Tuesday 9th june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv

Tuesday 9 june 2020 Update On Jiji Maa on Adom tv: Uttara giving a presentation. Clients clap for her. Shom gets a call. He tells the problem to Uttara. She asks him to manage it. Niyati recalls Falguni’s words.

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She smiles and stays busy in work. Vidhaan comes. She says I m trying to stay occupied. He says even I try not to think about your miscarriage. She asks what will we get being sad. She says I will make do it yourself videos so that people can get help. He likes the idea and says I can co host and shoot the video. She says yes, you can do this. He asks the program name. She says I didn’t think. He says name should be catchy, Falguni used to call you Bittu, we can name that. She says its stupid name. He sings a song. She smiles. She says think of some other name. She goes.

Falguni likes the snacks made by Suman. Shom says how did the villagers loot water tanker, they will get punished. Shom visits Punja and scolds him. Falguni apologizes to Shom. He thinks her face matches with Falguni. She asks are you planning to punish me. He says yes. She acts good to him and apologizes. She serves him snacks with extra chillies. He eats it while talking. He gets troubled. He asks for water. She scolds him and asks are you not ashamed to ask for water, you have snatched water from villagers. He runs away.

Jayant tells Uttara that they should send Suyash for some work so that he stays busy. She agrees. Niyati comes to meet Falguni. She teases her. Falguni says I just love Suyash, how is he now. Niyati says he isn’t fine. Falguni says keep me informed about him, I can be around him as Lazer. Niyati says everything will get fine. Zeenat comes and compliments Falguni. Shom gets scared seeing the snacks. Mangla says its not spicy as you had in village. He says she made me run in village, everyone were laughing on me. She pacifies him. He gets praising her. Suyash is on the way to NGO. He gets Jayant’s call. He says I will reach there soon. He sees a man coming in front and shouts no. He hits aside. Falguni comes to him in Lazer’s disguise. She scolds him. He gets shocked.

Suyash and Falguni seeing each other. She thinks what state did he get into. She scolds him and asks him to get out of the car. He says Falguni. Vidhaan asks Niyati to come and make the video. She says we will make video about sarees, its easy to wear saree and manage it. She recalls Falguni teaching her wearing sarees. She smiles.

Falguni asks the people to go. She asks who is Falguni, my name is Lazer, who are you. He corrects her proverb. She says you have ruined all the vegs. The man says yes. Suyash says its my mistake, I m sorry. She says look at this man, what about his loss, will his family eat your sorry. Suyash says I will compensate for the loss. He pays the man.

She says you want to give him extra money and buy him, just give him change. Suyash says I just have 2000 rs notes. She says wait, I will give him change from your side. She pays the money to the veg seller and returns money to Suyash. Vidhaan asks Niyati make video. He gives her an idea that husbands can help the wife. She says I got an idea, you will be my model. He says I won’t wear saree, do I have any respect or not. She says sorry, I thought you will help me. He says I was joking, I m co host, I will become a model. She drapes the saree to him. They make the video. Suyash thanks to Falguni. She says just take my name. She argues with him and asks for money. He says sit in car, I will get change and give you. She says you want me to sit in your car. He says you are mistaken. She says sit in rickshaw and come to village. Uttara is on call.

Shom comes and says Lazer is staying in Teja’s house, she is creating problem for us. She says she looks like Falguni, Teja and Falguni are friends. She doubts. Suyash stares at Falguni. They are on the way. He gets a call from NGO. He says I m stuck in some work, I will reach in an hour. The man asks who is this guy, is he your BF. Lazer says no way, he is Devdas. She jokes on Suyash. She takes him to village. She pays the auto man and asks for change. The driver says I don’t have change of Rs 2000. shom asks when will we go Ambua village. Uttara asks why will I go there.

He says to teach a lesson to Lazer. She says I have people to solve such problems. She says the village sarpanch Balwant will sort this, he was away for some time, now he is back. Falguni arranges the change and tells Suyash that poor people share things. He asks her to give him his money. Punja asks how is Suyash here. He asks Suyash to forgive Lazer, she is his friend’s daughter. Suyash says she helped me. They tell the change problem to Punja. Punja says I will arrange the change and come. Suyash says you collect money from office, I have no time. Falguni argues. She says rich people can call me home and thank me. Suyash says right, come home and take change. Suyash leaves. She says my heart will always beat for Suyash. She smiles.


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