Reach For the Stars update Wednesday 10th June 2020

Reach For the Stars 10th June 2020: On Reach For the Stars Wednesday 10 June 2020 update, kalpi says in heart how Ragahv said her mom and pakhi can’t be wrong. he didn’t trust us for once.

I calmed ai but whata bout my heart. Kamla asks kalpi where is the stuff I am looking for? Kalpi says what are you looking for ? Kamla says my princess’s smile. I don’t know where I placed it. Vitthal puts his hand in pocket and says here it is. kalpi smiles. He asks why are you upset ? Kalpi says I am not upset I have the best parents on earth. they say we have the best daughter too. pakiya says what about me ? kalpi says I have th best brother too.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, gauri opens the door. A servant comes in with a lot of gifts. He says pakhi madam ordered it. gauri asks what is this ? Pakhi says its ragahv’s birthday tomorrow I have planned a surprise for him. Ragahv comes and asks what kinda surprise ? Gauri says pakhi has planned a surprise birthday for you. Ragahv says don’t do all this I don’t wanna cleberate my birthday. Don’t do all this. he leaves. Pakhi says I have to make him happy anyhow. I will celebrate this birthday any how.

Scene 3
There at the chowl, Vitthal is leaving for his job. Pakiya asks where re my shoes ? Vitthal says I can hit you with mine. He gives pakiya 200 rs for slippers. He gives kamla 2000 and sasy ask kalpi to buy some clothes. Kalpi says I don’t want clothes. He says no buy some. kalpi says what is this ? I said I don’t want. Pakiya takes the money and says okay I can have it.

Pakhi orders ballons. ragahv says what is this ? Pakhi says I just wanna celebrate your birthday. Sammy and just some close people to you will be there. Ragahv says I told you I don’t want all this. He is about to leave the he stops and says okay plan the party we will invite kamla maa and kalpi too. This might remove the misunderstandings between you too. kamla maa loves you I hope you won’t hurt her and yes the food will be from kalpi’s café. He leaves. Pakhi is so angry she says in heart I will not let kalpi come in the party.

Scene 4
Kamla says to kapi pray that the business runs well in your café today. Kamla gives her the parsad. She extends her, suddenly Ragahv extends his hand too. Kalpi and kamla are shocked to see him. He says I need your prayers and parsad too. Kamla gives him the parsad and says sit in.Ragahv says pardon me for what happened last night. Forget what happened. Kamla says you are right. We better forget the past. Ragahv says its my birthday tomorrow I have planned a party. Kamla says kalpi told me about your birthday. He says I want you both to come and I want your café to prepare the food. Kamla says how is that possible ? How can we make food for such a party ? Ragahv says the foreign delegates even loves your food. What could be a better gift for me than your food on my bday ? She asks kalpi to take the order. Ragahv smiles at kalpi. Kamla says let me go and distributs the parsad.
kalpi and Ragahv are alone. Kalpi says let me get pen and paper. Ragahv says I am sorry id didn’t want to hurt you. She says let me get paper and pen, he holds kalpi’s hand. kalpi says leave my hand, Ragahv says I never will.
He holds his ears to apologize. Kalpi nods and smiles. Raghav and kalpi smile at each other and the song banjara plays in back ground. Vitthal comes and asks what are you doing here ? kalpi and Ragahv are shocked. Vitthal says leave this place. Ragahv is still, vitthal comes forward and says people like you only know how to play leave. Ragahv smiles and leaves.
Vitthal asks kalpi what was he doing here? Kamla says he didn’t come to meet kalpi. He is planning a party tomorrow he wants food from our café. Vittyhal says don’t need to do all that. Kamla says how can I say no ? Its out business and it belongs to all the people of chowl. I can’t do the loss of everyone. Give me your lunch box and go freshen up. He leaves. Kalpi says should I cancel the order ? kamla says no don’t do that. This is that last chance w have to prove that gauri and pakhi are wrong. I will make baba agree and you better cook his favorite food. kalpi says I will make his favorite cake.

Kamla goes downstairs and says I have a good news for all of you. We have got a really big order. its of some 300 to 400 people. Look this will be such a profit for us. They are all so happy. Kamla says we will get more orders from this party. Lets start the order. Kamla asks kalpi what is the order ? Kalpi says I didn’t take the written order. Manda says you are starting it without order. Kamla sasy don’t worry about that. Kamla asks kalpi to call Ragahv and get the order.

Therek, pakhis trying to call agahv but his phone is not reachable. She is so angry. Gauri comes and says you have planned a part what if kalpi and kamla come here and ruin everything. pakhi asy this time my plan won’t fail ? Gauri asks what are you going to do ? Pakhi says watch the live telecast today. From now Ragahv will be mine forever.

kamla gives Vitthal tea. She says you got wet in rain. She says look vitthal all the women are so ahppy to listen about the order. We can’t make loss in business in emotions. Vitthal says whenever i see Raghav i see my daughter in the bridal dress and our humiliation. I can’t foegive him. kamola says i9n heart how can i te you that its not Ragahv’s fault its gauri tai’s and pakhi’s fault.

Scene 2
Ragahv comes home and sees the decoration. He says i will celebrate will kalpi tomorrow. He goes in his room and recalls his moments with kalpi. He recalls when kalpi said i love you Ragahv i wanna spend my whole life with you Ragahv. pakhi comes in.
pakhi says i have been waiting for you and i called you. He says i forgot my phone in cabin. Pakhi says did you see the decoration ? He says yeah its really nice. She says lets decide the menu. Ragahv says i told you that food will be from kalpi’s cafe. he says the pry should be light themed. She says yeah i have called a barteneder too he has some really nice drinks. He gets a call from kalpi.
kalpi asks for the order. he says you know what i like and i don’t. You can decicde it yourself. i hope everyone will like it just the way i do. Pakhi is so angry she says in heart you will be far away from Ragahv by tomorrow. I will be the only name in his heart. She leaves while Raghav is talking to kalpi. pakhi lightens some candles.Ragahv is done talking to kalpi. Pakhi comes and says Ragahv our conversation was incomplete ? Ragahv says what ? Pakhi says will you do candle light dinner with me tonight ? Raghav says where are mom and dadi ? Pakhi says they havegone to a wedding. He says okay. pakhi says what okay ? I made dinner for ? Ragahv says i am not in mood to eat. pakhi says this birthday you are here with me. Next birthday you will be with your wife. I am excited about yours and kalpi’s wedding. Lets make this dinner memeorable and special. He smiles and nods. pakhi says okay i am waiting outside for you.

Ragahv goes outside and looks for pakhi. Pakhi comes downstairs in a red dress. Ragahv is shcoked and finds it awkward. Pakhi comes to him and says how am i looking ? Ragahv says you.. Pakhi says i want to make this special because after some months my husband and friend will only be my friend. That’s why i want to make this night memorable. Ragahv i am not your friend only i am going to be your bride’s sister as well. So shall we go to the dinner ? pakhu take the drink. Raghav says no alcohol. Pakhi says not for me for kapi, for your love. Ragahv says all right, Pakhi syas you know regahv if there were some other girl in your life i would have hated her so much but you loved the one i can’t hate. She mixes the drinks and smiles. She gives Ragahv the drink and he drinks it. pakhi says you know Raghav that kalpi is a very lucky girl that she has a man like you. She will keep you so happy. I wish i knew about you both before. Pakhi gives him more and more drink.

There kalpi is in the balcony she recalls her time with Raghav. She recalls when Ragahv said on call you know what i like. She wonders should i wish him right now or at 12 ? Well i can call him right now. Kalpi calls him pakhi places his phone on side. kalpi wonders why is Ragahv not receiving the call. Pakhi says Ragahv no more. Raghav feels like its kalpi, he holds her hand and says i didn’t want to hurt you. You are my everything. Pakhi stands up, Raghav holds her hand thinking like its kalpi. The song, ‘phir mohabbat’ plays in the background. Raghav comes closer and hugs her and says i love you kalpi. pakhi is so angry. She holds Ragahv from back. She hugs him and throws him on sofa. She sits on his lap and kisses him.

At night kalpi is trying to call Ragahv but he is not receiving. Kamla comes there Kalpi says look he is not picking up the call. Kamla says don’t worry you are going to meet him tomorrow. We have to show him pakhi’s reality tomorrow. Nettu comes there and says what are you both talking about ? Kamla says nothing. Nettu says no you said reality of pakhi / Let me call her. Nettu calls her but her phone is off. Kalpi says you should have old her. Kamla says what could I tell her that pakhi deceived them just to get Ragahv. I have not told anything to Vitthal as well. We have to hide it until the truth comes out in front of everyone. She says lets go in and sleep. kalpi says I am coming in a moment. She tries to call Ragahv again.

Pakhi takes Ragahv to the bedroom. kalpi wakes up feeling like Raghav is not well. Pakhi turns off the lights. She and Rgahav both are nude in the bed.

Scene 2
Kalpi wakes up to kamla’s prayers. Kamla prays God its Raghav’s birthday m ake Raghav and kalpi one soon. Kalpi tries to call Raghav. Kamla asks did you talk to him ? KAlpi says I wanted to wish him first but he isn’t picking his phone. kamla says you know he doesn’t like talking on phone. Give me the phone when you talk to him and I will wish him too. nettu comes out and says give me too I wanna wish him as well. She says in heart Raghav will find about poki and gauri and then he will marry kalpi and I will get my house.

There Raghav wakes up topless near Pakhi. Pakhi says I tried to stop you a lot Ragahv but you.. Ragahv is so shocked. Kalpi is trying to call Ragahv again and again.
Kalpi is trying to call him but he isn’t receiving.

Raghav and pakhi are quite. He says I don’t know how I did this, I broke you trust. You considered me your friend. I am sorry. Pakhi says It was neither of our mistakes. I will not tell anyone about this. I will never come between you and kalpi. We will always be friend but last night was the most beautiful night of my life. Ragahv says pardon me pakhi I don’t know how all this happened. pakhi says Ragahv forget all that happened. He leaves, pakhi smiles on accomplishing the evil intentions.

Ragahv recalls how he promised kalpi that he will divorce pakhi after a year. He is quite and upset. He checks his phone and sees that kalpi has been calling him whole night. He calls Kalpi. Kalpi says happy birthday Ragahv. He says thank you. Raghav says I am sorry. kalpi says what for ? Ragahv says I didn’t receive your call. Kalpi says its okay. Kamla takes the phone and wishes him. He says thank you. Kamla says all the work is done here we will reach before the party starts. Kalpi asks Ragahv are you okay / Why you sound so worried ? pakhi comes there. Ragahv says I am fine I will call you later. pakhi asks should I bring you water? He says no. Mummy ji and gauri come and wish him. Gauri hugs him and says I am going to celebrate your birthday after so many years. Ragahv says I don’t wanna celebrate my birthday. Gauri asks why ? Pakhi says you have to celebrate the birthday. You have given kalpi the order just imagine their loss if you don’t celebrate. Gauri says you have to celebrate for your mom. Raghav leaves.

Scene 3
kalpi goes downstairs and wonders why Ragahv was tensed ? He wasn’t sounding happy. there is something wrong there can be. Palhi is there, she can do anything to separate me and Raghav. She says I know you will be with the righteous God, like you always do.

There Raghav is so tensed. Pakhi comes with a cup of coffee for him with her ever evil smile. Raghav says I heart I have to meet kalpi right now.

A lady says you have cooked this desi food for such a big party. Nettu says no one will like if you serve in this village style. Kamla says you forgot that you used to enjoy my food a lot. Kalpi gets a call from Ragahv. HE says i am outside the chowl i wanna talk to you. Kalpi says is everything okay ? How can i come this time? i am in the café. He says i don’t know anything i have to talk to you. He disconnects the call. Nettu comes there and says was that Raghav ? GO talk to him it must be something important. i will handle everything here.
kalpi goes to Raghav and smiles. She says happy birthday. Ragahv smiles. She asks what happened Ragahv ? He says i wanted to say that you should be with me in the party. I will send the driver he will pick the food, Kalpi smiles.



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