This is Fate 2 Update Thursday 11th June 2020

This is Fate 11th June 2020: On This is Fate 2 Update Thursday 11 June 2020, Karina says hat she was arrested for beating someone, Shrishti says that she interrogated Billa and will do anything to know the truth,

This is Fate 2 Update Wednesday 10th June 2020

Mahesh says that he did what is the tight thing and was driven by Rakhi they all start to have a friendly talk when she says that Samer was also arrested, Sarla gets angry at her for taking Samer but Rakhi say that she knows that she is the mother is loving and knows that she did everything to take care of her daughters. She asks her to come and sit when she will tell the truth, She tells Sarla that when they talked Mahesh was already in the police station and she knew that he will bring the children, they all are talking for how good a mother Sarla is and cares for her daughters bu8it they also love Preeta and Shrishti and will do anything take care of them.
Shrishti comes in and says that it was not easy to bring them out and Mesh had to do a lot to bring them out, she says that he went straight to the police they were not ready to grant her bail and they talked that if the inspector would not be grant them bail he would also not leave them, Mahesh gets very emotional and says that she is a wise and tur girl who would do all that is possible to help them and she is a good girl, he says that they are arresting any person who will try to help them and they all love her,
Mahesh request Sarla to not embarrass them as they also love them, Sarla ask about Preeta, she says that he is with Karan and they also wanted to ask for the permission to be with the Luthras for one more night, Sarla agrees.
Karna asks Preeta to come assuring that he will not let her fall they both leave, Sherlin is waiting in the car when there is knock on the window, here is Prithvi who is covered in mud she gets scared believing that It is a ghost, she gets very scared and starts to yell, Prithvi ask her to be quiet saying that he fell into a mud hole and got covered with it, he says that they must find the phone but before that she must give him some water to wash his face.
Shrishti is trying to call Preeta but she does not pick the phone, Shrishti feels that they are having romance, Samer comes from behind ordering her to sit down, he says that he has to do something, Samer start to apply medicine on her wounds, she looks at him with romance filled eyes, saying that she has fought with him and he only cares for her, she says Thank You to him for always being on her side. A Lamp drops on the floor they both go at the same time to pick it up and get into the romantic stage looking into each other’s eyes, he ask to pick her up, he says that she must go to sleep as he is also going and leaves taking the gift which she has, he hits the door at which Shrishti start to laugh, she thinks of how good he is and secretly opens the door looking for him but he has left.
Janki asks Bi Jee if she thinks that Prithvi is strange, but she dis agrees saying that he ash done nothing wrong but is not good for Preeta as he is not suitable for her, She says that Preeta deserves someone who cares for her and it is Rishab, but Janki says that it is Karan, Bi jee says that she saw it in the first moment that Rishab will remain like a shield for her and always be on her side but Kara is like a sword and sometimes it is good to be offensive Janki adds, however Bi Jee is not moved with her thoughts, Sarla says that Karan and Preeta are really good friends but she is to be married with Prithvi, Sarla says that she will; not married with Karan because Janki was unconscious and Karina said a lot of bad things to Preeta throwing her out of the house, Sarla says that they have chosen Prithvi and he is really good even though he has made some mistakes but has always apologized to her, and she will marry her with him.
Prithvi drives the car when Sherlin ask him to stop it some distance away, he says that thus means that they have not found the mobile phone and they must not find it before them, Preeta stumbles over something finding the phone, she says to Karna that she has found it.

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