Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband Abhinav Kohli shares her video with a co-actor; fans write 'You are trying to defame her'

Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband 
Abhinav Kohli shared a video of the actress with her Mere Dad Ki Dulhan co-actor Fahmaan Khan. It's unclear what he was trying to say through it but tagged Shweta Tiwari in that post.

In the video, Shweta and Fahmaan have masked themselves and Abhinav asked the users to guess who is in the video. He wrote: "Pehchano Kaun?" After seeing this, the Mere Dad Ki Dulhan actress' fans came out in the open and warned Abhinav to not pull off such 'dirty stunts'. One even went to the extent of asking him to not defame her by posting such videos on social media.
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Some even asked Abhinav to let her live in peace and not stalk or follow her. One even wrote that 'he' is jealous that Shweta has moved on.

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A female user schooled him to not upload such videos and if there is anything that he wants to say then he should speak one on one or just put forth his point of views rather than uploading Shweta 'didi's videos. The female user clarified that she isn't writing this as a fan but as a girl, who wouldn't appreciate if anybody shared her video in this manner on social media.

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Talking about Sheta and Abhinav, they married in July 2013 and have a son named Reyansh Kohli. The duo has separated and Reyansh lives with Shweta and elder sister, Palak Tiwari. Palak is Shweta's daughter from first husband Raja Choudhary.

There were reports that Abhinav Kohli had molested Palak and the actress filed a police complaint against him. However, Palak quashed this news. Talking about all of this, Shweta had earlier told ETimes TV, "I want to tell everyone I was going through a difficult time but now I am in a happy space. I was going through severe pain because of an infection, I got it operated and got it out of my body. There was an infection which was hurting me badly, I got it removed. People thought it was my hand, part of my body, but they need to understand it was poisonous and I had to take it out. And now, I am healthy again. Don’t think I am trying to portray myself happy, I am actually happy."

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