Thursday & Friday update On Kulfi the singing star (18th - 19th June 2020)

Thursday & Friday update On Kulfi the singing star (18th – 19th June 2020)
Kulfi the singing star 18th June 2020: Kulfi requests Sikander to go Chandnaur, Sikander asks what is important our vacation or laxmi’s life, I’m responsible for her life, I choose my greed,

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I got influenced by Tony Chadda, he told me girls never succeed and I believed it, I made huge mistake, I will cure her and get her out of this illness, I will make an album with her, and get her respect back. Kulfi thinks he is right but we have to go Chandnaur, Kulfi asks how will you get 10 years incident back, sikander says you gave me an idea, let’s recreate 10 years situation back and makes call.
Jumman Mia and Badru meet Sikander,and ask how did he call them, Sikander says thanks for coming, Sikander tells them his plan, and says we have to recreate 10 yrs old album back, Jumman and Badru say why will We, Sikander says I had backed out, at last minute and she collapsed, I want her to get her back on her feet’s.

Sikander and Jumman Badru hear Vijaylaxmi sing, Badru says she always rehearse on this song, before our album too, Sikander says she is stuck in that moment we have to get her out of it.
Everyone walks to Vijaylaxmi, they see her rehearse, Vijaylaxmi calls them by different names, they introduce themselves, Vijaylaxmi leaves, Sikander says she will be back, Jumman and Badru says we are old now how will we manage, Sikander bangs his head, and tries to convince them. Kulfi thinks till Baba gets this right he won’t be at peace and starts singing same raag. Badru and Jumman imagines themselves playing.

Kulfi says look you can still play, and convinces them to play. Kulfi scolds them and asks them to play, both agree finally, Sikander gets tabla and harmonium for them.
Vijaylaxmi comes back and says this song will break all records I know it, Sikander begins singing, Jumman rushes to washroom in middle of song and comes back, Vijaylaxmi gets upset, Sikander handles the situation and gets back to singing, Badru falls asleep, Vijaylaxmi gets angry, Kulfi says this won’t work, Badru wakes up, and Jammu and Badru starts fighting, Kulfi suggests giving diapers to stop his washroom problem and convinces him for same, and for Badru Kulfi ties his hair to chair to avoid him fall asleep.

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Kulfi the singing star 19th June 2020:
Sikander sings the song, without interruption, Vijay Laxmi stops in between and asks who are you people and what are you doing in my house get out, sikander says quickly everyone let’s leave.
Lovely shows Sikander his logo for SSG records says now quickly record song, this will be super hit, Sikander says I’m not well, you know right, Lovely says we will work on it, we need it for us for our daughters, sikander says you are right I will do it and leaves. Lovely says god I have to say daughters because if Sikander and I only have one daughter it’s Amyra.
Kulfi wakes up and cuts date from sikanders life count down, says I have to take Baba to chandnaur, we have only 28 days left. Sikander wakes up, he has his medicine, says I wonder what will happen today, I don’t worry about sing but Vijaylaxmi I spoilt her life i will make it in line now.
Sikander kulfi And others walk in, Vijay Laxmi thinks they are pest control people and says quickly get to work, Vijaylaxmi makes them clean whole house and balcony. Jumman says past 3 days we are doing everything except singing, Sikander says I’m sorry but I need you, Kulfi thinks baba just has 25 days left.

Vijaylaxmi says get the flour ready, Jumman says we are artist when will we sing, Vijay Laxmi leaves, Kulfi says it’s Woking she went to her room, show goes to her room and recollect things, let’s go get her, they walk in her room, Vijay Laxmi says cmon quickly let’s begin rehearsals.
Lovely says I have to get dads contacts for SSG records, lovely starts making calls, and informs everyone about the new launch.
Sikander and team begins rehearsing, Vijaylaxmi says there was a music pierce here don’t you guys remember, and then says who are you guys, kufli gets scared and stumbles and wind chime rings, Vijaylaxmi recollects her memory and begins the rehearsals, Vijaylaxmi says perfect song, sikander says this is gonna be huge hit, Kulfi says can we leave for Chandnaur, Sikander says we have to record song and launch the song with her name and then we will leave, look she is so happy, Kulfi thinks this will be too late what will I do now.

Sikander sees kulfi upset and asks what’s wrong, Kulfi says you said we will go Chandnaur, you said we will go in one hour it’s 5 days now, Sikander says I promised you right then we will go, let me sign the contract that will give her peace too, just one day, Kulfi says okay then just one day promise, sikander says promise.
Sikander says kulfi you know what I’m worried about one thing, who will be our producer, Sikander smiles, and says found it.

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Lovely walks in, Sikander introduces her to everyone as producer.
Vijaylaxmi says I have never seen you before, Lovely says we are new in market please give us a chance, Vijay Laxmi looks at contract, And looks at Sikander and scolds Sikander says you choose Tony in place of me, I didn’t say anything at that time but today I will, you spoilt my life, my career, now you here after 10 years to full me, get out, Sikander says I made huge mistake, I got influenced, please let me rectify, Kulfi sees a picture and says I have seen this picture some where.

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