Twist of Fate Tuesday 16th June 2020 Zee world

Twist of Fate 16th June 2020: On Twist of Fate Tuesday 16 June 2020 update, Abhi seeing Pragya falling from sofa while asleep and stops her. Pragya wakes up and sees him near her, thinks he must have not slept whole night.

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Daasi calls Pragya to come down for breakfast. She does down. Daadi asks her to have breakfast. She says she will get sandwich for daadi and goes into kitchen. Abhi comes down and gets irked seeing Pragya. He sits for breakfast and asks Daadi if she wants, she can go on vacation. She says she will go only with him and Pragya. Pragya gets sandwich and milk for Daadi. Daadi says she is habituated to Pragya now and cannot live without her. Abhi gets irked hearing that. Tanu comes and wishes good morning, but nobody replies. She gets irked and thinks she should send Pragya’s video to daadi to kick Pragya out and enter this house. She sends it and says sorry Abhi.
Abhi thinks why Pragya has not gone out yet. Pragya thinks what to tell Sarla if she goes to her room. She goes to kitchen and thinks if she should take Suresh’s help to rent a room. Abhi comes there and angrily asks why is she showing fake concern to Daadi to stay back in house. He sees her hand burning on gas and rescues it.

Tanu hides behind daadi to check if she will check video or not. Daadi is shocked to see it and starts panicking. Abhi gets tensed seeing daadi panicking. Daadi says it cannot be, my house, my dignity, my belief, then falls unconscious on floor. Aaliya tries to wake daadi. Abhi also tries to wake her up, sees her not berating and panics. Aaliya checks and says she is breathing and we should take her to room. He takes her to her room. Akash calls doctor. Daasi asks Abhi not to panic as Daadi will be alright soon. Aaliya drags Tanu out to her room and asks who sent that video to Daadi. She says she does not know. Aaliya says only you and me have this video, and if she has not sent, then she should have sent it. Tanu accepts that she has sent it. Aaliya slaps her and asks how can she do this, daadi is unconscious and Abhi is very much worried about her. They both see Pragya listen to their conversation and stop. Aaliya asks what is she doing. Pragya says she thought daadi is in this room and leaves from there. Aaliya shuts door and says Tanu if anything happens to Daadi, she not spare her. Tanu thinks she thought daadi will kick out Pragya, but she herself panicked.
Pragya comes to Daadi’s room. Abhi takes her out and asks if she came to check if daadi is still alive and says she should go and enjoy with her lover now, says he made a mistake by letting her in house for 1 day, says she wanted see him worried and shuts door after pushing her out. Daasi comes and asks Abhi to relax. Abhi asks who sent that video. Cousin daadi says some shubchintak/well wisher sent. Pragya thinks she cannot go now seeing daadi in this condition.
Doc comes and checks daadi. Daasi says Abhi that we should find a person who sent this video. He says Daadi felt unconscious after seeing Pragya’s affair video, now he will not spare Pragya and will kick her out. Daasi says he cannot do that as Daadi told before stumbling that her Pragya cannot do this and what if she wakes up and wants to meet Pragya. He says whatever it is, he will not let Pragya stay in his house now and walks out angrily.

Pragya crying seeing DD in coma with oxygen mask on and says she is going from her and Abhi’s lives now as she cannot see them in trouble. She touches her feet and leaves. Abhi who is waiting outside takes her down. Aaliya says Tanu that finally this behanji is going out, if she had gone out long ago, she would have not got characterless tag. Tanu says it is good for us. Pragya says Abhi he will not see her in his house from hereon. Aaliya thinks this is the best day of her life. Tanu thinks she will remember this day more than her wedding day with Abhi. Pragya walks out of house weeping and reminiscing her marriage with Abhi and the moments thereafter.

Pragya turns back and looks at Abhi once and goes near door when Purab comes and asks her to stop. He asks Abhi how can he do this and believe all this. Abhi asks why did he come to his home again and asks him to get out. Purab asks what if someone calls daadi characterless. Abhi gets irked and tries to slap him. Purab says why don’t he remember that Daadi is also from middle class background and she believes Pragya more than her. Aaliya says Daadi got a heart attack after seeing Pragya’s video and she is disheartened. Purab asks if Daadi sent Pragya out. Taiji says she just wanted to speak to Pragya before she fall unconscious. Aaliya says Pragya is characterless and is a black spot on womanhood and cannot stay here. Purab asks she is the biggest black spot on womanhood and asks her to look at herself first. Tanu interferes and asks who is he to intervene in this house’s matter. He says if he speaks out, she will be the one to be kicked out first as she is also outsider. She gets irked and tries to fight with Purab. Pragya stops them and says she does not want to stay here as she cannot bear a tag of characterless. Purab says if not she, nobody can in this house and asks Abhi to believe Daadi’s belief at least. He says this video is framed one and looks like someone purposefully made a drama and clicked it. He asks why did send sent it to only family members, you are a star and he would have sent it to media and extracted money. He says there are many more things which he has to say and asks what if Daadi wakes up and asks about Pragya. Tanu says it is of no use now, Pragya will have to go now anyways. Abhi says he will give 24 hours to Pragya and she will have to prove herself innocent in 24 hours, else she will herself have to leave this house. He says it is not easy as he has evidence against her. Aaliya asks how can he do it by believing Purab. Abhi says he is doing it for Daadi as she believes Pragya a lot. Pragya thanks him.

Purab is about to get into his car when Aaliya stops him and asks if he is trying to save Pragya as he loves Bulbul and cannot forget her. He says someone is forgotten who is easy to be forgotten, but bulbul stays in his heart and he loves her. He says Aaliya that she is doing this as she is sick and tries to bound people in her love and can do anything, asks her to mend her ways before it is too late and leaves in his car.
Tanu asks Pragya why is she not going out of house when Abhi does not believe her now. Pragya says he stopped her as he believes in me a bit and says it is her now and will not go out so easily. Tanu gets irked.
Bulbul gets worried about Pragya and thinks of calling her. Daadi says we should not let Sarla know about Pragya’s problem. Bulbul calls her and asks how is she. Pragya tells her about Daadi’s heart attack and Purab coming to her rescue. She says he still loves you a lot, so he came to help me. Bulbul asks her to forget about it and first prove herself innocent now as family’s name will be spoilt. Pragya says she is telling right.

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