. she says you have to answer all my questions. I always asked to make a room in Raghav’e heart but you chose the wrong path. I will tell Raghav everything. Pakhi says you won’t tell him anything. Why you both mom and daughter consider him yours. He agrees or not I am his wife. you can’t change that truth kamla maa. kamla says don’t call me maa. Pakhi Kapoor, today I will tell him everything.
kamla is about to go. kamla says gauri tai is with you. pakhi says no I won he heart, I feel jealous when Ragahv thinks about kalpi. that’s why I did all this but its hurting me equally. kamla says pakhi you didn’t think for a moment that by doing this what troublesome are you creating for the people of chowl, me and kalpi. Pakhi pretends like she has not done all this deliberately. kamla says happiness I real when shared nit by taking happiness away from others. She leaves. Gauri comes downstairs and asks did someone come ? pakhi says yeah kamla maa came, she got to know who did this. garui says how? Pakhi says yeah I was about to tell her everything in nervousness. Gauri says kamal is a very smart lady. You promised that you will help and I will not let kalpi and Ragav marry. I will lose Raghav if she tells him everything. I have found him after ages. Kamla comes in and says I caught your lies that’s why I was standing out. Both pakhi and gauri are shocked.

kamla says I was always against my kalpi. I always thought she should stay awasy from Ragahv but truth is that you took his love. You wedding is not a wedding as well. marriage is not based on these tricks. kalpi’s sindur is truth. I feel ashamed that I called you my daughter. Now this is too much. gauri says kamla try to understand. pakhi says you didn’t do me any favor my bringing me up. You got money for that. kamla slaps her so hard. she says vitthal was right about you rich people. I never listened to him but you opened my eyes. Pakhi says you better not call me a daughter I am not your daughter. You just pretend like I am your daughter. You gave kalpi dream did you see any dreams for me / How you forgot that I love Ragahv and I kept asking you to talk to Ragahv. But you helped kalpi. And if I have changed my way then you are the reason. I had to do this for myself. Did you even think about me ? Gauri wanted revenge and I wanted Ragahv. I am telling you this to let you know that I can do anything to save my wedding. kamla says why should I teach her gauri tai you forgot about your son too in you revenge. You should be ashamed. Gauri says I didn’t do anything wrogn nettu and sahil had to pay. Pakhi says I wanted my love and I am not wrong. Kamla says I will not let this continue anymore. I will make kalpi and Ragahv one. Their love will win in front if your eyes Ragahv has the right to know thw truth and I will tell him the truth.

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