Tuesday & Wednesday update On Geet (16th - 17th June 2020)

Tuesday & Wednesday update On Geet (16th – 17th June 2020)

Geet 16th June 2020 star life:
On Geet tuesday 16 June 2020 update, Maneet in yesterdays position…and are moving closer…but realise what they are doing and so stop…n Geet goes to change..!!

<<<<<<Geet update Monday 15th June 2020 Star life

Arjun asks Anne….what did u think…?? Anne says..regarding what? Arjun says..this is ur last oppurtunity..n if u refuse..i will tell MSK all….so better u tell MSK!! Anne begs Arjun to leave or else someone mite see….but Arjun says..its better….so all get to know..!! Arjun says.. why.. why u feeling so ashamed today? MSK walking in the alley n Arjun notices..n says..’Maan’ n MSK on phone.. keeps the phone n comes near AA…n Arjun says.. ‘Anne wants to say something..’ .. Anne looks scared..n looks at MSK…MSK wondering.. ‘Whats the mater Anne?’ Anne silent.. Arjun grins..n says..’Dun b scared..say what u want to…’ Anne says…’The money u gave for the bills… i lost it..’ .. MSK shocked…n Arjun unhappy…. MSK says..dun worry… its ok.. n leaves..! Arjun says…u had last chance..but u ruined..it..now u wait n watch how i ruin u n ur brothers reputation..
MSK in black sherwani…….Geet in white saree. n red blouse……for the reception..n Geet says..so u looking at me coz i look very beautiful n MSK ..says what if i says no…..n Geet says..ok i will go n change again..n MSK stops n says..ur more beautiful than the Moon…!! Geet says…so why staring?? MSK says..coz it feels like every time i see u..that i m seeing first time… i m worried that meri nazar lag jaegi (my own sight will turn evil …..) Geet says..so what to do? MSK gives Forehead Kiss…n says..thats it… n Geet says..then come..!! MSK says..but what have u worn.. why not my saree..n Geet says..u gave me 5 sarees..so i wore the one i liked..!! MSK says..i got this for u?? Geet says…how can i not wear ur choice..n MSK says.. my choice cant be this bad..n Geet says.but u said i look good..n MSK says..only ur face..!! Maneet cribbing n MSK says go n change..n Geet sad..n finally MSK says…u look great..!! Dadi comes to call MSK…..
Arjun comes looking for Anne…. n wonders..where did she go.. hope she din leave..worrying about the party… Pinky Adi n Manisha come..n see Arjun in Annes room n wonder..what he is doing ….. n Arjun says..came to search Anne…culdn locate her so…!! Pinky says..why u looking for her?? Arjun says…why?? i had urgent work so….n Adi says..i saw her going towards Storeroom..!!
Anne sitting in storeroom in tears n about to cut her vein…n Arjun calls out..i know ur hiding here… but if u feel u can escape whats gonna happen today…then…. n Anne says..stop there..dun come near me..n is about to cut her vein…… n says..here u told me u cant live without me?? right here..i will breathe my last…Arjun says..this doesnt make any difference to me…dun do this n tries to close in on her….. n Anne says..u want to make MSK cry.. then….make him cry…in a better way…give him a hurt..that he wont forget….when he sees his sisters body… n is about to cut her hand.. when Arjun diverts her attention n wrestles away the glass..n Anne says..why trying to save me?? Coz u love me?? Arjun says..no i dun…. i want to take revenge on MSK.which will b fulfilled when he sees u in pain…!! He ruined my sisters life… tried to kill her ..by throwing her off the terrace… so i will ruin him now..!! Arjun leaves..n Anne decides need to clear this from Arjuns mind….
People congratulate… Maneet..n MSK tells Geet..u looking beautiful.. n Arjun comes near MSK… Anne worried… Arjun says..forgive me..if anything missing… but Geet and Maan say its great n thank Arjun …. Anne thanks him too n Arjun leaves… Anne relieved..
Geet n Maan opening Gifts….n Geet says…shall i say something n MSK says…what if i say no..n Geet says..no teasing..n Geet says..lets keep a reception every month…we get so many gifts..!! MSK says.. gosh…u.!! Geet opens a gift..from an unnamed person n its a photoframe..of Maneet wedding..pic n its cracked n Maneet sad seeing it.. Geet says..its bad omen…n MSK tries to cheer her up…..its glass..just broke..dun worry!
Its nite..and Maneet are playing Snakes and Ladders..!! Geet plays her turn and says..’3′ and Geet is smiling..and MSK asks..’Whats the matter?’ and Geet says..’Just thinking ..that if anyone saw us playing Snakes and Ladders…imagine what their condition will be?? They will be wondering that…its not even a few days to the wedding and bride and groom are playing these kids games..!!’ MSK says…’What will those poor people do..!! We have to use our brains right?? See while playing the game.. several things dun come to ones mind..!!’ Geet smiles and Maneet get lost in eyelock..!! MSK says…’Geet…by looking at me like this.. ur wasting my efforts!! And u know very well that ..when u look at me like this ….’ and Geet smartly changes the side of the dice..and pokes MSK to continue the game..!! MSK looks at the dice and says…’So u got me diverted in talking to cheat with me??’ Geet asks innocently.. ‘What did i do Maan?’ MSK says.. ‘I got a 6 and u made it 1!’ Geet says..’No..u got only 1′ .. Maneet start fighting and Geet takes the dice in her fist and puts her hand behind her back..!! MSK starts to pull at Geets hand to take the dice and in doing so…. Maneet come close to each other..!! MSKs hand is on Geets hand and her face is near to MSKs shoulder..!! Both lost in each others eyes.. Embarrassed n Mahii plays in the bg!! MSK starts to put his hand on Geets face and cups her face…and Geet releases her hand holding the dice and it falls…and MSK holds Geets released hand and its a hand-lock Embarrassed MSK sets Geets hair strand behind her ear…and his hand is still on her face..!! Geet holds MSKs hand…and slowly extends to put it on MSKs shoulder..!! Maneet start to move their faces closer to each other..!! Both close their eyes..and are in a hug..!!
MSK opens his eyes and separates himself from the hug..!! MSK says sadly.. ‘Geet ..when u r near me.. i want to touch u…i want to take u in my arms..but everyday i have to stop myself..! Whenever we will be near.. this will keep happening..!! We need to find a solution to this..!!’ MSK gets up and comes near the study table..!! Geet follows.!! MSK says…’We will have to sleep away from each other..!!’ Geet says..’But Maan..we sleep separately only!’ MSK says…’No Geet ..i meant..in separate rooms..!!’ Geet skeptically says..’But how can we sleep in separate rooms?’ MSK says holding Geet…’U will sleep here and i will sleep in the adjacent room..!!’ Geet says..’But what if anyone sees..!!What will we tell Dadima?’ MSK says..’We will have to answer Dadima..only if anyone sees us..!! I will get up before all and come and sleep here..!!’ Geet says..’But if anyone sees..then?’ MSK says..reassuringly ‘Dun worry..i will get up..!!’ MSK goes to get the pillows and his blanket..!! Geet watches..as MSK leaves..but then stops in his tracks.. Geet asks..’Whats the matter Maan?’ MSK comes near Geet and gives her a kiss on the forehead and says..’Good nite..!!’ Geet says…’Good nite..’ and MSK leaves..!!

Maneet are lying on the bed in separate rooms but are not able to sleep…! Both lost in thots..!! Maneet look to the other side of the bed…feeling each others presence..!! MSK decides to sms Geet…and sends her a text…..which reads.. ‘hello baby.. how are u?? just check n tell if ur mum is asleep or awake.. ur dad wants to talk to her..’ Embarrassed Geet smiles and then replies… ‘sorry dad.. mum is asleep..so if u have to talk to mum..u have to wait till tomorrow morning…’ MSK replies.. ‘Oops…this is a difficulty now.. some of ur dads luggage is left in that room..Please wake up ur mum!’ Geet reads and wonders…which ‘Luggage?’ Geet calls MSK…and asks..’Which luggage is left here?’ MSK says..’I will tell..first let me thank my baby..for waking up its mum..!’ Geet says..’Yes yes i said Thank you..and baby has heard it as well! Now tell me which luggage?’ MSK says…’There is some luggage..due to which i m not able to sleep..!!’ Geet asks again..’What luggage is it..due to which ur not able to sleep?’ MSK says…’The sound of ur bangles…..if u make me hear that..sound ..my mind will be at peace..!!’ Geet makes noise of her bangles n MSK smiles..!! Geet asks..’Anything else?’ MSK says…’Ur heartbeat… ur breath….ur stretch.. !’ Geet says…’Enouf..!!! As such also..u blame me always… saying..Geet ..everytime i see u.. something happens…!! As if.. its me who makes all the start…!!’ MSK says..’i din say like that..!!’ Geet says…’Then how did u say it??’ Maneet are busy yapping..and both doze off!! Suddenly Geets cell rings and Geet says..’Maan..i m feeling very sleepy.. we will talk tomorrow..!! Hello… ??’ Geet gets up saying ‘Hello’ on the cell but no response from the other side! Geet looks at the moby skeptically..!!
Its morning… n MSK slowly opens the door of the room where he was sleeping and is about to sneak into his room..where Geet is sleeping..!! However…Dadi sees MSK entering his room ..!! Dadi says..’Why is Maan coming out of separate room? So that means he wasnt in his room last nite!!’ Dadi worried..!! Anne lost in thots that ‘Arjun is misunderstanding MSK…. its not possible that bro wuld raise his hand on a girl… !! It cannot be possible that he pushed NT…..!! Arjun has some big misunderstanding and i need to clear this…!!’ Anne continues…..’But before that i need to know the whole truth… what has Maneet done that Arjun considers Maneet responsible for his sisters condition…!!’
Maneet at breakfast table n Dadi is also there..!! Maneet wish Dadi ‘Good Morning’ and Geet offers..’Aloo Paratha to Dadi’ !! MSK comments ‘Geet ..isnt there continental food in the breakfast today..?’ Geet says..’Just one day i made wrong food…and u keep taunting me for seven births!! And anyways..i havent made that crappy Continental food …of urs..and neither will i make it ever!’ MSK comments..’Thank God.. we are saved!’ Geet gets irritated and hits MSKs hand and gives him parathas and curd..!! MSK says…’Geet…what are u doing?’ Geet says..’Serving food!!’ MSK says..’Miss HP..i m a normal human..not a baby elephant that i will eat it all..!!’ Geet says..’Well i can finish this off in a jiffy..!!’ MSK says..’To compete with u..i need to be fat like u..!!’ Geet is angry..and says..’What..i m fat?’ MSK says..’Do u have a doubt?’ Geet looks at Dadi and says..’Dadima.. m i fat? See ..how he is taunting me..?’ Dadi says..’Maan..why are u doing like this? I m seeing since long..why are u troubling Geet so much?’ MSK says …’I m troubling her?? Did u see how she is feeding me..?’ Dadi says..’I m not talking about today…since past two days i m noticing..!’ Maneet says..’Two days?’ Dadi says..’That nite i heard u bickering..from outside ur room…and then..i saw the blanket on the sofa..and last nite….u both slept in separate rooms!’
Maneet go silent and Dadi continues..’These things are enouf to indicate that things are not alright between the two of u..!!’ MSK says..’Dadi.. if i dont sleep alone..then what do i do.!’ Geet looks at MSK and begs him to stop…!! MSK continues… ‘This Geet..starts fighting on small small matters..so instead of fighting..its better that i go out and sleep..!!’ Geet says..’So many lies??’ Geet goes and sits on the chair across MSK and says..’Dadima in our house the biggest fighter is Mr. Maan Singh Khurana…(MSK stares at Geet) ..Everytime he does as he please..If i say anything small also…then he stares at me..and if i do as i please then he gets mad at me..!!’ MSK says..’Small thing? She fights on each and every thing..! She forcibly makes me agree to her..!!’ Geet says..’So many lies… do u think Mr. MSK will listen to anyone?? On the nite of the reception.. he only chose the sarees and still he was fighting wit me..and wanted me to change.!’ MSK says..’But u din change’ and Maneet bicker..!! Dadi cant take it LOL and says..’Stop it …Why are u both fighting so much? Now i have understood.. its not u r mistake..!! Its purely my mistake..before i got the two of u married..i should have realised that i m not getting two grown ups married..but two kids..who know nothing else but to fight..!!’ Maneet fall silent and then apologise to Dadi..!! Dadi says..’Now these mistakes cannot continue..This is not like old times..u people are married..this is not a game..!! U both end this childishness rightaway..! I m telling u for the final time..if u behave like this ever again…then no one will be worse than me..!!’ Maneet promise that they wont repeat their mistake..!! Dadi leaves..and says..’They are grown up..but still behave like kids..!’

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Maneet smile at each other… and MSK says..’U knew that..i was fighting with u just to show off to DadiWink’ and Geet says..’Yes..i have fought with u so many times that i can easily identify when ur faking a fight and when ur serious..!!’ MSK says..’So i fight?’ Geet says..’Yes’ and MSK says..’Geet i dun wanna eat this food..i want continental only..!!’ Geet says..’Ok’..and comes near MSK and puts another paratha on his plate…and says..’Go and show this attitude to someone else..if u say one more thing..i will put all the parathas in ur plate..!! Huh..think urself to be Tees Marr Kha!! And listen.. finish off all the food..!!’ MSK protests but Geet leaves..!!
Anne comes to Dadi n says…’Dadi i was thinking that…in the wedding Arjun helped us so much..!! Coz of NT..he has become a part of us..!! I was thinking that.. poor fellow..he is looking after his sister on his own..!! So Dadi i was thinking..that i will go to the hospital today and check on NT bhabhi..!! But i m scared of Maan bhai..!! He doesnt want me to meet Arjun at all..!! He keeps on telling me that ..Arjun is NT’s brother so…stay away from him..!!’ Dadi says..’Listen i agree Arjun is a nice fellow… but MSKs fear is not misplaced..!! NT is not a good person!’ Anne says..’But Dadima.. Arjun is just not ready to believe that his sister is wrong..!!’ Dadi says..’Dear what do u think NT would have told Arjun.. the kind of crimes she has committed??’ Dadi starts to tell Anne all about NT n her misdeeds..!! Anne hears shocked..!! Dadi says..’This is the reason why MSK is worried for u..!! Dear dont tell this thing to MSK…he will get angry..!! Ok so i m going now..!!’ Dadi leaves and Anne self thot…’Arjun i have to remove this misunderstanding from ur mind today itself..!! I will have to tell u the truth about ur sister..!!’
Anne comes to meet Arjun …and Arjun is busy with someone in discussions..!! Anne says..’Arjun..i need to talk to u..!!’ Arjun says…’U can see ..that i m busy.. i cant talk right now..!!’ Anne says..’My talk is also very important…’ Arjun excuses himself from the guy he was working with and comes to Anne and says..’What do u have to say?’ Anne says..’Arjun.. what all ur doing is due to a very big misunderstanding..!! Whatever u think of Maneet…its not like that..!!’ Arjun says..’So u know..what the reality is?’ Anne says…’Yes..n thats what i came to tell u..so that the poison thats filled in ur head can be removed..!!’ Anne continues..’U believed that… bro pushed NT…from the terrace..! But u din make any effort to know as to..what NT went to do on the terrace? She had gone there to kill Geet..!! Reality is..that NT has all along been an enemy of Geet..and wanted to kill her..!! It was by Gods grace that.. Maan bhai reached there in time and in saving Geet.. his hand touched NT and she fell..!! Bro din want to kill NT…rather he wanted to save Geet!’ Arjun turns and comes to NT and puts his hands on her shoulder…!! [/CRYPT]
Arjun apologises to Anne n says..’By keeping these misconceptions..i have harassed u so much unnecessarily…!! U have no idea..what a huge favour u have done to me by telling me the truth..!’ Anne smiles..!! Arjun smirks and says..’What did u think.. that by listening to ur ficticious story ..i will trust u??Miss Anne Khurana…ur and ur brothers tricks mite work on someone else..but not on Arjun Singh Rathod..!!’ Anne tries to explain.. Arjun cuts her off and says..’Stop this..i cant waste more of my time..by talking to u..!! Go away from here..!!’ Arjun leaves.. Anne stands shocked..!!

Geet 17th June 2020 star life:
On Geet wednesday 17 June 2020 update, MSK asking Geet..should i go..n Geet says no..n Geet offers him his wallet..n MSK touches Geets face..n starts to leave..!! Dadi comes n stops MSK n says..today u r not going to work..but taking Geet out..n Geet says where n Dadi says…film…n MSK says..but i have important work…at office n Dadi says..i m not asking saying..!! U have to take GEet wit u to the movie…n MSK says..i dun like watching Movies n Geet cribs to Dadi n Dadi says…no u have to go…!! MSK asks Geet to get ready..!! Geet goes to get ready..n MSK cribs…that i have to go to movie..when i dun like..to.!! Geet says..i need one hour to get ready n MSK says..ok u get ready..i will go n finish my meeting n Geet says..no i m coming..!! Geet says..i will go n tell Dadi…n Geet is ready n waiting for MSK…its 7.30 n Geet says..movie must hv started..n he isnt here..! Geet tries MSKs number..but no answer..!! Geet resolves to teach MSK a lesson..!! Someone rings the bell….n Geet thinks its MSK n reacts..but its someone else n gives a message from MSK…n Geet angry.. but comes to a place where MSK asked her to come…!! Geet worried where she is….as the door of the room closes..!! Geet tries MSKs number again..but no response..!!
As Geet struggles to open the door..she hears a voice..(looks like MSK) n Geet sees a shadow…but doesnt know who it is…. Shadow asks Geet to sit down n says…dun worry..gonna tell u a story..!! It shows..the shadow standing next to Geets projection Wink MSK starts to narrate the story of a boy n girl…(ala Maneet) how they were lonely…n sad..n then one day they meet n all…. n how they never knew that the first meet will turn to this company of a lifetime..!! Geet says.. Maan Embarrassed … MSK continues the story…of Geets journey from HP to Delhi…(describing that how the girl wuld b in trouble n the boy wuld come to save her….n how the compulsion of working together..became a need) Wink How..Geets innocence.. made MSK a human..a smiling human!! MSK steps into light n Geet sees n runs to MSK..n MSK lifts her hand n kneels in front of her..n Thanks her for making him a part of his life..n says…for everylifetime i need u..n ur support.. and Maneet hug..!!
Geet asks..whats next..in the story n MSk says..its written right now.. a new character is coming..who will fill our lives with new colors….!! MSK asks..what do u think of the film n Geet says..Superhit..!! Someone stalking Geet..!!
MSK n Geet return n Dadi asks…how was the film n Geet says….he din show me any film n MSK says..i took Geet..n both start bickering again..!! LOL Dadi annoyed n tells MSK…i asked u a small thing but u din do that..n MSK says..sorry n leaves in a huff..!! Geet thinks MSK is annoyed ..n Dadi says..dun worry i will talk to him!
Geet comes in MSKs room…n MSK closes the door n holds Geets hand and says…so everytime..u feel like teasing me before Dadi?? Wink MSK locks Geet near the corner n says..so u trying to play smart on me n Geet defends that..i was faking…to try to help us to sleep in separate room..!! MSK says..u got me in a spot before Dadi..now what…n MSK says…so now i should get a chance ..of putting u in a spot before dadi n Geet says…control urself..i see the naughtiness in ur eyes… doc asked us to be away…!! MSK says..i know..but it dun mean i cant touch my wife! Maneet are close to an almost kiss…
Dadi comes n both start..fighting again..!! LOL MSK says..so for everything u will drag Dadi between us?? Geet says..why not…u expect me to bear what u do n stay quiet..no way..n MSK says..i dun wanna talk to u..n turns to leave n sees Dadi…n leaves..!! Dadi looks sad..n worried n Geet self thot..sorry dadi..we have to do this..!! Dadi reassures Geet n says…u rest i will send milk for u..!! Dadi leaves..!! MSK comes asking for his blanket n pillow n before leaving..gives Geet a good nite FOREHEAD kiss n says..call me if u miss me..n Geet says ok!!
Arjun comes to meet Dadi and asks..why did u call me.. Dadi says..decided to give return gifts to all who gave gift on reception!! Arjun asks..cant see nyone n spots Anne..n Dadi says…take this ur pearl collection..u said u will take to shimla!! Anne says..yes.. Arjun self thot.. Anne is going to shimla?? Anne sees a jewllery set with Dadi n says..its great n Dadi says..its the first gift ur Dada gave to me…its symbol of our love..n Anne says.its great ..when the person u love luvs u back (looking at Arjun) Arjun says..so i m leaving..shall finish n comeback!!

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Geet arrives at office with lunchbox n Pinky n Adi see her n meet her…n says..why not coming to office n Geet says..responsibility have increased so..cant come..!! MSK surprised to see Geet in his cabin n says.. what u doing here..n Geet says..what to do… my hubby is so forgetful…n MSK says..so if i forget daily…u will bring lunch daily n Geet says..yes n feed u with my hand..!! Geet about to feed MSK n he stops n says…i know that if i m hungry u havent eaten either..so … n feeds Geet..!! Arjuns company is having a Board of Directors meeting n the majority partner…(51%) is auctioning his shares..n says…u can all participate..Arjun starts to think for a plan..to buy those shares n become MD of the company!! Geet in MSKs cabin n cribs..that MSK is so busy with work.. doesnt find time for me..!! Geet tries to distract MSK…by moving his papers…n then putting her dupatta on him n MSK says..better go home… i will follow or else i will come late..!! Geet says..u can do this work later also na… plus whole staff waiting for u to finish ur work..so..! Geet sits before MSK n cribs..that i feel sorry for those wives those kids..who have to wait for their hubbys…at home..coz MSK hasnt gone home..!! Geet picks up MSKs call n says..he is busy..he just got married..n is off for his honeymoon..!! The client was from London n MSK is irritated..!! Geet forcibly brings MSK home n both are fighting again n Dadi says..i need to solve this problem..!!
Dadi gives both the ticket for their honeymoon to Shimla n MSK says.i hv work at office..n Geet says..i cant pack so soon n Dadi says..no discussions…pack up n get ready to go… n leaves..!! Maneet confused n worried..!! Next day morning.. Dadi is packing up Maneets luggage n says..seems i need to drop u both to airport as well n Geet tries to help..!! MSK says..but work n Geet fidgets as well n Dadi says..if u crib more..i will cancel Shimla tickets n book u both to switzerland for a month…n leaves..!! Maneet look worried..!!
Maneet at the airport n Geet gets flashback of Dev dumping her at the airport..n grabs MSks hand more tightly.. MSK stops n says… the best thing to do about bad memories..is to see ur bright future..n thats me.. so between u n me..theres no past memories..!! MSK says…in hurry i forgot to get ticket printout.. but i hv PNR number so shall take out printout..!! MSK sees line before ticket counter…n says..i dun like being in queue n Geet says..u sit i will get n MSK says..that was when i was alone..now i like to be in any line coz i have u..!!
A elderly couple is there…where the hubby gets water for his wife..n wife says..how u knew n he says..i know u since ages..so..! Geet sees n says…look at them… they hv so much love n MSK says..we too shall hold each others hands n stay together like this..!! The couple want to go to Shimla..but dun get ticket…They say..we need to go.. son is sick..!! Airhostess says..if someone cancels their seat..u can go… n Maneet overhear…n seeing Aunty cry.. both decide to give up their tickets..!! Geet says..dun worry…we will take next flight..!! The elderly couple..bless Maneet..!!
MSK asks for booking on flight to Shimla…and airhostess says… no flights to Shimla..due to bad weather..flights cancel..!! n Geet says.. what to do next?? MSK says..spent the first nite of honeymoon at airport..! Geet grabs MSK n says..come…n MSK says..where n Geet says..theres only one way to reach Shimla…
Anne comes to KC…n Pinky asks..u here?? Anne says..getting bored so..n Adi says..lets have a blast..!! Anne comes n sits in MSKs cabin n sees a cheque written with Arjuns name n gets flashbacks of Arjun..!! Anne says…how muchever u burn in revenge..i hv seen the love u have in ur eyes for me..n u cant destroy it.!! I hv decided to calm ur anger….!! Pinky offers plans to enjoy n Anne takes Pinky n office staff help to cook up something..!!
Arjun in his office n gets a gift…n thinks its from Anne…n opens it n is a empty box with papers..LOL n a note that says..ur head is filled with such crap..!! Arjun calls Anne n Anne says…calm down.. u need this anger..later..so save it..!!


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