Tulsi Kumar Reveals The Negativity She Faced For Being Bhushan Kumar's Sister

Tulsi Kumar Speaks on the negatives she has faced for being Bhushan Kumar's Sister in an exclusive interview on Friday

She revealed that when you come form a small background and share even a bit of your emotional backstory, people in the industry tend to love you more, adding that is she had hid her surname, she would have been welcomed with open arms

That Tulsi Kumar is one of the country's most talented and versatile singers is just a fact, no question about it. After all, how could the voice behind evergreen melodies like Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein, Pee Loon, Humko Pyar Hua, Hum Mar Jayenge, Piya Aaye Na, Soch Na Sake and Tera Ban Jaunga not be?

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 Yet, as per Bollywood news circles, there was a school of thought within the industry that all she has achieved is solely because of being the late Gulshan Kumar's daughter and Bhushan Kumar's sister, thus completely overlooking her talent and hard work. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Life, Tulsi has now opened up on how she had to overcome this negativity surrounding her and eventually turn all the hate from both the industry and audience into love. 

Opening up on gaining the recognition that she deserves, Tulsi Kumar said, "You cannot survive in this industry for so long if you're not talented. People tend to not know you for your songs, but rather, your background. But your background can only give you an initial start. After that, sustaining for so many years (not many are aware of that fact that she's been singing since as far back as 2006), is down to the sheer passion I have for my music. Many people are still negative toward me, and I know that. 

But these aren't real people because those who love me are much, much, much more than the people who give those few negative comments." Also Read - Tere Naal song: Tulsi Kumar and Darshan Raval take us by surprise with this soulful, romantic single

Shifting her focus on what it took to be taken seriously in the industry despite her talent, the singer added, "I've seen this in the industry that when you don't come from a very affluent background, like a small background and share even a bit of your emotional backstory, then people love you more. But it shouldn't be like this. Regardless the background you come from, your passion and love for your music should only be seen. 

So, here all those people who give me love, I'm here for all of you. I don't believe in any kind of hate and negativity. It's been years now, and I've proven myself time and again with all the work that I've done, but still, those who want to speak against me will do so and those who want to love me will also continue doing so. I have no control over this."

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Continuing about how her background has inversely led to the negativity directed at her, Tulsi stated, "If I had come from a small background, and if I hadn't highlighted my surname in the industry, people would've welcomed me with open arms, I know that. They'd have said that his girl is next-level talented and all that. But, you know what,

 I think, I have prove n myself with time, and there are people who give me so much love. So, those odd people...there's no point of fighting with them. One day, they, too ,will come to me and they'll also know that this girl is surviving and she's only here because of the kind of work she does. All I can say is that I'm not going to stop,

 I'm going to continue giving y'all great music and I promise to keep working extremely hard because I'm doing this for myself, for my passion for music, and moreover, for my father."

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