Reach For the Stars update Tuesday 16th June 2020

Reach For the Stars 16th June 2020: On Reach For the Stars Tuesday 16 June 2020 update, A men come and tell pakiya that kalpi and raghav met an accident. their car got burned.
Pakiya is so upset. Vitthal and kamla come back to chow. Kamla stops and goes to the temple. She recalls all the moments with kalpi.

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pakiy asks is kalpi okay ? he says I can’t say anything. Nettu tries to console him. Vitthal come there and says don’t touch my son. Its because of you rich people my daughter is suffering all this. I will not let you stay here. he throws her out and says get out. Don’t even come near my house. She says where will I go ? He says I don’t know. Go be a maid or whatever. Leave. kamla is still at the temple.
Kamla is sitting all upset. Vitthal and pakiya come there. Vitthal asks pakiya to go to her. Pakiya goes to kamla and says ai me and baba went to police station. They sent a team to find kalpi but they couldn’t find her Will she be oaky ? Kamla says give your baba some food he is hungry. He weeps and says he won’t eat.

Scene 2
Kamla and pakiya are slept. Vitthal comes with the tea. He says get up pakiya and take this tea. He has placed a cup near kamla she gets up and sees the cup. Kamla goes in the balcony and sees everyone working in the cafĂ©. manda places a garland on kalpi’s picture. kamla goes there and throws I away and says kalpi is alive. Manda says kamla don’t be mad. That is a forest she can’t be safe there. Kamla says I don’t care she won’t go anywhere. She is alive and she is well. She promised me that she will never leave me.
Kalpi is drowned in a stream. Two men come and see her. They get her in their boat.
kamla says I promise you vitthal I will bring back your daughter. She says my kalpi will come back for me,for her family and for my trust/ She can never leave me.
The men check that she is alive. They take her to the hospital.
one of them takes her bangles out and gives it to her daughter.
kamla goes to the police station and says my daughter is alove how can you close her case in a day ? Cops tell her that she couldn’t be found there. kamla says that means she is alive. Now I will go and find my daughter.

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the men take kalpi to the hospital. She is taken in the OT.
Another family is there, the man says I hoe suhana is fine. Doctor comes out and tell dheraj that they couldn’t save suhaana. He says no you have to save her. bhaiya must be coming anytime. you have to show them that It wasn’t an accident make it look like a natural death. I will give you all the money you want. Kalpi’s operation is going on.
Nurse comes and tells the doctor that a patient has come her face is burnt she has lost her memory and her face is all burnt. No one knows about her family. Doctor goes with her.
kamla is with the policeman there. He says here we found the car. kamla says they are both alive. Lets go to the society of fishermen there. kamla sees the little girl playing. She sees the bangle in her hand. kamla asks where did you find this ? her mom come and says why are annoying my daughter. The policeman says tell me where did you get this ? Her mom tell them that a girl was found near the stream its her bangle. My husband thought its of gold sp he brought it, kamla asks where is she now ? She tells that our men took her to city hospital.
Suhana’s dad come there and asks the receptionist where is she ? She directs him to the ICU. kamal follows him and asks where is my daughter kalpi, fishermen brought her here. she directs her to the emergency ward.

Suhana’s dad come and asks dheraj where is she ? He says she is being treated. Doctor comes out and tell his dad she is has lost her memory. Her dad says I have t meet her once. Dheraj says she is not well you can’t meet her right now. Kamla come and asks the doctor where is my daughter kalpi ? He says this is the VIP ward here we just have suhana. She is taken to the OT. Kamla turns and smiles looking at her but then suhana’s family come in front of her.
Kamla is praying for kalpi. The operation is going on. Kamla says I know God, I trust you. My kalpi is alive and she is fine.
Doctor comes out and says to dheraj and her brother that the surgery is successful.

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Scene 3
Nurse takes off the bandages from kalpi’s face. She opens her eyes. Its a different new face.
Kalpana lost her memory and he face has been changed.
Another family member tells to Kalpana that she is Suaana and she is a part of their family.
Kalpana tells them that she does not think her name is Suaana.
Kalpana tries remembering her memories.
Neetu gets happy as she got back her bungalow.
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Neetu tells Pakhi to forget Raghav as he has gone.
Vitthal is very disturbed and crying.
Kamla Maa tells Vitthal that god will send Raghav and Kalpana back.
Someone fives money to doctor so that he can mention Kalpana has Suaana.

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